/bootleg/ Cherry Bubble

Dec 17th, 2018
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  1. >Day Blustery in Equestria
  2. >You are Anon.
  3. >You've lived here for at least 3 years now.
  4. >And this is easily the windiest day you've ever seen.
  5. >Everypony is staying inside when they can, and you don't blame them.
  6. >This gale could probably blow a filly away.
  7. >Thankfully, The weather is strictly scheduled in Equestria, so you were able to dress accordingly.
  8. >But come on, why so much wind?
  9. >You have half a mind to ask Rainbow why the pegasi made it so, but don't expect much of an answer.
  10. >You don't expect much of an answer from her about anything except "how awesome she is".
  12. >You've headed out for lunch, as you do every day.
  13. >Today's choice, Sugarcube Corner.
  14. >Because sometimes you just feel like chatting with (okay, listening to) Pinkie Pie.
  15. >Tables are deserted; everyone's inside.
  16. >Except... you hear somep0ny screaming.
  17. >Wind is carrying their - her - voice towards... you...
  18. >No, she's getting closer.
  19. >Really, really quickly.
  20. >You turn and see a pony... being blown around like a balloon?
  21. >Screaming and screaming like her life depends on it.
  22. >Never mind how little sense it makes, if you don't catch her quickly she could wind up miles away.
  23. >Anon dives...
  24. >And the catch is good!
  25. >But what have you caught...?
  26. "Sssh... I've got you... It's alright..."
  27. >She's clinging to you for dear life, quietly sobbing.
  28. >Trembling, or the wind is buffeting her, or probably both.
  29. >She's a bit smaller than average, about Coco-sized.
  30. >But more importantly, the reason she was being carried away like a balloon...
  31. >It's because she IS a flawlessly life-like balloon.
  32. >Literally a feather in your arms.
  33. >Instead of fur, her surface is made of bright red latex rubber.
  34. >It's fairly soft to the touch, and slightly translucent.
  35. >Her mane, which you're stroking to calm her, is a bubblegum-pink, air-filled "section", instead of proper hair.
  36. >It's even squishier than the rest of her; soft enough to pass as hair.
  37. >Her tail looks the same... Interesting design, but now isn't the time to ask.
  38. "Let's get you inside... out of this wind."
  39. >She nods, her muzzle pressed into your shoulder.
  40. >Keeping your arms around her, you make your way to the bakery's door.
  42. >Take your hand off her head to open the door.
  43. >Luckily, it's empty today.
  44. >Guess nobody wanted to brave the wind.
  45. >"Hiya, Non... ny..."
  46. >Pinkie trails off at the sight of you carrying a pony-shaped balloon.
  47. "Hey, Pinkie, this pony's having a bad day... can you just... give us some space?"
  48. >She looks at you strangely, until the pony in your arms sniffles.
  49. "And... egg salad sand-
  50. >"Nonny, you get the same thing every time you're here."
  51. "True. Anyway, for her..."
  52. >You glance down at the balloon pony's quivering form.
  53. "Let's make it a banana split."
  54. >"Sure, Nonny."
  55. >Pinkie learned long ago to give you space when you ask for it.
  56. >Partly because you almost never ask for it, marking the exceptions as damned important and serious.
  57. >You sit this strange creature down in a booth, and slide into the other side.
  58. >These booths weren't really made to accommodate a human, but you manage anyhow.
  59. >The two of you sit in silence for a few minutes, you waiting for her to compose herself.
  60. >She's calmed down now, but she still looks shaken
  61. >Still, the sooner you get some answers, the better.
  62. "Think you can talk? Or do you need a few more minutes?"
  63. >She nods, but it takes a couple of seconds before she replies.
  64. >"I... yeah. Just..."
  65. >She raises her head to make eye contact with you. In contrast to her "fur", they're a rich, emerald green.
  66. >"Thanks for catching me. I don't know how long... I..."
  67. >You reach across the table to grasp her hoof.
