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Dadonequus Discord Part 260

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  1. >You start trotting over to the castle. The other Equestria still fresh in your mind. Thinking about it actually made you feel sad.
  2. "I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but sheesh. I just feel bad that I just had to go up and leave them all. I guess I just feel scared that they won't make it. And I kinda wanted to hang with Sunset a little. She was the closest thing to another human I had. I hope she can make up with the human mane five someday...also, damn that world was kinda degenerate...woulda been nice to get some actual pony tang for once. It had to have some slutty mare somewhere...ehhh...it'll be fine."
  3. >You look upon Twilight's castle as you near it. and contemplate your moves.
  4. "Ok, so she's probably still suuuuper upset. I can't believe I'm doing this right after saving another world but..goddammit, I just woke up. I can't go back to sleep. So I gotta do something, Might as well be this. Just...be apologetic. Be nice, she was sorta right after all. Sorta. I mean, it's my cutie mark right? I get shit done when I do the unexpected. ehhh...EHHHHH...fine...I got this."
  5. >You push open the doors, unlocked as usual.
  6. >You step through the entrance hall and into the cutie map room. It was dark, except for the bright shine coming from the arcade machine. Spike hung over it, sleeping.
  7. "...Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Huh...Dammit Spike, don't you know you need to be comforting Twilight? Let's see."
  8. >You look over to the screen, it was back at start and just getting to the High Score screen.
  9. "Oh hey! Spike made made third right under....me?!"
  10. >What the fuck?! Who had the top score?! Was it Twilight?!
  11. >You look...the name was....BMAC.
  13. "BMAC? Who in the fuck is BMAC? And how the hell did he beat my score in one go!? I was, I WAS..."
  14. >Who in the fucking hell of Equestria was BMAC?! And how could they beat your human superiority gaming skills?
  15. "...ohhhh, I'm filing this one down under revenge. Gaming is all I fucking had in terms of skill and I am not letting some BMAC guy topple my score!"
  16. >You growl, but then sigh
  17. "Gotta relax, I'll deal with it later. Gotta see how Twilight is doing, Still, who else was in the castle to get this score? weird, ehh. Probably some kid snuck in or something. Button Mash? He did seem pretty angry, maybe thats what the B stood for."
  18. >You became somewhat obsessed with the score. You had to pull yourself away from the screen to prevent yourself into falling into the same trap as Spike.
  19. >You went back to your search for Twilight. Ascending the stairs and walking to her room. You first gently press on the door to open it. Of course, unlocked.
  20. "Twilight? You awake? It's me, Anon"
  21. >No answer, you peer over to her bed and it was empty. She wasn't here.
  22. "Well, they don't call her bookhorse for nothing. She's probably in the library. Egh, I really really hope she isn't acting like she was when she nearly sealed me up."
  24. >You go to investigate the castle library
  25. >As you draw near, you can see the purple glow of light coming from it, that mixed with the softer glow of a candle light.
  26. >She was there
  27. >You peered through the door, staying out of plain sight to see the state Twilight was in.
  28. >She appeared to be reading a book. Drinking tea. And....looked relatively calm and happy.
  29. >Huh, this wasn't what you expected.
  30. >You slowly slink inside. And prepare a soft hearted hello. Just in case.
  31. "Twilight, umm, hi. How are you tonight?"
  32. >"Hm?!" Twilight gets startled and puts her book down. But when she turns her head to see you, she smiles and hops off her chair "Anon, you're here! A little late though, but um. Hi! I'm guessing your aunt told you what happened?"
  33. >Something happened? That's good maybe? She seemed fine
  34. "No, I actually haven't seen her. But I came by because I was worried about you. Are you ok?"
  35. >"Aww..." Twilight put a hoof to her chest and found it adorable. Yep, something happened. She seemed pretty happy. "Anon, I'm sorry if I worried you that much. But you can trust me when I say it's alright now. I actually managed to figure everything out."
  36. "Everything out? What do you mean by that?"
  37. >Super curious.
  39. >"Welllllll" Twilight used her magic to create a floating magical chalkboard. It immediately started drawing and writing tons of notes and equations. "I read a letter that had the answer to the problem I was having revolving chaos, your cutie mark, and all the magic behind it. At first..." The equations seem to solve themselves as she speaks. "I thought that the way you went about things would ultimately end in some sort of trouble. Considering there are times where you seem to want to CAUSE trouble. But then I realized that due to your cutie mark, you actually have a knack for it. Which normally would equate to being bad, Discord's influence multiplies this factor to a level that varies on his mood. The equation actually looks unsolvable due to the seemingly unlimited amount of variables caused by the chaos. But in truth, Friendship actually keeps everything at a constant. So thanks to this letter, I've actually learned that Chaos can equal friendship at the same capacity harmony can! You just need to simplify it. Isn't that amazing?"
  40. >...was that math?
