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  1. AppleSkin
  2. BuildingGadgets
  3. Crafting Station
  4. Cursed Earth
  5. Cyclic
  6. Dragon Drops Elytra
  7. Embellish Craft
  8. Engineer's Decor
  9. Essentials
  10. ExtraButtons
  11. FastLeafDecay
  12. FastWorkBench
  13. FleshtoLeather (turns rotten flesh to leather by smelting, might remove)
  14. Glassential
  15. Gravestone (when you die a gravestone is created at the position and you get a paper with the coordinates)
  16. JEI
  17. JMH (creatures drop heads)
  18. MCFurnace (3 levels of furnaces and 3 different speeds)
  19. Practical Tools - A hammer that mines 3x3, shovel and axe the same. Currently costs blocks, so same recipes as tools but blocks, so quite balanced
  20. RandomThings - Just some random objects etc
  21. SpikeTraps
  22. Storage Drawers
  23. TorchMaster (able to craft a torch that prevents mob spawning in 100yd area)
  24. Travel Bag
  25. Tree Chopping (you can mine the bottom part of the tree and it will be chopped down completely)
  26. UnclesGlass (glass building objects)
  27. Wool to String (you can craft wool to make 4 strings)
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