  68. "Hey, it's alright, that's behind you now."
  69. >She nods again.
  70. >"...Yeah."
  71. >You release her, and awkward silence reigns for a couple of seconds
  72. "So... do you have a name?"
  73. >"Cherry. Cherry Bubble."
  74. >Silence.
  75. >"...What about you?"
  76. "Anonymous, Anon for short. Pleased to meet you, Cherry."
  77. >She lets out a singular chuckle.
  78. >"Likewise."
  79. >If she hadn't met you... yeah.
  80. "I don't mean to be rude, but... just what are you?"
  82. >"I'm a balloon. What are you?"
  83. "A human. A creature from another world. Closely related to apes."
  84. >"How did you get here?"
  85. "I don't know. Just woke up here one day."
  86. >You lean in a bit.
  87. "How did YOU get here? Last time I checked, ponies and balloons didn't overlap."
  88. >"Ah, yeah, you're referring to my..."
  89. "Your everything."
  90. >She giggles at your little joke.
  91. >"Well, I guess you'll have to make an exception for me, then."
  92. "Were you always... like... this...?"
  93. >You gesture at her, indicating her bizarre composition.
  94. >She nods, a bit more emphatically than her past.
  95. >She can't be from Ponyville, you'd have seen her by now.
  96. "Where did you... come from? I mean, how does a pony like you... get..."
  97. >You gesture at her again.
  98. >"I was created. Proof-of-concept. New laws got passed. Never went into full production."
  99. "Laws?"
  100. >She glances away for a second.
  101. >"Against the creation of life for commercial purposes. The finished product was supposed to be disposable."
  102. "Disposable...?"
  103. >"Combination plaything and playmate. Easily replaceable if... broken."
  104. >For a moment, you're speechless. You've seen and heard of a lot, but this takes the cake.
  105. "...That's horrible. That has to be the most awful thing I've ever heard of, and I came from a world that's never known world peace, and cranks out atrocities like a factory. Even we wouldn't have dreamed up something so depraved."
  106. >"That's why the laws got passed. The Princess stepped in before anything really bad happened."
  107. "Celestia?"
  108. >"Yeah. Company got disbanded, she adopted me, and I've been living at the palace for the past couple of years."
  109. >Jesus, she's been blown all the way from Canterlot!
  110. >But, you can get back to that later. Not right now.
  111. >...This isn't the most tactful question, but she's got your curiosity.
  112. "So... how long have you been... around?"
  113. >"Almost five years. BUT, they designed me to start out fully developed, mentally and physically."
  114. "What about you, if you... you get..."
  115. >You don't want to say it. Thankfully, she catches your drift, and smiles faintly.
  116. >"I'm the prototype. Too much pony, not enough balloon. I can grow back."
  117. >You breathe a sigh of relief. You have no idea what you'd do with such a fragile being...
  118. >"I also need food, so, uh, thanks for ordering for me."
  119. >As if on cue, Pinkie arrives with your food.
  120. >For the record, it's 3 egg salad sandwiches on whole wheat, with lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese.
  121. >You eat a lot of eggs and dairy to try to make up for the lack of guilt-free meat in Equestria, and you're much larger than the average pony; hence your selection.
  122. >Party pony has Cherry's banana split too, complete with a cherry of its own on top.
  123. >Ponka looks like she wants to say something, but you raise your hand to shush her.
  124. "Later, Pinkie."
  125. >She nods, and heads back.
  126. >Cherry dives into her dish with gusto.
  127. >She probably hasn't eaten since this morning, so you're not surprised.
  128. >She pauses every once in a while to ask you about Earth.
  129. >Culture, society, government... and, when you mention them... wars.
  130. >You're a bit of a history buff, so you can answer most of her questions in between bites.
  131. >Some are harder, though...
  132. >"Why do humans fight so much?"
  133. "I... don't know. We evolved to live in smaller groups than you, and we're omnivores, so I think that's a part of it. It could just be a part of us as a species."