  41. "You mind uhhh, putting that in terms I can understand there Twilight? I didn't get a lick of that"
  42. >"Oh!" Twilight giggled "It basically means that despite your methods, you actually managed to make a good friend out of Starlight. And it doesn't seem like she wants to cause any trouble at all. In fact, she wants to fix things up. It tells us that despite going about it chaotically, you managed to help Starlight realize the magic of friendship"
  43. >Ok, that you could get. Well, that made you feel better at least. But why would Starlight send Twilight a letter. Last you checked, she hated her. Or used to hate her,
  44. "So uh, why did she send you a letter anyway?"
  46. >"Oh..." Twilight's ears perk down as she gets a little more nervous, she chuckles sheepishly "Oh that, well. That's why I thought your aunt sent you. I gave the letter to her because it was well...your letter. I accidentally opened it up and read it when I was looking through my mail. It just kinda sorta got sent here too. Probably because she thought you were still staying here."
  47. >Y'know, that didn't really upset you too much. If it was enough to help Twilight out. Then it must of been one hell of a letter.
  48. "Well, I guess it's not bad that you read it then. So, er. What did it say anyway? Or was it long? I mean, I can read it tomorrow but I kinda want to know now. I'm ultra curious."
  49. >"Well, thats the thing. It's probably good I tell you what was in the letter now."
  50. >She better? Why? That was weird.
  51. "Why?"
  52. >"Because she's coming tomorrow, in the morning, by train"
  53. >...oh is that all.....wait..WHAT?!
  55. "What?! Why?! What happened?!"
  56. >Twilight smiled at you and waved her hoof "Oh relax Anon, it'll be ok. The letter basically stated that Starlight was having some trouble in the town. She's been having nightmares and trouble making decisions because she feels guilty about everything, apparantly it's been keeping her up all night and making her agitated. And you know how a pony can be if they didn't get their sleep, just look at Rainbow Dash" Twilight giggled "Anyway, she wants to make it up to me, and my friends for what she's done in hopes of feeling better. But..." Twilight gets a little shifty eyed "We know it has to be more than an apology. As the Princess of Friendship. It'll be up to me to show her that being friends with us is also possible. I bet if we all became friends. It would give her that confidence boost she needs."
  58. >Ohhhh no she doesn't. That sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. If not with Starlight, then with DT or even Chrysalis should she come to look for you.
  59. "Uh, Actually Twilight. Why don't you just hang back and uhhhh, what for me to bring Starlight for the apology. I think we should handle this one step at a time. Y'know?"
  60. >"Nonsense!" Twilight waved her hoof dismissively " it'll be fun. Me and you! Harmony and Chaos working together to help a pony in need. I not only think this is a great idea, but it'll also be a great experiment!"
  61. >Goddammit Twilight! Now was not the time to be le friendship science geek.
  62. "I dunno, I'd think she'd be more comfortable if I just met her at the train station...alone."
  63. >"Of course, I don't want to just be standing there right when she arrives. She'll think something is wrong. That's why you'll bring her to the castle first, we'll have some breakfast, have a chat or two, and then we'll join together for her to greet and make friends with everypony else." Twilight gives a slightly arrogant snort as she points to herself. "Great plan huh?"
  64. >God dammit. That version of the plan didn't sound too bad at all. But...egh, you just didn't want Twilight to press too much. But you knew if you said no. It could..well, it wouldn't send her into a depression spiral. But it would disappoint her. But who knows, maybe having Twilight along isn't a bad idea. If Starlight wants to apologize, having Twilight around would get her used to socializing more. God know, last you remember. She needed that.
  65. "Y'know Twilight...you're right. That can actually work out. I'd be honored if you'd join me and Starlight...but, y'know. After she apologizes. We got that right?"
  66. >"Yup!" Twilight nodded with confidence "Trust me, I can handle something like this. But you better get home and get some rest. You have to be up early for the eight o' clock train" Twilight giggled and teased you "Don't want to oversleep again right?"
  67. >...right...eh
  68. "Yeah..."
  70. >She didn't have to point that out. Oh wait! One last thing.
  71. "Twilight, before I go. Do you have any idea who BMAC is?"
  72. >"BMAC? No, can't say that I do. Why?" Twilight was curious, who could be this BMAC. She wondered.
  73. "Oh..I was just wondering who made the top score on my arcade game. Sorry I haven't moved it out of the castle yet. Need to get my dad on that."
  74. >"Top score?..Top s-OHHH!" Twilight smirked, and then started to laugh heartily "Anon, ohhh. You'll like this one. So, have you ever met Big Mac?"
  75. >....STOP RIGHT THERE...
  76. "....y-yeah, y'know. I mocked fought him once. Why?"
  77. >...noooooooooooooo...just no
  78. >"Welp, He and Spike like to do this little get together everytime me and the girls leave town. It's supposed to be a secret but everypony knows about it anyway. Well, this time Spike invited Big Mac early to check out that arcade machine. I mean, it was kinda weird just asking him over while I was still around but whatever hold that arcade machine had on him also got Big Mac for about half an hour. Then he left, I'm guessing he must have been the reason Spike made a ruckus then. Made the top score, huh? I didn't expect that. But it makes sense, BMAC..Big Mac..." Twilight smiled to herself and shook her head, humorously bemused that she didn't realize it earlier. "Seems pretty obvious now that I'm saying it out loud, huh?"
