Journal Entry Four

Jun 27th, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Four
  2. >Wake up in tent
  3. >Eat some food
  4. >Still sore from running all that distance
  5. >I decided that It'd be a good to get a room in Mad Stan's Inn
  6. >We haven't had the time to build houses, So we got tents free of charge
  7. >Tired of sleeping on the ground
  8. >Head to the inn and talk to the Innkeeper
  9. >Since none of us have much money, He set up a barter system
  10. >Quarter of a pound for a night, Two pounds for a week
  11. >Fuck that's a lot of Dandelions
  12. >Said he was using them for alcohol
  13. >Seems like a pretty good idea
  14. >Head to the fields past the embassy northwest of town
  15. >Get to work
  16. >Start thinking as I work
  17. >Still kinda getting used to sex change when I popped up in Equestria
  18. >Definitely took some getting used to
  19. >Mostly over it by now
  20. >Trying to figure out how to adapt some skills to my pony form
  21. >Martial arts are kinda hard to without standing up
  22. >Picking dandelions took a few hours
  23. >Gave me something to occupy myself
  24. >Can't stand standing around with nothing to do
  25. >Getting a good bed for a week is a pretty good deal too
  26. >Finally finish and hand them in to Cherenkov
  27. >Put all my shit, tent included in my room
  28. >Spent the rest of the day looking at the map and reading
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