  134. >By the time the two of you have finished your food, she's in a fairly good mood.
  135. "So... We should probably tell Celestia you're here."
  136. >The smile she was wearing fades slightly, but she nods.
  137. >"Yeah. But... it'll take days for the letter to reach her."
  138. "No it won't. Did the Princess ever tell you about Twilight Sparkle?"
  139. >She pauses for a moment as her mind puts the pieces together.
  140. >"This is Ponyville?"
  141. "Yeah."
  143. >She jumps up.
  144. >You hadn't noticed it before, but a golden ribbon is tied around a small "neck" where her navel would be, and wrapped around her hind leg to keep it from trailing.
  145. >Interesting effect...
  146. >"Then let's-"
  147. >She stops, then sits back down as she remembers the wind.
  148. >"Oh, yeah."
  149. "Yeah. I can go tell Twilight though."
  150. >You stand up, and unlike her remain standing.
  151. "Hey, Pinkie!"
  152. >Her head pops up from behind the counter.
  153. >"Nonny?"
  154. "Come over here."
  155. >Instead of walking, she hops. Typical Pinkie.
  156. "Cherry, this is Pinkie Pie. Pinkie, Cherry Bubble."
  157. >You hold up your hand to shush her again.
  158. "I have an errand to run. You two get acquainted while I'm gone."
  159. >As you open the door, you turn back to Cherry.
  160. "I'll be back soon. ...I promise."
  161. >Not sure why you added that last bit.
  162. >Are you seriously getting attached to balloon pony Anon?
  163. >Possibly... after all, there are many ponies, but there's only one Cherry.
  164. >Trip over is uneventful.
  165. >Absurdly windy, but uneventful.
  166. >You bang on Twilight's door.
  167. >After a moment or two, the door opens.
  168. >"Anon? What are you doing out on a day like this?"
  169. "I have a letter I need to send to the Princess."
  170. >She pulls back a bit, confused.
  171. >"Um... Okay? Come inside."
  172. >You comply, waving Spike over as you enter.
  173. "I haven't actually written it yet Twi, can I use your desk?"
  174. >"Sure, it's right over here."
  175. >You haven't quite gotten the hang of writing with a quill, but you'll manage.
  176. >You kneel before the slightly-too-small podium, and for Spike and Twilight's sakes you compose out loud:
  177. "Dear Princess Celestia, this is Anon. There's a... balloon-pony here named Cherry Bubble. From what she's told me, you're probably looking for her. I thought you should know, and I think she'd like to get back to the palace. I've come to Twilight's to send this, but I've left Cherry at Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie Pie; by the time you get this I'll probably have gone back there. Sincerely, Anon."
  178. >You hold the finished scroll down for Spike.
  179. "Aaaand send."
  180. >He blows that magical green fire of his over it, and it's gone.
  181. >"What in Equestria is a balloon-pony, Anon?"
  182. "A pony that's also a balloon."
  183. >"Do you honestly exp-"
  184. "Did I not just send a letter to the Princess to that effect?"
  185. >Her face scrunches as she's forced to accept something that should be impossible.
  186. "I know it's strange, and unless I'd caught her to keep her from blowing away I'd never have believed it myself."
  187. >"I'm coming with you."
  188. "Alright."
  189. >"Me t- UUURRRP"
  190. >Wow, that was fast.
  191. >Spike reads it off for you:
  192. >"My honored guest, thank you for informing me where Cherry has been displaced to. I shall arrive shortly; until then, please stay with her. Sincerely, Princess Celestia."
  193. >You glance at the two of them.
  194. "She must want Cherry badly."
  195. >"Yeah... I can't remember the last time she responded so quickly."
  196. >"Can I come too?"
  197. >You hold your gaze on him for a bit.
  198. "I... don't think so Spike."
  199. >Predictably, he starts to pout; you cut him off before he can say anything.
