NMH rough route

PvtCinnamonbun Sep 21st, 2015 94 Never
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  1. Do the first 2 ranking fights fast but normally. No special tricks here.
  2. Do lawn mowing, grind for cash using first pizza butts mission. Get around 250k so you can coast for a bit.
  3. Shinobu can be stunned by sticking her in a corner or making her not have room to jump over you. Be careful because she can 1shot you even on Sweet.
  4. Coast on money until you get second pizza butts mission.
  5. Destroyman's AI breaks if you shove her into a specific corner. He just keeps attacking a wall with beam and spark making the fight really fast.
  6. Don't fall into a pit when facing Holly Summers. It wastes way too much time. Still haven't worked out a decent way to kill her besides abusing rolling during the missile attack.
  7. Get third pizza butt mission, grind until you have about 600k. Might be worth it to upgrade to Mk-II katana to make this mission a lot faster (it only takes 150k to get and it cleaves through common enemies). Test to see how much better Japanese Katana is, though it might be too late in the game to really be useful.
  8. Walk down the hallway in 5th rank fight, don't fight anyone.
  9. Don't die on 4th. Pray he doesn't box you twice.
  10. Use the laser on 3rd to kill goons instantly then duck behind cover.
  11. Haven't tested anything past this :(
  13. Notes: M11 is the fastest you can get money. 20 seconds to do the mission, 2:20 for travel by using cliff warps.
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