Breakfast time with dandelion

Jan 12th, 2014
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  1. >Day you slept trough the whole day yet again in Equestria
  2. >you are Anonymous and there’s some weird-ass noises coming from your kitchen so you go and take a look at what’s up
  3. >and you are greeted by a huge mess and a little filly
  4. >seems Like Dandelion came over to visit you again
  5. “...What are you doing?”
  6. >Dandelion turns her head towards you and gives you a cheerful smile
  7. “Dandelion is making you breakfast!”
  8. >”Ok”
  9. >you make your way and sit down onto a chair, dodging a few eggshells on the floor
  10. >your kitchen is a complete mess
  11. “Anon how do you like your eggs?”
  12. >”Sunny side up”
  13. >there is a fwuumph sound behind you and you smell something burning
  14. “...will flambéed eggs do?”
  15. >you turn to look at Dandelion to question her more but then you see that she’s got the frying pan on fire
  16. >you quickly put out the fire as Dandelion cleans her now a bit blackened face
  17. >”How about you just sit down and let me worry about the breakfast?”
  18. >Dandelion shakes her head
  19. “No, Dandelion wants to do it”
  20. >you just tiredly let her do what she wants and sit back down, you can clean up after you have awaken up properly
  21. >a glass of... something is placed before you by Dandelion as she flashes you a smile
  22. “Go ahead”
  23. >you stare at Dandelion and then at the glass
  24. >it’s a lumpy mess of...things. Is that a squashed tomato on top of it?
  25. >”Dandelion...what exactly is this?”
  26. “It’s a glass of healthy freshly squeezed fruit juice. Dandelion used a lot of weird fruits Dandelion found and squeezed them”
  27. >Dandelion gives you a happy smile and her antennae twitch happily a few times
  28. >you stare at the glass
  29. >you can see some orange, a tomato, cucumber, a banana, with the peel on... and it all looks like someone just gave them a hard squeeze and threw them into the glass to be a big goop of sludge
  30. >you turn to Dandelion to tell her you can not drink this
  31. >and immediately stop as you see her staring at you with anticipation and excitement
  32. >well, it won’t kill you
  33. >you steel your mind and take the glass into your hand, and start chugging what you can
  34. >it’s cold and foul, sweet yet salty, and quite honestly like you would be drinking a glass of snot
  35. >you feel your stomach fighting against it and you cease your drinking to catch some air
  36. >Dandelion is looking at you with innocent eyes full of questions. You do not want to disappoint her, but damn you need to think about yourself here
  37. >”N-need to save room for the rest, right?”
  38. >Dandelion gives you a happy nod and goes to fetch the next nail on your coffin
  39. “Here you go Anon, eggs, toast and bacon!”
  40. >...
  41. >the eggs are burned to crisp, with a few eggshell pieces here and there, the bacon is clearly raw and the toast
  42. >how...
  43. >Dandelion is waiting for you to taste it in anticipation
  44. >you scoop some burned eggs into your fork and put it into your mouth
  45. >mmmmm charcoal and eggshell
  46. >you put on the best fake smile as you try to chew the monstrosity
  47. >”M-mmm so g-good and c-crunchy...”
  48. >beads of sweat run down your face as you try to bear with it
  49. >you put some bacon into your mouth as well, hoping it could at least help somehow
  50. >and almost spit it right out, it’s raw and tastes sickenly sweet yet repulsive
  51. >you grab the blue toast with haste; need to get this stuff down somehow
  52. >as you taste the blue toast, you can no longer take it and you rush to the sink and throw up
  53. >oh god it feels so good to get that stuff out of you
  54. >after puking your guts out you wipe your mouth and have a quick glass of water to clean your mouth, and then let some water into the sink to flush the puke away from smelling up the whole kitchen
  55. >as you return you are greeted by a sad sight
  56. >Dandelion looks absolutely miserable now, with her eyes teary and her lower lip trembling
  57. >”Ummm Dandelion...”
