GTA 6 revealed

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  1. Real GTA 6 leak from a Game Tester who already played GTA 6.
  3. We are the QA testers for Rockstar games and we test the games for bugs, glitches, and other technical problems. The game has been in development since 2014. There is the same leak as this but we realized we didn't need to add a disclaimer. Dan Houser doesn't know about this and they have many ideas for this game. Most ideas are in there but subject to change.
  5. Gameplay is amazing, the gun mechanics are realistic and this game isn't no GTA I've played. This game will be a Rockstar masterpiece just as GTA V was. The game is still in development and may come out in 2020-2021 to Xbox Scarlett and PS5.
  7. Map: There will be 4 states, San Andreas which will be bigger, Mid West, Liberty City, and Wade which will feature Vice City. This map is 40 times larger than GTA since we have the devkits for the consoles. The consoles do a lot more. It is part of an evolution. Consoles are big. The 4 states will have it's weapon laws and other laws. There will be driving laws, drug laws, and alcohol laws. It will feature 1 protagonist. The laws will be a little lenient depends in what it is.
  10. It will feature 8k upscaling with ray tracing. This game looks more beautiful than any PC game. Custom engine is going to be used in the systems.
  12. Storage will be about 226gb with SSD. No HDD in these new consoles. We aren't going the GTA V route with the loading screen and don't want fans to sit through 10 min of loading screen. Instead you will wait about 3-5 seconds of load times.
  14. The GTA V online updates will stop after GTA 6 is released. Just wait for more info as the next gen 2020 consoles come out. You will be excited
  16. More info that I forgot to mention: Cops are smarter like they play more tactical with you. Crashes with cars are detailed and will effect how it runs. The driving mechanics have a little realism. There will be seasonal changes, 140 missions will be in the game, 100 hours of storyline, there are cool guns that we haven't seen before. This is game info. The game is still in development.
  18. You should hear an announcement sometime around mid to late 2020. We are still testing the game. Tracklist isn't official yet.
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