  200. "You could, but... I don't think she'd like your claws."
  201. >He looks down at them; they are pretty overgrown.
  202. >"Ooooh."
  203. "Yeah. Maybe next time, if you file 'em down."
  204. >He's still bummed, but understands.
  205. >"Alright."
  206. "Twilight, do you think you could create force field around us? This wind is just ridiculous."
  207. >"I agree. Give me a second..."
  208. >A magenta bubble encases the two of you; not very spacious, but not intimately cramped either.
  209. >"Done."
  210. "Much obliged. Shall we?"
  211. >The doorknob glows the same shade as the bubble, and the door opens itself.
  212. >The trip back is a bit more interesting, since you're not alone this time.
  213. "So... You've never heard of Cherry Bubble?"
  214. >"No. Why?"
  215. "She knew about you."
  216. >"I'm not surprised. Ever since I became a Princess it seems like everypony knows who I am."
  217. "Or maybe... since she lives with Celestia, the Princess had spoken about you to her at some point."
  218. >"Could be."
  219. The two of you continue to make small talk for a short while, before...
  220. "Hey wait a minute, I just thought of something."
  221. >"Oh?"
  222. "Why don't you just teleport us?"
  223. >She halts, and you nearly collide with the wall of the bubble.
  224. >"Why didn't I think of that?"
  225. >The two of you vanish in a puff of magenta smoke...
  226. >And reappear in Sugarcube Corner.
  227. >...Pinkie and Cherry are playing tug-of-war with a rubber chicken.
  229. >"Anon! I can-"
  230. "No need to explain, Cherry. Anything involving Pinkie requires no explanation, because Pinkie IS the explanation."
  231. >They both laugh at that comment.
  232. "Anyway, Twilight, meet Cherry Bubble. Cherry..."
  233. >"Princess Twilight!"
  234. >"Please, just Twilight."
  235. >"Princess Celestia has spoken most highly of you."
  236. >"I'm... glad to hear it."
  237. >Meanwhile, Pinkie is beside herself.
  238. >"OhmygoshNonnyIloveballoonsandIlovemyfriendsandnowIhaveafriendwho'saballoonandit'sthegreatestthingever!"
  239. >Confetti sprays out of her mane. You've always wondered whether that stuff is inserted, aggregated or produced.
  240. "Well... the Princess said she'd be here shortly, so..."
  241. >Pinkie wilts at this.
  242. >"But... but..."
  243. "Hey, you can still write to one another."
  244. >She perks back up again, squee-ing.
  245. >Again, typical Pinkie... where does that sound come from anyway?
  246. >Apparently Twilight now recognizes Cherry.
  247. >"I remember the Princess saying something about adopting a test subject of some sort, but I had no idea you were so... unusual."
  248. >"Yeah... I'm not sure 'test subject' is the best word for me. More like 'rough draft'."
  249. >"I suppose... What did the Princess say about me?"
  250. >"Oh, just a couple of your friendship reports, stuff like that..."
  251. >Cherry trails off.
  252. >"You know... today is the first time I've left the palace in almost five years."
  253. >You can tell where this is going.
  254. >"I don't... have any friends."
  255. >Pinkie chimes in at this.
  256. >"Well, now you do!"
  257. >"Yeah, but... I'll have to leave soon, and..."
  258. >Now it's Twilight's turn.
  259. >"Cherry, when my friends and I defeated Nightmare Moon, I went through exactly the same thing. But, Princess Celestia decided to let me stay here. Maybe she'll do the same for you."
  260. >Balloon pony doesn't seem optimistic.
  261. >"I hope so."
  262. >As if on cue, the door opens.
  263. >Two guards file in, followed by Sunbutt herself.
  264. >All the ponies kneel before her; you just bow slightly.
  265. >That's the way it's been with you two.
  266. >Your position is that as you're not technically one of her subjects, you don't have to treat her like a goddess - even if she basically is one.
