crystal dragon info

Feb 14th, 2016
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  1. CE:crystallineEgoist
  2. name: Solumsui Queen of the crystal caverns
  3. gender: female
  4. voice has a sort of tinkling of crystals sound to it
  5. looks:
  6. Attacks: sound damage breath weapon cone shaped, all natural attacks are slashing damage, has a pathfinder Juvenile crystal dragon stats and powers
  8. effects that happen if the dragon stays in a place for a good share of time
  9. 1) accelerated crystal growth, perhaps looking a forest if clustered tightly enough, the randomly show the views of other crystals inside them that the dragon can use to scry on the area around any other of these crystals. the dragon can also move through them at will like dimensional doors provided they're big enough to accommodate its current size
  11. 2) almost all caves in the region join together in a massive ever-shifting labryth that connects to the dragon's lair. the wrym it'self can move through the tunnels easily but other creatures find them almost impossible to navigate without the dragon's consent.
  13. 3) with X range of the dragon's lair, ghostly whispers can be heard speaking highly of the dragon. While normaly a singular and rare occurance, as adventurers gets closer to the dragon's lair, the voices may become numerous enough to warent a concentration check from adventurers
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