Ridiculous TF story

Apr 28th, 2014
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  1. >Wake up
  2. >Am horse
  3. >"Why am I horse?"
  4. >"What happened to me?"
  5. >Fairy godpony shows up in room.
  6. >"It is your destiny to make the people into the ponies."
  7. >"What the shit?"
  8. >"You must touch people and they will turn to ponies."
  9. >"What the hell kind of destiny is that?"
  10. >"Fuck if I know. Now enjoy your new life!"
  11. >Fairy godpony disappears.
  12. >Sit there dumbfounded for a moment
  13. >Go to shitty roommate's room and poke him while he's asleep
  14. >Shitty Roommate is now shitty pony.
  15. >Look at hooves.
  16. >"I could rule the world with this power...."
  17. >You go out and touch everyone to turn them into ponies
  18. >Neighbors become ponies
  19. >Children become ponies
  20. >Puppies become ponies
  21. >"Wait, what?"
  22. >Floor is now ponies
  23. >Trees are now ponies
  24. >Sky is now ponies
  25. >Earth changes into one giant pony
  26. >Giant Space Pony touches planets and stars to make them into more ponies
  27. >Giant Space Ponies conquer universe
  29. ...What the fuck did I just type out?
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