  267. >She's fine with it, since you're still showing her respect without grovelling. Hell, she might actually appreciate it.
  268. "Princess Celestia."
  269. >"Greetings, Anonymous. You may rise, my little ponies."
  270. >The other ponies do so, and you straighten.
  271. >"I thank you for taking care of Cherry for this past hour. I am sure you will have her eternal gratitude."
  272. >"Um, Princess..?"
  273. >All eyes turn to balloon pony.
  274. >"Yes, Cherry?"
  275. >"I was thinking... perhaps I could stay here in Ponyville... with Anon?"
  276. >Here we g- wait wat
  277. "Uh... Cherry, I..."
  278. >She sags, heartbroken.
  279. >"Oh... in that case..."
  280. "No no no, it's just..."
  281. >C'mon Anon, pull out of the dive.
  282. "I want to talk to Celestia about it. Since, y'know, you're under her care and whatnot. ...In private."
  283. >Aaaand saved.
  284. >Celestia nods, and a yellow force field surrounds the two of you.
  285. >"Shall we step outside?"
  286. >When the door is closed again, Celestia dives right into the discussion.
  287. >"Cherry is a very special pony, Anonymous."
  288. >You look at the door for a minute, then turn back to the Princess.
  289. "I know."
  290. >"Can you guarantee that she will be safe with you?"
  291. "I've told you about my people before, Princess. We crush, we kill, and we destroy."
  292. >"That isn't very enc-"
  293. >She's shocked into compliance as you raise a hand to shush her, almost like with Pinkie.
  294. "We also cherish those close to us."
  295. >You turn back to the door. Time to deliver the clincher.
  296. "When those we care about are in danger..."
  297. >You smirk slightly.
  298. "Does the phrase 'holy terror' mean anything to you?"
  299. >As face her again, she's silent for a moment.
  300. >"Not only has she become attached to you, but you've apparently become attached to her as well."
  301. "Yeah... I'm surprised by it too. But I learned long ago that you shouldn't question your feelings, since you never get any answers. Just follow them."
  302. >You hadn't really meant it to be funny, but she laughs anyway.
  303. >"That is very true, Anonymous."
  304. >She turns to the door, but stops.
  305. >"If you had interrupted me in front of my subjects - "
  306. "But I didn't."
  307. >She grins.
  308. >"No, you didn't, did you?"
  309. >Back inside...
  310. >"Anonymous and I have come to a decision."
  311. >You simply nod. You figure the Princess can take care of this by herself.
  312. >"Cherry Bubble is to be placed in the care of Anonymous."
  313. >Cherry's ecstatic. She crosses the room to you in one big, low-gravity leap.
  314. >If she were a normal pony, she'd have knocked the wind out of you; as it is, you catch her effortlessly.
  315. >Wait a minute, her trajectory was wrong... is she able to defy gravity completely?
  316. >You'll ask her later.
  317. >"One of them is to write to me weekly for the first month, then monthly afterward."
  318. >This is unexpected.
  319. >"Okay, Princess!"
  320. >Cherry's apparently unfazed though. She must want to stay in touch with her Princess and benefactor.
  321. "I figure we've had enough excitement for one day... Twilight, could you teleport us back to my place?"
  322. >"Do you really need me to - "
  323. >You flick your head downward, indicating Cherry.
  324. >"Oh, right."
  325. >As Twilight trots over, you say your goodbyes; Celestia will hear from you in a week, Pinkie will see you sometime tomorrow, and so on.
  326. >There's a flash of magenta... and the three of you are in your living room.
  327. >Your house, while not quite a mansion, is very large for just one person; several bedrooms, three baths, a pool, and more the narrator doesn't feel like specifying.
  328. >Thankfully, the creature who had it built was a Minotaur, so the important bits are actually built to your size and shape.
  329. >Twilight and Rarity altered most of the furniture and fixtures to accommodate ponies, at your request - the better to entertain guests and whatnot.
