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Feb 5th, 2019
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  1. Hotfix (05 February 2019)
  2. New features –
  4. New better overlays which explain content and technical specification for launching content of each DLC
  5. Added new item in menu concerning all DLCs and their overlays
  6. Added lamps and other lights in taverns make it easier to see dice at night in dice minigame
  7. If player is overloaded and can’t mount a horse, a notice to that effect is displayed
  8. In some inns, player can find a caste of gamblers, who have special dice and more money to lose
  9. Notification about reputation (gained or lost) is now displayed in top left corner of screen with regard to influence of quest or dialogue situations
  10. Added bell toll sound in Pribyslavitz
  11. Fixed an issue that caused Hans Capon to get stuck after The Prey quest.
  13. Quest bugs fixed –
  15. Fixed issue of missing pitcher sometimes making it impossible to complete Next to Godliness quest
  16. Fixed missing instruction during Bernard’s master-strike training
  17. Fixed dialogue with Margaret in Hare Hunt now allows completing objective
  18. Fixed issue that sometimes caused master-strike training to end instantly
  19. Chest in Rattay in The Queen od Sheba’s Sword quest can now be opened
  20. Fixed quest markers in Fight Club in Skalitz
  21. Fixed issue of Captain Bernard and Hans Capon sometimes getting stuck on horses during quest Robber Baron
  22. Fixed rare issue that made escape from Vranik impossible
  23. Fixed rare issue that cutscene didn’t launch after killing Runt, preventing further progress in quest
  24. Marker added in Epilogue quest to help player find Hans Capon
  25. Hans Capon no longer returns to Rattay after arriving at his camp in Epilogue
  26. Fixed missing UI prompts in dialogue with Circator John
  27. Fixed wrong weather during battle in quest Cold Steel, Hot Blood
  28. Fixed issue of inability to finish At your Service, My Lady quest due to crime in archery competition
  29. Fixed issue of inability to complete Playing with the Devil quest after beating woodcutter unconscious
  30. Fixed dialogue after cutscene with villagers in Miracles While You Wait quest now starts when player is outside
  31. Fixed redundant marker without description during A Rainy Day quest
  33. Other bugs fixed –
  35. Fixed issues which sometimes caused game crash after load
  36. Animation of woman getting up from seated position is improved
  37. Innkeepers now more often throw player out of a bed he hasn’t paid for
  38. Fast travel is accessible even with bow armed
  39. Fixed some issues with clipping hoods in clothing system
  40. Fixed issue that sometimes prevented player from entering dice game
  41. Bushes now have proper sounds when collided with
  42. Fixed master-strike issue that prevented player from completing training with Bernard
  43. Fixed issue that caused player to be unable to dismount horse after riding on auto-guide
  44. Fixed issue of occasional slow loading of game during Tournament
  45. NPCs no longer collide with outhouses when using them
  46. Street traders now properly call out and gesticulate
  47. Fixed some issues of guards attacking player due to crime even after paying a fine
  48. Fixed flickering torch during sprint or horse riding
  49. Fixed issue that sometimes allowed player to use free attacks even when locked to an opponent
  50. Fixed issue of price pointer moving out of screen during haggling
  51. Horse reins no longer glitching when horses are grazing
  52. Fixed stuttering vegetation animations
  53. Fixed issue of item unequipped for repair showing as equipped in player stats – a cosmetic issue in UI that did not affect in-game stats
  55. From the Ashes DLC –
  57. Sir Divish no longer undressed in final cutscene if player invited him to Pribyslavitz while he slept
  58. All NPCs in Pribyslavitz now have a place to sleep
  59. Fixed behaviour of Innkeeper causing unnatural movement
  60. issue of upgraded blacksmith unable to repair heavily damaged weapons or armour
  61. Musk of Infinite Allure no longer persists in player inventory after handing over to Capon
  62. Fixed issue of bonuses for Fritz and Matthew persisting in ledger in Pribyslavitz after killing them
  64. The Amorous Adventures DLC –
  66. Fixed issue that triggered an infinite fader after picking up Sir Hans Capon at castle
  67. Fixed issue of missing facial animation due to distance in the balcony scene.
  68. When player learns how to read after being sent by Hans Capon, a new objective is added afterwards to direct him back to Capon
  69. After player has successfully fled from Sir Anselm, he now stops pursuing the player and it is possible to interact with him during quest
  70. Fixed issue of player facing away from opponent at start of duel after dice game
  71. It is no longer possible to call your horse inside secret tunnel and get stuck when mounting it
  72. Guards can now properly navigate to secret tunnel when they have heard Henry
  73. Fixed issue of player facing in a different direction after cutscene upon entering camp
  74. Fixed issue in journal of objective to bury Lev’s remains still being active after selling bones to Charlatan
  75. After completing quest, trespass area near the revenant’s grave now disappears
  76. Fixed persisting second objective after learning wild animal calls
  77. Fixed issue of pressing Esc not cancelling colouring water with fake blood
  78. Trigger area for burying Lev’s remains is extended
  79. Redundant objective to talk to Charlatan is removed
  80. Fixed issue of objective "Go and see the Charlatan in the morning” duplicated in journal
  81. After failing quest it is no longer possible to ask Charlatan “How is the haunting going?”
  82. After successfully completing rotten food objective, butcher shop is now closed
  83. If player was jailed for killing brave guys, Charlatan is still angry that he did it
  84. Fixed issue of Charlatan's recipe fable appearing too soon in quest log
  85. Fixed quest logic so that if brave guys flee from combat to the village, they report the player’s crime and the quest is failed
  86. Fixed issue making it impossible to continue after player kills brave guys
  87. Fixed issue of persisting “Provoke Fearless Felix” objective after player has killed brave guys
  89. Tournament DLC –
  91. Fixed infinite fader that sometimes occurred before third opponent in Tournament
  92. Tournament will no longer fail because of low reputation with NPCs or guards who remember player’s old crimes
  93. Redefined dialogue with Tourney Master in Rattay, so the player is better informed about Tournament availability
  94. Fixed rare issue of player being teleported from arena during tournament
  95. Fixed issue of Tournament not starting after accepting quest from Sir Hans or Blacksmith
  96. Combatants no longer running from arena and teleporting back when practicing
  97. During combat, chickens no longer walk around in arena
  98. Pruda no longer comes to tournament undressed
  99. Fixed issue of missing visual effect of lowered visor with new tournament helmets
  100. Added new autosave after player wins combat with Black Peter in arena
  101. Fixed issue that during Black Peter’s ambush he hasn’t a poisoned sword
  102. Fixed issue of tourney master missing calling animations
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