Drest Aedàn

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  1. Name: Drest Aedàn
  2. Mug:
  3. Class: Shaman -> Druid
  4. Character Skill: Maturity
  5. Affinity: Ice
  6. Personal Fault: Faulty Core: Light Magic gains an extra +1 MT against Drest.
  7. Personal Skill: Peerless Focus: +15 Hit while at 50% HP and higher.
  8. Personal Skill: At Any Cost: Drest can choose to gain +2 MT by spending 1 extra QL.
  10. Preferred Stats: MAG, SKL
  12. Weapon Profs: Dread (C), Dark (D)
  14. Level: 13
  15. Total Level: 18
  17. Progression spent: 370%
  18. HP 17      (80%)
  19. STR 2      (5%)
  20. MAG 5      (65%)
  21. SKL 4      (60%)
  22. CON 3 (+2)
  23. AID 2 (+2)
  24. LCK 2      (40%)
  25. DEF 0 (+2) (20%)
  26. RES 3      (40%)
  27. SPD 4      (65%)
  28. MOV 4
  30. Trainee lvl2: HP, MAG, SKL, DEF, SPD
  31. Trainee lvl3: HP, MAG, SKL, SPD
  32. Trainee lvl4: STR, RES, SPD
  33. Trainee lvl5: HP, SKL, LCK, RES, SPD
  34. Promotion to Shaman: HP +2 MAG +2 CON +3 AID +3 DEF +1 RES +2
  35. Shaman lvl2: HP, MAG, RES, SPD
  36. Shaman lvl3: HP, MAG, SKL, SPD
  37. Shaman lvl4: HP, SKL, LCK, SPD
  38. Shaman lvl5: HP, MAG, LCK, SPD
  39. Shaman lvl6: LCK, SPD
  40. Shaman lvl7: HP, MAG, SKL, DEF, SPD
  41. Shaman lvl8: HP, +PREF STAT MAG
  42. Shaman lvl9: HP, SKL, LCK, SPD
  43. Shaman lvl10: HP, MAG, SKL, LCK, SPD
  44. Shaman lvl11: HP, STR, MAG, SKL, LCK, RES
  45. Shaman lvl12: HP, SKL, SPD
  46. Shaman lvl13: HP, SKL, LCK, RES
  48. Current Stats:
  49. HP: 32
  50. STR: 4
  51. MAG: 16
  52. SKL: 18
  53. CON: 8
  54. AID: 7
  55. LCK: 10
  56. DEF: 5
  57. RES: 10
  58. SPD: 17
  59. MOV: 5
  62. With Ava Ferrer (C): +1 DEF, +2 HIT, +5 CRIT, +5 DGE
  63. With Wynne Merick (C): +1 DAM, +1 DEF, +5 CRIT, +5 DGE
  64. With Lian-Ziu (C): +1 DAM, +1 DEF, +5 CRIT, +5 DGE
  66. INVENTORY:       Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Crit |  QL
  67. Worm             Dred (E) | 1-2 |  7 |  6 |  80 |   6  | 17/40
  68. Black Axe        Drud (E) | 1-2 |  8 |  8 |  70 |   0  | 36/40
  69. Bolo Knife       Side (D) | 1-2 |  6 |  8 |  80 |   0  | 40/40
  70.             Poison on Hit/Causes an instance of poison on hit
  71.             Unique to Scavengers and their Promotions
  73. Battle Stats (Worm):
  74. At: 21
  75. Rng: 1-2
  76. Hit: 120
  77. As: 17
  78. Eva: 44
  79. Crt: 14
  80. Dg: 8
  82. Battle Stats (Black Axe):
  83. At: 23
  84. Rng: 1-2
  85. Hit: 110
  86. As: 17
  87. Eva: 44
  88. Crt: 8
  89. Dg: 8
  91. Bio: Power at any cost. Drest has taken those words to heart, and lives by them. He believes that in the world there are only two classes of people: the oppressed and the oppressors, and he's firmly set on being part of the latter.
  93. Born to a poor family in Eslana, the boy who'd be known as Drest was originally named 'Fael'. Living in a society that considers itself a true meritocracy and doesn't bother hiding the despise for the "lazy" lower classes wasn't a good experience by any stretch. The family tried many ways to rise out of poverty, all without success; producing crafts or anything that could compete with the established merchants meant their goods were destroyed overnight, or they were threatened, directly or indirectly. The rich folks in his hometown had no problems when they accepted employment under them like everyone else. Admittedly, the wages weren't terrible and the harassment stopped, but it was obvious they'd never grow higher than that. They were forcibly nipped every time they tried to stand out.
  95. The boy's family moved away, to a different town, but once more experienced roughly the same as before. The methods changed, but the established powers were far too interested in keeping their monopolies. In the end, his family decided to move into the recently-acquired lands of the holy island previously owned by Ludoh. There they found a better environment, suited for their entrepreneurial efforts; there they prospered, there they started to grow roots, there they began doing unto others what had been done unto them. As they finally began to establish themselves as merchants, they adopted the same methods as their oppressors.
  97. It was around that time that a young Fael was accepted as apprentice to a powerful witch, to study magic under her wing and serve his parents' interests. Caimnhe was her name, and her worldview put into words what he'd been shown so far: the strong dominated the weak, and that would be the whole of law. The wizened woman was the disciple to a nearly-forgotten, ancient faith that paid fealty to some undisclosed power. Fael became Drest under her apprenticeship, and it was still under her wing that he watched his family's works be undone and fought against as war damaged their assets and left them vulnerable to attack both by richer, recently-arrived merchants, and those they had trampled underfoot.
  99. "Your family was weak", he was told. "You are also weak still", she had added. "Power. Magical power, political power, financial power. Live on to accumulate those, until you are firmly part of those who look on from above." With those words, the elderly druid had given him supplies, a book in a language was unable to translate and sent him on his way to learn, plot and never fail like so many around him had.
  101. Drest is intelligent and fairly diplomatic. He wishes to accumulate power in its many forms, and that seems to be his only driving reason, though he can hide it from others fairly well. He's also manipulative, a quality in development for a future in political waters.
  103. If accepted as part of the initial four: caught studying the books and political peculiarities of Ludoh, Drest is interested in the job offer for more than one reason: there's the monetary gain, a passage out of the country about to reinstate a ban he despises, and also the chance to socialize with the wealthy employer.
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