Esei and Ethna's wedding

Oct 29th, 2020
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  1. (Glomdoring): You say, "To those who received invitations to the wedding ceremony, please feel free to head to my location. It is the sheltered bank next to the river."
  3. The perception of time momentarily slows to a fraction as Lachesis studies the Tapestry of Fate, carefully measuring each strand before making notations in a great tome. Time rushes forward as the memory fades, yet the feeling remains that your history in Lusternia is recorded in the great annals of fate, for better or for worse.
  5. Kalaneya places a hand over her heart, then bows to you in gratitude.
  7. You chew on your lip thoughtfully.
  8. With wings fluttering in rapid droning beats, Filib flits in rapidly from the west.
  10. With a flourish of his arm, Filib Shee-Slaugh bows deeply.
  12. Solanine smiles softly.
  14. Kalaneya tucks the package away into her satchel.
  16. Evette curtseys gracefully.
  18. You smile softly at Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  20. Ethna curtseys gracefully before Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  22. Luce bows respectfully to Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  24. Kalaneya inclines her head cordially towards Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  26. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "Tidings, cousin."
  28. You drop a cat of black ink.
  30. Whispering, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "I am not too late?"
  32. The wind whistles eerily through the branches overhead.
  34. A cat of black ink obediently falls into line behind you.
  36. You shake your head at Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  38. You say, "We haven't yet started."
  40. Filib Shee-Slaugh pulls a dagger from under his smock and inspects it before hiding it again.
  42. You nod your head at Evette.
  44. You barely catch Akuuko out of the corner of your eye as he enters from the west.
  46. Evette nods her head at you.
  48. You give Akuuko, the Rewoven a respectful bow, one hand clasped over your heart.
  50. Bowing awkwardly, Akuuko, the Rewoven says, "I'm, a -- I'm not too late?"
  52. You shake your head.
  54. Filib Shee-Slaugh catches sight of Akuuko, the Rewoven and then looks away, and then, not so subtly, looks back at him.
  56. Evette clears her throat.
  58. "Always a pleasure," Kalaneya remarks to Akuuko, inclining her head respectfully.
  60. The cold voice of Evette sends chills down your spine, "We are ready to begin, yes?"
  62. A wry smile spreads across your face.
  64. You nod your head at Evette.
  66. Akuuko, the Rewoven nods at you and emits a, "Phew" before carrying on, "The, ah, the Greatest Lady told me to come to youses wedding, and to say that Her gift is, ahh..."
  68. You tilt your head and listen intently to Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  70. Akuuko, the Rewoven pauses for another heartbeat and then says, "Ah, yes. Her gift is the Wyrd. That was it."
  72. Showing that you understand, you nod your head slowly towards Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  74. Filib Shee-Slaugh gapes at Akuuko, the Rewoven open-mouthed before swallowing hard.
  76. You have emoted: Esei's eyes crinkle as they smile, looking oddly unweighted. "Let us begin, then?"
  78. Evette nods her head emphatically.
  80. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "We've come to celebrate something rare to my eyes in the years of late - a union."
  82. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Standing before us, we see two children of the Wyrd. After this morning, they will no longer walk their paths alone. Wishing to be joined as one, we have Esei Slee-Slaugh and my own Ethna Stormcrow."
  84. A trace of a smile settling into her lips, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Let us fall quiet now and give our attention to Esei and Ethna, unless you wish to find your tongue in Brother Crow's Nest."
  86. Akuuko, the Rewoven settles himself and smiles openly, listening to Evette. Simultaneously, Filib Shee-Slaugh attempts to lean against a tree and falls over awkwardly.
  88. Luce wraps an arm around Tikki's waist, nestling against her as he nuzzles her cheek.
  90. Filib Shee-Slaugh mutters, "Sorry, sorry," and straightens himself back out.
  92. Tikki gives Luce a peck on the cheek.
  94. Turning her attention directly to Ethna and Eesi, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge asks, "Have you each brought something to give to each other?"
  96. You have emoted: Esei unearths a winding, delicate silver wedding armband depicting a swarm of spiders, giving a shallow nod and slight smile.
  98. Ethna nips at her lower lip, her wings fluttering behind her, as she awkwardly holds a twisting armband of wyrden beauty - the item almost bigger than the faeling.
  100. (The Shadow Kindred): Ethna says, "WRONG ONE."