  79. >You just stood there. Jaw agape. How the fuck did that country bumpkin beat your high score in what sounds like...one fucking try. You thrashed all those gamer foals only to lose to Big "Eeyup" Mac. Son of a bitch, you were going to have to take the time to fucking thrash that score. No way you can let that stand.
  80. >"Anon, are you alright? You look a little red"
  81. >Twilight was concerned, you looked pissed.
  82. "Huh?..oh..mnn, just tired. I'm g-gonna go now. Sleep well Twilight. I'll see you tomorrow"
  83. >"See you tomorrow Anon! Get plenty of rest, alright?"
  84. "Alright! Bye"
  86. >You walk, and then storm off back into the cutie map room to look at the arcade machine.
  87. >You just looked at it as anger welled up inside you.
  88. "If you think I'm losing my gamer status to fucking Big Mac, you're wrong. Just wait till I get you home. I'll fucking destroy that score in no time. One try...no problem."
  89. >You then exit the castle, you go into your saddle bag and pull out your map to dunk into the water behind the castle. But...
  90. "Hrnnn...I wonder...Is Chrysalis out and about?"
  91. >You open the map to see if she was.
  92. >Your eyes go wide when you notice that her dot wasn't there.....but the captain's was. It was at the clubhouse still.
  94. >It was fucking night for fucks sake! What was he doing there? Was he...oh god..did he have them hostage to force you into a fight?
  95. "..fucking...dammit!"
  96. >You rush over to the clubhouse as fast as your little legs can take you.
  97. >It takes awhile, but you get there, but shit. now it was completely dark, with only the stars and moon to shine the way. It was hard to make things out. But the soft glow of a lantern from the clubhouse showed how close you were to your destination.
  98. >You step up across the boards as silently as you can.
  99. >You pull at the door.
  100. "Locked? Huh, I expected a trap...let's see....I better move slow."
  101. >You slowly move under a window, then plop upwards to sneakily peer through it. And...what do you see?
  102. >The CMC...not in danger.
  103. >Applebloom was cuddling with the captain, all snug like a bug in a rug under an apple patterned sleeping bag. Scootaloo was sleeping in a Rainbow Dash themed one. And Sweetie Belle was up, groggily grabbing a juice box to get a sip of juice before going back to bed.
  105. >woah, hold on there. Nothing bad was going on at all. But why were all the CMC here at once? Why was the captain still here? Something must have happened.
  106. (note: the reason for this happening can be surmised by reading http://pastebin.com/u/Elohemian)
  107. >You slink towards the door, and knock on it gently to get Sweetie Belle's attention.
  108. >You whisper very lowly
  109. "Sweetie Belle..Hey..Sweetie Belle...it's me..Anon"
  110. >After a moment, Sweetie Belle opens the door, sleepy eyed, using he rmagic to hold up her juicebox as she sips from a straw "A-Anon, do you know what time it is?"
  111. "No, but what's going on here?"
  112. >You point over to Applebloom and the captain
  113. "Why exactly is he still here?"
  114. >"Because he got attacked, and we're taking care of him." Sweetie Belle stepped closer to you and eyed you closely
  115. >He got attacked? By what/
  116. "He was attacked? Who would attack a puppy?"
  117. >Sweetie Belle shrugged, and looked back at him "No idea, it's really really super weird though. He said "Another version of Anon" attacked him. Like, apparently it was you. But smarter, better looking, and a lot nicer. I don't think that's right though."
  118. >Well no shit. There's no way it could have been you in any form. You weren't even there....
  119. "It had to be a changeling. Maybe a rogue? All the other changelings pay attention to him and even their queen likes him pretty good."
  120. >Sweetie Belle shook her head "Nope, he says it couldn't have been one. We already asked, but what really really weird was the fact that he doesn't even want to be called just "Captain" Anymore. And this is the weirdest part. He actually liked this "Other" Anon. He thinks it's his friend, and the other Anon called him "Scrappy"..and it just..stuck"
  121. >...something wasn't right here.
  122. "Did you see any of this yourself? Or did Applebloom see any of this?"
  124. >Sweetie Belle shook her head "Nope, she just came back and Scrappy was unconscious. He's ok now, just sleeping. Applebloom asked us to come over because he was acting weird after he woke up. He doesn't even remember what happened right before he got knocked out. And this part Anon, is even weirder than the weirdest part"
  125. >Sweetie Belle looked over to the table with some sort of....familiar object. She used her magic to telekentically bring it over to show you.
  126. >"Check this weird thing out, none of us has no idea what it is. But we think it might be some weird mind control thingy. Can't figure out how to get it to work though. But this is probably why Scrappy thinks all the things he's thinking now. Although.." Sweetie Belle smiles "I do like his new name, isn't it cute?"
  127. >But your mind shut off upon closer inspection of the device
  128. >That wasn't a fucking mind control device.....no
  129. >Oh no, another Anon? Could it be...the Anon the bat pony was talking about back in that windowed dimension?
  130. >And this thing. How could he. Oh geez, either this guy could make stuff or he had a chaos horn too. Either way, it had to be that fuck. But, was he trying to frame you? The Captain seemed pretty sure it wasn't you, if he wanted to frame you. Then everyone would have been pissed at you.