  58. “Dandelion ruined breakfast”
  59. >she looks about ready to cry
  60. >you kneel down and hug her
  61. >”No, Dandelion sweetie, you did not... you just need a bit more practice that’s all”
  62. >Dandelion sniffs as you pull back and look at her in the eyes
  63. >”Now, what do you say I’ll make something for the two of us?”
  64. “Dandelion would have one more thing she could give for you to eat... if you want...”
  65. >”Ok Dandelion”
  66. >you can’t possibly say no, not when she looks this sad
  67. >you sit back onto the table as Dandelion looks much more cheerful right away
  68. “Ok Anon, Dandelion wants you to close your eyes for this, it’s a surprise”
  69. >you do as you’re told and close them
  70. >there’s the sound of the fridge door opening, a cap popping and then a peculiar woooosh-sound
  71. >then you hear something being laid onto the table before you
  72. “O-ok Anon, you can open your eyes now...”
  73. >Dandelions voice sounds awfully shy for her
  74. >you open your eyes and-
  75. >get really really shocked
  76. >Dandelion is lying on the table before you, facing you with her crotch with her little hoofs spread
  77. >there’s whipped cream all over her illegal organ
  78. >”Uh I- Th- U- H-I- A-“
  79. >you are having trouble getting any words out of your throat
  80. “Since Dandelion ruined your breakfast... Dandelion thought that maybe you could eat...Dandelion...”
  81. >Dandelion is blushing hard, looking at the wall instead of your face
  82. >her chest rises and falls at a quick pace, giving away her own nervousness
  83. >you do not know what to say or do, so you just stare
  84. >you start to feel your cheeks burning and your erector erecting
  85. >Dandelion now turns her look at you and moves her hoofs to her party button, and spreads her lips a bit
  86. “P-please go ahead”
  87. >Dandelion closes her eyes as her blush deepens to alarming levels
  88. >and talking about alarming things, you feel like doing it
  89. >you squeeze your hands into fists as you try to contain this unexplainable lust
  90. >but...
  91. >it is not enough
  92. >you extent your tongue shakily
  93. >this, this is wrong
  94. >your head starts to move towards Dandelions crotch
  95. >no, stop, stop feeling this way
  96. >your hot breath pants against Dandelions crotch area, making her give out a quiet moan
  97. >you...are really going to do this
  98. >your tongue comes into contact with her forbidden valley
  99. >Dandelion emits a slight squeak
  100. >gently, you move your tongue upwards, licking off a good bit of the whipped cream, exposing Dandelions pristine little organ
  101. >it looks untouched and like a work of divine art
  102. >you start to gently lick it as Dandelions body shudders on the table and her hips start to move a bit
  103. “Mmmmh~”
  104. >her hoofs that held her apart leave their place and start to gently caress across her tummy and chest area
  105. >you take a hold her hind hoofs and pull her crotch against your mouth and start to really go at it
  106. “Aah~”
  107. >Dandelion is now biting her lower lip seductively in pleasure as she moves her hoofs up to her mane and then sensually runs them down her face and back to caressing herself again
  108. >every sound, every movement she makes is like the most erotic of dances you have yet to see, and your dick twitches in pleasure at the pleasure you are giving her
  109. >your tongue starts a mad flamenco upon Dandelions organ as your dick feels like it is reaching a hands-free orgasm
  110. >Suddenly Dandelion jerks her body and her eyes shoot open
  111. >the kitchen is filled with cries of passion you never thought a filly would be capable of producing and you suddenly feel yourself cumming into your pants
  112. >it feels alien, almost like you would have been doing something to your own member as pleasure rocks your own body as Dandelion settles into the lull of sexual afterglow
  113. >you rest for a while, panting, until your stomach reminds you that you have yet to properly eat anything
  114. >you get up and take out some food from the fridge
  115. >”Dandelion, you want something?”
  116. “Mmm~ No Anon... Dandelion will just rest in here for a while~”
  117. >and then you have breakfast, what a peculiar morning it has been
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