  102. Ethna's narrows her eyes before withdrawing a wedding armband of eternal night instead.
  104. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge smiles and says, "Please exchange these items and wear them now."
  106. Mendacium arrives from the west.
  108. Mendacium inclines their head politely to those around them.
  110. Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Mendacium says, "I hope I am not too late."
  112. You give a winding, delicate silver wedding armband depicting a swarm of spiders to Ethna Stormcrow.
  114. In an attempt not to drop it, Ethna gives a wedding armband of eternal night to you.
  116. Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Mendacium says to you, "And my apologies for being late at all."
  118. You slip into a wedding armband of eternal night.
  120. Kalaneya motions to Mendacium, hushing them.
  122. [Esei's armband]
  123. Smooth and cold to the touch, this armband has been fashioned from a
  124. thin sheet of blackened steel that envelops the upper arm. Scattered
  125. along the summit are images of shadowed clouds, the silvery colour of
  126. the embedded platinum enhancing the dusky colour of the base. Adding to
  127. the night sky are small, star-cut diamonds intermittently speckled
  128. throughout the depicted nebula. Engraved and filled with a dark-coloured
  129. wood is the outline of a blackthorn tree, the deciduous shrub standing
  130. centre with minute opals covering the branches. A thorny vine, covered
  131. in the same petal-like fixtures, wraps around the trunk of the tree,
  132. holding a heart-shaped ruby within its grasp.
  134. [Ethna's armband]
  135. Gently winding into three wide loops and curling tightly at the ends,
  136. this armband is wrought from rough, matte silver and suited to a
  137. feminine build. Amethysts have been carved into spiders of varying
  138. kinds, shapes, and sizes, clustering in the center of each loop before
  139. radiating out. Every spider has been given obvious care to ensure each
  140. of them are unique, ranging from widows carved into dense, bright purple
  141. crystals to nearly translucent arachnids, each amethyst of a different
  142. variety, shade, and intensity. The spiders easily catch light,
  143. occasionally casting an amaranthine glow on the wearer's arm in certain
  144. lighting. The armband itself has been carved with an almost
  145. indiscernible spiderweb pattern, making the spiders appear to be resting
  146. on a web.
  148. Mendacium blushes a rose quartz and moves into the shadow of a nearby tree.
  150. Akuuko, the Rewoven beams broadly at you and Ethna, his arms crossing comfortably in front of himself. As he leans back against his selected tree, almost reclining, he spares a wink for Filib Shee-Slaugh, who suddenly starts coughing aggressively before muttering apologies again.
  152. Ethna slides the sleeve of her robes upwards, slipping a winding, delicate silver wedding armband depicting a swarm of spiders on.
  154. Alaula enters from the west, emanating an aura of immense power.
  156. Outstretching her hand towards Ethna and Esei in invitation, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Give me your hands."
  158. You have emoted: Esei extends their hands to Evette, palms upward.
  160. Ethna flits closer to Evette and gently holds out her hand, palm upward, to the other feeling.
  162. [Esei becomes a faeling mid-ceremony]
  164. As the couple's hands fall into hers Evette withdraws a black stone athame from her pocket. In one smooth motion, the dagger is drawn across the couple's hands. Blood rushing to the surface almost instantly, Evette withdraws a single shadow from her cauldron and folds the pair's hands around it.
  166. Luce tries to hide a wince and curls his tail around Tikki's leg.
  168. Just as the sound of dripping can be heard onto the foliage below Evette withdraws a multi-coloured braided cord from one of the branches of a mature rowan tree beside her.
  170. Tikki wraps a comforting arm around Luce.
  172. Placing the middle of the cord on the couple's hands, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Let this cord represent your bond."
  174. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Black, chosen to represent the strength of your bond."
  176. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Silver, to bless your marriage with stability and reliability."
  178. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "And red, your love for each other."
  180. Wrapping the cord once around the couples hands while gazing directly at their eyes, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "You will remember that your bond is not one that is meant to be broken."
  182. Wrapping the cord once more around the couples hands, tighter, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Have you anything to say to each other?"
  184. You have emoted: Esei tilts their head towards Ethna, a faint smile curling their lips.
  186. You tell Ethna Stormcrow, "Shall you start, or will I?"
  188. The melodious voice of Ethna resonates in your mind, "You first, love."
  190. With silvery tones, you say to Ethna, "Today, I promise to love you every day of our lives; I promise to cherish you for as long as I am able."
