Utusho Natsuki Profile and Dialogue

Aug 29th, 2017
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  1. Utsuho Natsuki
  3. A magical girl who cheers for everyone and glows with cheerfulness.
  4. She loves baseball and at school, she cheers for the baseball team members as a cheerleader. She's also the baseball team manager and acts as everyone’s supporter all year long without rest.
  6. Connect: We Can Do It!
  7. Attack up & Defense Up
  9. Magia: Go! Fight! Win!
  10. Deals damage to a single enemy, defense up and attack up (all / 3 Turns)
  12. ===Dialogue=====
  14. Personal Introduction: I’m Utsuho Natsuki! I’m on both the cheerleading and baseball teams! It’s pretty obvious, but I’m not a player on the baseball team, I'm the manager! I’ve known the members of the baseball team since I was in elementary school. I absolutely love it when me and all the ones I love become number one and when we fight together!
  16. After leveling: Mhmmhm, no matter if it’s muscle training or whatever, it’s important to keep at it day after day.
  18. Max level: Mmmmm! I feel great! Makes me want to cheer for myself!
  20. Episode level up: KEEP TRYING! Don’t be satisfied with what you’ve got and let’s keep doing our best!
  22. When you login for the first time: Yes, I’ve gotten tired of waiting. Well, I got to get plenty of vocal training done during that time, so I guess it’s okay.
  24. Morning: Good morning! Hey, hey, let’s do our best today too! Hm? You don’t feel like it? Then should I do a special cheer for you?
  26. Noon: Did you eat lunch? You have to eat things that are nutritious, okay? As they say, a good pitch starts with a good meal.
  28. Night: Of course I love pro baseball too! A night game makes me so excited! Hey, let’s go see a game together sometime!
  30. Late-night: Today’s training is already over! Now, c’mon, go to sleep. If you stay up too late, it’ll come back to bite you in the morning!
  32. Other: I just got my uniform made! So I was thinking, I’ll change up my cheer to match my uniform!
  34. When AP is full: Don’t you think it’s time to start training soon? They say that if you slack off one day, it takes three days to make it up so we need to do our best today!
  36. When BP is full: Doing something that would leave you with regrets is the worst thing, right? That goes for baseball and magical girl battles. Any match/game is a one-time thing, you need to go at it with all you’ve got!
  38. When tapped (1): Whenever I watch baseball, I can’t help myself, I just want to grab a megaphone and cheer! It feels really good to just start cheering for someone!
  40. When tapped (2): I became a magical girl in order for all my friends from elementary school to stand together on the grounds of the finals. That’s why I don’t regret it one bit!
  42. When tapped (3): The other day, my brother lectured me saying, “aren’t you slacking off lately?”. Why does he seem to know everything about me?
  44. When tapped (4): Ever since I started cheering, my mom was relieved and said that I’ve started acting a bit more like a girl. Well, my abs are still ripped for some reason.
  46. When tapped (5): She might not look like it, but it seems like Akira actually likes girly things so I was wondering if she might be fit for cheerleading. Her voice could carry pretty far too.
  48. At the start of a quest: Let’s do this in one go!
  50. Victory (1): Don’t forget to do your post-game stretches!
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