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  1. <AdventFalls> [We were thinking this would be a day or two before meeting Nono, day of if need be]
  3. <AdventFalls> [You wanna start Gill, or me?]
  5. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Hmm...You can, if you wish)
  7. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Fine either way)
  9. <AdventFalls> -------------
  11. <AdventFalls> Rei remained still inside Katina's apartment, the week's events heavy on her mind. Her mother was safe, but Rika... she wouldn't be able to teach Rika how to eat Chinese food, or tuck her into bed, or hug her when she had a nightmare. She shook her head as she stared at the ceiling.
  13. <AdventFalls> She continued to lie flat on a couch, cursing her luck.
  15. <Gilliam_Yaeger> The apartment door opened, as a mildly familiar green-haired man in a black suit, eyes almost perpetually closed, wandered inside. "Aa~h," Hazama Yuuki sighs, "If I didn't know better, I'd -swear- I was a side character. I've got almost nothing interesting done since I got here..." The man pauses as he walks into sight of the couch, taking note of the young girl lying there. "Oh, hi there. You okay?"
  17. <AdventFalls> "Nn?" Rei rose from the couch, staring at the green-haired man and sighed. "Another one of Miss Katina's friends?"
  19. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "You could say that...More a work acquaintance." The man tips his hat to the girl in greeting. "Hazama Yuuki, pilot of Neo Getter-1 and leader of the Getter Team at your service. I'll be staying here for the next week or so...Hell, I've already been staying here for the last few nights..."
  21. <AdventFalls> "That'll make you and Kei at least," nodded Rei. "Rei Ikari, pilot of Unit-01.... for now at least."
  23. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Oh, you were the girl who was kidnapped, weren't you?" Hazama sighs. "Sorry about that - if I had been just a little faster on my feet I probably could have done something about that..."
  25. <AdventFalls> "I'm fine, I'm fine. At the end of the day, the I-Jin didn't get what they want and I got out before I turned into their latest stooge."
  27. <AdventFalls> "....I wish I could say the same about the Evangelions."
  29. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Something wrong with them? Or...Perhaps you're referring to that strange Evangelion we ran into?"
  31. <AdventFalls> "The second one," Rei replied. "Kei told me all about *that* nasty piece of work. Probably had a clone of me piloting it."
  33. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "That sounds unpleasant...It wasn't all that tough except for the AT-Field, but I worry about what later models will be able to do..." Hazama mutters, recalling a certain white-haired boy's performance back in Germany while flopping down on a random chair in the lounge room. "So, you met Kei, huh? She tell you about what she's doing here, then?"
  35. <AdventFalls> "Yeah," Rei nodded. "She's looking for her family. Can't say I envy her though. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but she's a dead ringer for Go Saotome- he's another pilot at NERV. And... well... let's just say I'd prefer NOT to be related to Doctor Saotome."
  37. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "So its Saotome, huh..." Hazama sighs, and leans back. "Poor guy..."
  39. <AdventFalls> "Go's a dick. And Saotome creeps me out."
  41. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Saotome...He's insane. Utterly, utterly insane. Imagine how it was for him - one day, you have everything in the world, prestiege, riches, family, work you love, reknowned as a scientific hero all over the world...and then Impact happens, and you lose everything. Absolutely everything. Your only family is dead or missing, everyone persecutes you for what your discovery and invention did, and nobody wants anything to do wit
  43. <Gilliam_Yaeger> h you..."
  45. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sits up straight and looks at Rei.
  47. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Things like that leave scars on a man's very soul."
  49. <AdventFalls> "Kei told me about the Getters."
  51. <AdventFalls> Rei sat up and looked back.
  53. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Just makes it even worse for him, doesn't it?"
  55. <AdventFalls> "Doctor Saotome may be a creep, but he didn't deserve to have Second Impact pinned on his work."
  57. <AdventFalls> "Still, you're not gonna convince me to share a room with him alone."
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  65. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sighs. "He wasn't always like that, you know. I've met a few people who knew him...before. He was brilliant in every way - his mind, his beliefs, his dedication to humanity..."
  67. <Gilliam_Yaeger> He looks down.
  69. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "But now, yes, he is a dangerous man. Very dangerous."
  71. <AdventFalls> She cricked her neck before warning, "Doesn't forgive him for what he was trying to do to my mother. And what he would've done to my sister."
  73. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "No, I'm not saying it does. No matter how mad one is, nothing excuses something like that. He might have been a good man once, but that was long ago, in a different age."
  75. <AdventFalls> "I wasn't trying to say it did." She stared at the ceiling, dismayed. "I swear, nothing's gone right ever since I got thrown into Zeorymer....."
  77. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama looks up. "You were in Zeorymer?"
  79. <AdventFalls> A quiet nod. "I was inside it with Masato, Miku, and Shinji during its first flight. It was basically our ticket out of JSSDF custody... took out an Angel with one punch."
  81. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama winces. "Thats not going to be fun to take on if Masaki manages to take Masato over..."
  83. <AdventFalls> Rei's face paled. "There's something wrong with Zeorymer, isn't there." It was more of a request for confirmation than a real question.
