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2014 will change things

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Dec 4th, 2013
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  1. 2014 will change Cicada 3301 approach. Here's why.
  3. Many sources claim, that Cicada doesn't want publicity. Now when many newspapers and websites has exposed the group to public audience, they will change tactics.
  5. It's true that they get more people solving the puzzles by getting more publicity, but their tactics have one big blunder. People aren't motivated enough, and that's why they had to take the Tor board down, what was set up for chosen ones. 2013 was a failure.
  7. People are interested about figuring out who/what Cicada 3301 is, and that causes leaks, like what we have seen. And what about now, when there's even more publicity? It will surely attract more and more people, who are just interested about the mystery, and leaking information about them.
  9. They are not stupid. Things will change in 2014.
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