Another Man's Wife 05 - 06

Jul 4th, 2019
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Another Man's Wife - Shitty Gist (05 - 06)

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Relationship
Jin Woohyun (MC) Married
[N/A] (Wife) Married
Brunette (FMC) Married
Fatty (Hubby) Married

Brunette appears, MC looks at her with a blush and a big smile on his face. Wife asks him what happens and why did he stops so suddenly, he apologizes saying that he'll take care of her. Brunette is seated not that far from them, MC gives her a last glance before focusing on his wife pussy.
He tells to his wife that he really loves the shape of her big ass and wants to fuck it, wife is a bit upset about what he's saying. MC thinks that's what he wanted, he's feeling the thrill from the other night, he lick her pussy and tells that she's really wet. He takes a glance behind him and sees that Brunette's watching them, he got really excited and wants to fuck his wife now.
He rubs his dick against her pussy then against her ass, he asks to his wife if he cant put it in now, she tells him to be gentle. He goes deep in her ass and asks her if she's feeling any pain, she tells him she's okay and to keep fucking her ass. MC thinks about Brunette watching them and Wife not knowing what is happening, he thinks his fetish is a bit twisted but like that he can satisfy his wife urge and stays with her.

Wife enjoys the night and Brunette is feeling hot watching them..

Next morning, MC wakes up and looks at his naked wife still sleeping. He thinks that last night was amazing because they kept doing it until dawn, he finally thinks that the next time will be with Brunette watching again because she's her mean to solve his problem as expected.

Wife asks to MC if they can go on a date after work tonight and he tells her he wants to watch a movie, she's okay with that and they head to work together..

Brunette is having a chat with her husband, Hubby asks her if she thought about what he asked last time. She tells him to fuck off, she'll never do what he asked her to do. Hubby tells her if she understand what will happen if she doesn't do what he said. She rejects him again telling him that she isn't this kind of woman and to not talk about that subject in front of her again. Hubby seems dispirited about his wife rejection and doesn't know what to do.

MC and Wife met in front of the cinema, they're watching a romance movie and MC is a bit bored. He thinks about something fun and begins to play and tease his wife. She tells him to not do that in the cinema because someone will watch or hear them. MC is aroused thinking about the idea of someone watching them, more teasing and wife can't take it anymore. They're going out of the cinema she takes him toward a motel and tells him to fuck her here because she wants him right now and doesn't want to go home because she's feeling really hot. She tells him that being fucked in a motel would be her first time and she dreamed of this day (lol).
She really want to do it and asks MC why he's hesitating, MC thinks it's an unexpected development and feels a bit fucked about the situation because Brunette would not be able to come in the motel to watch them..

MC tells her that he doesn't want to it outside because he has no confidence in getting hard if he's not at home, she's pissed and asks him about what he did in the theater, he's sorry about that and apologizes. Wife is upset and leaves alone, MC runs after her telling her to wait for him.

MC thinks about what he did to his wife this night and feels sorry for her, but can't help it because if Brunette isn't here he can't get hard..

FMC is in the kitchen preparing something when her cellphone suddenly rings, she blushes knowing it's MC.

Jin Woohyun Today at 12 o'clock can I ask you the favor to watch us?
FMC Today too? It becomes a habit..

Jin Woohyun No but.. Tonight is really particular because we were on a date..
FMC Then, the outside solution worked?
Jin Woohyun About that.. I think it's not possible. Please accept my request.

FMC asks herself if it really feel that good to be watched while doing it with the one you love, she shakes her head thinking she's crazy.

MC narrates how after that FMC became the stimulus of his desire when he's doing it with his wife, he says thanks to her sacrifice he can enjoy his sexual life with his wife. Anywhere, anytime he's really happy to share this moment with FMC.

Hubby is playing with FMC, he teases her nipples, licks her pussy but she doesn't show a strong reaction to what he's doing. He's a bit angry and asks her to show him some reactions.. She begins to moans thinking about MC.. Hubby puts it in and tells her to accept his offer because she'll experience a new world and will be able to climax everyday, Hubby fucks her hard she moans still thinking about MC. Hubby is exhausted after one round and lays on the bed, FMC mounts him and begins to ride his dick telling him that she's enjoying it enough and doesn't want to experience something new. Hubby tells her that she's awesome but he's sick of her body and to play with her alone, FMC's thinking about MC and his wife saying "perhaps" then rejects her initial thought about doing it with MC and says that her Hubby is a crazy mother fucker..

Wife is telling to MC that she wants to organize a meeting at their house this month, and asks what MC thinks about her idea.. He doesn't know what to say for a moment and finally says it's a good idea to invite some people to their house, she's happy about that and explains him what the meeting will be about.. She tells him it's about sexual desire and other shit and asks him to participate to the meeting too and to help her organizing it. She tells him that she'll give him a lot of service if he do that for her, he's surprised about that and asks what sort of services. She tells him Night Services ~

A few days later, Wife tells to MC that the meeting his today and he's a bit helpless about it because he forget to prepare something. He asks her how many people are coming tonight, she tells him approximately 10 person, she asks him if he can prepare something after coming back from work and he accepts.

MC did a lot of preparation and Wife is amazed about what MC did, she apologizes to him because it's a lot of work and promises to reward him later. The doorbell rings and Wife asks MC to greet the guest, he opens the door and sees a lot of hot women. He's surprised because there is only a bunch of pretty women in front of his door and wonders why his wife didn't tell him about that. He greets them and all the women are like:
"Oh he's so handsome! I heard a lot about you! He looks like a bachelor!.."


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