  85. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods. "Apparantly, its creator, some bastard named Masaki, now thankfully deceased, put a system inside it to essentially allow him to take over the pilot. According to a certain woman who was there at the time, Masato began referring to himself as 'Masaki' during Zeorymer's last sortie." The man sighs. "I wouldn't be surprised if Masato was a clone of him, to be honest...Would make the whole process a lot simpler."
  87. <AdventFalls> Her eyes shot wide open at Hazama's words. "Mind... control... But, Masato was fine when I was in there!"
  89. <AdventFalls> "Unless..." She sat straight up. "Oh god. You can't be serious. I couldn't have..."
  91. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Probably takes a while to set in, since the change seemed to happen midway through the fight."
  93. <AdventFalls> "No, you don't understand," Rei interrupted.
  95. <AdventFalls> "It DID try to activate when I was in there."
  97. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "!!!"
  99. <AdventFalls> "There was... was something inside Zeorymer," Rei continued.
  101. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('Could this have something to do with these Seal things I keep hearing about...?')
  103. <AdventFalls> "Something angry. Something really angry. It tried to take Masato... at one point it tried to take Shinji."
  105. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...What kind of anger was it? Indignation, blind rage...?"
  107. <AdventFalls> "I don't know," pleaded Rei. "It was just *ANGRY*. And... I think it would've gotten Masato if I hadn't been there."
  109. <AdventFalls> "Do you believe in magick?" The question was sudden.
  111. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Of course I do. I've seen it in action, many times."
  113. <AdventFalls> "...I can use magick. I didn't know I could use it when I was in Zeorymer, and I just started to glow blue when Zeorymer activated. And *something* about that blue glow or other drove off the anger.
  115. <AdventFalls> *"
  117. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama leans back stroking his chin..."Blue glow, huh...?"
  119. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sighs. "I've got nothing. Sorry."
  121. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Not really my field of expertise."
  123. <AdventFalls> Another nod. "Miss Sakura said the blue glow meant I was a Wytch. A Seer, to be precise. Normally they can see stuff like the future or the past. But... but my power doesn't work like that."
  125. <AdventFalls> "I see other worlds."
  127. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Huh. That sounds interesting."
  129. <AdventFalls> "It gets stranger," Rei nods. "I don't just see other worlds. If there's a special technique or power from a world, and I concentrate.... I copy the ability."
  131. <AdventFalls> "It.... kind of came into being during my first time in the Evangelion."
  133. <AdventFalls> She blushed as she remembered faintly the Inazuma Kick.
  135. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sits up straight. "Well hello! THAT sounds useful indeed!" He looks a little thoughtful. "Just abilities? How about knowledge? I'd wager you could make quite the career for yourself with that after you retire - There's plenty of scientists who'd pay whatever you asked if you helped their endeavours with knowledge from other worlds."
  137. <AdventFalls> "Well, some knowledge too," Rei nodded. "I see other worlds. I actually gave NERV some drawings of some of the stuff I saw. And... well... let's just say that the dream's I've had have led me to.... interesting information."
  139. <AdventFalls> "Every single dream- every single one- has had some connection to someone in this world."
  141. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Hmm...Thats sounds unusual...Maybe its instinctual? After all, if there's no common point you might end up gazing into some kind of unknowable Lovecraftianhorror verse or something."
  143. <AdventFalls> "Yeah, that one's kind of happened too," Rei cringed. "Not quite sure how *that* one happened. Was a pretty unique one in that I was someone there, not just watching. But let me give you an example."
  145. <AdventFalls> "While I was in China, I dreamed of Cosmos Base being destroyed by a Memetic Beast that had hidden itself inside. And that some girl named Lou and Goh from Dannar Base went up in the Cosmos Driver and beat it."
  147. <AdventFalls> "When Kei came over, not only do I find out that Cosmos Base exists, but those EXACT events happened to."
  149. <AdventFalls> "But it wasn't our world, because there was no NERV, no Getters..."
  151. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods. "I guess things turned out differently there, huh?"
  153. <AdventFalls> "Well, apparently Lou is still at Dannar Base... so it probably *didn't* go differently."
  155. <AdventFalls> "But the dreams aren't always that obvious."
  157. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama shakes his head.
  159. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I was referring to things in general, not the event. You know, butterfly effect and all that."
  161. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Though its interesting how that specific event still happened..."
  163. <AdventFalls> "Maybe," Rei shrugged. "But that dream's unique."
  165. <AdventFalls> "Exactly. It's because that EXACT event happened."
  167. <AdventFalls> "Of all the other dreams I've had, I don't think any of the others have had anything similar happen in our world."
  169. <AdventFalls> "But there's occasionally someone from that dream in our world. In this world. And it usually gives me some insight."
  171. <AdventFalls> "Hell, even the first dreams I had ended up being another me."
  173. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama raises an eyebrow. "What were those ones like?"
  175. <AdventFalls> "The other dreams, or the first ones?"
  177. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "The first ones, with other yous."
  179. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "That sounds a little trippy, to say the least..."
  181. <AdventFalls> "It was a mess," Rei shook her head. "I didn't really have a grasp on my powers so a lot of details I didn't manage to retain. Names, dates, that kind of thing."
