You Will Not Disappear - 12/1

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  1.  Audree Iessia says, "Uh. Yes. A case. Some case. Yes. Sure."
  2.  Task says, "By all means."
  3.  Task says, "Go team."
  4.  Task asks, "Shall I lead?"
  5.  Audree Iessia says, "Yes."
  6.  Audree Iessia says, "My brain will catch up to us at some pont."
  7.  Audree Iessia says, "Point."
  8.  Task says, "Pfffft. "
  9.  Task says, "Never change Audree."
  10.  Task would puff away at his corncob pipe as he steadily lead Audree across the city, glancing about for any criminals ground based or aerial with a persistent sweep of his dutiful squint. The bald constable would yawn as, with a light smile, the pair would finally approach the grassy outcropping before the fabled statue of Fraggledorf the Just, the first magi constable. It was one of the few places in the city the constable felt truly at peace, a symbol of incorruptible justice in the face of overwhelming power.
  12. Plopping down upon the grass before the statue's base, Task would yawn as he rubbed at his eyes before scooting back to lean against the stone with a nod, turning his gaze to the felinae knight with a warm, tired smile.
  14. "Welcome to the headquarters of the Royal Osronnan Constabulary. It's not a castle persay, but it is cozy from time to time. And of course, here is the statue of the fabled Fraggledorf, the wizard of justice. Some say he he once handcuffed a criminal with his own beard hairs so tight they lost both hands. It haunted him for the rest of his career."
  15. (Task)
  16. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18.  So she follows, the two of them leaving a fair trail of smoke, but her attention is ever forward and looking through what lies ahead.
  20. Discussions of justice. They make their way to a place that she hadn't before known as what it was, and then finally settle to talk lightly.
  22. "A devastating misplay. Let us get right down to business, under the guidance that we'll never be so lead astray by our sense of justice."
  24. Dry humor, serious time.
  25. (Audree Iessia)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28.  "A haunting reminder of the burdens of justice, truly. It is a sobering mantle, but one worth of determination and constant diligence. May we never pollute the virtue of law by becoming villains in our pursuit of order."
  30. Task would offer a warm, missing toothed smile to Audree as he nodded firmly, sighing as he began to rub at his temples to loosen some of the tension that was progressively building up in his brow. At a mere nineteen years old, the bald constable was already practically pushing forty.
  32. "Right, the case. You know of the dojo master that removed that afroed youth's leg, correct? It was largely gauged as the principle of an eye for an eye, so the case was shaky and dismissed. Vigilantism is illegal, but it was waved away simply because the man is strong."
  34. The constable would grimace, gritting his teeth lightly as the anger of injustice began to plague him. Taking a deep breathe, the bald constable would return his tired,brown eyed gaze to the felinae knight with a sigh.
  36. "I was then approached just a few evenings ago about another report, this of a young woman who was practically abducted by the man in question, followed around and reported by the priest Aziz. He desired to have the constabulary to look into it as well. It seems shaky."
  37. (Task)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39.  Ah, yes. Exactly what has already been reported to her... four times now. What Soren had just pulled her away for not even an hour ago for. What many worried civilians had spoken to her about. What she had spoken to an Exarch about.
  41. This person, and their problems, were quickly compounding on her nerves.
  43. "...I already know. We all do, Constable Task. From top to bottom."
  45. There is the air that suggests that much of it- that the very subject fatigues her somewhere deep down inside.
  46. (Audree Iessia)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48.  Task would nod grimly, taking a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe as he glanced up towards the statue, staring towards it for a time as he mulled over the issue, one amongst countless more, which had stolen the bald constable's sleep as deeper and darker bags burrowed under his tired brown eyes.
  50. It was clearly not a pleasant topic for the watchman either.
  52. "I suppose then, considering I don't need to explain details to you a fifth time, that you understand my conniption. With all the anarchistic tension, the festival, the gala, all the small tinders building at a flame....what if doing what's right and apprehending a criminal incites all of his followers to join the syndicate as well. What happens when justice comes at the cost of the civilians, instead of for their good."