  131. "Sweetie Belle, that isn't a mind control "thingy", that's a taser"
  132. >"A taser? What's that?" Sweetie Belle asked "I've never heard of that before"
  133. "It's a electric shock device meant to stun peo...ponies. It looks like this one has been discharged"
  134. >You could tell just from looking at it that it hit the captain.
  135. >And for some reason, Sweetie Belle was now looking at you with great suspicion "Uh huh, you sure seem to know a lot about this Taser thing, huh?"
  137. >That look....dammit.
  138. "Woah woah woah! Hold on, I know that look. Are you thinking I did this to him?"
  139. >"Maybe..." Sweetie Belle's expression became one of greater suspicion and slight disgust "Nopony else knew what that thing was until you saw it."
  140. >You roll your eyes and start to raise the heat, there was no way you did this. But you really did realize who did....damn him.
  141. "Sweetie Belle! Geez! Come on! I wasn't even around when it happened! I mean, sheesh, why is it a big deal?! He's ok right? Did everypony forget that he was a changeling...that wants to turn me into powder? Huh?"
  142. >"Uh huh? Anon, he won't hurt you if you just say no y'know. And just a changeling? Says the pony who hangs out with their queen! Why can't you just be nice to him? Even though he's loyal to that mean queen, he's super nice and friendly. Besides, if he was as evil as you think he is. He wouldn't have been able to help Applebloom in a way we all couldn't."
  143. >What way? You've been gone for awhile that you couldn't even remember
  144. "What was is that?"
  145. >"Getting over you" Sweetie Belle looks at you with harsh eyes. "So why don't you tell the truth already, where were you if you weren't the "Anon" who hurt him?"
  147. >Getting over you....fuck. That's right, he did do that, didn't he?
  148. >..still, you didn't need this kind of hostility. Why the fuck would you use a taser? Didn't she realize that? Fine, she wants the truth? Well then...
  149. "I was in another dimension, alright?! I was with Chrysalis saving another freaking Equestria from the hooves of Flim and Flam who managed to take over and-OW!"
  150. >Sweetie Belle slams the door right on your nose, making you back off and rub it.
  151. >That..little...bitch
  152. >You were angry, scrunchy face angry. THAT WAS THE FUCKING TRUTH! You tell the fucking truth and what does it get you?! Shit, fucking...christ. That fucking bug was nothing but trouble! Then again, it had to be that Anon from that other world. It just had to, the motherfucker must have had the intention to frame you while you were gone. Hell, what if he touched DT?!.....what if she liked it?
  153. >DAMMIT!
  154. >You were shaking, you slapped on your horn to use it, to open a portal and go show that fuck what was what.
  155. >But when you put on the horn, you couldn't feel it's power as your eyes turned to that of Sombra's.
  156. "Well fucking yay, of course I'd forget I used it for Celestia...Well then..."
  157. >You go down the longboards back to ground level and step away from the clubhouse, a yard or two before laying down to wait for midnight. Your head bubbling in anger.
  158. "Just you wait...you're gonna pay you fuck. I saved the fucking world, I don't need this shit!"
  159. >And so you waited, thoughts running through your mind on how to beat this fake bastard. He must of tased that idiot good because either he's misremembering or the idiot tried to attack your fake after it was all said and done. It didn't matter anyway, both were fucks, but you would take down the one you knew you could beat.
  161. >Every so often you'd try the horn again. or stomp about, plotting your exact revenge. You also looked up to the clubhouse a couple of times. Fucking morons, Why act like this? You got Sweetie Belle closer to Cadence, you gave Scootaloo fucking wings, and Applebloom......mnnnn.
  162. >Whatever...
  163. >This goes on for awhile before you started to feel cold from the night chill, and lay down on your belly for warmth.
  164. >Your teeth begin to chatter as you try to focus on your rage.
  165. "..Stupid other Anon. It wasn't even my fault. That stupid bat attacked me..."
  166. >You actually start to feel tired after awhile, and cold.
  167. ".....mnnn...Damit Discord....woulda been nice to have you laugh at me for once....maybe you'd be here to help me...get that bastard."
  168. >You lay your head down. Goddamn it...
  169. >As the chill seems to increase, you suddenly feel a warmth come upon you as a nice and snug heavy blanket is dropped onto you,
  170. >The hell?
  171. >Whatever, you take a moment to get snuggled in, but halfway through the moment.
  172. >"...Are you ok Anon?"
  173. >That voice....oh no
  174. >You look back, it was Sweetie Belle. She looked worried, why was she even still up?....goddamn.it..did she pity you?
  176. "....mnnn..."
  177. >You just look forward, lowering your head as you face forward into the dark night, feeling defeated
  178. "Why are you here?"
  179. >You say in a dull and hurt tone.
  180. >"Because, I couldn't sleep with you pacing outside the window like a creepy pony. And I couldn't leave you here alone, looked like the cold was going to get you...Anon...why?"
  181. >She actually seemed pretty worried for you. Ugh, did you look that pathetic?