  330. >It sat on the market for a long time since no pony wanted it, so you snagged it at an incredible discount.
  331. >You've earned a respectable amount of money selling "inventions" to Filthy Rich; so this house, or at least its asking price, was well within your buying range.
  332. >In reality, what you're doing is recalling the mechanisms behind Earth technology and profiting from it.
  333. >You've always been fascinated with the way things work, and have a good memory, so this isn't too difficult for you.
  334. >Sometimes, though, you only remember bits of it, and his R&D department fills in the rest - you get a smaller cut with those.
  335. >Almost none of it has hit the market yet - still too expensive to mass-produce - but Rich sees their potential and rewards you handsomely.
  336. >He's actually an okay guy, if a little obsessed with money and business; hell, every so often he invites you to dinner at some extremely high-end restaurants.
  337. >Back to the business at hand...
  338. >"I probably shouldn't stay here long, Spike will be waiting for me."
  339. "All right, see you later Twilight."
  340. >Another flash, and it's just you and Cherry.
  341. >It looks like you were right earlier; balloon pony is now floating around the house, from room to room, in complete defiance of Isaac Newton.
  342. >"Wow, Anon, this place is amazing!"
  343. >You've settled onto your couch, situated across from the fireplace.
  344. "It's not much, but it's home... no, you're right, it is pretty nice."
  345. >She floats back into the living room, touching down weightlessly next to you.
  346. >"So... what do we do now?"
  347. "Normally I'd be out somewhere in Ponyville, but given the windiness..."
  348. >You pause, thinking... what DO you do now?
  349. "Ever played chess?"
  350. >She looks down.
  351. >"The Princess would play it with me occasionally."
  352. >Sounds down too, easy enough to extrapolate why...
  353. "You didn't get out much when you lived at the palace, did you?"
  354. >Her eyes are wet as she turns to face you; it must have been worse than you thought.
  355. >"I didn't get out at all! Almost nopony but the Princesses spent any time with me, and I was barely allowed to leave my room! It was almost like I was in prison, even though I hadn't done anything wrong!"
  356. >Princess is busy, can't keep her eye on Cherry so - never mind the logic chain, this poor girl needs to be comforted.
  357. "Hey, hey... that's all behind you now."
  358. >She sniffles.
  359. "You're out of the palace now."
  360. >"Yeah. Sorry if I got a little carried away for a moment."
  361. "No, I'm sorry. I should have realized how cooped up you've been for... good god, most of your life."
  362. >"...Yeah. I know the Princess was just trying to keep me safe, but..."
  363. "I understand, it would drive me up a wall too. I tell you what Cherry..."
  364. >You take her hoof in your hands.
  365. "I don't spend much time at home. You can come with me any time, wherever I'm going in Ponyville. You don't have to spend one second here that you don't want to. I promise. How does that sound?"
  366. >She smiles.
  367. >"It sounds great, Anon."
  368. >You look over your shoulder, out a distant window.
  369. "We are going to have to find a way to spend this afternoon though, since even I'm not going to venture out into this mess."
  370. >She glances at the shelf your chess set is sitting in; it's fairly fancy, with black and white marble, and gold and silver accents on the pieces.
  371. >"Black or white?"
  372. "I'll take black."
  373. >You're no expert at chess, but luckily neither is she, and by the time the game is over - a stalemate - the sun is touching the horizon.
  374. "I'd ask you what you'd like for dinner, but I'm running low on food - I'll whip up something though, don't worry."
  375. >Balloon pony drifts off the sofa, floating about two feet in front of you.
  376. >"Can I watch?"
  377. >You ponder this, briefly.
  378. "From a distance."
  379. >She doesn't reply verbally, but tilts her head to the side. Confused.
  380. "You shouldn't crowd someone while they're working."
  381. >Her eyes widen, then she nods with comprehension.
  382. >"Alright. I'll keep clear."
