MGE Side III Song of Courage

Apr 18th, 2020
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  1. The song that has been passed down to each successive diva of Saida is “The Song of Courage”.
  2. The Song of Courage is a song that releases one’s self, no, a song that helps to release it.
  3. Since the person that hears it is totally shocked as if struck by lightning, it’s also called stylish things like “Thunder’s Kiss”.
  5. You and I both have various troubles, you know.
  6. Especially during an important live performance, wondering if I can’t do it, or if my voice isn’t very cute, or if I’m not very friendly… and so on. So no matter what you think, if feels like you can only think of bad things.
  8. At times like those, if I’m struck by Big Sis’s song, my head becomes pure white for a moment. All of those things I got caught up in are gone…
  9. After that, when my mind has gone blank, I can see myself practicing the song.
  10. However, I don’t think that girl is me, or rather, it feels like I’m looking at a somewhat different girl.
  11. I keep looking at that version of myself.
  12. …Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to say this about myself, but this girl is practicing hard. The current phrase is filled with incredible emotion. Now her smiling face is pretty cute, and the part where she stuck out her tongue and licked was sexy, and so on…
  13. What can I do while seeing myself like that? What have I been piling up? These things become clear in my head.
  14. With this, I can confront myself. This girl can do it. I can do it.
  15. Big Sis’s song is a song that makes you feel that way.
  17. The Song of Courage is a song that allows those that hear it to “discover their own charm”.
  18. It seems that it’s conveyed as a companion song to Matori’s Song of Joy, which “discovers your partner’s charm”.
  19. People trying to challenge themselves, people trying to change themselves, people trying to confront their weaknesses… the Song of Courage supports those people.
  20. This song brings courage to those that hear it.
  21. I also received courage from Big Sis, and because of that, I’m now a song maiden here.
  23. Yeah. What happens after Big Sis’s live Song of Courage?
  24. It’s totally amazing. For men and women.
  25. If we monsters have a man we’re interested in, and we’ve gained confidence in our self, then there’s only one thing to do.
  26. Some girls get too excited and bring a man somewhere in the middle of a live, and some girls even do it right there on the spot.
  27. And then, all the guys get confidant.
  28. They say "I can go too".
  29. When the live is over, they invite the monsters that came to the venue.
  30. They’ll actually come too. The men will become even more motivated, because the monsters were already overjoyed.
  31. The inns and such in the area will quickly overflow, so everyone does it in back alleys or in the shadows of buildings.
  32. That's why it’s definitely a pain when it’s time for those like me that don’t have a partner to go home.
  34. By the way, at first I said it’s inherited, but the Song of Courage is a little unique.
  35. It’s not something you’ll learn from being taught by a diva or the great songstress.
  36. As she continues to sing on this island, the song maiden that will become the diva can sing the song of courage before she realizes it.
  37. It seems Big Sis sang it the first day she came to the island, so she’s an exception among exceptions, but I’m sure it was the island recognizing her.
  39. Yeah, right now I can only sing one verse, but surely…
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