  192. With silvery tones, you say to Ethna, "I promise to continue learning with you and from you; I promise to treat your triumphs and losses as my own, no matter how great or small."
  194. Gently clasping Ethna's hand in their own, you say to Ethna, "I take you today as who you are, and who you are yet to become. I promise to listen to you, to support you and accept the support you give me. I promise to give you the respect you deserve, through all strife and peace."
  196. Filib Shee-Slaugh leans forward, the curling of his lips into the faintest of smiles giving way to a thread of joy that ripples across his face. He flaps his wings lightly to prevent from falling and then, rather suddenly, rights himself into a stately posture.
  198. Kalaneya discreetly dabs at her eyes, their golden hue glistening behind no small amount of fluid.
  200. You have emoted: Esei loosens their grip on Ethna's hand, signifying the end of their vows.
  202. Sheltered bank.
  203. A thick cover of clouds obscures the sky in a sheet of dense white. A steep slope leads down from the west into this small, sheltered bay. Scattered stones form the ground, obviously brought here by the river that curves from east to southwest beyond. Sand and pebbles crunch together as they are moved, whilst the gentle lap of the river's flow provides a mellow accompaniment. The tall willow trees hang their tall branches from the slopes that surround the beach. Sprays of chervil cover the forest floor. Lovely coltsfoot carpets the forest floor. A sedge of galingale is firmly planted in the forest floor. A marjoram bush flourishes here, spreading its delicate scent. An ancient and skeletal tree surrounded by bushes of glittering black roses stands tall against the test of time. A mature rowan tree stands proudly here. Casting darkness all around, a shadow totem thrusts up from the ground, chilling the air. In the shape of an open palm, a metallic sigil lies here. A ravenwood keg awash in silver inlay lies here. Lying forgotten on the ground here is a plain onyx keg. There are 25 dark, elegant tea cups here. There are 20 small sloe cheesecakes here. There are 20 pomegranate and honey roasted chickens here. Kosuke, the cloud-bound Long is here, floating majestically. A tenebrous leopard is crouched within nearby shadows, her tail flicking back and forth excitedly. Only visible when focused on, Kaiyo the lucid dream stands here majestically. Covered in bone armour, a giant bat hangs here, wings folded about its body and one beady eye open. An adolescent vinestalker wobbles awkwardly here on four uncertain feet. Filib Shee-Slaugh hovers in the air here, wings beating rapidly. A cat of black ink loiters here, glossy eyes intelligent and curious. A leopard lurks in the shadows, curiously watching anything that moves. Nothing more than a puffball with cerulean eyes, a seal lynx point ragdoll kitten lies here lounging languidly. Wreathed in skittering violet sparks, a flashing copper wyvern unfurls golden wings limned with cloying incense here, bright eyes shining a smoky pearl. Eddies of frost swirl around the graceful form of a large snow phoenix with icy wings. Filling the space about him with his charismatic presence, Akuuko lingers here. A baleful crow perches here, crimson eyes piercing in their glare. An erudite strategist analyzes their surroundings here with a fixed, sharp stare and a furrowed brow. Clothed in starry robes of Void-spun brocade, a Merchant of Thelem waits here. Evette is here, perched upon a tenebrous leopard's shoulder. She wields a black stone athame in her left hand and a skeletal viola of warped bones in her right hand. Clad in matte black leather, a golden-eyed savage lingers here like a living shadow. A frost-touched savage waits here, garbed in black wolf pelts and emanating a deathly chill. Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Mendacium is here. Vespula Eirnin, One of Many is here. He wields a black steel nekai in each hand. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia with a Wakabi face is here, shrouded. She wields spectral psiblade claws in each hand. Alaula Stormcrow is here. She wields a circular shield inset with coral gems in her left hand and an elegant jet black viola in her right hand. Tikki with an Angel face stands here, her presence perfuming the air with the warm scent of mouth-watering confections. She wields a Silver Spoon in her left hand and a sticky spatula of Solstice peppermint in her right hand. Disciple of the Tah'vrai, Solanine is here. She wields a wyrden shield emblazoned with a crow in her right hand.
