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  1. Welcome to this Server!
  3. <u><color=#0000a0ff>Rules</color></u>:
  4. - No bullying (bullying/harassment will not be tolerated here.)
  5. - No racism (please don't say the forbidden N word)
  6. - Killing another player for their gender, age or race
  7. - Making any type of threats to our players/staff
  8. - Starting arguments
  9. - Targeting the same player every match
  10. (Please respect our staff and players in our server.)
  12. - Teaming is allowed
  14. - No camping/holding the game hostage (SCP's waiting outside #914 until Light Containment is decontaminated. SCP'S and humans camping near MTF and Chaos spawns)
  16. - No stalling/delaying the match (being an afk SCP/hiding in your spawn with low hp (106), locking yourself in the nuke room for the whole game) stalling/delaying will lead to being kicked.
  18. - Please be respectful to everyone this is a non-toxic friendly area, and we want everyone to have fun and enjoy their experience on here.
  20. - Hacking will lead into a permanent ban.
  22. - Music is allowed to be played through microphone, but playing anything that is racist or a threat will result in a 24h ban. Please reframe from putting on earrape. If people are asking you to stop playing music, and you continue you will be muted.
  24. - No age-restrictions for using the mic/broadcasting messages in Intercom. All ages are welcome no one should be embarrassed to use their voice.
  28. Thank you for reading these rules, by joining this server you automatically agree to these rules. Enjoy your time with the SCP'S!
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