  182. "..Why does it matter? I told you what the truth is and you didn't believe me. You slammed the door in my face."
  183. >"Well yeah, what kind of answer was that? It sounded like a bunch of horseshoes to me. Going into another dimension? Flim and Flam as kings? That sounds like a lie no matter what you say. But..." Sweetie Belle sighs "Maybe if you had some proof? If that's really the truth, you'd have some proof right?"
  184. >......mnn
  185. "How would I prove it? You'd just think I used my magic to summon it up"
  186. >Sweetie Belle tapped the underside of her muzzle as she thought for a moment. "Your horn only works once a day right?"
  187. "Yeah"
  188. >"Can you put it on right now? I wanna check something" She asks
  189. >......fine
  190. >You put on the horn, your eyes become green and red with a purple mist coming out. It slightly startles the young filly. But she didn't see a unicorn horn. So...
  191. >"So, if it's like that. It means you used your magic already, right?"
  192. "...Yeah..."
  193. >"Ok good, because Scrappy mentioned the other Anon used some sort of barrier magic too. So, did you bring anything with you that would prove you were in that weird world? Because, y'know, Flim and Flam as kings?....prettyyyy out there"
  195. "I don't thin-"
  196. >Wait, Wait...this was your chance. And not only that. You had PROOOOOFFFFF! YOU ACTUALLY DID!
  197. >You moved the back of your mane upwards. You never did take the damn thing off.
  198. "Check it out, there should be a weird device behind my neck"
  199. >"..I see it" Sweetie Belle inspects the bugging device, although she had no idea what it was. She could see the royal crest of Celestia on the back of the small box connected to the microphone. "...What is it?"
  200. "Bugging device that records what ponies say without anypony knowing. Pretty cool huh? The actual listening part is in the other world though."
  201. >You chuckle sheepishly
  202. "Looks like Sunset isn't getting it back anytime soon..eheh..Oh! And!"
  203. >Fuck yes! You were actually feeling better about the situation.
  204. >...you were feeling better..
  205. >...But, that was because Sweetie Belle was giving you a chance...after you damn fucked up.
  206. >You reach into your saddlebag and pull out The gold card!
  207. "And this! This was the gold card given to me by the kings when we were fooling them. It let us pretty much get anything for free. Take a look."
  208. >Sweetie Belle took the card with her magic and gazed upon it. "This card guarantees your visit to our kingdom is free of charge, for as long as you wish. Signed King Flim and King Flam to....Prince Anon? Of Buenos Aires?"
  209. >Sweetie Belle smirked at you "Prince? Really? They actually fell for this?"
  210. >you shrugged with a smirk of your own
  211. "Well yeah, I did have a buttload of cash. They bought it for awhile anyway, until they caught us."
  212. >Sweetie Belle started to tamper and bend the card a little as she examined it, giggling a little "Well that's probably because they realized you weren't really prince material...like...at all"
  213. >you wave your hoof at her, and smile
  214. "Yeah well, who wants to be a prince anyway? You'd never be able to do what you want and you'd always be told what to do"
  216. >"I guess, but, I wouldn't know. Being a filly and-WHA?!" Sweetie Belle jumps back in surprise as the card began to transform into a golden snake like rope and jump at her.
  217. >What the?!
  218. >Fucking!..
  219. >You jump and slam her away from the potentially fatal trap.
  220. >Or...wasn't fatal.
  221. >It ends up binding your legs together. Preventing movement.
  222. >Then both ends of the rope begin to speak.
  223. >"Well brother, it seems this unlucky pony activated the anti-theft security module"
  224. >"Indeed brother! Truly unlucky, but it is lucky for us!"
  225. >"Too true Flam, Too true. This little vagrant gets a one way trip to prison for the automatic sentence of treason! How very unlucky for them."
  226. >"Well Flim, that's what happens when you toy with what you shouldn't have. Do not worry Stallion or Mare, the police will get to you shortly."
  227. >Then they both speak. "Have a nice day!" Before the message on the rope ends.
  228. >So there you laid, upside down, legs up. As Sweetie Belle giggles and laughs at you.
  229. ".....ughhhhhhhhh"
  231. >"Well, I guess I have to believe you now. No way you could plan to make a card thing attack like that. But wow, you saved a whole other world?" Sweetie Belle was both confused and impressed at the same time "If you could do that, why haven't you reformed that mean bug queen yet?"
  232. >.....
  233. "Mind untying me first?"
  234. >"..Oh...right" Sweetie Belle moves close, still smirking as she tries to untie you. But whatever the rope was made of. It was now resisting her magic, and it was damn near impossible to untie "Mnnngh! Mnnngh! It's stuck!"
  235. >Of course it is....
  236. "Hold on, I really don't want to be stuck here til midnight.I got an idea. Can you open my saddlebag and pull out my grappling hook?"
  237. >You had an idea...
  238. >"ok...ummm" Sweetie Belle does so, and pulls it out. "Oh, it's THIS thing! Neat!..umm..what do you want me to do with it?"
