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  1. 2019/04/11 15:41]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Hey, admin here do you have a moment?
  2. [2019/04/11 15:42]  Diabrosis: Yep sure do.
  3. [2019/04/11 15:42]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): So I have a couple things to talk about, I appreciate your time.
  4. [2019/04/11 15:42]  Diabrosis: Sure thing.
  5. [2019/04/11 15:43]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): First - your avatar does not fit the lore of the sim so we will have to ask you to go back to the landing area to change before landing on the ground level in the RP area.
  6. [2019/04/11 15:43]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Secondly - I understand you were being harassed by a player?
  7. [2019/04/11 15:44]  Diabrosis: I do have a character explaination
  8. [2019/04/11 15:44]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): You mean as to why it doesnt fit the lore of the sim?
  9. [2019/04/11 15:44]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): You are currently in modern clothes.
  10. [2019/04/11 15:44]  Diabrosis: I have an IC reason for the size and shape of this avi, yes.
  11. [2019/04/11 15:45]  Diabrosis: \Yah Im working on fixing that, its hard to find stuff my size :P
  12. [2019/04/11 15:45]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): right but unfortunately until then, you cannot be in the RP area of the sim.
  13. [2019/04/11 15:45]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): And for your size, it sounds like a custom race to which you will need to app on the website for.
  14. [2019/04/11 15:45]  Diabrosis: Ok well I want to clear this part up first
  15. [2019/04/11 15:45]  Diabrosis: I'm actually a human, under a curse.
  16. [2019/04/11 15:46]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): We encourage you to put in a race app for that then
  17. [2019/04/11 15:46]  Diabrosis: Okeedokee.
  18. [2019/04/11 15:46]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): But until that is approved and you have fantasy attire we cant have you on the ground level of the sim.
  19. [2019/04/11 15:46]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Agreed?
  20. [2019/04/11 15:47]  Diabrosis: Makes sense
  21. [2019/04/11 15:47]  Diabrosis: Now, I want tyo clear somethign else up
  22. [2019/04/11 15:47]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Okay feel free Im all ears
  23. [2019/04/11 15:47]  Diabrosis: The gentkeman who reported me accused me of being an alt.
  24. [2019/04/11 15:47]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Who would that be?
  25. [2019/04/11 15:48]  Diabrosis: I am not, this alt was reportedly causing some shit on the sim,  and I am not this guy
  26. [2019/04/11 15:48]  Diabrosis: EvilLittleStew
  27. [2019/04/11 15:48]  Diabrosis: hes been harassing me for a bit now
  28. [2019/04/11 15:48]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): okay thank you I will talk to this person, can you send me the full chat log of what was said?
  29. [2019/04/11 15:48]  Diabrosis: I just want to say I have several friends here who can and will vouch for me as not being this person
  30. [2019/04/11 15:49]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): That's fine, I would just like the log of this harassment for our records
  31. [2019/04/11 15:49]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): so I know what Im approaching them with
  32. [2019/04/11 15:49]  Diabrosis: should I just c/p?
  33. [2019/04/11 15:50]  Diabrosis: I mean I get mistaken identity, but I just want to be clear I am not this person he says I am
  34. [2019/04/11 15:50]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): That's fine
  35. [2019/04/11 15:50]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): please c/p
  36. [2019/04/11 15:51]  Diabrosis: [14:48] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): ull have to leave :P
  37.  [15:19] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): brim brim brim it's quite obvious it's you
  38.  [15:19] Diabrosis: What?
  39.  [15:19] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): uhh huh
  40.  [15:19] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): anyways
  41.  [15:19] Diabrosis: What are you talking about?
  42.  [15:20] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): don't worry brim i know it's you, you got asked to leave and now your on an alt ive taken a picture and passed it along to a mentor im sure you are going to be asked to leave again
  43.  [15:20] Diabrosis: You got the wrong guy, fella
  44.  [15:21] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): i doubt i have but ok
  45.  [15:21] Diabrosis: I will await a mod then
  46.  [15:21] Diabrosis: send one my way.
  47.  [15:21] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): have do :) they are going to be dealing with it so take care!
  48.  [15:21] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): done*
  49.  [15:21] Diabrosis: Roger that.
  50.  [15:21] Diabrosis: will you apologize when you are proven wrong?
  51.  [15:21] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): nope XD
  52.  [15:22] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): seems a bit weird huh ? a tiny lizard gets asked to leave
  53.  [15:22] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): and then randomly a tiny humans appears....
  54.  [15:22] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): and seems to RP the exact same way with women
  55.  [15:22] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): how weird
  56.  [15:22] Diabrosis: Y'know, there are more than just one person out there that likes that sort of thing
  57.  [15:23] Diabrosis: I know a few people here who can and will confirm my identity
  58.  [15:23] Diabrosis: I am an alt, yes of course but I plainly say that in my profile.
  59.  [15:23] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): that appears as soon as one is asked to leave xD? i doubt it either way im sure an admin or mentor will be talking to you soon to sort you out :)
  60.  [15:23] Diabrosis: But I am no  lizard
  61.  [15:23] Diabrosis: I hope this gets sorted out. yes.
  62.  [15:24] Diabrosis: Im sorry you had a shit experience with someone, but that someone isnt me.
  63.  [15:24] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): xD ok sure if you say so :) you RP the exact same way xD hoping that a woman wont chase you becasue on no she might step on you!
  64.  [15:24] Diabrosis: Incorrect.
  65.  [15:25] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): xD
  66.  [15:25] Diabrosis: that guy has an obvious foot thing, I do not.
  67.  [15:25] Diabrosis: anyhow, send a mod.
  68.  [15:25] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): sure.... xD
  69.  [15:25] Diabrosis: I want to get thnis overwith
  70.  [15:25] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): as i said their dealing with it :)
  71.  [15:25] Diabrosis: I certainly hope so.
  72.  [15:35] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): oh you left?
  73.  [15:35] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): did they ask you to leave :P? you gone quiet now whats wrong?
  74.  [15:36] Diabrosis: No just oaging a moderator in the occ area
  75.  [15:36] Diabrosis: paging*
  76.  [15:36] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): :P
  77.  [15:36] Diabrosis: this is now harassment
  78.  [15:37] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): well sorry then all you need to do is get the right clothes and ull be good to go :)
  79.  [15:37] EvilLittleStew (lordstu.nyoki): and maybe be taller
  80. [2019/04/11 15:52]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Thank you I will get this to a moderator and have them handle it
  81. [2019/04/11 15:54]  Diabrosis: Thanks
  82. [2019/04/11 15:55]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Okay it has been passed on
  83. [2019/04/11 15:56]  Diabrosis: Okay
  84. [2019/04/11 15:56]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): now I have to ask you to leave the RP area until you are dressed appropriately and your avatar has been approved
  85. [2019/04/11 15:56]  Diabrosis: Where do I get approival
  86. [2019/04/11 15:57]  Elethor (owen.greybeard):
  87. [2019/04/11 15:57]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): fill this out
  88. [2019/04/11 15:57]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): and someone will answer it when they can
  89. [2019/04/11 15:58]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Okay?
  90. [2019/04/11 15:59]  Diabrosis: Yep sounds good
  91. [2019/04/11 16:01]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): Alright thank you
  92. [2019/04/11 16:01]  Elethor (owen.greybeard): gonna ask again to please leave the RP area in the meantime
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