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  1. Jamie says:
  2.  hello?
  3.  Lloyd?
  4. Lloyd says:
  5.  Sorry hey was eating dinner
  6. Jamie says:
  7.  its okay
  8. Lloyd says:
  9.  Why what's up
  10. Jamie says:
  11.  I'm not going on the xbox anymore, its pointless. Because if I ever can't go on,
  13. then I'm letting you down which means I'm not a good friend. So if I don't go on,
  15. then it won't matter if I miss a day
  16. Lloyd says:
  17.  Wth?
  18. Jamie says:
  19.  Aimee said I was letting you down, which I obviously am, so I won't be able to let
  21. you down anymore
  22. Lloyd says:
  23.  Won't that be letting me down worse?
  24. Jamie says:
  25.  only for a bit, then you'll forget about going on the xbox with me
  26. Lloyd says:
  27.  Why
  28. Jamie says:
  29.  What do you mean why?
  30. Lloyd says:
  31.  You being like that
  32. Jamie says:
  33.  Because Aimee said I ALWAYS let you down
  34. Lloyd says:
  35.  Oh ffs
  36.  So rewin everything?
  37. Jamie says:
  38.  No, I'm not. Aimee did that
  39.  If you have a problem, talk to me about it, don't talk about it behind my back  
  40. Lloyd says:
  41.  I never did
  42. Jamie says:
  43.  then why would she say I let you down?
  44. Lloyd says:
  45.  Coz I felt that
  46. Jamie says:
  47.  exactly so you did
  48. Lloyd says:
  49.  Right forget it then
  50.  What about all the stuff you said to her?
  51. Jamie says:
  52.  What about it?
  53. Lloyd says:
  54.  K dm
  55.  Thanks
  56. Jamie says:
  57.  What have I done now?
  58. Lloyd says:
  59.  Being the way you are
  60. Jamie says:
  61.  Sticking up for myself, for once?
  62. Lloyd says:
  63.  How?
  64. Jamie says:
  65.  Not being bossed about, doing what other people want all the time
  66. Lloyd says:
  67.  Like what?
  68.  Who's done that
  69. Jamie says:
  70.  You, Aimee, my friends, just..everyone? Whenever I don't come on you use emotional
  72. blackmail to make me come on. Whenever I don't wanna play a game, again, emotional
  74. blackmail. Now Aimees trying to do it as well. My friends are just complete
  76. assholes all the time. Being horrible then not realising they're doing it
  77. Lloyd says:
  78.  So now I'm a arse hole?
  79. Jamie says:
  80.  No, my friends from school
  81. Lloyd says:
  82.  So what have I done
  83. Jamie says:
  84.  Whenever I don't come on the xbox you use emotional blackmail to make me come on.
  86. Whenever I don't wanna play a game on the xbox, again, emotional blackmail. Now
  88. Aimes doing it just because I haven't gone on that shitty console  
  89. Lloyd says:
  90.  Just coz we haven't played together and we never go on our days no more that's it
  91. Jamie says:
  92.  we were on the day before yesterday
  93. Lloyd says:
  94.  Yea one day
  95.  That's sll
  96.  All**
  97. Jamie says:
  98.  well you were at Aimees the weekend, so thats letting me down
  99. Lloyd says:
  100.  She's my gf?
  101. Jamie says:
  102.  Exactly
  103.  So your girlfriend is a better reason to miss the xbox for a weekend, than me
  105. missing it for one day to do school work that helps in the future
  106. Lloyd says:
  107.  Exlacty what?
  108.  Fine forget it
  109. Jamie says:
  110.  brb
  111. Lloyd says:
  112.  ...
  113. Jamie says:
  114.  back
  115. Lloyd says:
  116.  Hi
  117.  So what now?
  118.  Oh ok thanks ignore me..
  119. Jamie says:
  120.  I don't know
  121. Lloyd says:
  122.  Oh thanks mate
  123. Jamie says:
  124.  I don't understand what I keep doing wrong
  125. Lloyd says:
  126.  K
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