  239. >This would be a little complicated to be sure. You ask her to put it on and put it on the setting that untightens the line. You then tell her to put the hook on part of the rope and step back a few yards. Then you tell her to switch it to retract, and to hold on tight.
  240. >...well, you should have been the one to hold on tight. You start getting dragged towards Sweetie Belle before the rope finally comes off as you roll along the ground.
  241. "UGh..OMPH!....u-ghh...."
  243. >As you come to a stop. Sweetie Belle squeaks in surprise "Anon! Are you ok! I didn't mean to do that!"
  244. >You shook a little on the ground, but thanks to how tough your head was. You were relatively alright.
  245. "Oy, what? N-nah, I expected that!"
  246. >You got up and dusted yourself off, and stood acting all cool. Maybe showing some confidence after showing proof would help things along.
  247. "But I'm used to it. Y'know?"
  248. >"I guess. Are you sure you're ok though? You tumbled pretty hard" Sweetie Bell took a closer look at your head. It seemed fine
  249. "Yeah, hey. I just saved a whole other world. This ain't no biggy"
  250. >"Yeah, that's...actually pretty cool" Sweetie Belle admitted "So that's what you're trying to do with Chrysalis, right? Not only reform her, but save the world? Because Anon, She was super scary. I almost thought she was gonna rule all of Equestria"
  251. >Ahhh shit....if it was nearing midnight. You did have SOMETHING to do for Chrysalis. Her car...But you're not leaving until you get this little white horse to not fucking think you're the scum of the earth compared to that bug.
  252. "Exactly. She won't want to take over if I can reform her. Look at all the other villains Equestria has had that reformed and made things better. Nightmare Moon, my dad...sorta....uhhh.."
  253. >Sweetie Belle giggled "I think you better stop before you get ahead of yourself."
  254. >But then she thought upon something, the way you were acting " Anon, do you think I hate you or something?
  255. >Sorta maybe?
  256. "No.."
  257. >You lie
  258. "It just feels like I'm a big joke is all, I mean. You always treat me like I'm doing something wrong"
  259. >"Anon...it's not that your a joke. It's just...umm" Sweetie Belle tries to put it in kinder words than she has last time "It's just sometimes you get snooty. Or uptight. Kinda like my sister, but in your own way. And it kinda makes ponies not wanna be around you."
  260. >Were you really like that?
  261. "Really? But the adults don't seem to have a problem with me. And Diamond Tiara likes me"
  263. >Sweetie Belle sighs "That's because the grown ups just sorta think your whole hero colt thing is "charming". That's what my sister says anyway. But us crusaders, we're your closest friends and you just sorta don't act friendly towards us all the time. Maybe I jumped the hurdle too a little, I mean. You gave Scootaloo those wings. That's pretty cool. But you gotta be more like Scrappy. We like him as a friend and want him to be ok, and yeah, he works for Chrysalis, but he wants us to be ok too. He's never acted mean towards us after we became friends."
  264. >....dammit, you were actually following along until she had to mention "Scrappy". You know what, Chrysalis can wait. Even if Sweetie Belle was being nicer. You were still a step behind a goddamn idiot. You only had that other anon to blame.
  265. "Then...I'm sorry. I'll try to do better"
  266. >You didn't want to bother with this anymore. You got the point, so you'd just be friendly, smile, and get the fuck out.
  267. >"You don't need to try, just do better. I know you can do it! brrrr" Sweetie Belle shivers a little "You wanna come inside? It's pretty cold out"
  268. >You shake your head
  269. "Nah, I'm good. I'm just gonna go home. You take care ok Sweetie Belle?"
  270. >"Ok, you too! Goodnight Anon, and have a safe trip home!"
  271. >She returns your grappling hook and you bid her a farewell. But you weren't going home.
  272. >No, you'd wait, it shouldn't be much longer. You walked away back to town. Thinking on a few things.
  273. > You hadn't seen Lyra and Bon Bon since the friendship festival. You had to see them sometime soon, for sure. Besides, atleast they liked you and hasn't caused you any actual trouble.
  274. >Then there's Glim Glam. You knew in your heart you had to help her out. here's hoping Twilight doesn't fuck it up. You just had to believe in the bookhorse.
  276. >You hid in an alleyway where no one would be able to spot you. you kept bouncing about to keep warm. You stayed focused.
  277. >You slapped on the horn...HAHA! it became a unicorn horn this time..YES!
  278. "Alright you sick fuck, I'm gonna hop in. Beat the shit out of you, and make sure you know never to fuck with my dimension ever again."
  279. >You aim your horn to create the window. You didn't give a shit if you didn't understand how dimensional travel worked. You were sure you had this.
  280. >But, as you tried to cast the spell to create and open the window. It..wouldn't work.
  281. >Everytime you tried, the horn would sputter and spark.
  282. "Come on...COME ON!"
  283. >You kept trying, but to no avail. It was useless.
  284. >"Anon, would you mind telling your dear papa what you are up to?"
  285. >You seize up. That voice...It was Discord...he was right behind you.
  286. >But you only froze for a moment before giving it another shot
  287. "What do you think? I'm trying to open a doorway to the dimension where the other me is at. Mind helping me out?"
