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  1. [22:09:47] <Calclavia> IceWolf: YAY for v11 finally
  2. [22:09:54] <Calclavia> IceWolf: We should push more dev builds :P
  3. [22:10:08] <mrgreaper|ingame> v11 of what?
  4. [22:13:05] <Calclavia> Voltz mod pack
  5. [22:13:11] <Calclavia> mrgreaper|ingame: Finally for all servers to update hehe
  6. [22:13:33] <mrgreaper|ingame> i dont use voltz thats tecnic
  7. [22:13:42] -*- mrgreaper|ingame shudder
  8. [22:13:44] <Calclavia> mrgreaper|ingame: Suit yourself :P Technic one is always more updated
  9. [22:13:59] <Calclavia> Because the leader of technic, IceWolf actually comes talk to us and support us.
  10. [22:13:59] <mrgreaper|ingame> i use my own modpack
  11. [22:14:12] <Calclavia> While the FTB guys have to be shouted at just to do a small update =_=
  12. [22:14:19] <Calclavia> and also asked me to pay them =_=
  13. [22:14:24] <mrgreaper|ingame> ?
  14. [22:14:26] <Greenphlem> Seriously?
  15. [22:14:34] <Greenphlem> For what?
  16. [22:14:35] <Calclavia> For promotion that is
  17. [22:14:47] <mrgreaper|ingame> you are paying them
  18. [22:14:51] <Calclavia> nope
  19. [22:14:54] <mrgreaper|ingame> your letting them use your work
  20. [22:14:57] <Calclavia> I refused the offer
  21. [22:15:02] <Calclavia> "offer"
  22. [22:15:14] <Greenphlem> Good lord, Thats... messed
  23. [22:15:17] <Calclavia> Slow said I had to pay him to get him to advertise the UE pack
  24. [22:15:27] <Calclavia> While Technic is advertising us for FREE
  25. [22:15:28] <mrgreaper|ingame> no i mean by letting them use your work that is paying them more then they should ask for
  26. [22:15:35] <IceWolf> Well that's kinda the point of the pack
  27. [22:15:36] <Calclavia> You see why I like Technic more now right :P?
  28. [22:15:43] <Calclavia> From an objective point of view
  29. [22:15:47] <Greenphlem> You make the mods, he literaslly just has another repo host them
  30. [22:15:48] <Greenphlem> oooo
  31. [22:16:02] <Calclavia> Technic got us 1 million downloads, FTB got us 50k?
  32. [22:16:12] <Calclavia> and with no donation page
  33. [22:16:17] <Calclavia> no link back to our site
  34. [22:16:19] <mrgreaper|ingame> hmmmm i have had so many viewers ask if im using technic then tell me i am when i have my own mod
  35. [22:16:23] <Greenphlem> What's up with that
  36. [22:16:26] <mrgreaper|ingame> setup that its coloured me
  37. [22:16:34] <Calclavia> not even credits for the modders on the page, only the mods used
  38. [22:16:39] <Greenphlem> why can''t they get the donation page up?
  39. [22:17:04] <Calclavia> Greenplhen: They will for the MAIN packs, but we UE modders are too "unimportant" to be cared for
  40. [22:17:15] <Mattredsox> there never will be a UE donation page for them
  41. [22:17:19] <Mattredsox> us*
  42. [22:17:59] <Calclavia> mrgreaper|ingame: I know you prefer FTB over Technic, but I hope you understand why I like Technic more :)
  43. [22:18:24] <mrgreaper|ingame> i recommand ftb but i prefer to make them myself
  44. [22:18:41] <mrgreaper|ingame> as for your choice,,,well its that its your choice
  45. [22:18:43] <IceWolf> Yeah, I make Tekkit and everything, but I actually play custom packs
  46. [22:19:17] <Calclavia> mrgreaper|ingame: You can recommend FTB for the permissions and legit-ness, but not for the way they take care of third party modders
  47. [22:19:30] <mrgreaper|ingame> true
  48. [22:22:13] <Greenphlem> I used to hate tekkit, (sorry IceWolf ) but I actually have mad respect for them now, why are all the modders going towards FTB? So confussed
  49. [22:23:10] <mrgreaper|ingame> i dont have to worry too much, my mod will never be in either lol
  50. [22:23:11] <Calclavia> Greenplhen: One place UE is never going is FTB. Not until they treat us the same way Technic does
  51. [22:23:39] <Mattredsox> what do you mean in FTB?
  52. [22:23:52] <Greenphlem> I believe it, but why so many other people? Is it the circlejerk that forgecraft has created?
  53. [22:24:03] <Calclavia> ^ As in, all the big modders (Forgecraft) supports FTB
  54. [22:24:17] <Calclavia> FTB is kinda popular due to Direwolf and Forgecraft
  55. [22:24:25] <mrgreaper|ingame> forgecraft is the reason i no longer stream
  56. [22:24:26] <Greenphlem> True
  57. [22:24:39] <mrgreaper|ingame> if your not on forgecraft you dont get viewers
  58. [22:24:40] <Calclavia> IceWolf: Technic should make their own version of FC :P Get Yogscast to play with us XD
  59. [22:24:48] <IceWolf> We've talked about it
  60. [22:25:02] -*- Greenphlem eyes widen
  61. [22:25:05] <IceWolf> We're working on finishing the new launcher first
  62. [22:25:28] <Greenphlem> mrgreaper, for sure, it's hell streaming when slow is
  63. [22:25:31] <IceWolf> then maybe we'll get streaming intigrated into the site and look into providing more direct content for people
  64. [22:25:33] <Calclavia> IceWolf: Yeah :D Get a FC for UE modders
  65. [22:25:57] <Calclavia> It seems that the FC people currently are not very KEEN on letting us join FC
  66. [22:26:01] <Calclavia> but I'm not sure about that
  67. [22:26:17] <Calclavia> So, if partnering with other Youtubers can achieve the same effect
  68. [22:26:19] <Calclavia> it'll be great
  69. [22:26:34] -*- Greenphlem Cough
  70. [22:26:41] <Greenphlem> I kid
  71. [22:28:21] <IceWolf> Greenphlem: No offense taken, we were really detached from the community for a long time
  72. [22:28:37] <IceWolf> So a lot of really negative things were going around and we didn't really care to say otherwise
  73. [22:29:45] <IceWolf> That combined with the really unfortunate blow up with Sengir set a bad tone for a while
  74. [22:30:39] <Greenphlem> IceWolf, I really love that you guys have mantained maturity and didnt make it a huge drama fest, it was benifitial for the community as a whole
  76. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  78. <slowpoke> heya Mattred, when he gets on. tell calclavia that we will be removing your pack from the FTB launcher in the next 24 hours. and just for his reference 'again' the comment about charging to promote his pack was a joke as was made totally clear at the time. I was referring to the fact that we dont promote 3rd party packs that was your job to promote it, and as to the number of
  79. <slowpoke> updates, if calclavia didnt fuck up the pack every time. hence why we had said that we were only taking packs off cammygames in future.
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