MGE Side III Saida Diva and Song Maidens' Duties

Apr 18th, 2020
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  1. Ah, did you see the picture I drew in the tourism pamphlet?
  2. Yeah. When I’m not performing, I don’t make those faces, or stick out my tongue.
  4. Now then, can I continue our discussion?
  5. Like I said earlier, the condition for becoming the diva of Saida is being able to sing the song of courage. If you can do that, you will surely be recognized by the island.
  6. The diva of Saida is a symbol of the island, and at the same time the island’s guardian deity.
  7. The diva periodically climbs up to the summit of the “Saida Mountain Range”, in other words, the highest place on the island, and performs a thing called the “Master Live”.
  8. At the mountain summit, there is a place called the “Star Neon Stage” that can deliver one’s singing voice to the whole island, and everyone on the island can hear the song of courage.
  9. But that’s not all, the diva’s song of courage resounding at the summit can control the enormous thundercloud hanging over the island that stores all of the lightning that pours down on the island.
  10. Using that, she must send the island’s lightning to the major facilities of Saida that use huge amounts of lightning power.
  11. I haven't done it before, so I don’t exactly understand, but I think maybe you can't do it unless you understand this island and the city.
  12. Even though Big Sis had just come to this island, it’s like she just picked up on what was on the island, and how to move the island’s lightning. It’s really strange.
  14. As for the song maidens’ job… I wonder.
  15. To begin with, the song maidens of this island don’t participate in groups or troupes for the sake of becoming a song maiden like on other islands.
  16. It feels like we’re treated as song maidens if we pick up an instrument and sing a song.
  17. On the other islands, the song maidens have the duty of singing at periodic ceremonies or for tourists, and they also serve as tour guides. However, that’s not the case in Saida at all.
  18. Why am I guiding you right now?
  19. Yeah, I suppose it was on a whim. I happened to see you, and wanted to for some reason.
  20. We do whatever we want, we Saida song maidens.
  21. We just sing because we want to sing.
  22. This is just me, but I think by continuing to sing on this island, we get closer to singing the song of courage, in other words, the duty of the song maidens is to continue singing songs on this island.
  23. Although it’s not on the same level as Big Sis, our songs can give courage to the people of Saida.
  24. By facing their own strong and weak points, everyone with courage on the island can do what they want, and live honestly with themselves.
  25. I’m sure Saida itself desires to be this way.
  26. Or something like that, I guess.
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