  288. >Discord warps to the front of you, his arms crossed as he shakes his head. "I do actually, in fact. I'm the one preventing you from making the trip." Discord takes out one of his eyeballs and gives them a rub before putting them back into the socket "Now would you mind telling me WHY you are trying to actually make that trip in the middle of the night? I was having a lovely nightmare before your surges of magic awoke me from my slumber"
  289. >Dammit, come on. Why does he care?
  290. "Why do you think? That other Anon tried to ruin my life. Now, I'm gonna ruin his. You know you want in on this. You and me, father and son, fucking that entire world up. You can take a ton of potshots at his Twilight. I don't care, I just want to face down this guy face to face and get some answers from that chump."
  292. >"Ahh yes, though we've never met. I think I can empathize with how he felt..." Discord made an image of that crazy bat filly appear above his paw "After you tango'd with his main squeeze"
  293. >Woah wut?
  294. >you started giving a sarcastic, near crazed chuckle
  295. "Discord, come on, you, really? Actually giving a fuck? How could you resist not going completely chaotic on that world? Come on! He deserves it! I didn't do squat to her, she attacked me!"
  296. >Discord calmly leans against the wall and yawns, he was stoic about all this in expression. But what the fuck was his reasoning of not wanting to go?
  297. >"Anon, allow me to explain something to you. Chaos is an art. It is a beautiful thing that I would love to cause every waking moment. However, there is an unspoken rule among Discords. And that is....never mess with another Discord's assets"
  298. >A rule? Assets? The fuck he talking about?
  299. "Rules? And what assets? What does that have to do with anything?"
  300. >Discord sighs and snaps his talons. Everything goes black for a moment. then turns into...Fluttershy's cottage?
  301. "Uhh...why are we here now? You gonna explain this whole thing or what?"
  302. >"Of course I am, I was just setting the example. Now then...Anon, as you can see, this is Fluttershy's home. Where Fluttershy lives." Discord smiles and sighs "ahh, sweet dear Fluttershy. My best buddy, the one I hold just slightly above you, the one who keeps me from tearing Equestria apart. Tell me,Mr.Revenge, what do you think would happen if anything happened to her?"
  303. >if he meant what he'd do. That was easy.
  304. "You'd probably go on a rampage. But what does that have to do with anything?"
  305. >"To me, she is an asset Anon. Something I hold very near and dear. You see Anon, the rule exists to keep Discords from utterly obliterating eachothers worlds due to, what you'd call, a "pissing" contest. You understand that much, right?"
  307. >That made sense. But what did he have to do with what you wanted? This wasn't about him.
  308. "Ok. I get it, but you do realize this doesn't really involve you right? If that's the case, just power up my horn and let me go after the fuck myself"
  309. >Discord zaps you with some magic. Making you as still as a statue. Unable to even speak. "Anon, you don't seem to understand. And I'd rather not want to hear your boring little outbursts. So, without further ado, let me explain everything proper. You, and him. Are both assets of us" Discord points to himself. "I WARNED you not to step through that window and yet you did it anyway. And while you did put on a good show, that other Anon had every right to come here to take whatever revenge had made you this upset. In other words, payback can be quite painful, can it? Now...don't get me wrong. If we weren't dealing with another me, I'd actually allow this, I'd join up with you, and we would bring a new chaotic order to that Equestria just for giggles. But since it involved another me, I'd rather things not escalate to a point that my dear Fluttershy...or yes, even you. Get hurt. You want revenge?" Discord shoots a bolt of magic into your horn. Making it fall off, and change back into a Sombra horn. "Then wait for him to show back up. If he comes back for more, then he is infringing on that rule. If you're wondering what I did to the horn. I made attune to beings who trespass from that very dimension. So, should you run into him again on your home turf. You'll get exactly three charges to deal with him. Now, I know what you must be asking. Why not unlimited charges? Well that's easy, a good chaotic being should be able to humiliate their foe causing as much chaos as possible with as little effort as possible. You'll just have to be creative. Now..." Everything starts to turn dark again. As Discord gets an afro and disco suit. "Let's Boogie!"
  311. >But you couldn't move. But you could still think. Goddammit Discord. Or rather. Should you be saying "Goddammit" in your mind? Could he be right? He must have kept you frozen to let you have time to think it over. The guy just made it that if you face this other Anon at anytime. You get three goes to absolutely wreck his shit. And, this Anon can't be that powerful if he had to use a taser. You'd have him for sure. As the Disco Ball comes down, Discord starts to dance and get down. But it puts you further into thought. Unwritten rule huh? Half of that was probably bullshit, if that rule had to be made, you could only imagine it being broken by Discords who didn't have anything to care about. But that was you. You did care about this world, and the friends in it. And Discord cared about Fluttershy, and hell...probably a lot of other ponies. He'd sure be sad if he couldn't torment Twilight anymore.
  312. >Fine then....you'll wait. And when the day comes you get to face that fucker. You're gonna send him to hell and back. Maybe even literally.
  313. >"Anon, why aren't you dancing? The music is grooving and I'm in the mood for a little moving before going back to bed" Discord taps your head, loosening you from his frozen grip as he takes you by the front legs and starts to waltz with you...to Disco music.