  205. Akuuko, the Rewoven yawns openly and then scratches his bare chest, the smile on his face a permanent fixture despite his other emoting. Fairly absentmindedly, he sits, and is held aloft by a cloud of shadows.
  207. Ethna looks up at Evette, then to you, her body sagging as she exhales a deep breath. "Ah, my words are going to be.. a bit less formal than I had hoped, but," the faeling begins, offering you a small smile.
  209. Luce seats himself on a regular cloud, tail still clenching Tikki's ankle.
  211. Squeezing their hand in her own, Ethna Stormcrow says to you, "I'm not just joining the person I love in a new adventure - one that will, I have no doubt, sow new seeds in the years to come.. but I am also joining my best friend. Someone that I have come to cherish and to know since I found my way back to the Glomdoring.."
  213. Solanine smiles softly.
  215. You have emoted: Esei ducks their head, blinking away tears.
  217. Alaula smiles softly.
  219. In a total failure of discretion, Kalaneya snuffles inelegantly into a small handkerchief, occasionally glancing between you and Ethna with hope and pride.
  221. Pausing briefly to mull over her words, Ethna Stormcrow says to you, "I know.. I know I have not been present as much I would have liked the past few years.. but I hope that this blossoms into something more - something eternal and life long. You have stuck by me through thick and thin, even when I do need to find my attention elsewhere. I just wanted to say thank you, as well as that I hope I am able to do the same for you."
  223. Her voice breaking briefly, Ethna Stormcrow says to you, "I love you. From today on, I will take you as who you are and will love you for who you become."
  225. Mendacium glows a brilliant citrine, shot through with a flutter of ruby and rose quartz as they gaze upon Ethna and you.
  227. Akuuko, the Rewoven claps his hands together suddenly and lets out a "WHOOP!" Filib Shee-Slaugh lifts a hand to his neckline disdainfully, blushes, and then uses the same hand to hide a grin before very bluntly and obviously focusing on you and Ethna again.
  229. Ethna gives a small, non-discrete nod to Evette.
  231. Holding the couple's arms towards the gathered crowd, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Does anyone wish to offer their blessings and advice for these two as well? Please step forward and wrap their hands once with the cord as your words are spoken."
  233. Akuuko, the Rewoven notices Filib Shee-Slaugh's expression and then whispers to him, "Oh, sorry -- is this not the part where we get to cheer?" Flustered, Filib Shee-Slaugh opens his mouth to reply and then shakes his head, not taking his eyes off the couple.
  235. Evette's eyes sparkle with amusement at Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  237. Teary-eyed, Kalaneya fans herself until finally, she buries her face in her paw, overcome. Without looking upon the crowd, she waves her hands in front of her face, gesturing to others to step forth.
  239. Eirlys steps forward, wrapping the cord once around your and Ethna's hands as she speaks, "I simply wish to say that I have watched you both stand by each other from the moment you discovered that I was your child. My advice to you would be to continue supporting each other, through whatever trials you may face, and be patient with one another. You both deserve every happiness that this world offers."
  241. You smile softly.
  243. Eirnin flashes Eirlys a joyous smile.
  245. The stones and pebbles of the river bank rattle and shake, as if something were disturbing them. The nighttime air bends as the shadows themselves reach forward, and a rhythmic pulsing of the Glomdoring's ambient noises -- the steady beating of the Wyrden Song -- begins to echo across the forest, heralding the Mother of the Wyrd, Who steps forward from the darkness.
  247. You give Viravain a respectful bow, one hand clasped over your heart.
  248. Evette curtseys gracefully before Viravain.
  250. Mendacium steps out from where they had been half-hidden behind the tree. Still glowing a steady citrine their expression softens, the smallest hint of a smile upon their face as they reach out for the trailing end of the cord. Mendacium looks between her parents and says softly, "I only wish that together, you might find glory, joy, and that you might grow a garden from the bones of any that would oppose you." before wrapping the cord once around their hands.
  252. Romaan bows respectfully to Viravain.
  253. Alaula curtseys gracefully before Viravain.
  254. Solanine bows respectfully to Viravain.
  255. Eirnin bows respectfully to Viravain.
  256. Ethna curtseys gracefully before Viravain.
  257. Eirlys bows respectfully to Viravain.
  258. Tikki curtseys gracefully before Viravain.
  259. Mendacium bows respectfully to Viravain.
  261. Kalaneya inhales and exhales deeply, attempting to calm herself. She averts her gaze as she kneels before Viravain, murmuring words of devotion between ragged breaths.