  383. >As she follows you to your kitchen, you ask her something that's been bugging you.
  384. "Cherry, when you eat... where does it go?"
  385. >She shrugs.
  386. >"I don't know. It disappears when I swallow it... then it..."
  387. "You don't have to say it, I get the picture. But, does how much you've eaten affect your ability to fly? For that matter, how are you able to fly without wings?"
  388. >"Nope to the food, and I was designed that way. It's like a unicorn levitating something... except I'm using it on myself. And I can't fly if I'm carrying something heavier than I am; not that that's very much at all."
  389. >You continue to discuss her composition with her as you prepare some tomato soup.
  390. >Her mane can be sculpted like putty when she wants to style it, and it keeps its shape when she's done; a design feature to allow flexibility with something that would otherwise be set in stone.
  391. >Right now it's essentially a slightly-less-poofy version of Pinkie's mane, but to demonstrate she briefly imitated Twilight's.
  392. >She can take in air through her mouth if she chooses - through her "other" holes too, you surmise - but only her belly button will leak out if left open.
  393. >"It's like breathing, but... deeper."
  394. >No, she doesn't actually need to breathe. It's just a vestigial reflex.
  395. >"Hey Anon, what's that?"
  396. "It's an Equestrian prototype of something from Earth called a 'microwave oven'."
  397. >"What's it do?"
  398. "It quickly heats things placed inside it - it's really only intended for food."
  399. >The object in question has no LCD display or buttons; just an on/off switch, a knob to control the power level, and a sensitive, five-minute kichen timer.
  400. >The idea was that you'd set the timer, then switch it off when it rings.
  401. >Not the most sophisticated setup, but hey, you're the only creature in Equestria with a microwave, so you don't mind.
  402. >One of the perks of being Filthy Rich's 'chief technological consultant' is owning early versions of 'your' 'inventions'.
  403. >You set the timer, flip the switch on the two soup-carrying wooden bowls, and wait.
  404. >While you wait, you explain to Cherry how microwaves work.
  405. >Electricity, emission source, energy transfer...
  406. >DING!
  407. "Go sit in the dining room, I'll carry it out to you."
  408. >Balloon pony complies, drifing into the seat opposite yours - as you're the only human in Equestria, only one chair is designed for a human, so it's easy enough to spot.
  409. >You pull two spoons out of the utensil drawer, then follow her into the dining room, setting her bowl in front of her.
  410. "Careful, it's hot; blow on it before you stick it in your mouth."
  411. >As you sit down across from her, you can tell she doesn't believe you... until she takes her first 'bite'.
  412. >Oh, she blew on it alright, but she's still surprised (but pleased) that it went from tepid to hot so quickly.
  413. >She's too busy enjoying her soup to say much, so the two of you eat in relative silence.
  414. >Somehow, she manages to eat faster than you, despite using a hoof to wield her spoon.
  415. >"What should I do with my stuff?"
  416. "Drop it in the sink. I'll take care of it."
  417. >You have a dishwashing machine - another 'invention' - but running it for just 2 bowls and spoons would be a waste of water.
  418. >Cherry floats into the kitchen, demonstrating what she'd indicated earlier: she can indeed carry things into the air if they're light enough.
  419. >You're not far behind though, and by the time she's back you've finished too.
  420. >"Sooo... what now?"
  421. "I don't know. I usually read for a little while, but I'm usually alone."
  422. >"What do you read? ...Anything in particular?"
  423. "Lately it's been books pertaining to magic. My world has no magic in it, so I'm trying to learn about a whole new aspect of existence."
  424. >You've been going through your motions during this exchange, and now you're back on the couch in the living room.
  425. >"What about tonight?"
  426. "...Not tonight."
  427. >Suddenly, an idea hits you.
  428. "Hey, Cherry, come here."
  429. >Balloon pony drifts in front of you.
  430. >"What's up?"
  431. "Come closer."
  432. >1 foot apart.
  433. "Closer..."