  314. >"Come on Anon, don't be such a stiff! It's a good thing I'm doing this for you. Nopony we care about gets hurt and you'd get to have oodles of revenge. Just relax, have this dance with me. Get down!"
  315. >Discord starts to spin you around by the hoof
  316. "Wowowowowowowowowowowoahhhhh!"
  317. >Discord lets you go to strike a pose "Oh Yeah! centuries later and I still got the moves!"
  318. >You spin like a top a couple of feet before finally stopping and sitting down as your head spins.
  319. "O-ohggg...Discord..."
  321. >"Shhhh~" Discord mambos over to you and lifts you up to your two back hooves. "Don't be such a killjoy Anon, don't think about it too much. Just move along with the music. Come on, show me some moves" Steps back and starts doing the classic Disco diagonal point as a disco ball comes down and lights up the floor in various colors.
  322. >You didn't even have time to think as spotlights suddenly shone on you as you stood there. Keeping balance on your back hooves, you look over to Discord. Who wiggled his eyebrows at you "Come now Anon, haven't you been angry long enough? Don't you think you deserve a little fun after saving a world? Don't you want to celebrate your possible future victory over your "inferior" other? Come on! Show me what you got!"
  323. >Discord's spontaneous reaction was...actually kind of uplifting. It kind of put things in a better perspective. Sure, you wanted to kick that other guy's ass. But...if that was HIS girl. Then maybe, given how mad you are, that the guy was pretty angry too. No idea how he made friends with "Scrappy". But, if he dares set hoof on your turf. You'd have to make sure to find out. As for this world, well. You'd just have to do your best. You could be nicer to "Scrappy" sure. But you have to take some of what the CMC think of you with a grain of salt. They were kids afterall, they didn't understand the intricacies of being an adult.
  324. >And with that, you started rolling along your front hooves right before waving them in the air and falling on your back to spin about. You then strike a resting pose, laying your head on the flat of your hoof as you smirk.
  325. "How's that?"
  326. >"Excellently done for a starting dance move. But let's see you get to a fever pitch with something like this!"
  327. >When Discord said fever pitch, he meant it fucking literally as he explodes into flames. Doing some sort of dance similar to when he showed off at the gala as little flaming Discords join along with him.
  328. >hahha....nope.
  330. "Well, you got me beat. I can't burst into flames without...y'know..dying."
  331. >Discord suddenly freezes over as the little flame versions of him snuff out. Discord then speaks while encased in his icy tomb.
  332. "That's because you're still learning how to chill."
  333. >Says the guy who loses his shit if it has anything to do with Flutershy
  334. "Heh, maybe. But I'm "Chill" enough now. I gotta say Discord, I actually feel better thanks to you. Do you really think that other Anon will come by again?"
  335. >Discord shrugs as he crawls out of the ice tomb. phasing through it like it was air. "Who's to say? Just know I fully support your little revenge plan ASLONG as you do it in THIS Equestria. Understand?"
  336. >You nod
  337. "Yeah, I get it. Oh..by the way, I think I do have one cool move that could top your Disco Fever"
  338. >Discord plants his bottom ontop of the icy tomb and awaits it with curiousness "Well then, show me! I do love a good move busting."
  339. >You open your saddlebag and shift things around so all your bits would be on top. You then hold the bag by the strap and spin. Stopping hard enough for the coins to be thrown towards the Discoball due to momentum. The lights hit the bits and sparkle all over, sending beams of light randomly everywhere. Before the coins fall. You put yourself on your head and balance yourself straight up as you kick off for a spin. You spin on your head for awhile before kicking off with your front hooves and landing on all four of your hooves. Striking a heroic pose as all the bits hit the ground.
  340. "I call that one the "Moneymaker" "
  341. >Discord smirks, and lets out a small chuckle "A bad pun, but a good enough light show." Discord claps "Bravo Anon, Bravo! You do know how to have fun after all. I want you to keep that in mind. Remember this moment whenever you think too hard on something, like revenge, and remember that chaos is as easy and wonderful as a dance. No need to get angry over it."
  342. >Hypocritical sure, but you'd remember it. But just for laughs..
  344. "Sure, I got it. Just remember to do the same whenever somepony gets between you and Aunt Fluttershy. Ok?"
  345. >You smirk at him
  346. >"Ohhhhh....." Discord gets a little angry and waggles his finger at you "yoouuu.......you.......ugh" Discord sighs, realizing that may indeed still be a problem he has. "Touche, perhaps this should be a lesson we both should remember.Well.." Discord snaps his talons. Returning you to the alleyway as he disappears from sight. His voice still being heard. "I'm off to bed again Anon. Nightmares to be had, chaos to plan. Things like that. Have a pleasant evening. And seriously, four stars on that whole "saving the world" thing. Not perfect, but I know you'll improve in time. Taaa taaaa~!"
  347. >And then, his voice was gone.
  348. >You start tapping at your horn. Two extra charges when that fuck shows up huh? Three total. Yeah, that's more than enough to push his shit in. Welp, there was one last thing to do for the night...
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