  183. <AdventFalls> "But I know it was a world where humanity made it to space. A world where fleets of human ships were fighting space monsters, some kind of natural immune system for the galaxy or other that thought humanity was a virus that had to be destroyed."
  185. <AdventFalls> "I was a pilot for a brand new suit.... something even bigger than Zeorymer, though I doubt it was as powerful. I don't remember the name, or even my name from that world. But I looked *nothing* like myself."
  187. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama glances at Rei's head. "You had red hair and blue eyes?"
  189. <AdventFalls> Rei shook her head. "Dark red hair, but brown eyes. Wore a headband, too."
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  197. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Well, thats one out of two...Not bad for a wild guess."
  199. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('I can't believe even half of that was right...')
  201. <AdventFalls> A shrug. "Maybe. I haven't actually tried to replicate what that suit did yet.... I should probably try it without assistance some time...." This was more to herself than aloud.
  203. <AdventFalls> "Anyway. What worries me is that these dreams, the way my powers work... seem to be unique."
  205. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah..." Hazama scratches his temple, "I always thought it odd I'd never even heard of sliders...Aliens, psychics and timetravellers, sure, but never sliders."
  207. <AdventFalls> Somewhere, in another world, a school student hit his desk with his head *hard*.
  209. <AdventFalls> "Maybe. You ever had the feeling that there's some grave conspiracy or something going on, and that it revolves around you somehow?"
  211. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "All the time."
  213. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('Mainly because its true.')
  215. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama coughs.
  217. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Ah, sorry."
  219. <Gilliam_Yaeger> He clears his throat.
  221. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Surprisingly often."
  223. <AdventFalls> "Okay," Rei sighed. "I'm pretty sure that for some reason or other, I'm at the center of this.... this conspiracy. And I'm trying to cut my way out and figure out what's going on."
  225. <AdventFalls> "It sounds crazy, I know. But NOTHING in Tokyo-3 is a coincidence."
  227. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Thats true, at the least." Hazama leans forward, suddenly serious. "So...What kind of conspiracy we talking about here? ...It wouldn't happen to involve these...Seals I keep hearing about lately, would it?"
  229. <AdventFalls> "It actually does," Rei nodded. "It's part of the reason I was kidnapped and taken to China."
  231. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...There's a Seal there, isn't there?"
  233. <AdventFalls> "There is."
  235. <AdventFalls> "...It's... it's also where I was born."
  237. <AdventFalls> "Didn't even know it until a few days ago, since apparently *no one* knew. Wasn't even on my file. My mother had to tell me."
  239. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama perks up. "That...Cannot be a coincidence. That it was even covered up like that..."
  241. <AdventFalls> "I know. *Believe* me. That's only scratching the surface of what I've seen."
  243. <AdventFalls> She looks at Hazama expectantly. "You want me to go on? Because once I put the tin foil hat on, it's had to make me stop."
  245. <AdventFalls> *hard
  247. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...This is really worrying..." Hazama remembers back to the Lanster of Fuck You, as he has mentally dubbed it, "...You know, the presence of Seals implies that there is something Sealed inside."
  249. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "And I think I might have met it."
  251. <AdventFalls> Rei cringed for a moment. "Ugh, don't remind me. I almost forgot about the impli-"
  253. <AdventFalls> "....You.... you met it?!"
  255. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods. "You're aware there are other machines like Zeorymer? There's eight of them - well, seven now, and according to what I heard from Katina and Steve, each is connected to one of the Seals."
  257. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "And they were all built by this Masaki fellow."
  259. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Who blew one of them up."
  261. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "With Zeorymer."
  263. <AdventFalls> "....I was inside Zeorymer when we fought one of them."
  265. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Sleek looking thing, with these flappy wings? Yeah, I heard about that...And its related to that thing inside."
  267. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Inside the seal)
  269. <AdventFalls> Rei took a deep breath. "They managed to rebuild it?!
  271. <AdventFalls> "And... used whatever's sealed to give it more power?!"
  273. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "No, not quite..."
  275. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (brb)
  277. <AdventFalls> "Oh, this is not good. And I had enough to worry about from the I-Jin..."
  279. <Sandwitches> It's 8
  281. <Sandwitches> GAH
  283. <Sandwitches> SORRY
  285. <Gilliam_Yaeger> np
  287. <Gilliam_Yaeger> I had to look it up, actually
  289. <Gilliam_Yaeger> XD;
  291. <AdventFalls> [anyway]
  293. <AdventFalls> [^^;;]
  295. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "According to Steve, its connection to the Seal of Wind was stolen by another mech...I'm starting to think that It," the capitalization is audible, "used the empty connection to the seal in the Lanster to possess the mech itself. And the Lanster of Fuck You showed up soon after the mech that stole the connection did...I think it was after the Seal."
  297. <AdventFalls> "So someone is trying to mess with the Seals...."
  299. <AdventFalls> "And here I thought becoming a Living Seal was bad...."
  301. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods.
  303. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Even worse...The mech -transformed- halfway through the fight, into this twisted, demonic version of the Lanster."
  305. <AdventFalls> Rei cringed again. "Oh God. That... that has unfortunate implications."
