No Major Glitches Detailed Rules

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  1. Any Glitch that is not listed here should be considered banned until you've clarified its status with the mods. Any new glitch discovered should also be considered banned until its status is decided. Please direct any questions to us on the Hollow Knight Discord:
  3. Allowed Glitches:
  4. -Any glitch that is performed accidentally and provides no benefit to the runner.
  5. -Wallcling storage, in cases where no major benefit is gained e.g. dashing through doors as they open.
  6. -Inventory storage, in cases where it is clearly accidental and no benefit is gained e.g. when falling into Deepnest near Spore Shroom.
  7. -Gaining early control by pausing and unpausing, as long as it doesn't result in a major glitch like text storage e.g. leaving seer's room early after acquiring Dream Nail.
  8. -Skipping pick-up animations by quitting to the main menu, as long as pausing during the pick-up does not involve the use of a glitch.
  9. -Opening inventory in midair to drop faster and cancel the landing animation.
  10. -Falling off a ledge shortly after landing on it in order to cancel the landing animation.
  11. -Using Dream Nail to gain early control while collecting the Essence from Dream Warriors.
  12. -Killing Elder Baldurs instantly by hitting them from offscreen.
  13. -Abusing incorrect hazard respawn locations e.g. the hazard warp below the first arena in Queen's Gardens.
  14. -Causing tolls to activate early by looking down.
  15. -Gaining early control by taking intentional damage e.g. the Hollow Knight scream skip.
  16. -Hitting levers, grubs or other interactable objects through walls e.g. the lever skip in the Watcher's Spire.
  17. -Maintaining Fury of the Fallen buff despite not being at 1HP by picking up a charm notch.
  19. Banned Glitches:
  20. -Any glitch which results in invulnerability.
  21. -Any glitch which results in the character becoming invisible.
  22. -Any glitch which allows the player to get Out of Bounds.
  23. -Any glitch which breaks boss AI so that they become unresponsive.
  24. -Wallcling storage, if major benefit is gained from using it.
  25. -Inventory storage, if performed on purpose or if any benefit is gained from using it.
  26. -Float glitch, if performed on purpose or if any benefit is gained from using it.
  27. -Dying with inventory open to regain control.
  28. -Quick Map storage.
  29. -Focus storage.
  30. -Superdash storage.
  31. -Unovercharm glitch.
  32. -Notch duping.
  33. -Item duping.
  34. -Room duping.
  35. -Duping enemy kills with flukenest on older patches.
  36. -Superslides.
  37. -Thorn warps.
  38. -Hazard warps achieved by gaining early control on a room transition.
  39. -Televator.
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