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Oct 30th, 2014
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  1. Alright. I'm just going to write a paste. Maybe someone will read it.
  3. I vowed not to get myself involved in #GamerGate because it looked like too much work. Then I started watching the news. That was a mistake.
  5. Hopefully this will set the record SOMEWHAT straight. I think both sides can agree on a few things.
  7. 1. Gamers. Don't. Hate. Women.
  8. However, gamers DO hate being told what to do. Anita Sarkeesian has been a target (mostly of trolls trying to get in on the most hilariously irrelevant topic of the internet's existence, which I applaud them for [Not the constant harassment]) because she calls out _everyone_ in the gaming world for not being fair to women, either because of their representation of women or their treatment towards them. Desire for more equal treatment? I can understand that. As for representation, however..
  10. Men are the dominant players of video games. Why should a company pay thousands more in graphics costs, in rendering costs, in programming costs, when only about 5% of their market will be female? I'm so glad that Call of Duty: Ghosts finally put an end to the lack of female characters online, but I had to wonder: Was this the result of pressure from advocacy groups to put in the extra hours and cash just to make a few people feel better? That wouldn't seem fair to the company. But, either way, I'm glad it happened. Moving on...
  12. GTA is a popular game. Yes, it involves a lot of objectification of women. But if you think that gamers will actually go out and bitch-slap prostitutes and rob cars, where are all the nerds and geeks driving (insert car brand from GTA here)s? And why aren't we more concerned about women doing these things? If this were Call of Duty I wouldn't think about that possibility, but I know of a lot of women from the gaming and private server worlds of MapleStory, RaGEZONE, LoL, and Habbo Hotel that LOVE to play GTA. I actually found it a bit strange when I first learned about it. But, in the end, I welcomed it!
  14. So, Anita, I'm sorry, but you need to shut your trap. You're trying to change something that we love, and you're making it into a war zone, and you're perpetuating the idea that gaming is some barbaric beast that needs to be tamed. Some woman (grr wish Google would find the name) spoke up about the controversy, saying something like she used to feel safe walking up to fans and talking about the game she developed, but with #GamerGate in the air, she doesn't. BUT SHE BLAMED #GamerGate EVEN THOUGH ANY RATIONAL PERSON WOULD UNDERSTAND THAT THE FEAR-MONGERING IS ON THE ANTI-GG SIDE. After all, gamers aren't bad people. Gamers don't have a delusion about the hobby being some club. We don't.
  16. I have no problem with a diverse community of gamers, of all races and genders, but I wouldn't enter the chat room drawing attention to myself because I'm different from the stereotypical gamer. It really doesn't matter to anyone, it's unimportant. If someone in that room DID have a problem with that, one could just ignore it. Most games include a "mute" or "ignore" button. Having been in these communities for quite a while, I wouldn't say doxing, threats, etc. are problems these women face from male sexist male gamers, either. Oh, threats and sexism both exist. But it's certainly not the epidemic this controversy has made it out to be.
  18. Games don't reflect on society, nor do they have an effect on society. We just want to go home and enjoy them.
  20. 2. Gaming Journalism (Really? Not the corruption of actual journalism that MATTERS? Ok.) is the mouthpiece of the "Politically Offended"
  22. The Verge. For the past few weeks, it's basically been doing the equivalent of covering its ears and yelling "HA, HA. I WIN, YOU LOSE, LA LA LA LA LAAAA LA" on the playground. Come on. I've seen one piece they've written about Wikileaks' support of #GamerGate that was somewhat objective. But they've mostly been posting headlines such as..*ahem* let's see here..:
  24. "Gamergate is dead"
  25. By Chris Plante on October 30, 2014 12:25 pm
  26. -- "we win you lose la la la la laaaa la".
  28. "The guy who inspired Gamergate ignored his mother's advice to 'cool off'"
  29. By Chris Plante on October 16, 2014 12:44 pm
  30. -- Why would you need to report on this!? IT'S NOT NEWS. --
  32. "A lot of people are finally fed up with Gamergate's dumb crusade against women"
  33. By T.C. Sottek on October 15, 2014 03:31 pm
  34. -- Remember to use objective grammar. "dumb" vs. dumb. After all, if you're objective, those wouldn't be YOUR words! --
  36. "Stop supporting Gamergate"
  37. By T.C. Sottek on October 8, 2014 01:48 pm
  38. -- yea guyz jst stop is so not cool like yah --
  40. "Intel buckles to anti-feminist campaign by pulling ads from gaming site"
  41. By Rich McCormick on October 2, 2014 09:55 am
  42. -- Anti-Feminism? Buckling? --
  44. First, #GamerGate didn't intend itself to be anti-feminist. Second, it's not BUCKLING if you want to save money by disassociating your brand from a stupid battle.
  46. Some of these might not appear to be so biased, at first look. But these are just from the month of October. And just from ONE news site. And just written by a FEW writers.
  48. You know what, you were right, The Verge. Gaming journalism, clearly, is entirely objective in reporting and takes no agenda. And the fact that one of your associated brands, Polygon (another subsidiary of your parent Vox Media Inc.), was part of the reason this outlash from 4chan's /v/ board and various other groups arose, that only PROVES that you have no foot in this battle. The fact that one of your staff reviewed a game (positively) that was entered into your own pro-female game development campaign (A good idea! Support female programmers.) while he was ***sleeping with said game's developer***, is entirely irrelevant, even though these events were totally contrary to your own rules. Some of this could just be 4chan propaganda. Either way, the reaction on both sides was not called for.
  50. 3. Stop cashing in on suffering
  51. Anita, I'm talking to you. You know that the gaming community isn't filled with these awful things. And I'm fairly certain that contrary to your public statements, you know that games aren't targeting women and changing men to be rapists or whatever the hell you say. You're just trying to make a name for yourself.
  53. What's my reasoning behind this hypothesis? Because the real issues you should be dealing with, instead of this "Tropes vs. Women" bullshit, are rampant and actually harmful. You should be attacking the delusional body image ad agencies create to sell products to women, and, consequently, implant in young mens' minds. Or the fact that there are virtually no strong female characters in movies. It doesn't matter if there are strong women in video games. Men aren't going to see a vulnerable woman and think that that's the natural state of them if they've already lived with strong women in their life. It's rather insulting to men to assume that we're automatically uneducated about the world to the point where we'd assume women are naturally inferior.
  55. Boys club? Call it what you want, if you must.
  56. The majority of us ARE men.
  57. The majority of us, however, won't EXCLUDE you if you just shut up and play the game rather than say "wow d00dz ther r no strong womyn lets play smet else this so ofensiv!!!!1!"
  59. And, for the record, it doesn't matter if you're white/black/hispanic/asian, or male/female. Gamers will respect you if you don't bitch about games being politically offensive and play the goddamn game.
  61. If you have a major problem (Like if the game rewards you for hanging black men ), take it up with the developer. Not the gaming community.
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