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  1. Wake up in the morning feelin like der füher
  2. Write Mein Kampf,tell Germany i'm gonna make race purer
  3. Before i leave,fuck my niece,with Eva Braun too
  4. Cuz when i leave for Mein Reich,i'm gonna kill some jews
  6. I'm talkin bout
  7. Takin off all there clothes,clothes
  8. Gassin Them til they choke,choke
  9. throwin'em in some stoves,stoves
  10. Goose steppin right into your cities,spreadin the nazi party
  11. Trying to take over your countryyyy.
  13. Dont stop,make them talk
  14. Nazis blow your cities up
  15. tonight,they gunna fight
  16. til you give into the reich
  17. Tick tock,on ze clock
  18. But ze nazi party dont stop,nein
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