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  1. Greetings Danny,
  3. I have an opportunity I wanted to run by you to see if you - or any of the
  4. "Rubyists" you know - might be interested. Before I get to the specifics,
  5. here's a direct quote from HR when I asked, "Why would a talented RoR
  6. developer want this job?"
  8. "These are developers the candidate would want to have a beer
  9. with...quickest way to explain the culture and working environment. It's not
  10. uncommon for our developers to come to work wearing shorts, opening a bottle
  11. of beer in the afternoon, jumping into a game of foosball or rockband,
  12. working from home or the nearby coffee shop. We have a stocked fridge with
  13. drinks and snacks. We don't try to force round pegs into square holes. We
  14. recently had one of our strongest developers make a great case why he would
  15. work better using kanban as opposed to SCRUM and we quickly accommodated.
  16. They're not afraid to scrap and rebuild better applications. The candidate
  17. would be learning from some smart developers."
  19. Here's the skinny:
  21. Org is a cutting-edge digital media services and technology company that has
  22. received multiple awards for recognizing their employees as their greatest
  23. asset and for being an "outstanding workplace."  The position is located in
  24. San Francisco which consistently ranks amongst the best cities in the US for
  25. "quality living."  Note: They are willing to cover any interviewing and
  26. relocation costs.
  28. Org seeks a passionate and talented Sr. Web Applications Developer. This is
  29. a full-time employee position. The salary is highly competitive. Of course,
  30. I'll be happy to share the salary range and benefits with you when we speak.
  32. Org uses open source tools. Ruby/Rails and SproutCore are the key tools
  33. currently used for developing applications. PostgreSQL and MongoDB are used
  34. for databases, depending on the needs of the application. Agile for software
  35. development and Scrum for project management methodology.
  37. The keys to the position are:
  39. - Strong knowledge of the Ruby language, design principles and patterns.
  40. - Strong knowledge of web front-end technologies including: Ruby On Rails,
  41. SproutCore, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  42. - Solid knowledge of relational databases (Postgresql) and/or "NoSQL"
  43. document stores (MongoDB).
  44. - Experience building RESTful web applications all the way down the stack
  45. from the front-end down to the metal.
  46. - Experience as a member of an agile team is a strong plus.
  47. - Experience working with, and contributing to, open source software
  48. projects is a plus.
  50. So, there you have it, a "thumbnail" sketch of the opportunity. If it sounds
  51. interesting and you'd like to learn more, let's talk. Contact me by reply or
  52. feel free to give me a call at your convenience (818) 745-9863. I look
  53. forward to connecting with you, Danny. Have a perfect day!
  55. ## After I email him some questions
  57. Hi Danny,
  59. The company is located in San Francisco. They will pay all interview
  60. and relocation expenses. I'm not at liberty to divulge the name of the
  61. organization until you've been qualified for the job and express an
  62. interest in relocating to the SF area. However, here is an at-a-glance
  63. overview of the organization and what they do:
  65. The organization was founded in 2001 to make the buying and selling of
  66. online media easy. They create technology that transforms the way
  67. advertisers, agencies and publishers work together online. Their
  68. proprietary technology streamlines the process of planning,
  69. negotiating, trafficking and billing so agencies can devote more
  70. resources to strategic thinking for their clients. Today they service
  71. hundreds of national and regional agencies offering thousands of
  72. online publishers an opportunity to showcase their sites to the
  73. company's agency partners. This is a very employee-centric
  74. organization. They have won awards for being an excellent employer.
  75. They give their employees the tools, information and encouragement to
  76. succeed, helping them build careers that challenge their sense of
  77. what’s possible.
  79. Let me know if you'd like to speak more about this opportunity. Thanks. Kevin.
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