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  1. [11:30] Allowing the young ones to get a moment to sit down, the Nethradin scanned both of their forms. She too, was seated. But this would not be a stance kept for long. Soon the Nethradin rose to a full stand, placing both hands behind her back and clasping them within eachothers grasp. Here she turned toward the west stepping toward the staircase.
  3. "Do you think you have what it takes to help in building a better world? Do you have the passion? Do you have the spirit to do whatever it takes to bring Freedom to all that you meet?" The head of the Nethradin tilted to the south. Eyes then facing the two practical children.
  4. (Hathor)
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  7. [11:34] Leo turned in his seat to face Hathor as she spoke with words of wisdom. He listened and let the words marinate within his mind as he thought about everything she had said.
  8. She grinned as he only had one logical answer in this situation, since considering the symbol upon his hand he's been making a lot of decisions as of late.
  10. "Yes, I have what it takes to help in building a better world, I have the passion, I have the spirit to do whatever it takes to bring freedom to all that I meet and I am willing to go wherever I need to go to accomplish this goal." He kept his gaze upon Hathor as his facial expression could be displayed to someone as excitement but it wasn't the case... He was absolutely infatuated.
  11. (Leo Huoyan)
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  14. [11:34] Maia quietly watched the cloppy clop of the hooves as they made their way towards the steps. When Hathor began talking her eyes quickly snapped up to meet Hathor's coals. Upon being asked various questions, Maia quickly nodded her head. Perhaps she was just a little too excited about everything but there was no stopping her right now. "Yes!" The only word she said since.. well, it answered all the questions at once. There was no need for her to ramble.
  15. (Maia)
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  18. [11:48] There was a proposal then, for these children. But first a speech. It seems the two of them thought the had the will needed to help reshape the world. They first needed to know why it needed to be reshaped into something better. And so her form pivoted. Turning to face both these children the Nethradin woman spoke in the motherly tone of voice she often carried.
  20. "Ever since the beginning of Eternia, this world. Our dimension--- Kraus Eternia, a man so pretentious he named his own world after himself decided to have this ruled be ruled in truth, by one species." A finger then rose up. As if to show there was a need for dramatic pause. When it descended, the hands then cupped infront of her, clacking once the nails onto another. "The angels. For as much as they praise hope and goodness for humanity... in truth? All that want is worship. Worship and subjugation. To make us slaves totheir will. Even Azrael. He corrupted mankind. Created Necromancy to enslave our dead. Even the angel who says he will liberate us in death---charges us with eternal fealty." She then paused. Staring westward once more. There was but a simple question left.
  22. "But there is yet still a deity out there who does truly care for our Freedoms."
  23. (Hathor)
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  26. [11:51] Maia listened intently, leaning forward on the edge of her seat. Angels, worship, slavery, none of it seemed like good news to her. Once Hathor finished the story and began to face westward, Maia shot a hand up into the air. She had a question before anything else began, though she bounced, the speech had made her smile fade away and she just waited to be called on.
  27. (Maia)
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  30. [11:53] Leo listens to Hathor's speech as she speaks of the beginning of Eternia itself and the meaning behind such things honestly held no ground for Leo. He did however kept all the information within his mind as he hoped to keep this and value it towards his new life.
  31. Leo paused and looked towards Maia as she had her hand raised he then looked back towards Hathor as to see her course of action on the matter.
  32. (Leo Huoyan)
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  35. [12:02] Seeing that they were paying genuine attention, either our of obligation or out of interest the Nethradin couldn't help but smile their way. She was truly happy to see this all. It made her smile. Perhaps she'd have good worshippers to be join her side by side in the future?
  37. "His name? Belial. And I am one of his chosen. As I was in my former life, I am in my current! I am the Daughter of the Messenger of Freedom. But to you two? I wish that you'll accept me. As your Lunar Matron, your Crimson Mother." A pause. As she rose up both her hands. Fists gripping tightly, enough to draw her own maroon-shaded blood. A darker red than Humans, but still red none the less. "Belial invaded Kraus's world! Seeing the potential of his greatest creation--- Humanity! It was here that Belial attempted to spread the message of freedom to humanity. What they could do... what they could accomplish. Out of FEAR! Fear he would lose CONTROL of Humanity? Azrael took a number of angels to Belial and his apostles. It was then, that they were sealed into the moon!
  39. All Belial wanted... was for us to see Freedoms we had. It was Azrael, Kraus. The angels who created 'Corruption'. Anything that defied their will, their way? It was marked as Depravity, Chaos Magic. Vile. All these things that we as humans could do to disrupt the world-order of angelics, it was marked evil. They wanted to keep us in chains of fear.
  41. But Belial wanted us Free. And I want him Free. I want to FREE you both, and all of humanity like the Messenger spoke of. I will be your Crimson Mother, I will lead you to freedom and salvation---
  43. But if this is not the path you wish to walk? You may leave now. Speak nothing of what was spoken here, and you may live your life as you wish." Her hands that motioned and swayed as she spoke drooped down to her sides. Looking interchangeably between the two children, the Nethradin waiting for a response.
  44. (Hathor)
  45. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. [12:09] As Hathor began once more Leo couldn't help but be enticed by her words he was eager, ambitious and more so willing than ever to be apart of a greater cause. As the words grew in depth he felt a sense of comfortability as everything felt somewhat similar to how he lived his life.
  49. He then heard the question he was waiting for he answered without hesitation.
  51. "Yes, please allow me to follow this path so that I may also free all."
