Colosseum/XD ironMON ruleset

Jun 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  3. TL;DR: iateyourpie came up with a set of self-imposed rules to make pokemon randomizers more fun on a "survival" setting of sorts. It's a pretty fun challenge, with lots of content(tm) potential thanks to what is randomized.
  5. Since I really enjoy Colosseum/XD I figured I'd adapt the ruleset to these games, which run on a doubles format. I came up with what is described below, but I am still testing these out and am open to feedback and suggestions. So far these are only for Colosseum, since it's the game I like more out of the 2, and the one I am most familiar with.
  7. 1. Only 6 pokemon allowed, no box - if one of the 6 die you can catch a new one!
  8. 2. Since shadow pokemon are limited already, you can catch whatever
  9. 3. You may not refight any trainer in the game, save for story purposes
  10. 4. You are limited to items you find and your starting items - pokeballs can be bought
  11. 5. If a pokemon faints, you must release/box it (*)
  12. 6. Wiping = Run over, generate a new seed
  13. 7. Second shadow pokemon must be chosen randomly - no peeking!
  14. 8. You cannot snag a shadow pokemon if the battle is a story rematch (ie realgam admins)
  15. 9. Legendaries + Slaking are not allowed to be caught
  16. 10. NO LEVEL INCREASE - this game is nuts already (maybe more for ultimate/kaizo?)
  17. 11. Lucky Egg is not allowed - the randomizer already takes it out
  18. 12. Held items are lost with the pokemon - accept your loss!
  19. 13. Ball duping is ALLOWED for convenience, with these restrictions:
  20. Poke/Great Balls may be duped at any time
  21. Nest/Net/Timer/Ultra Balls may only be duped after beating Skrub in Agate
  22. Other balls are NOT ALLOWED to be duped
  23. 14. X Item glitch is allowed - good luck finding one though
  25. Extra clauses for ultimate:
  26. 1. No leftovers / soul dew
  27. 2. Limited to 6(+1) pokemon for the entire run - allowed to swap 1 starter for 1st shadow ONLY
  28. If you are down to 1 pokemon it'd better be a good one to 1v2 everything
  29. 3. No revisiting or leaving a location - except for story purposes
  30. These include: Pyrite Building/Cave, Agate Cave, Mt.Battle, Under Subway, Shadow Lab, Realgam
  31. You are limited to ONE use of EACH healing machine per location above
  32. You can use the PC as a healing machine substitute if none are available (mostly for lab)
  33. You CANNOT backtrack to Mt.Battle lobby!
  34. 4. No stopping evolutions
  36. Extra clauses for kaizo:
  37. 1. Two pokemon at all times - catching a shadow means swapping one of your current actives
  38. If you are down to 1 pokemon, you ARE allowed to catch a new shadow one
  39. You MUST STATE BEFOREHAND which of your 2 pokemon you are going to replace
  40. 2. Banned moves: healing items / spore / assist
  41. 3. Limited to TMs from admins and colosseums - you get one after each admin fight / colo round
  42. This only bans the one or two TMs from NPCs and the ones in Under shop
  43. 4. No 600+ BST pokemon, unless from an evolution
  44. 5. Huge Power and Pure Power are banned
  45. If you evolve into a pokemon with it, you must catch the next shadow pokemon you face
  46. If one of your starters has this, you ARE ALLOWED to do the first 4 fights with it
  47. 6. Healing machines and PC healing are banned
  48. Exceptions are for pokemon centers where someone uses the healing machine for you
  49. 7. Healing items can only be used inside of battle
  50. 8. No held items, except for berries
  51. 9. No flutes (do they even work in this game)
  52. 10. Cannot use "call" command to wake sleeping pokemon
  54. (*) If a pokemon dies in a fight and the next fight starts immediately with an auto heal, you must attack yourself / stall until the pokemon that had died dies again. If multiple pokemon died, you must do so until every one of those is dead.
  56. Randomizer settings:
  57. > Standardize EXP to Fluctuating
  58. > Random base stats (except shedinja hp)
  59. > Random abilities (except wonder guard - stays with shedinja)
  60. > Random evolutions (similar bst, same type, change impossible evos)
  61. > Random starters and gift pokemon
  62. > Random learnset (at least 4 lv1 moves)
  63. > Random trainer pokemon (including shadows)
  64. Force fully evolved at level 40 (trust me - game is nuts already)
  65. +20% level modifier (see above)
  66. > Random TMs with 50/50 compatibility
  67. > Random field items
  68. > Shadow pokemon catch rate set to 150
  69. > Shadow pokemon heart gauge set to 1000
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