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  1. 15:56   Sruixan Did either of the wolves offer any sane and reasonable justification for that kill?
  2. 15:57   ProfessorLizzard        Zen didn't. He just choose a random guy. And mehgamehn said okay.
  3. 15:57   Sruixan ...
  4. 15:57   Sruixan ...
  5. 15:58   Sruixan ok honestly how seriously have they been taking this
  6. 15:58   Sruixan I may be taking it a tad too seriously myself but it seems it's no fun unless you /try/
  7. 16:01   ProfessorLizzard        The only thing I managed to decipher:
  8. 16:01   ProfessorLizzard        With the Cop dead, he can't say, Zen is mafia. And BSBen doesn't trust MrGuy
  9. 16:02   ProfessorLizzard        They think that the Traitor was not on the side of the mafia, but a third party, maybe
  10. 16:02   Sruixan except for the fact that BSBen is willing to go along with MrGuy for today at least
  11. 16:04   Sruixan oh hang on this is a little more awkward than it looks
  12. 16:04   Sruixan because with the assumption that everyone's hanging on to...
  13. 16:06   ProfessorLizzard        Also, he wants to kill Wojjie too
  14. 16:07   Sruixan If Zen gets lynched, then either BSBen or MrGuy must die tonight. The death of the former would lead to MrGuy getting a wolf result on mehgamehn or a town result on Wojjie. Either way, mehgamehn gets lynched for town victory
  15. 16:07   ProfessorLizzard        And what is MrGuy dies?
  16. 16:08   Sruixan In the other case, BSBen would need to be turned against Wojjie of the back of the "he [Zen] seems to me rather town, actually."
  17. 16:08   Sruixan which is the situation more likely to result in a wolf win
  18. 16:09   ProfessorLizzard        The situation can go in either way
  19. 16:09   ProfessorLizzard        It depends on BSBen
  20. 16:09   Sruixan Exactly
  21. 16:10   Sruixan A MrGuy kill would have made things a fair bit easier, I would have thought.
  22. 16:12           *** Sruixan is now known as Sruxy[shower]
  23. 16:39           *** Sruxy[shower] is now known as Sruixan
  24. 16:40   Sruixan Ok, I thought about this a bit more in the shower
  25. 16:40   ProfessorLizzard        yes?
  26. 16:40   Sruixan If the wolves target Wojjie tonight, will Wojjie get to know that she was hit?
  27. 16:41   ProfessorLizzard        Yes, she will.
  28. 16:42   Sruixan urgh right I am hoping mehgamehn kills MrGuy tonight then, I think. If so, mDoc, wProof and W are through.
  29. 16:43   Sruixan Can BSBen self-protect?
  30. 16:43   ProfessorLizzard        No. Also, that only worked against mafia
  31. 16:43   Sruixan Well damn.
  32. 16:44   ProfessorLizzard        So, BSBen is effectively Vanilla against you
  33. 16:44   Sruixan Since I was thinking that he would want to lynch the wolf, since he could force a Happily-Ever-After Situation if he and the mafioso are left and it shouldn't take too much to persuade him that mehgamehn is the mafioso
  34. 16:45   Sruixan since he was after all the person who said "don't lynch mafia today plz"
  35. 16:45   ProfessorLizzard        We shall see the result. Maybe today. Depends on when they log on.
  36. 16:46   Sruixan I just fear that, come tomorrow, the percieved situation will be 1 town, 1 maf, 1 wolf
  37. 16:46   Sruixan whereas it will actually be 2 town 1 wolf
  38. 16:47   ProfessorLizzard        Naw, that is AutoWin for the Wolves, if that happens.
  39. 16:47   ProfessorLizzard        Wait no
  40. 16:47   ProfessorLizzard        Sorry, misread
  41. 16:47   Sruixan no, it wouldn't be. That's the problem
  42. 16:47   ProfessorLizzard        I know, my eyes just slipped. Or however you say that
  43. 16:48   Sruixan it's something like that
  44. 16:48   Sruixan ok right I'm thinking now
  45. 16:48   Sruixan tonight there will either be 1 or 0 kills
  46. 16:49   Sruixan now in the situation of the former, BSBen will assume that he protected the second kill target
  47. 16:49   Sruixan therefore the person he targets is confirmed not-mafia
  48. 16:50   ProfessorLizzard        Well, I don't have to tell him if he misunderstoods his role. XD
  49. 16:50   Sruixan misunderstood
  50. 16:50   Sruixan wait, what does he think it is?
  51. 16:52   ProfessorLizzard        Oh wait. He still thinks that there is one more mafia.
  52. 16:52   Sruixan exactly
  53. 16:52   Sruixan actually
  54. 16:53   Sruixan hand on
  55. 16:53   Sruixan *hang
  56. 16:53   Sruixan who did he target tonight?
  57. 16:54   ProfessorLizzard        Knaleidos.
  58. 16:54   ProfessorLizzard        He should know that it was a wolf kill by this...
  59. 16:54   Sruixan quite
  60. 16:55   Sruixan that might actually be advantageous
  61. 16:57   Sruixan why would the wolves go for the /mafia/ cop rather than the wolf cop? You could arguably construe that to mean that MrGuy is in fact a wolf masquerading as wolf cop who bussed me D1 to almost confirm him. The referenced "ace up our sleeve" could well be the fact that we accidentally hit the wolf cop N1 and figured we could work with that
  62. 16:57   Sruixan except for the fact that that logic is so convoluted it would have made Escher throw up
  63. 16:59   ProfessorLizzard        Meh, Escher could survive it. We'll, we will see what Wojjie decides. To Lynch, or not?
