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CRD Character Creation Rules I3b

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May 10th, 2012
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  1. Character creation is simple in CRD.
  2. First, you need an idea for your catgirl- it needn't be the character your current profile is assigned to after all. Imagine what she looks like, acts like, what she is good at. Once you start to get an idea, it's time to get to the numbers.
  4. You begin the process by assigning attributes. Each character has the following attributes that determine their inherent capabilities:
  7. Strength - physical strength and aggression, strength of your body.
  8. Agility - speed and grace, reflexes and coordination.
  9. Endurance - physical endurance and conditioning.
  10. Will - mental fortitude required to repel and project psychic forces. Your spiritual strength and sheer doggedness.
  12. They are frequently abbreviated as STR, END, AGI, WIL.
  14. All these attributes start at 0. You have 10 points to spread between them, up to a maximum of 5 in a single attribute, for example: STR 2, END 3, AGI 4, WIL 1
  16. Now comes a part that will require some basic math: calculating theresholds. In this game instead of losing HP, you gain Pain. Instead of losing Stamina, you gain Fatigue. on top of that, you also gain Lust. When these values pass a certain number (called a threshold) something Fun happens. The thresholds are calculated like so:
  18. STR + END = Pain Threshold (PT)
  19. END + WIL = Fatigue Threshold (FT)
  20. WIL + WIL = Lust Threshold (LT)
  22. The next step is perks and flaws. They are non-attribute strengths and weaknesses your character possesses. You start with one free Perk. Here is a list of example perks.
  24. Talented - You are much more generally proficient than most people. You gain 2 attribute points to spend as you see fit. Regular limits apply.
  26. Gifted - You have inhuman potential with one or more of your attributes. When obtaining this perk specify an attribute. You may purchase a score in that attribute that is beyond the 5-point limit. This perk can be taken multiple times for a single attribute. The first time it increases the limit to 7, second time to 9, and third time to 10. You may purchase this perk separately for different attributes.
  28. Jumper - Regularly you can only jump up to Agility in meters and half that vertically. With this perk you are able to jump double that distance.
  29. Speed - You move quickly. Your Agility is doubled for the purposes of chasing down or running from opponents.
  30. Martial Artist - This perk is much like Weapon Master for unarmed combat. Each perk increases the damage die of your unarmed strikes by one step and allows you to pick two weapon tags to represent your fighting style. This perk may be taken multiple times.
  31. Weapon Master - Pick a type of weapon. Whenever you hit with that type of weapon you may deal damage with a die one step higher. This perk may be taken multiple times, but never more than twice for one weapon.
  32. Empowered - You are a natural magic conduit and have a number of Power Points equal to your Will. This perk doesn't let you cast spells on its own.
  33. Night Eye - You can see in near utter darkness but not complete darkness.
  34. Stealth - You are skilled at avoiding detection.
  35. First Circle Magic - You can cast spells if you have PP. First circle damage: 1d4 touch, 1d2 short range. Your max Will is increased by 1 point.
  36. Strong Casting - As long as you have more than half of your Power Point pool your damage spells deal +1 damage and enemies have -1 to resist your spells.
  37. Overcasting - A potent and dangerous way to cast spells. You can pay the cost of a spell multiple times to multiply its potence. This takes an extra action and gives you a penalty to your casting roll equal to the number of extra PP you spent. This can potentially allow you to spent all of your power reserves to devastate any enemy. Failing the casting roll can be... disastrous.
  38. Tough - You naturally have 1 point of Armor that ignores Armor Penetration.
  39. Mana well - 2 extra power points every time you take this perk, can exceed willpower.
  40. Pain tolerance - increase Pain Threshold by 2 every time you take this perk.
  41. Fatigue tolerance - increase Fatigue Threshold by 2 every time you take this perk.
  42. Lust tolerane - increase Lust Threshold by 2 every time you take this perk.
  43. Climber - You can climb much quicker and easier. Difficulties for AGI or STR rolsl for climbing are reduced by 2.
  44. Nonstandard Sex Parts - This is the perk required to play as a male or futa. Specify your anatomy upon taking this perk. You possess a penis and the ability to produce cum.
  46. These are just example perks. More exist but need polishing up and you can come up with your own. Just make sure they are on the same level as the examples above and remember to get them okayed by whoever is running the game.
  48. Next are Flaws. Flaws are the opposite of perks - they grant your character hindrances, weaknesses and vices. Here is a short list of examples:
  50. Kink: Choose a sex act or paraphilia that arouses your character. Examples: Anal, Bondage/Entrapment, Tentacles. You may have a chance of gaining Lust points as you witness or are subject to such things. You may take this flaw more than once, applying it to a different kink.
  51. Compliant: You find it hard to resist others' will. You receive a penalty of -2 to will rolls to resist mental control.
  52. Meek: You find it hard to resist mundane coercion. The difficulty of Will rolls to resist being forced or convinced to do something is increased by 2.
  53. Lightweight: Alcohol and other toxins affect you much easily due to an overactive metabolism or low body mass. Dosage is treated as double.
  54. Glasses: You need glasses to see. Without them you can hardly make out anything.
  55. Clumsy: You tend to mess up more than your general coordination might suggest or perhaps you are just mildly cursed.
  56. Nudist: You refuse to cover your body. You start with no clothing and will try to avoid wearing more. Jewellery and some footwear don't count.
  57. Sickly: You are not as competent as your peers. You start with 2 ability points less.
  58. Hornball: You can't keep your libido in check. When your Lust equal or surpasses your LT you must do something about it (which usually means fucking or masturbating until your Lust is no longer over your LT). When in a safe situation this is automatic. When in danger, you must roll Will against your current Lust to resist until you are safe again.
  60. Feel free to get creative with flaws. The same guidelines apply as to creating custom Perks.
  61. Each flaw that you pick grants you your choice of an extra perk. Only the first flaws you choose grant you perks, but you may pick more for Fun.
  63. Feel free to go back and alter your character as you change your mind. It's only finished once you are happy with it and play in your first game.
  65. You are almost done! Next up is Equipment.
  66. Outline all of the articles of clothing your character typically wears.
  67. Then, list all of the tools, weapons and containers you carry if any. Note where you keep them on your person.
  68. Your character is unlikely to own more than they can comfortably carry and you generally start flat out broke (perhaps enough money for a few drinks before your first adventure)
  70. Lastly, details about your character.
  71. Note hair, eye and ear/tail colors. Come up with a name if you're not using your current profile. Consider writing a brief history. State the reason your character decided to enter (or ended up in) the dungeon.
  74. Here is a handy template for keeping all of this information:
  76. Name:
  77. Hair:
  78. Ears-Tails:
  79. Eyes:
  81. STR
  82. AGI
  83. END
  84. WIL
  86. PT
  87. FT
  88. LT
  90. Flaw (effect)
  91. Flaw (effect)
  92. Flaw (effect)
  93. Flaw (effect)
  95. Perk (effect)
  96. Perk (effect)
  97. Perk (effect)
  98. Perk (effect)
  99. Perk (effect)
  101. Clothing:
  103. Equipment:
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