  434. >6 inches apart.
  435. >Her eyes are astonishingly life-like; not just painted on, they have lids and look - no, are - moist.
  436. "Closer..."
  437. >3 inches apart.
  438. >You can actually feel warm, moist air she's exhaling.
  439. "There's something I bet you've never done before..."
  440. >"What's that?"
  441. >Slowly, gently, you pull her into a kiss.
  442. >Her eyes express surprise at first, then they close as she reciprocates.
  443. >Apart from the remnants of tomato bisque, there's a latexy component to her taste; odd, but not unpleasant.
  444. >After a couple of seconds, you separate.
  445. >"...No, I've never done that before."
  446. >If her breathless tone is any indication, though, she definitely enjoyed it.
  447. "What about this?"
  448. >You pull her in again, but this time, just after your lips touch, you take a deep breath through your nose...
  450. >Her eyes widen. She knows what you're doing...
  451. >But she isn't resisting.
  452. >She wants it.
  453. >And you're perfectly happy to oblige.
  454. >You hold it for a moment, just to heighten her anticipation. Then...
  455. >Gently, but firmly, you blow.
  456. >You blow, and blow, until your lungs are spent.
  457. >You're only holding her by her cheeks, so you don't feel anything change.
  458. >But when you pull away again, she's definitely a little poofier.
  459. >If Cherry liked the regular kiss, she loves this, judging by how she's exploring her body with her forehooves.
  460. >"Oh... wow... I've never..."
  461. "Never had another pony fill you with their breath?"
  462. >"No... and it's... wonderful."
  463. >Well then. Now you know how to turn on balloon pony; just blow her up a bit.
  464. >But... we'll save that knowledge for later. Hell, just this morning you'd never even heard of her.
  465. >You've gone into this fast enough as is, now it's time to step back and cool off.
  466. "It may be a little on the early side, but... perhaps we should head to bed."
  467. >Balloon pony gives you bedroom eyes. You cut her off before she can begin down that road.
  468. "No, I didn't mean it like that. Listen, Cherry..."
  469. >This is going to hurt, but if you do it right it shouldn't hurt too badly...
  470. "I like you, I really do, but... I don't think we should be going that far just yet."
  471. >Holy hell can she pull a sadface. Luckily Sweetie Belle forced you to develop an immunity to sadfaces...
  472. "Cherry, look. A few hours ago neither of us knew the other existed. Suddenly we're spending the night together?"
  473. >You pause for a second.
  474. "Doesn't that strike you as rushing things, even a little bit?"
  475. >She sighs, then nods.
  476. >"You're right, Anon."
  477. "I'm not saying 'no'... I'm just saying 'not yet'. Does that make sense?"
  478. >"Yeah."
  479. "...Tell you what. You pick out whichever room you like. Tomorrow we'll get up early so I can introduce you to everypony. How does that sound?"
  480. >She brightens up a bit at this.
  481. >"Sure."
  482. "Alright. See you tomorrow morning, Cherry."
  483. >"Good night, Anon."
  484. >And so begins your life with balloon pony.
  485. >The moon is up now.
  486. >You can't quite sleep.
  487. >...
  488. >Something tells you trouble will find her; will find you.
  489. >Possibly her creators, possibly somepony else.
  490. >...
  491. >Underneath your bed you have a prototype, high-power, handheld ruby laser cannon.
  492. >Turns out that magic makes wonderful miniaturized power sources, and when that was solved the rest of its design was simple.
  493. >It's one of the few innovations you've refused payment on, instead simply demanding that you recieve the first copy.
  494. >You've never used it outside of brief tests.
  495. >The same goes for your other weapon-oriented designs.
  496. >...
  497. >That may change.
  498. >Only time will tell.
  499. >...
  500. >There are many ponies, but there's only one Cherry...
  501. >Heaven help any creature that tries to hurt her.
  502. >Because you'll do everything in your power to destroy it.
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