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  1. In the territory dominated by the state of Chile we are in struggle against capital and its constant ups and downs, high school students raised a movement "Evade, don't pay. Another way to fight" for the increase in the passages (the value of the passage reached $830, more than 1 dollar), which spread in an unusual way, the Chilean people adhered to the demands that various social movements had been raising for years (those that despite not identifying us show the anger and contempt of the people for this system), as a pressure cooker overflowed the streets.
  2. As years ago the fear of the police was not lost, the pots and pans were spread throughout the territory, subway stations were destroyed (there are more than 70 stations destroyed), PiƱera threatened us with the internal security law of the state, which inflamed a country tired of abuses, we did not retreat, took the militia to the street and we did not retreat.
  3. Today, 2 days after the social explosion, the state of emergency extends to 5 regions, curfew was decreed, which means that we can not leave our homes, militiamen authorized to shoot, threatening to shoot those who do not comply, pacxs and milicxs are killing people in broad daylight shooting at point-blank range, generating social chaos, in places in the southern area of Santiago are without water supply, last night we cut the lights and hope that today is repeated. The retail companies have communicated that they close their stores until further notice, the intercity bus companies cancel all their trips, they are not arriving flights to Santiago, civilian police are looting free fairs and attempting to criminalize social protest to generate chaos, they are no longer selling fuel, supermarkets looted and burned, information circulates that people killed in the fires are people who have been killed on the street and then put their bodies to companies and factories that are then burned to hide the murders. They are downloading the videos from the internet and there are communication problems (messages cannot be sent, calls interfere or simply cut off internet signals), they are blocking the international signal from the television channels since Friday, even the bourgeois press has not obtained the safe-conduct to record in curfew.
  4. We call to broadcast all the videos that are circulating, every publication serves to make visible the context that is living in this territory.
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