All Dungeons w/ Zora Armour Rupee Route

Devil6Lair Feb 22nd, 2014 66 Never
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  1. This is considering you don't get any greens or blues out of Pots ect
  2. This is really a worse case scenario
  4. Point                   Should have             Where gotten
  5. Enter SPR               90/95R                  Snowboarding, treetops(70/75R)+20R
  6. *Note: If you miss tree tops you can get 100R in room after Ball and Chain
  7. Zora Armour             110R                    90R + 20R from bombable rock
  8. Enter Lakebed           120R                    110R + 10R on pillar
  9. Enter Arbiter's Grounds 170R                    120R + 50R from chest
  10. Exit Arbiter's  Grounds 250R                    170R + 4 x 20R from redeads
  11. Enter Goron Mines       280R                    250R + 30R on ledge up top
  12. Enter CitS              300R                    280R + 20R above/inside canon house
  14. ~Devil6Lair~
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