  263. Many small, glowing red eyes peer out at you from beneath the trees, only to vanish moments later.
  265. Luce clenches his jaw and wraps his tail tighter around Tikki's leg.
  266. Luce bows respectfully to Viravain.
  268. Gliding forward toward Ethna and you, the scythe in Her hands trailing loosely across the ground as She moves, Viravain pauses just before reaching the couple. "And so," She whispers, Her voice emanating from all around you. "A union to mark the turning of the seasons."
  270. Shaking slightly at the appearance of Viravain, Mendacium steps back from the couple, doing their best to appear confident as they return to hiding in the shadow of a nearby tree.
  272. Akuuko, the Rewoven salutes Viravain merrily.
  274. Softly, Her voice still piercing the air like the scythe She wields, Viravain, Lady of the Thorns says, "I do not come to interrupt your ceremony, little ones. Only to offer My own words."
  276. Wiping a few stray tears from her eyes, Kalaneya rises and steps forward, making her way before you and Ethna.
  278. Viravain glides forward again until She hovers just before you and Ethna. A feral smile stretches across Her features, and She tilts Her head. She shifts the scythe to one hand and uses the other to wrap the cord. "May this union be the claws that tear through the night sky. May it be the rain of blood that nourishes My hallowed forest." As She speaks, Her smile broadens. "And may your lifetime together be unmarred by foolish pride. Nothing matters but My Glomdoring."
  280. With silvery tones, you whisper, "Glory be to the Glomdoring."
  282. Viravain turns slightly and says, to no one in particular, "What do we say, My Spiders?" She glides backward and takes hold of the scythe in both hands again.
  284. Ducking their head, Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Mendacium says, "Glory be to the Glomdoring."
  285. Vespula Eirlys Stormcrow, One of Many says, "Glory be to the Glomdoring."
  286. With a dulcet, mellifluous voice, Ethna Stormcrow whispers, "Glory be to the Glomdoring."
  287. Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge exclaims, "Glory be to the Glomdoring!"
  288. Vespula Eirnin, One of Many says, "Glory be to the Glomdoring!"
  289. Disciple of the Tah'vrai, Solanine murmurs, "Glory be to the Glomdoring."
  290. Her voice hushed behind a veil of emotion, Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "Glory be to Glomdoring."
  292. An unusual mechanical clip to her tone, Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "Be ever the Spider, indeed. Never the Fly."
  294. Filib Shee-Slaugh whispers, "Glory be to Glomdoring."
  296. Akuuko, the Rewoven barks out, happily, "GLORY and all that!"
  298. Viravain reaches out to tenderly cup Kalaneya's cheek in Her hand.
  300. Viravain, Lady of the Thorns has bestowed Her divine truefavour upon you. It will last for 30 months.
  302. ith no small amount of surprise, Kalaneya blinks away her remaining tears and finds a modicum of confidence in her stance before you and Ethna.
  304. The Goddess dissolves into a murder of crows that wing away into the morning light, their caws echoing across the Glomdoring.
  306. Luce's lips press into a thin, terrified line.
  308. "We--" Kalaneya begins, though she quickly chokes upon her next words. "I. I...dearly wish for the two of you to experience all that love has to offer," she says. She grasps the cord binding your and Ethna's hands. "There is the love you feel now, filling your souls with joy, laughter, and belonging," she says, her voice returning to her, floating away from the cloud of emotion that overcame her.
  310. Tikki wraps a comforting arm around Luce.
  312. "There is the love though, that appears in the void of emptiness. Absence. Loneliness," Kalaneya says, her eyes cast downward. She wraps the cord around the hands once, slowly and deliberately. "This is the love that sustains your union over time and space. Never lose that love. The remembrance. May your love span eternity," she concludes.
  314. Kalaneya bows slightly to the couple before stepping back.
  316. Stepping forward uncertainly, Solanine slowly wraps the cord around the joined hands of you and Ethna, saying with a shaking voice, "Uh... I'm not great at words, but I just... I wish every good thing for the both of you."