  54. The problem appeared to trouble the watchman's morality, a far more pressing addition to his headaches than any of the restless nights.
  55. (Task)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57.  Task says, "Is it still justice, I suppose, if it gets people hurt in the long run."
  60.  "I don't like any of the allegations that have been levied. And I want something done. But they operate beyond the city, and only come inside the walls when they wish it." She flatly puts it out there.
  62. "...But."
  64. The Felinae lowers her voice to a softness that could only be heard closely, while she stares ever onwards and forward.
  65. (Audree Iessia)
  66. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67.  Audree Iessia whispers: I overheard, from the Head themselves, that they are not even opposed to meeting with the Exarchs and explaining themselves. So I am not sure direction action, before more information comes, is a good call at the moment.
  68.  Audree Iessia whispers: Do not mistake me. I hate this /waiting/.
  69.  Audree Iessia whispers: But it is a complicated matter.
  70. Task whispers: Mmm...
  71.  Audree Iessia whispers: If we can catch that Head of the Dojo in an outright lie...
  72.  Audree Iessia whispers: That expedites action considerably.
  73.  Audree Iessia whispers: But that everything thus far is uncomfirmed secondhand account witnesses, and not any of the victims coming forthright with clear violations of the law, leaves this a murky thing.
  74.  Audree Iessia whispers: I am sure the Head of the dojo knows this. But they must also feel the walls beginning to close around them.
  77.  Task would achieve a rare combination of somehow becoming relieved and more stressed out at the same time as he heard the sense of Audree's words, gritting his teeth as he took a long, thoughtful, and very bitter drag from his corncob pipe. He knew what the knight said was true; there was a sense of procedure to these things that required more bureaucracy and paperwork than the watchman cared to stomach.
  79. But the only way to fix the system was from the inside up, not by complaining about it.
  81. "I am glad I have your companionship Dame Iessia, I feel without it I might go mad in this city. You at least I can share my troubles with reasonable expectation that you'll understand them. I appreciate your presence in my life."
  83. The bald constable would rub steadily at his temples as he shut his eyes, dredging through the confines of his city watchman's cloak before removing a note Aziz had received; one passed from the confines of the dojo to his person before being given to Task. It weighed heavy in his pockets in spite of the lightness of the paper itself.
  85. The burdens of due process.
  87. "This was given to me by the priest in question, apparently a note from the girl. Who knows if it's real, but I see no reason for someone to fake something like this."
  89. The constable would lower to a whisper himself, his voice tired, bitter.
  90. (Task)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93.  {Item} You drop Rough Note.
  94. Task whispers: This city has a way of giving me greater migraines than any physical exercise I've ever done.
  95.  Task whispers: I trust you Audree. I do want to believe that all will proceed as it should in an ideal world.
  96. Task whispers: But I am cautious, a criminal that comes to talk things out can spin a thousand yarns. I don't like it.
  97. Audree draws silent for a few seconds, reading over the simple message.
  98. (Audree Iessia)
  99. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101.  Audree Iessia whispers: ... Yes.
  102.  Audree Iessia whispers: Perhaps. I can find this one.
  103.  Audree Iessia whispers: Tell her to committ a crime, stage a scene.. Her punishment can be Squiredom under me. But in name.
  104.  Audree Iessia whispers: I can take them.
  105.  Audree Iessia whispers: And then, I can keep this one safe.
  106.  Task whispers: ...
  107.  Task whispers: You could....I'm haunted by the reality where it logically makes sense to me to commit a crime for safety.
  108.  Task whispers: But you could.
  109.  Task whispers: You could keep them safe.
  110.  Task whispers: ...The small victories, right?
  111.  Task whispers: The things that keep us sane.
  112.  Audree Iessia whispers: I will tear the Head of the Dojo apart if they come to me to take this one back. I do not care how many of the Watch they went through.
  113. [00:53] The hairs on her neck stand on end. She is still staring at the little sheet.