  307. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "And when we opened up the remains of the machine...The pilot was mutilated, long dead."
  309. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "The mech was, evidently, piloting itself."
  311. <AdventFalls> She now had to resist the urge to throw up.
  313. <AdventFalls> "That.... that REALLY has unfortunate implications... Lemme think for a moment."
  315. <AdventFalls> "...It's not the I-Jin, all they wanted to do was link me up with the Seal of Thunder and turn me into a Living Seal...."
  317. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...What does that mean, anyway?"
  319. <AdventFalls> "Okay," Rei sighed. "Imagine you have this little kid. Now imagine you have her on the edge of a pit filled with worms."
  321. <AdventFalls> "Now kick the girl in, only it's not just worms, but magic worms that will violate her body, mind, and soul."
  323. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Oh..." Hazama pales. "Oh, -that-..."
  325. <AdventFalls> "While that happens, the girl becomes linked to one of the seals, essentially becoming able to utilize its power at the cost of... well, who she used to be. That was almost me."
  327. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama shudders, imagining that happening to his little sister. "Good thing you got out, then."
  329. <AdventFalls> "Yeah, I am. I got really, really lucky on that one."
  331. <AdventFalls> "But... now I'm starting to think there's something worse. And you might've just given me a pretty big piece of the puzzle."
  333. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods. "Maybe...The I-Jin are trying to strengthen the seals...Or maybe they're trying to destroy them."
  335. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama rubs his chin.
  337. <AdventFalls> Rei shook her head. "I just think the I-Jin want to take over the world. Remember, I'm a fairly valuable target. Evangelion pilot, my dad works at Getter Base, *and* I was born near a Seal."
  339. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Though...I'm starting to get the feeling that making you the Seal would have been a mistake. A -grave- mistake."
  341. <AdventFalls> "...Go on...."
  343. <Gilliam_Yaeger> A loose web was starting to form in Hazama's mind, not quite solid, more a bunch of loose connections.
  345. <AdventFalls> "I wanna see where you're going with this before I go on."
  347. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...What if Its prison isn't just the Seals. What if its this entire universe."
  349. <AdventFalls> Rei rubbed her own chin for a while.
  351. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "And what if It gave you your powers."
  353. <AdventFalls> ".....A universe thrown together from pieces of other worlds that I see in my dreams...."
  355. <AdventFalls> "Wait, *what*?!"
  357. <AdventFalls> She stared at Hazama. "You're telling me that the same thing that was piloting the Lanster of Hell's Horns or whatever gave *me* the powers? What on earth gives you that idea?"
  359. <AdventFalls> "I mean, the prison idea I can see happening maybe, but.... but that?!"
  361. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Well...You were born near the Seal, near the day of Impact, right?"
  363. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Maybe I'm just coming up with crazy stuff, but..."
  365. <AdventFalls> "...Almost four years to the day, I think."
  367. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "If I recall, Masaki destroyed the Seal of Heaven on the day of Impact."
  369. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "What if that let It see out into the world?"
  371. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "What if it can -reach- out?"
  373. <AdventFalls> "....."
  375. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "What if you're its ticket out of here?"
  377. <AdventFalls> "....Are you trying to imply... that this thing is controlling me?"
  379. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "No, I'm implying you're its getaway car, if that makes sense."
  381. <AdventFalls> "Wow," Rei muttered. "My conspiracy was all about trying to cause a Third Impact... but this?!"
  383. <AdventFalls> "This.... this is heavy."
  385. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('Well, there IS a conspiracy trying to cause Third Impact, you're right about that...')
  387. <AdventFalls> A light pops on in her head.
  389. <AdventFalls> "... The night I was kidnapped. The I-Jin weren't the only ones trying to take me."
  391. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "The cyborg samurai, right?"
  393. <AdventFalls> Her face paled. "Yeah. Silver armor, nearly killed a Section 9 agent."
  395. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah, I was there. Saved his life, too, and got out of there right away."
  397. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama grits his teeth.
  399. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Anything that can take out Sasaki like that isn't a pushover..."
  401. <AdventFalls> "......Oh god. What if that samurai wants to...."
  403. <AdventFalls> ".....But... the samurai... and...."
  405. <AdventFalls> Her eyes widened. "...What if it's part of the same conspiracy? What if Third Impact is breaking the Seals?!"
  407. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sits stock-still for a few seconds. "That...That is worrying..."
  409. <AdventFalls> "Oh shit," Rei murmured. "Oh shit, oh shit!"
  411. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('And frighteningly possible...This is the second time a conspiracy-girl has given me new insight...')
  413. <AdventFalls> "Hazama, if this is the same conspiracy.... then maybe I'm NOT seeing shadows where there are none..."
  415. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods.
  417. <AdventFalls> "Okay. Then maybe it's my turn to talk about what I've seen. ....You've.... you've talked to Miss Katina, right?"
  419. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Keep this on the down-low. Don't tell -anyone- what you know, in a place you don't trust," he tells the girl, suddenly -really- glad he'd gotten his sensei''s word that the apartment was free of bugs.
  421. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah, I've talked to her a few times these past few days. Why?"
  423. <AdventFalls> "....Okay. Have you seen her.... exhibit any powers while she was at Getter Base?"
