(dash, quickie, femdom, piss fetish, absolute degeneracy)

Jun 7th, 2018
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  1. >>What do you think Rainbow Dash would do if the doors to all toilets in Ponyville were locked?
  2. >>Just for laughs, haha
  4. >>find anon's face and quickly use it as a toilet because she knows Anon like that kinda shit
  7. >she nearly crashes onto you out of the fucking blue as you're on your way home
  8. "What the fuck rainbow?!"
  9. >you sit up and glare at her
  10. >"Oh thank fuck, Anon, you can't believe how glad I am that you're here!"
  11. "What? I'm not lending you anymore money until you--mmph?!"
  12. >your words end up muffled by her tummy as she props herself up and over you, before sitting down onto your shoulders
  13. >and before you can even blink, you feel your lips being pressed against her lower ones
  14. >they're warm and already moist
  15. >what the fuck is happening?!
  16. >you yelp, or try to, but this sound also dies against her flesh, but this one eliciting a moan from her as the vibration crashes directly against her winking nub
  17. >and she takes the opportunity to wrap her forehooves against your head and pull you in even harder, forcing your lips to part as more of her flesh invades your mouth
  18. >you try and pull out, you even reach up with your hands but her hold is strong
  19. >in your wild attempts to break free, your tongue even joins in and you try to push her out of your mouth, but to no avail
  20. >all it ends up doing is pressing against her pearl and eliciting a yelp from her as she clenches even harder against you
  21. >"Oh-ohh, Anon, wait, I'll let you do that all you want later, but first I really gotta go!"
  22. >go?
  23. >GO?!
  25. >it didn't come out nearly as intelligible as you wish it did
  26. >"Oh hush, I know how much you like it, now be a good boy and hold still while I--ah, there you go~,"
  27. >your eyes go wide as you feel it hitting your tongue
  28. >your nostrils flare as the smell hits you
  29. >you nearly choke as the taste spreads across your mouth
  30. >but you still soon enough find yourself swallowing it
  31. >gulping it down
  32. >gulps after gulps
  33. >"Nnnh~, yes, that's it, keep it up big boy,"
  35. >this is disgusting
  36. >it's foul
  37. >bitter
  38. >salty
  39. >hot
  40. >and yet you can't stop swallowing it
  41. >and worse yet, you can feel it affecting you
  42. >you can feel yourself growing
  43. >growing faster and harder than ever before
  44. >why is this happening
  45. >you never stopped resisting
  46. >you kept trying
  47. >it's just that for some reason, your body decided to not try as hard
  48. >"Oh my gosh, you can't believe how much of a life saver you are right now, if it wasn't for you I don't know what I would've done! It's all AJ's fault for bringing so much cider! It was just a training session, and she knows my bladder can't hold much! What the hell was she thinking?"
  49. >and she quickly realizes that your attempts at trying to break free grew weaker and weaker
  50. >until they even stopped
  51. >she doesn't even need to hold you there anymore, so she lets go of you, instead using one of her now free hooves to caress your face as you keep gulping
  52. >"I know you can do it, I'm nearly finished,"
  53. >and true to her words, you can feel the stream slowing down
  54. >"You're really loving this, huh? You weirdo!"
  55. >you frown at her words
  56. >but your heart still skips a beat
  57. >you just hope she couldn't feel it
  58. >"No point in hiding it, just look at you,"
  59. >she snickers before flicking her tail downwards and lightly flogging your pride, or shame, with its extremity
  60. >"D'you really think your pants can hide /that/?"
  61. >you try and groan as you feel her tail stroking your length all the way up before slipping past the waistband of your boxers to give it a few direct strokes, but find yourself too busy swallowing the last remnants of her piss
  62. >you feel your hips unconsciously humping at her touch, but she stops and pulls herself out of your pants just as fast as she got in
  63. >"Nah-ah-ah, that's only if you do a good job cleaning me up,"
  64. >you can finally groan in disapproval, but you still nod not long after
  65. >and you feel her clenching back around you as your tongue starts lapping at her folds
  66. >"Ah~, that's it,"
  67. >maybe this isn't so bad
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