nuke - [Nameless] [Actias/Pepper Dust/silly/puns/romantic]

Mar 23rd, 2018
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  1. >"Peppy."
  2. "Yes, Butterfly?"
  3. >"Look at me."
  4. >You look up at Actias, expecting her to be upset over something you did.
  5. >Instead, you come face to face with her wearing her sunglasses and a fake moustache.
  6. "Please d-"
  7. >"I moustache you a question."
  8. >You groan as she doubles over and rolls on the floor laughing.
  9. >"Get it?"
  10. "Yes, I get it."
  11. >"Why aren't you laughing?"
  12. "Because I didn't find it funny. Can I go back to sorting my spices?"
  13. >"Yes, but I really do have a question."
  14. "What?"
  15. >"May eyebrows your spices?"
  16. >She waggles two big bushy eyebrows that were hidden behind her sunglasses.
  17. >She starts laughing again.
  18. >You walk away.
  19. >"Peppy, wait!"
  20. >She scrambles after you and jumps on your back.
  21. "Butterfly, please."
  22. >"No, really. I have a serious question."
  23. "I swear, if this is another dumb pun."
  24. >"It isn't."
  25. "Ask away."
  26. >"Why do you call me butterfly?"
  27. "The same reason why you call me Peppy."
  28. >"Because it's a cute nickname?"
  29. "Sure."
  30. >"Okay, but what's the real reason?"
  31. >She hugs you tight as her hooves dangle a few inches from the ground.
  32. "I can't pronounce your name."
  33. >"It's Akshus."
  34. "Ashkshs."
  35. >"No, sound it out. Ak, like axe."
  36. "Ak."
  37. >"Shus. Like shush."
  38. "Shus."
  39. >"Okay, say it."
  40. "Ashkshshs."
  41. >"Almost."
  42. "Stop teasing me."
  43. >"Fine."
  44. >A hoof moves from around her neck, but quickly moves back in front of your mouth.
  45. "Don't."
  46. >She sticks her moustache to your muzzle.
  47. "Why are you being so weird?"
  48. >"Because I love you, and I want you to know it."
  49. "You can just tell me, you know."
  50. >"This is more fun."
  51. >You cross your eyes to try to look at the moustache.
  52. "I guess it is. But really, I moustache and go sort my spices out."
  53. >You chuckle a little bit.
  54. >"Have fun with that, grumpy."
  55. >She climbs off of you and turns.
  56. "You know, you could come sing for me while I work."
  57. >"I thought you didn't like music."
  58. "I like your squeaky singing."
  59. >She blushes violently as she follows you through your store, singing as you work.
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