  425. <AdventFalls> "And relax, there's only maybe two people I'd trust with this information, neither of which I'll be telling until I can sort this information."
  427. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (*Don't tell -anyone- what you know, unless you trust both them and the location you're in -perfectly-.)
  429. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Well, I did see her catch Kyosuke in mid-air..." Hazama answers, remembering watching THE BOUNCE tossing the man into the air over Getter Base.
  431. <AdventFalls> "Okay. THen she was using her powers down there."
  433. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama raises an eyebrow. "She's a super?"
  435. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('Explains why she was so confident in taking on THE BOUNCE...')
  437. <AdventFalls> "Part of the thing I can do," Rei explained, "is unlock people's abilities. Basically I can allow people to copy special abilities they have in another world."
  439. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods. "So you did this to Katina?"
  441. <AdventFalls> "Now.... Miss Katina's ability.... is very unusual in that the ability isn't from another world. She already *had* the ability, but lacked the means to use it."
  443. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Huh."
  445. <AdventFalls> "Someone GAVE her those powers, Hazama."
  447. <AdventFalls> "And it wasn't me."
  449. <AdventFalls> "I just activated them."
  451. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Okay, THATS really worrying...What sort of powers are they? Mechanical, spiritual?"
  453. <AdventFalls> "Mechanical. Some kind of REALLY high tech stuff. But that's only the tip of that iceberg."
  455. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('...Maybe I should get Rev to take a look at her sometime...')
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  459. <AdventFalls> "One of the things I'm worried about is someone put a mind control chip or something in her when he... or she... did what they did. I've already got someone looking into it, I should know sooner or later."
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  465. <AdventFalls> <AdventFalls> "One of the things I'm worried about is someone put a mind control chip or something in her when he... or she... did what they did. I've already got someone looking into it, I should know sooner or later."
  467. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods. "I assume this was done without her knowledge or consent, then?"
  469. <AdventFalls> "I think she said she was dying when it happened... so I don't think she had a say in it."
  471. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I see...That could imply a lot of things...Anyway, go on."
  473. <AdventFalls> "Okay. Initially I thought our samurai friend and Miss Katina were using the same kind of tech, meaning that the same person essentially made both."
  475. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Understandable. Cyborgs are pretty rare, after all."
  477. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('I think Rev mentioned something about counting them on one hand once...')
  479. <AdventFalls> "Okay," nodded Rei. "Initially, I thought that this meant someone was trying to get a crack squad together so that they could stab NERV in the back and kick off Third Impact."
  481. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('...Or was it two? Or hands and toes? Ah, whatever.')
  483. <AdventFalls> "But.... if breaking the Seals *is* Third Impact, then that changes my theory a bit."
  485. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Howso?"
  487. <AdventFalls> "Initially, I thought that this crack squad would be helping combat NERV while whoever was in charge got whatever was underneath NERV- Kei told me about something down there that would start Third Impact if the Angels got it- and basically kill everyone."
  489. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('Ah, yes...the ever-mysterious Angelbait...')
  491. <AdventFalls> "But let's say the Seals are the real prize here. This crack squad could act as a defensive line while our mysterious friend either tries to break more Seals, have someone else break them, or rig them up so they all go out at once."
  493. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Or, there are several conspiracies in place at once. After all, you yourself defined two possible Third Impacts..."
  495. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...What if there are more?"
  497. <AdventFalls> "Right. But here's the thing," Rei sighed.
  499. <AdventFalls> "Miss Katina.... has become a fairly influential person in NERV. And if she's got a mind control chip...."
  501. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...No matter who's got the remote, it'll really suck."
  503. <AdventFalls> "What if she's not the only one who has it? What if our friend's got his hands in other organizations?"
  505. <AdventFalls> "I heard NERV Berlin was up to some sick stuff...."
  507. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah...When I hailed them when we were there, the answer"
  509. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "They basically told us to leave."
  511. <AdventFalls> She grit her teeth. "My point is, I think our friend is setting up some serious roadblocks to stop us from interfering when he wants to act."
  513. <AdventFalls> "I mean.... damn. The Getters can't be used anymore, so you all are using other power sources that gimp your abilities."
  515. <AdventFalls> "The Evangelions aren't cheap, and only certain people can use them...."
  517. <AdventFalls> "Not to mention NERV's basically a stereotypical shadow organization that *will* stab its own people in the back...."
  519. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('Not if Sensei's got anything to say about it.')
  521. <AdventFalls> "You have the makings of some good people who won't be able to act when they need to, Hazama."
  523. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah...Its all one big setup, isn't it?"
  525. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Like a stage for a puppetshow."
  527. <AdventFalls> A slow and understanding nod. "And no one can see the puppetmaster."
  529. <AdventFalls> "I don't know about you.... but I don't like other people telling me what to do."
  531. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama -grins-. "Thats a very healthy mindset, shared by a good many people."
  533. <AdventFalls> Rei grins a bit as well. "I've been trying to come up with my own gameplan to try and undo some of this... but my plans aren't bearing fruit just yet."
  535. <AdventFalls> "But I have a feeling sooner or later someone's going to figure out that this girl knows a bit too much... and I've been cloned before, Hazama."
