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  1. Key: Mike43
  2. Name: Michael
  3. Race:Bleach Human/ Bount
  4. Age:34.5
  5. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Applying For:Super Stance: King Crimson Epiteph
  6. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Previously Applied For: Dragon stance, King Crimson
  7. Intent With Rank/Skills/Knowledge: Pushing my power to to mold magic and spirit energy together to it's limit.
  8. Rp:
  10. He trained his mind in a deep meditation, having himself fight the foes from his past, mainly Celerus and Cryotic, both strong in their own right, though taking them both on seemed to be nearly impossible , his defensive magic was straining to compete with the heavy hitters but his speed was was able to match both of theirs and then some, but still being on the defensive was hard.
  12.  His doll blocking and misguiding attacks as he cast his spells and launched a series of ki attacks. But they were slowing him down as their combined might seemed to over power them once more, one side throwing a energy like punch and the other a massive ball of energy.
  14.  He jolted from his meditation as he sighed trying to think about how he strengthen his abilities. He did have a slight idea though, much like how he focused his spiritual energy inside himself to strengthen himself  he had been able to meld both his spirit and magical energy into one, but the magical energy still was taking shape outside of his body, which was why his doll appeared but with an altered form
  16.  He knew he had to focus both energies inside of himself and prevent a doll from manifesting into a magical body. Embodying both at the same time would be his true goal.
  18. He had started his training, preparing himself both mentally and physically .  Pushing himself for months upon end before finally attempting to put his work into action.
  20.  He focused his powers together and just as his magical construct was forming he began absorbing the magical energy around him into his body as searing pain ran through his body. Static forming around him as him his and doll had fully become one in the same. He took a deep breath, forcing his mind to stay collected as the pain of the merging was slowly fading. Clenching his fist the static burst away from him and fizzled out. He could feel the slight change in his body but beyond that he wasn't exactly sure what was different, aside from feeling, Whole
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