  114. (Audree Iessia)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117.  Task would frown as he glanced over Audree, the clear tension and fury in her form practically radiating even in her silence. He'd never heard the knight sound like that, so used to the monotone steadiness and dry humor. The determined, quiet fury to tear the head of the dojo was an all too familiar sense of righteous anger. One that was burning a hole in his head via migraines the same as it ached his heart to see injustice within the city.
  119. Criminals who deserve far worse.
  121. The bald constable would straighten up his posture, moving to place a hand on Audree's shoulder with a sigh and a deep breath. He couldn't mope forever.
  123. "We are going to keep her safe. We are going to ensure that justice perseveres. We will root out the corruption in the shadows of this city, and bring the light of law and order to every rancid inch of criminality in this city. No matter how much it takes, we will succeed because our determination is stronger than theirs, Dame Iessia, and we will not falter."
  125. Task would nod firmly, flashing a tired smile to the felinae knight with a firm nod.
  127. "It's our job, right? Constable, knight, both aspirants of justice. We couldn't have it any other way."
  128. (Task)
  129. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  130.  The paper is slowly offered back to the Constable without a word. At first, it is only a nod, and then eventually it is a shaky sigh and words laced with irritation.
  132. "...You are right. Keep this safe. Keep this close. If I disappear, you already know who is responsible. Do you understand? I have nobody else to whom I will risk myself so at this point in time but them."
  134. Her tone is one deathly serious, lowly and carrying that same as said as before.
  136. "If I do. My apologies, Constable Task. I appreciate your companionship, our talks- but I need a little time. And to hold some short discussions elsewhere.
  138. We will reconvene soon, I hope. I need to go."
  139. (Audree Iessia)
  140. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  141.  Audree is about to strut off at a powerwalk, looks like!
  142. (Audree Iessia)
  143. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  144.  "...You will not disappear Audree. Don't even suggest such. They will NEVER take you, by my blood as a member of the watch. I am compelling you to stay safe no matter what occurs."
  146. Task's voice hitched a bit, two parts worry to one part firm understanding. He knew exactly what drove Audree, and exactly why she needed to do what she did.
  148. "I enjoy our companionship too Audreeā€¦.safe travels. I believe in you."
  149. (Task)
  150. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  151.  Audree Iessia says, "... Take care. Safe travels."
  152.  {Item} You picked up Rough Note. Dropped by Audree Iessia. .
  153.  Task says, "Yes...spirits protect."
  155. Task would rub at his temples with worry for the knight as she steadily departed, sighing to himself as he sat back down before the statue of Fraggledorf with a grimace. She was going to put her life on the line for a child while his hands were tied; he wasn't nearly strong enough to do anything against the master of the dojo with just his fists. He'd still yet to achieve a kindling of energy magic.
  157. Yet...Dame Iessia was filled with boundless resolve, Task had no excuse. He would persevere, no matter what.
  159. Crossing his legs upon the ground, the bald constable would shut his eyes as he began to breathe deeply and steadily, steadily working at clearing his head of the countless thoughts, stresses, and external influences that kept it panging and chaotic throughout the day. The bald constable would struggle at first, unfamiliar with the effort of meditating if it wasn't passing out at a park bench and calling it a day.
  161. Slowly, steadily, Task's mind would empty. The murky blackness of the watchman's inner mindscape would inevitably be all that remains. Here, the constable at last begins to trace out the expanse of his mana circuitry, the invisible lines and flow of magic throughout his person that had long passively aided him in his pugilistic exploits, but never once been displayed physically and purposefully. With each minute, the guardsmen would nurse more and more mana into the greater webs, nodes, and circuits that lined his physiology, his emptied mind visualizing the process as Task felt the flow within his person.
  163. As the hours past and darkness fell upon the city, the idle chirping of crickets was all that accompanied the meditating pugilist as he sat before the old statue. Through the night he'd flow energy through his body until it felt natural, his mana becoming as familiar to him as the back of his hand through repeated efforts and a clear head.
  165. He would master energy magic. To protect the city, to defend the citizens, to fight criminals, and... to ensure Audree never disappeared. Not on his watch.
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