  318. A soft purr can be heard from behind as a caliginous leopard sits down next to Ilistala, an enormous leopard.
  320. Solanine shuffles back again with a soft sigh of relief.
  322. Alaula's eyes sparkle with amusement.
  324. As the gathered crowd returns to their positions, Evette pulls Ethna and your hands closer to herself.
  326. Wrapping the cord so tight the couple's hands seemingly dim from the lack of blood within, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "Let every negative word you now speak to each other hurt worse than my dagger upon your hands. Let every time you forget the vows you have spoken here today feel like all blood within you is lost."
  328. As the final wrap is complete Evette ties the cord into a knot on your and Ethna's hands.
  330. Placing her own hand on the knotted cord, Evette Stormcrow, The Primordial Scourge says, "From this day forward, you are as one."
  332. Evette wishes to marry you to Ethna. To authorize this, type AUTHORIZE EVETTE TO OFFICIATE.
  334. You authorize Evette to officiate your wedding.
  336. Evette nods her head emphatically.
  338. [honors esei]
  339. ...
  340. They have taken the hand of Ethna Shee-Slaugh <b: D'Rose> in marriage.
  342. You smile softly.
  344. Evette lets Ethna and your hands drop back to their sides.
  346. Akuuko, the Rewoven whispers loudly, "Ey, ahh, psst. Wing boy. Can we cheer now?" He stares at Filib Shee-Slaugh expectantly, and winks again.
  348. Filib Shee-Slaugh gags on nothing and falls out of the sky.
  350. Solanine tries and fails to hide a sharp grin behind her hand.
  352. You pat Filib Shee-Slaugh in a friendly manner.
  354. Kalaneya glances askance.
  356. Filib Shee-Slaugh composes himself, and remains firmly on the ground.
  358. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "Perhaps it is time to humour the Rewoven?"
  360. Amusedly, you say, "Yes, you can cheer now."
  362. Alaula smiles softly.
  364. Romaan walks up to the newlyweds and quietly says, "I wish you much happiness" and then returns to a quiet spot.
  366. You see Akuuko, the Rewoven shout, "WOOT WOOT for the happy two!"
  368. With several beats of her wings, Evette alights upon a caliginous leopard's shoulder.
  369. A caliginous leopard rubs up against Evette affectionately.
  371. Filib Shee-Slaugh lifts a dainty hand to his neckline, glancing about with uncertain disdain.
  373. With silvery tones, you whisper, "Didn't need to be -that- loud."
  375. You give a folded-wing crow package to Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  377. You begin to wield a folded-wing crow package in your left hand.
  378. You quickly toss a folded-wing crow package to Filib Shee-Slaugh, who catches it nimbly.
  380. Kalaneya smiles wryly as her golden eyes glint with amusement.
  382. Eirnin steps forward offering congratulations to you and Ethna, "I know that I barely know you, but you are very important to Eirlys, and the Glomdoring, and I wish both of you the best. I hope to get to know you better as time goes on and you grow together."
  384. Silvanos tells you, "I assume you are now married? Have a good honeymoon or whatever married people do these days!"
  386. Solanine utters a barking laugh.
  388. In a voice only slightly louder than normal, Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Mendacium says, "Cheers for you both!"
  390. As Romaan releases a bewitching wyrden rose lantern into the air, it slowly floats upon the breeze, drifting upward.
  392. With silvery tones, you say, "Feel free to open the packages, now."
  394. Grinning, Akuuko, the Rewoven says, "Not nobody said the volume, so I improvised a little."
  396. With silvery tones, you say, "There is also food and drinks."
  398. Hauntingly beautiful with its petals glowing in shades reminiscent of true shadowfire, a bewitching wyrden rose lantern drifts languidly upwards through the skies.
  400. With silvery tones, you say to Ethna, "Your favorite tea is in the ravenwood keg, tlaye."
  402. Ethna turns her attention towards you as her ears perk up in interest.
  404. Ethna stares implacably at a ravenwood keg with silver webbing.
  406. Corvine laughter booms across the firmament, and the shadows around you respond, reaching toward the sound. A terrible cold accompanies the sound, and you know in your heart that the Mother of the Wyrd is expressing Her terrible joy.
  408. With a dulcet, mellifluous voice, Ethna Shee-Slaugh whispers, "Cake."
  410. Akuuko, the Rewoven hops up from his seated position and ambles over to Filib Shee-Slaugh. "Hi," he says. When the faeling doesn't reply right away, he says, "I'm Akuuko."