  537. <AdventFalls> "I'm not a fool. I've been making plans for an escape."
  539. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ('This girl...I'll have to talk to Sensei about her. She could be a useful ally...')
  541. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "An escape? To where?"
  543. <AdventFalls> "I don't know. Like I told Kei, Dannar's pretty close. Getter's a nice alternative, but my dad... well, we'd have words."
  545. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I don't doubt it. He's a bit of a bastard."
  547. <AdventFalls> "I've never talked to him. Ever. Not even a postcard. I don't even know what he *looks* like."
  549. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I'm warning you now - its not pretty," Hazama jokes.
  551. <AdventFalls> "I'm sure it's not," Rei grimaced.
  553. <AdventFalls> "But there's a bit of a silver lining," she grinned. "Due to.... recent events involving Saotome, my biological family save for Shinji has been.... relocated to somewhere safer. They can't hold that over my head."
  555. <AdventFalls> "Shinji's all they could use, and I don't think they'll clone him just yet."
  557. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "And I assume he's got some of those powers of yours as well?"
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  565. <AdventFalls> "No. Shinji doesn't have any powers of his own, I gave him some powers from another him, but he's an ordinary guy."
  567. <AdventFalls> "Well... as ordinary as an Evangelion pilot can be."
  569. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Ah, the other universe this is what I meant..."
  571. <Gilliam_Yaeger> *thing
  573. <AdventFalls> "Yeah. He has that. But there's a slight problem with those powers."
  575. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "The guy he got them from was psychotic or something?"
  577. <AdventFalls> "....Everyone whose powers I've unlocked has a limited charge. Meaning they can only use it a few times before they have to come back to me and recharge them."
  579. <AdventFalls> "The exception being Miss Katina, because, again- I didn't give her those powers."
  581. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Oh. Thats rather limiting, isn't it..."
  583. <AdventFalls> "...It limits us logistically. Basically, if I disappear, they only get a few charges before I have to expose myself."
  585. <AdventFalls> "I still have enough juice to give one more person a go at it... I was gonna give it to a schoolmate of mine, but I don't really know her.... so I'm gonna hold onto it for an emergency."
  587. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Hang on a tic)
  589. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Hmm...You're in class 5-C, aren't you?"
  591. <AdventFalls> "Yeah. Why?"
  593. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Well, before I became a Getter pilot, I used to teach that class."
  595. <AdventFalls> "Then maybe you can tell me something about her. Her name is Rachel Brunestud."
  597. <Gilliam_Yaeger> ".......Never heard of her. She's new, isn't she."
  599. <AdventFalls> "Dunno. She was there before I was."
  601. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Huh...You tried some of the other students? Noel, Kohaku, Rangi?"
  603. <AdventFalls> "Yeah. Those three ring a *definite* bell."
  605. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "They said no, huh...?"
  607. <AdventFalls> "Rangi and Noel nearly got kidnapped by Baron Ashura a while back.... I actually asked Noel if she could take the power- she refused."
  609. <AdventFalls> "And then I asked Kohaku... and we came to an understanding. She's helping out with figuring out what's up with Miss Katina."
  611. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...You came to a -what- with Kohaku?!"
  613. <AdventFalls> "An understanding."
  615. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama looks mildly horrified.
  617. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "What...kind of understanding?"
  619. <AdventFalls> "She checks out Miss Katina and tries to create a battle armor kind of thing to help out, and she runs some tests on me... I think she wants to try and replicate the power I was going to give her on her own."
  621. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Oh...this is going to end badly." Hazama sighs, massaging his temples. "...Well, next time you see her, tell her I told you to tell her not to try to take over the world until I get a vacation, okay?"
  623. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (*not to try to take over the world again until I get a vacation, okay?)
  625. <AdventFalls> Rei smiled. "Will do. She seemed pretty eager to tell me about that time with the US President."
  627. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Oh god, -that-. I've still got scars from that..."
  629. <AdventFalls> "Anything else you can think of, Hazama? This whole 'evil entity piggybacking off me to devour the multiverse' thing is kind of... well...
  631. <AdventFalls> "Mind-wretching."
  633. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sighs. "Well, not really...Though if you ever get in trouble, there's a -lot- of people hanging around the city who would help out in the drop of a heartbeat."
  635. <AdventFalls> "I've met a couple... and heard of a couple others by reputation. Think you can give me any ideas?"
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  643. <AdventFalls> [Call this until tomorrow?]
  645. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Sure)
  647. <AdventFalls> [Alright. I have one class tomorrow, I'll be done by noon EST]
  650. <AdventFalls> [Now logging. Paste the last few lines?]
  651. <Gilliam_Yaeger> <AdventFalls> "Anything else you can think of, Hazama? This whole 'evil entity piggybacking off me to devour the multiverse' thing is kind of... well...
  652. <Gilliam_Yaeger> <AdventFalls> "Mind-wretching."
  653. <Gilliam_Yaeger> <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sighs. "Well, not really...Though if you ever get in trouble, there's a -lot- of people hanging around the city who would help out in the drop of a heartbeat."
