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  3. Planet X Approaching/Major Cataclysms Ahead/Preparing for the Pole Shift with Bob Fletcher
  5. Forbidden Knowledge News
  6. Published on 3 May 2019
  8. Talked about how he came to find out about Planet X
  9. Investigate missing trillions
  10. Took him to DUMBs - worldwide thing
  12. 26 mins
  13. What is it that everyone is mutually worried about?
  14. Someone in the know, on the inside, said it's probably connected to the Ronald Reagan in 1983, the Star Wars program....
  16. 28 min
  17. In 1983, Ronald Reagan was notified by someone from one of the divisions of NASA, where they had put out one of their bigger, newer telescopes.... telescopic satellites...
  18. Some of them had the capability to read infra-red
  19. Nibiru is an infra-red planet with 4 or 5 moons
  20. They started creating the Star Wars Initiative which was supposedly the ability to take lasers and beam weapons of different sorts
  21. And be able to track instantly if Russia launches 15 or 20 nuclear weapons...
  22. The Star Wars laser beam they had been creating had the ability to locate the launching of a weapon like that, very quickly,
  23. With lasers or microwave weapons, take down and destroy one or two of these computerised systems that they were creating.
  24. Could take down the incoming of a variety of missiles being launched towards America, instantaneously with ... the capability to re-target and hit in a couple of seconds.....
  25. That's what they told us it was for
  26. But I found out later that most of those were pointed outwards
  27. And most of the tracking satellites also pointed outwards to outer space and not all watching Red China or Russia for potential incoming missiles.
  28. They were watching incoming near Earth objects that may be coming in ...
  29. In 1983, ... people came to President Reagan and said, "Remember that thing that people talked about for 50 years.... and nobody knew for sure that ot was Planet X or Nibiru? Well, we found it and it looks like it's real and we got to now be concerned with that possible incoming problem."
  30. So that was it. Bingo!
  31. From that point forward, I got looking into the rest of the story
  32. You had Gill Broussard on your show...
  33. Gill's stuff was great
  34. ...It is the biblical scriptures ..
  35. ... In the old days ... the Chinese emperor's astronomers came to the emperor and reported .. when this had passed through.
  36. .. the Himalayan monks had records of this thing passing by
  37. Then the obvious thing in the bible is the floods of Noah, where the sea just rose up ...
  38. That potentially was more like the passing of Nibiru
  40. 33mins
  41. Nibiru is estimated to be 5 times the size of Earth in diameter and mass
  42. The story had always been .. that it was on this huge 3,000 year orbital trip
  43. So it would take 1,500 years to come in, go around the sun, and then back out another 1,500 [years]
  44. When I first got to hearing these figures..... I was thinking...1,500 years coming in... - that's a heck of a big circle
  45. I was sceptical ..
  46. But there was so much documentation that this is a real entity
  47. And it is a real planet .. because of all of the stories
  48. They are documented...
  49. ... people didn't even know what it was
  50. This mythical thing would appear in the sky and it would look like a star
  51. Usually, .. it would be seen way up in the sky, nd it would appear like a star
  52. And it would be in .. December, on almost all of the occurrences
  53. Even the ones going back a thousand years...
  54. So it will be seen as a star and it will get bigger and bigger, and coming into our solar system and then around the sun, then back on out.
  55. .... this thing comes in dragging millions of miles of space junk with it.. besides the 4 or 5 moons..
  56. .... Exactly similar to Haley's Comet.
  57. When Haley's Comet comes in, that's like a big ball of ice
  58. The tail of that thing is like 4 million miles long
  59. But that's just pieces of ice that's.. no problem for Earth
  60. But Nibiru (Planet X) ..... the Earth.. would go through this tail of junk two times
  61. It's not going to strike the Earth...
  62. But the gravitational effect screws up everything....
  63. We understand the effect the moon has on our tides on a daily basis...
  64. .... This thing is 5 times the size of Earth...
  65. The gravitational effect drags and pulls the oceans out of the sea bed, and sweeps it like a giant tsunami...
  66. This tsunami is like 150 to 200 feet height ...
  68. 38:35
  69. It's first seen in December... and it approaches...
  70. When people first start seeing it in the sky and say, "Wow! There's a new star....."
  71. That would be in December...
  72. In the period of time to get to March and April, it will come close and then head back out.
  73. ..... We'll go through the tail one time, then Nibiru would head back out again, we'll go through the tail a second time
  74. During those 2 periods of time....beyond the gravitational effect on the oceans and the flooding, there'll be secondary problems
  75. We are going through 2 times the tail of space junk
  76. The equivalent of a tremendous meteor storm twice, hitting the Earth...
  77. That would set fires etc
  78. It'll be pretty holocaustic
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