  64. 16:59   Sruixan If she doesn't tomorrow is going to be so much more fun
  65. 17:02   ProfessorLizzard        Well, she might post soon, she was in the games forum not too long ago
  66. 17:18   Sruixan ok Wojjie I love you now
  67. 17:19   Sruixan on the grounds of what I said not twenty minutes ago
  68. 17:22   ProfessorLizzard        Oh my.
  69. 17:22   ProfessorLizzard        :o
  70. 17:26   Sruixan the great thing about that is
  71. 17:26   Sruixan that the votals are currently Zen (2) and MrGuy (1)
  72. 17:27   Sruixan three to lynch
  73. 17:27   Sruixan there are two wolves out there with no placed votes
  74. 17:28   ProfessorLizzard        !
  75. 17:28   Sruixan As long as Zen is not silly enough to self-hammer, I do believe we have won
  76. 17:28   ProfessorLizzard        I guess I have to start writing the PMs for thex next game a day earlier XD
  77. 17:28   ProfessorLizzard        Eh, Zen can do anything! XD
  78. 17:28   Sruixan That's my problem
  79. 17:29   Sruixan He should get online very, very soon
  80. 17:29   Sruixan Now, be he town or scum, he /should/ vote for Wojjie; it's the only sane and reasonable vote to make
  81. 17:29   Sruixan which would allow mehgamehn to hammer and win
  82. 17:30   Sruixan or, an even better circumstance
  83. 17:30   Sruixan would be if BSBen switched votes
  84. 17:31   Sruixan due to his already noted suspicions of Wojjie and that post being the clincher
  85. 17:35   Sruixan SHOCKING NEW DEVELOPMENT!
  86. 17:35   Sruixan BSBen has unvoted Zen
  87. 17:36   Sruixan therefore, as long as Zen does /not/ vote for Wojjie until BSBen has
  88. 17:36   Sruixan we win
  89. 17:37   ProfessorLizzard        Oh my. This is getting even more intricating.
  90. 17:37   Sruixan I am cheering from beyond the grave
  91. 17:37   ProfessorLizzard        Wait until you see... Conspiracy Town >: D
  92. 17:37   Sruixan I am looking forward to that
  93. 17:38   Sruixan Is it going to be very conspiracy-ish? Because that would make it /awesome/
  94. 17:40   ProfessorLizzard        Hopefully.
  95. 17:40   Sruixan *rubs hands together in anticipation*
  96. 17:40   ProfessorLizzard        Currently I am checking somethings, not to be too unbalanced.
  97. 17:40   ProfessorLizzard        Well, it might NOT be that good, but I had fun designing it.
  98. 17:40   Sruixan That does remind me. I must check to see if the PM logs for Death Note mafia ever got finished
  99. 17:41   Sruixan because I spectated that game and it was all conspiracy-ish and it was /awesome/
  100. 17:47   ProfessorLizzard        Heh : D
  101. 17:49   Sruixan hmph. The log has D1 and D4 but nothing in the middle...
  102. 17:53   Sruixan http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=60622
  103. 17:53   Sruixan if you ever have two hours to kill
  104. 17:53   Sruixan then that will probably do it
  105. 17:54   ProfessorLizzard        I will definitely look at it.
  106. 17:55   Sruixan SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT III
  107. 17:55   Sruixan mehgamehn is now online
  108. 17:55   ProfessorLizzard        Now we have to wait for Zen.
  109. 18:01   ProfessorLizzard        MEHGAMEHN VOTED
  110. 18:04   Sruixan YES!
  111. 18:04   Sruixan ZEN IS ONLINE!
  112. 18:04   Sruixan he is viewing his subscribed threads
  113. 18:04   Sruixan my heart is pounding here
  114. 18:08   ProfessorLizzard        The excitement!
  115. 18:10   ProfessorLizzard        Okay, now I really have to start writing the new PMs XD
  116. 18:11   Sruixan ok at this rate I am tempted to drop him a PM saying "HAMMER YOU FOOL"
  117. 18:12   ProfessorLizzard        I want to do it too.
  118. 18:29           *** Sruixan is now known as Sruxy[afk]
  119. 18:29   Sruxy[afk]      man I am going to be so tense over dinner
  120. 18:30   Sruxy[afk]      I'm going to have to come up with some excuse to run away from it after it's finished
  121. 18:30   ProfessorLizzard        Heh XD Hopefully, Zen will be quick...
  122. 18:34   ProfessorLizzard        FFFFFFFF HE LOGGED OF
  123. 18:57   Sruxy[afk]      PL
  124. 18:57   Sruxy[afk]      look at this
  125. 18:57   Sruxy[afk]      http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?31513-Weird-Mafia.-Currently-playing-WvsMvsT-%28DAY-5%29/page10
  126. 18:57   Sruxy[afk]      it is a hammer
  127. 18:58   ProfessorLizzard        Stop!
  128. 18:58   ProfessorLizzard        Its Hammer time!
  129. 19:07   ProfessorLizzard        Done!
  130. 19:07   ProfessorLizzard        Congratulations!
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