Fortified Battle rules

May 9th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. --Fortified Battle--
  3. Walls: Walls provide +2 cover AC from ranged attacks if your attacker is on a lower elevation than you. If you lean against a wall(Move action required, or automatically if you shoot with a ranged weapon) you gain additional +2 Cover to the side you are leaning towards.
  5. Tower Slits: If you shoot from behind a slit in a tower, you have full cover (+7AC from ranged attacks).
  7. Spikes: You can move through spikes freely if you move at half speed, or by passing tumble check DC 15 if you move at full speed. Spikes deal 2d6 damage to enemies charging. 4d6 If they are charging on a mount.
  9. Elevation bonus: +1 Attack chance if you are higher than your opponent. Ranged weapons gain extra range that equals to half the elevation difference from their target (up to 30ft max)
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