Control Ponk (betAnonxPonk, EQG) WIP

May 16th, 2017
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  1. >"Say nonny, does this skirt make my butt ok big? Get a goooood close look"
  3. "Uh.. I don't know if I sh--"
  4. >"Oh come on! Nonny pweeeaaassee~"
  5. "O-okay, okay..."
  6. >You slowly start leaning forward.
  7. "I don't know Ponk, your butt seems norm--"
  8. >Then she suddenly turns 90° and throws a foot above your head, ending up on your shoulder.
  9. >You don't really have the time to react, between the speed at which her limbs move and the opportunity to catch a glance at what's under her skirt.
  10. >Just a bit more...
  11. "W-wha--"
  12. >You shut up when you see her hands shoot forward, grabbing the sides of your head.
  13. >She lifts your head slightly, stopping your eyes from invading her secret places any further.
  14. >Forcing your eyes to meet, her huge, beautiful eyes not leaving yours, blue as the ocean, ready to swallow you whole.
  15. >Your heart skips a beat when you feel her thumbs rubbing up and down your cheeks and you notice her happy grin.
  16. >"Teehee~ I got you!"
  17. >You forget to breathe for a second.
  18. >Maybe even two.
  19. "Y-you too."
  20. >You can't even contain your spaghettis anymore.
  21. >But thankfully, she snorts, then chuckle throwing her head backwards, happy as ever.
  22. >That's your opening. Your eyes shoot down when her gaze leave yours.
  23. >Shit, you still can't see it...
  24. >Seeing as her laughing fit isn't over, you push your luck and try lowering your head, ever so slightly.
  25. >Nearly there...
  26. >You get to see more and more of her skin, her thighs seeming softer than silk and pinker than ponk.
  27. >And they never stop, your eyes go up and up, still more skin.
  28. >Then you see it. Or maybe you don't, you don't have the time to register what exactly it is you saw, or rather, what you /didn't/ see, her left hand loses her grip on your cheek and drifts up, taking a handful of your hair, tugging your head up to its initial position.
  29. >"Nah-ah-ah~" She singsongs, shaking her head left and right to emphasize her disappointed expression.
  30. >"Nonny, what were you trying to do??"
  31. >You open your mouth but no words come, all you do is stammer and stutter like a bitch.
  32. >"Teehee... wanna see it~?"
  34. >Your breath gets caught in your throat when you hear those words.
  35. >And when you see her smile.
  36. >Is she joking? Is she leading you on? What should you do?
  37. >"So?"
  38. >She tilts her head to the left and readjusts her grip on your hair, her nails lightly scraping against your scalp.
  39. >Her grin is still there, playfully teasing you. But there's something more lingering in her eyes now.
  40. >"Tell me Anon... do you want to see if I'm wearing one, or not?"
  41. >You gulp.
  42. >So your eyes didn't deceive you...
  43. "Y-you're not messing with me, right..?"
  44. >"Awww, of course not! I'm not a meanie-pants! I wouldn't do this to you, to my nonny~"
  45. >Her right leg shifts a bit around your shoulder, spreading slightly, her calf pushing into the side of your neck, the softness of her skin and plumpness of her flesh rubbing against yours sending a shiver down your spine.
  46. >You stop a whimper from escaping your lips, but can't stop your head from rolling to the side to meet her warmth, her hands leaving you in control, for now.
  47. >You have a hard time looking at her, your eyes peeking up but retreating whenever they find hers.
  48. >She sighs, pushing her right hand away from your cheek, following your jawline until her fingers gain access to the back of your head, lightly grasping at your hairs and letting them go a second later, her palm doing the journey back to your cheek.
  49. >You feel like your heart is going to explode by now. You're not even sure what's happening anymore, or if this is even real.
  50. >"So Anon... I'm gonna ask you one last time, do you want to--"
  51. >You nod eagerly the moment you hear that this was her ultimatum.
  52. >She blinks, and for a fraction of a second you think that you fucked it up.
  53. >But then she giggles, amused by your antics, her grin coming back.
  54. >Her hands let go of you. You simply look at them, slowly moving towards the end of her skirt, gripping it, and then pulling it up. Slowly. Exposing more and more flesh.
  55. >Until you finally see it.
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