  412. Filib Shee-Slaugh babbles a short, muffled reply and then clears his throat. "Yes, thank you. I believe we all have made your acquaintance, one way or another."
  414. Solanine tries and fails to hide a sharp grin behind her hand.
  416. Alaula tilts her head curiously.
  418. Mumbling, Jade Dreamer Luce Shevat says, "I hadn't, actually."
  420. Filib Shee-Slaugh lifts off from the ground with a few quick flaps of his wings and says, flatly, "And now if you'll excu--" but before he can finish, Akuuko, the Rewoven replies quickly, "I am happy to know ya." He tilts his head ever-so-slightly and then stretches his arms high above his head in a casual sort of way.
  422. You have initiated consideration of Mendacium, however your spouse must first approve of it before it continues - or FAMILY REJECT CHILD if you believe this should end!
  424. You nod your head at Ethna.
  426. You begin the process of considering Mendacium as your child. During the next Lusternian year, you may FAMILY REJECT CHILD if you realise this isn't your child.
  428. You wrap your arms around Mendacium in a gentle hug.
  430. Luce coughs softly.
  432. You have emoted: Esei jokingly covers Luce's eyes.
  434. Mendacium hugs you compassionately.
  436. Pausing in his attempt to leave, Filib Shee-Slaugh turns to face Akuuko, the Rewoven. Firmly, he says, "Yes. Well. I am..." He spares a glance toward you and Ethna and then shakes his head. "I am not interested to know more about you, foreigner."
  438. Filib Shee-Slaugh bows respectfully to you.
  440. Filib Shee-Slaugh bows respectfully to Ethna.
  442. With silvery tones, you say to Filib Shee-Slaugh, "Be well, dearest cousin."
  444. Ethna curtseys gracefully before Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  446. ilib Shee-Slaugh says, "My sincerest gratitude for the invitation. I shall take my leave now."
  448. The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across your lips.
  450. Evette curtseys gracefully before Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  452. Kalaneya chuckles softly with a throaty growl.
  454. Filib Shee-Slaugh bows respectfully to Kalaneya.
  456. Mendacium bows respectfully to Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  458. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "Farewell, cousin. Always a pleasure."
  460. Solanine bows respectfully to Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  462. Inclining his head still, Filib Shee-Slaugh says to Kalaneya, "Cousin, a pleasure. As always."
  464. Kalaneya winks conspiratorially at Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  466. Filib Shee-Slaugh chuckles into his hand and then nods.
  468. Alaula Stormcrow says, "I should make my way out, congratulations. Be well."
  469. Alaula waves goodbye.
  471. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia laughingly says, "Our family connection is strong indeed, yes."
  473. Filib Shee-Slaugh spares a passing glance for Akuuko, the Rewoven before leaving, a blush creeping across his cheeks.
  475. With a minute buzzing, Ethna hovers in front of Alaula before placing a gentle kiss on her brow.
  477. Filib flits out towards the west, his wings fluttering steadily to propel his movement.
  479. Akuuko, the Rewoven giggles to himself and sighs. "Youse think I might have a chance, eh? He's awfully cute."
  480. Solanine utters a barking laugh.
  482. With silvery tones, you say, "Considering you haven't been stabbed yet, maybe."
  484. You take a drink of black tea from a dark, elegant tea cup.
  486. Black tea and vanilla are the most prominent flavors as you sip this
  487. drink, leaving the almond-adjacent aftertaste of blackthorn flowers
  488. clinging to your tongue.
  490. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "Indeed, he is not reserved with the knife."
  492. Evette averts her eyes abruptly to the ground after glancing towards Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  494. Akuuko, the Rewoven ponders openly at this and then replies, "He's a stabbing sort, huh?"
  496. You glance askance.
  498. With silvery tones, you say, "I like to think we all are."
  500. Disciple of the Tah'vrai, Solanine says, "Well, he has a knife. Never seen him stab nobody. But you never know, really..."
  502. Loftily, you say, "Not yet."
  504. Akuuko, the Rewoven grins broadly. "Yea, I picked up on that. Not much stabbing in Gaudiguch, but then, I suppose, folks aren't as, uh." Shrugging, he plows ahead, "aren't as interested in spiders there. I suppose it comes with the territory."