  654. <Gilliam_Yaeger> <AdventFalls> "I've met a couple... and heard of a couple others by reputation. Think you can give me any ideas?"
  655. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama thinks for a few moments, then sighs and shakes his head. "None off the top of my head, sorry."
  656. <AdventFalls> "Well, there goes that idea." She curled a fist, covering it with her other hand. "I could've used the connections for CC."
  657. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "You might want to look up Sasaki though - he's that Section 9 agent who got beat up by that cyborg samurai. Me and him go back a fair bit, you can trust him with your life, and he's more in contact with the various powers in the city, or at least someone who can help you. And if you happen to run into a man by the name of Bang Shishigami, tell him I told you to ask for his help."
  658. <AdventFalls> "No idea where I'd find this Bang guy," Rei mused. "Though Sasaki's an interesting idea."
  659. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Heh, I've got no idea where to find him either - he's fallen in with this other group who seem to be of a similar mind as you. Apparantly he's been out of sight for months."
  660. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "He's the guy who saved Yui."
  661. <AdventFalls> "....Well, that's.... I officially like this guy."
  662. <AdventFalls> "Sounds like I should probably find this group, compare notes maybe. I think I could probably ask Mom to connect me through."
  663. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Good idea," Hazama nods.
  664. <AdventFalls> "Even so, this all is troubling. I mean... a Third Impact that I might actually be able to cause...."
  665. <AdventFalls> She shuddered. "Can't let it happen. I've got too much to set straight."
  666. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Well...You might not be the cause of it, but if we're right...You'd definitely be a part of it."
  667. <AdventFalls> Another shake of the head. "If you find anyone that could help keep me out of the way of... of *that*, can you point them my way?"
  668. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I'll do my best."
  669. <AdventFalls> "One more question on my end. What do you know about Kaworu Nagisa?"
  670. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Not that much. He's Ouka's brother, he slept with Asuka, he seems like an alright kid, though a little...uncanny, and he's got frightening Evangelion piloting skills."
  671. <AdventFalls> "You think you can get me in touch with him? Not necessarily now, but in the near future."
  672. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Sure, shouldn't be too hard. If I may...what do you want out of him?"
  673. <AdventFalls> "I have reason to believe," Rei stated, "that he knows more than he's told any of you. *Especially* after what Miss Katina implied."
  674. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah, I'd gotten that feeling myself...He knew about Kei's bio family, after all..."
  675. <AdventFalls> "That's not quite what I meant, though that is definitely a big warning." She looked at the ceiling fan. "Miss Katina implied that he had information. Information that he could've only gotten from another world."
  676. <AdventFalls> "I think he's seen other worlds, Hazama. And I intend to figure out how. And why."
  677. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...I see. That would explain some things...if he's already had years of experience piloting an Evangelion in another world, then..."
  678. <AdventFalls> "Either way, if he's seen other worlds then maybe I can get some more answers. Another piece of the puzzle."
  679. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama nods in agreement.
  680. <AdventFalls> "That's all I got," nodded Rei. "Anything you're curious about? You looking for something too?"
  681. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah..." Hazama sighs. "Katina tell you about Asuka Nagare?"
  682. <AdventFalls> Rei shook her head. "No. Who's that?"
  683. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "The adopted daughter of Ryouma Nagare, my boss. She was my subordinate, although only a few years older than you, and a mech pilot in her own right, but...Her reasons for piloting left much to be desired. She vanished on a mission a few days ago, and they found her machine hidden in a lake nearby..."
  684. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama sighs, and leans back in his chair.
  685. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "She's probably in the city somewhere, but I'll be damned if I know where."
  686. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "But..."
  687. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama's eyes open.
  688. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I'll find her and keep her safe, if its the last thing I do. There are some dangerous people after her, you see, and if I don't find her before they do..."
  689. <Gilliam_Yaeger> He closes his eyes again and sighs, leaning forward again.
  690. <AdventFalls> "...Then things could get messy. I've heard that one before."
  691. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I don't think I could forgive myself, if she got hurt, really."
  692. <AdventFalls> She sighs. "You have a picture or something? More people you have looking the better."
  693. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama bites down the urge to tell her that no, this was HIS responsibility, his his duty, his failure...Only to realize "No...I don't. Sorry..."
  694. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Kei might, though."
  695. <AdventFalls> A quiet nod. "...Look, everyone here at NERV panicked when I went missing. But you gotta have a little faith."
  696. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Give me a few minutes, k?)
  697. <AdventFalls> [k]
  698. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah...'In no situation can a Super Robot pilot ever give up.' Thats actually one of the oaths all mech pilots swear when they get their lisence."
  699. <AdventFalls> "Huh. I guess that doesn't make Evangelions Super Robots; we never took that oath. Still, I'm sure you'll find her."
  700. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I will. No matter what."
  701. <AdventFalls> "....Ruby, you around? Maybe you can answer a question or two."
  702. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Ruby...?"
  703. <Sandwitches> "..."  A small white, winged circle with a golden star in the center flutters out form behind Rei.  "Rei, do you really think it is a good idea to tell another person about this?"
  704. <AdventFalls> "Considering what Hazama's said? I have every reason to believe he can keep a secret."