  53. He said with a bit of excitement to his words.
  54. (Leo Huoyan)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [12:13] Slowly, Maia put down her hand, she didn't get to ask the question she wanted. She sat there quietly, no longer bouncing and just listening.
  59. Once Hathor finished speaking Maia got out of her seat. She marched over to Hathor and a few yellow twinkles could be seen around her form, they spun around the two before crashing back into Maia and erupting in a brilliant yellow glow. Little Maia was a cosmic magi, but so far she hadn't attuned herself with a star, she just drew directly from the cosmos itself.
  61. "What I was gonna ask Hathor.. if you had let me.. she said, a hint of annoyance in her voice at not being able to speak before.
  63. She paused for a moment and then smiled once again. "I was going to ask who the deity was, how I can help them with our freedoms, and then I was going to ask if you'd let me help you." She began to giggle a bit.
  65. "You said you would lead me, and I for one will happily follow you. To freedom."
  66. (Maia)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [12:22] Leo's proud decoration made the Nethradin proud. And then Maia's confidence to sparkle so bright and stroll up to her? Also made the Nethradin proud. With a pause, a hand moved to place itself on Maia's head. Giving it a gentle rub, her eyes then turned toward Leo. Giving them both a piece of her attention.
  71. "Then I welcome you both to the Crimson Moon Church. I am the Vicar, head of the church. You two? Are Neophytes. Budding with potential yet untapped. For now I'll leave you two with the basic philosophy of our faith and watch you progress. When the time is right, you'll be given a chance to learn more and more of our beliefs." She'd then pulse, making sure to denote what she was about to say as being something to take heed of. Words to live by.
  73. "Do not fear to Walk the Path of Chaos. Use it to Embrace your Truth. Allow none to threaten your freedoms, destroying those who do." And then her arm drooped to her side a smile of joy on her face. To have such new, fresh blood being inducted was important to the Church's survival and eventual success.
  74. (Hathor)
  75. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  77. [12:26] Leo looked towards Hathor with a very pleased facial expression. As she spoke of potential yet untapped he couldn't help but smile at the future that would now be his own in all due time. He thought to him self briefly during the pause so he could further think about his now very bright future.
  79. As she continued he heard of Chaos from his Master and now Hathor he was really...really starting to like this new life. He should have defected from the light sooner if he knew it would feel this good. He then stood up from the chair to salute and give his respect to Hathor as she granted him such a title.
  80. (Leo Huoyan)
  81. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  83. [12:29] Her smile widened when her head was rubbed, her cosmic connection shattering right then as if it were a pane of glass. She giggled happily as she nodded her head.
  85. "My freedoms, not theirs. I'll do what I need to keep my freedom as well."
  87. She suddenly leaned forward and wrapped her little arms around Hathor, displaying a bit more strength than one would expect from a girl of her size as she squeezed. As it was released she repeated those words.
  89. "Do not fear to walk the path of chaos, use it to embrace your truth, allow none to threaten your freedoms, and destroy those who do."
  90. (Maia)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. [12:30] Hathor blinked at the sudden embrace. She wasn't... entirely sure how to feel about a small human wrapping their arms about her waist.
  94. (Hathor)
  95. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  97. [12:30] Hathor says, "Ah, yes."
  98. [12:31] Hathor says, "We will have a church ceremony soon. I have a few more errands to run before I can allow you to attend your first ceremonies."
  99. [12:32] Maia says, "I look forward to it. Since.. you're the Crimson Mother.. does that mean I have to call you mom?...."
  100. [12:32] Hathor asks, "Mo--Mom?"
  101. [12:32] Hathor blinked, she then turned down to look at Maia. Her eyes widening, while also blinking several times.
  102. (Hathor)
  103. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  105. [12:32] Laughed a bit.
  106. (Leo Huoyan)
  107. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. [12:32] Hathor says, "You don't... Have to? If you don't want to? The other option is to address me as Lady Hathor."
  110. [12:32] Leo Huoyan says, "I'll call you Mom aswell."
  111. [12:33] Maia looked over at Leo and narrowed her gaze. "S-shut up.. it's just a question.." She looked back to Hathor and nodded her head. "Alright, that's what I wanted to know, though now I'm curious.. what do YOU want to be called?"
  112. (Maia)
  113. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. [12:33] Hathor says, "Whatever pleases you to call me."
  116. [12:34] Maia leaned forward and loudly said "That's a really long name.. Lets stick with something shorter, I'll figure it out."
  117. (Maia)
  118. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  120. [12:35] Hathor says, "...Mom is fine, then."
  121. [12:35] Leo Huoyan says, "I like the sound of it, considering the situation."
  122. [12:35] Leo Huoyan asks, "We are both kids afterall?"
  123. [12:35] Maia says, "I'm not a kid. I'm a young adult."
  124. [12:36] Leo Huoyan says, "Heh, whatever allows you to feel comfortable."
  125. [12:36] {Item} You picked up Stone x25. Dropped by Vedran Ivanovich.
  126. [12:37] Maia says, "Anything else you need from us right now Mom? I feel like running around."
  127. [12:37] Hathor says, "Well then yes. Let me escort you two outside, and then do as you desire. I only ask that you keep our meetings and talks about Belial secret. For everyone's safety."
  128. [12:37] Hathor says, "Now then."
  129. [12:37] Maia says, "I won't tell a single soul. I promise."
  130. [12:37] Hathor says, "Right."
  131. [12:37] Hathor says, "Feel free to come to me if you need assistance with anything."
  132. [12:37] Maia exclaims, "Okay! See you later!"
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