  506. Tikki says, "I'm far from a stabby sort."
  508. Humming thoughtfully, Disciple of the Tah'vrai, Solanine says, "True. Maybe he's waiting to stab just the right person...?"
  510. Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Mendacium says to you, "Oh I don't know. I don't think all of us are the stabbing sort, some of us are the type to suffocate, or just bash open a head."
  512. Jade Dreamer Luce Shevat says, "Haven't done much stabbing myself either."
  513. You have emoted: Esei chokes on their tea at Solanine's words, then closes their eyes.
  515. Kalaneya begins to count on her claws. "Indeed. The ways in which we are Shee-Slaugh: tea, pearls, stabbing," she remarks casually. "And eleganza! All are among...the very many other things we are known for."
  517. Solanine smirks.
  518. Kalaneya nods vigorously.
  520. With silvery tones, you mutter, "End me."
  522. The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Evette's lips.
  524. Kalaneya chuckles softly with a throaty growl.
  526. Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh, Ma'lanas Runia says, "We jest, but we also do not jest. We are not known for jesting, no."
  528. Solanine utters a barking laugh.
  530. Akuuko, the Rewoven nods slowly and then, as if reaching a firm conclusion, he announces, "I'm going to be Akuuko Shlauhsshla -- Akuuko Shaushslee -- Akuuko ... whatever it is you said, someday."
  532. You stare blankly into space.
  534. With silvery tones, you say, "Oh."
  536. Tikki says, "And when you think about it. It's not the stabbings you know that you need to wonder about. It's the stabbings you don't."
  538. Evette nods her head at Tikki, showing her acceptance.
  540. With silvery tones, you say, "Well, as Lady Rancoura once said, it is often the knives that aren't visible that you have to fear."
  542. You think to yourself: Or something like that.
  544. You nod your head sagely.
  546. Disciple of the Tah'vrai, Solanine says, "Yes, yes. Fear all knives, at all times. That's very true."
  548. Kalaneya nods to Akuuko with clear approval.
  550. Solanine nods her head sagely.
  552. Beaming, Akuuko, the Rewoven says, "I think I'll get him something. Maybe a bunch of pillows because he sure does fall a lot."
  554. Solanine tries and fails to hide a sharp grin behind her hand.
  556. Tossing her mane, Kaiyo, the lucid Dream says, "Clearly the solution is to be gifted a knife-like thing by birth."
  558. Akuuko, the Rewoven says, "Anyway, I gotta jet. Oh, and --."
  560. You tilt your head and listen intently to Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  562. Conclusively, Kalaneya says to Akuuko, "We believe he would hate it." She pauses before adding, "But we think this is how he would feel about most things. So it is worth a try."
  564. Kalaneya winks conspiratorially at Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  566. With silvery tones, you say, "Generally, he hates expensive, frilly things, because he works in the stables."
  568. With silvery tones, you say, "He would not even wear his family circlet."
  570. Akuuko, the Rewoven frowns before continuing. "There's someone, back where I'm from..." He sighs and then runs a hand across his chest in thought. "They might be upset that I've moved on, so maybe let's keep this to ourselves, eh?"
  572. A wry smile spreads across your face.
  574. With silvery tones, you say, "As you wish."
  576. Kalaneya nods her head at Akuuko, the Rewoven.
  578. Jade Dreamer Luce Shevat says, "Work gloves, perhaps. Or a more ornate athame?"
  580. Tikki whispers, "With how loud that shout was it's probably a bit late for that."
  583. Akuuko, the Rewoven chuckles awkwardly and says, "I don't want to spook Filib, either, with ghosts from my past." He chuckles again at his own joke and then waves.
  584. With a start, you are suddenly made acutely aware of Akuuko's absence.
  586. With silvery tones, you say, "And, he goes."
  588. Luce lets out a long-held breath.
  590. You pat Luce in a friendly manner.
  592. With silvery tones, you ask Luce, "Too pretty for you, mm?"
  594. Kalaneya chuckles softly with a throaty growl.
  596. Tikki says, "He's a quite the snack."
  598. Jade Dreamer Luce Shevat says, "The Ichor didn't help."
  600. You smirk.
  602. Solanine utters a barking laugh.
  604. Kaiyo, the lucid Dream says, "Thou knowest spells of cleansing, act not as if this were a barrier."
  606. Luce coughs softly.
  608. Jade Dreamer Luce Shevat says, "Oh, right."
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