  705. <AdventFalls> "Especially since he seems to have some good connections to help us out."
  706. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "I can keep secrets." Hazama says, before muttering "...not so good with my own, sure, but other peoples are perfectly fine..."
  707. <Sandwitches> The artifact floats up before Hazama for a moment before turning back to Rei.  "Alright, what do you need to know?"
  708. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama examines the winged circle for a few moments before replying. "First off...Who are you?"
  709. <Sandwitches> "I am Ruby."
  710. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama tips his hat. "I am Hazama. Nice to meet you."
  711. <Sandwitches> "It is a pleasure to meet you..."
  712. <Sandwitches> "Again."
  713. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama raises an eyebrow. "Again...?"
  714. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "You mean..."
  715. <Sandwitches> The small object floats around Hazama a half dozen times before coming back before his face.  "You are... different from how I remember you."
  716. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama's eyebrow remains raised, the man obviously wanting to know more.
  717. <Sandwitches> The artifact doesn;t respond.
  718. <AdventFalls> "Ruby, is something wrong?"
  719. <Sandwitches> "No, nothing is wrong Rei."
  720. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "So..." Hazama sits back in his chair, crossing his arms and legs while keeping his gaze on Ruby...Before he grins. "What was this other me like? I've always wondered how I'd turn out if things went differently for me."
  721. <Sandwitches> "...  That depends..."
  722. <Sandwitches> "Which you?"
  723. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama ponders a second. "...The most interesting one, of course!"
  724. <Sandwitches> "...  You're not as evil as the others I've met."
  725. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama's face falls. "Whaaa?? Evil?!"
  726. <Sandwitches> "Yes.  In other worlds... *You* are responsible for the Murakumo Units."
  727. <AdventFalls> "Murakamo?"
  728. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Now the man just looks confused. "...What?'
  729. <Sandwitches> "...  Like *her* Rei."
  730. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Like who?"
  731. <AdventFalls> Rei thought for a moment before understanding. "N-Nani?! You mean in other worlds, he does to people what that guy did to Miss Katina?!"
  732. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "WHAAAAAAT???!"
  733. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama's leapt up on the back of his chair, -staring- at Ruby with open horror...Before the chair tips over and slams him backwards onto the floor.
  734. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...ow..."
  735. <Sandwitches> "Yes Rei.  Though I highly doubt this man before you has anything to do with Katina's condition."
  736. <AdventFalls> She sighed. "Hazama, you want to know anything about yourself, or about anyone else? Because I was about to just go for a jog."
  737. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama crawls back up to his feet and picks up the chair. "I'd hope not, otherwise that means there's either another me running around or I've got another alternate personality that I don't know about."
  738. <Gilliam_Yaeger> He contemplates sitting back down, then shakes his head.
  739. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Nah, its fine, Rei. I've got no interest in people who do evil things."
  740. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...Well, other than finding ways of stopping them..."
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  743. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Sandwitches
  744. <AdventFalls> "Mm. Well, that's.... definitely a shocker." She gets up from the couch and stretches. "I'm gonna go for a jog. You gonna be alright?"
  745. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "Yeah, I'll be fine."
  746. <AdventFalls> [End?]
  747. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (Sure...Unless Ruby has anything else to say)
  748. <Sandwitches> (Not in front of Rei.)
  749. <AdventFalls> [Then I'll remove her from thee scene then]
  750. <AdventFalls> Rei finished stretching and began to jog out the door. "Talk to you later, HAzama!"
  751. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "See ya, have a great day!"
  752. <Sandwitches> Ruby hangs back as Rei leaves, and turns towards Hazama.
  753. <Sandwitches> "... The other you on the other hand...  was quite similar to you.  Though he preferred firearms."
  754. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...!!!"
  755. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama spins around to face the floating circle.
  756. <Sandwitches> "...  You shouldn't blame yourself."
  757. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...For what?"
  758. <Sandwitches> "...  If it happened anything like how I think it did...  It's not your fault things turned out like they did.  She wanted *you* to live."
  759. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama is silent for a few seconds, his hat shadowing his eyes. A memory of a scream, her eyes, blood on his face, his hands, -everywhere-...
  760. <Gilliam_Yaeger> "...I should go. I've got an appointment with someone."
  761. <Sandwitches> "****! Don't waste your life punishing yourself.  Don't let the opprutunites the world gives your for peace pass you buy."
  762. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama doesn't move for a sew seconds. "****, huh...I haven't heard -that- name since I was, what...six?" Hazama sighs. "I'm afraid you misunderstand me. This life...I decided to live it this way since I recieved the name 'Terumi Yuuki'...I already made it up to her by taking care of my sister."
  763. <Gilliam_Yaeger> *for a few seconds
  764. <Sandwitches> "I see..."
  765. <Sandwitches> "Still...  Remember what I said."
  766. <Sandwitches> With that the artifact leaves to follow rei
  767. <Gilliam_Yaeger> Hazama watches the flying circle go...before sighing heavily and massaging his forehead. "Aaah, and I'd tried to hard to forget about that too..."
  768. <Gilliam_Yaeger> *so hard
  769. <Sandwitches> {End?}
  770. <Gilliam_Yaeger> (End)
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