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Sequoia Session 4

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  1. [19:32:39 ][Mille-Feuille] Alright! It's the following morning in Oceanspray. Moses leaves you a note bidding you good luck in the competition; it seems he left with the Quagsire overnight, heading for Benedict labs.
  2. [19:33:10 ][Mille-Feuille] The streets are quite busy that morning, as lots of people have come to watch the Trainer's ABC Triathalon.
  3. [19:34:40 ]* Dann- woke up early to get some training in with his Pokemon before the triathalon. He worked in some variety of "obstacle course" training, but he is not a particularly great athlete, so this attempt had mixed success.
  4. [19:37:28 ]* Percival mulls over the events listed at the Triathalon. He checks over his pokemon to ensure that they are all in fine condition before the events.
  5. [19:38:39 ]* Lucian is out early with his team, in the athletics outfit picked out by Moses. The somewhat garish red-black ensemble, if it could really be called such, is more comfortable and functional than its appearance would let on. By the time he's gone down to the beach and had a light breakfast on the coast the practically skintight outfit is so comfortable it's almost as if he's wearing nothing at all.
  6. [19:39:05 ][Lucian] The crotch rides a bit high but perhaps that is normal.
  7. [19:39:24 ][Mille-Feuille] Percival, looking at the pamphlet about the day's events, you see The ABCs Trainer Triathlon is so named because it aims to test what the Sequoia League considers the three core tenets of being a successful competitive Pokémon Trainer: Adventuring, Battling, and Capturing.
  8. [19:41:42 ]* Dann- heads over to the beach once he feels that everyone on his team has gotten a sufficient amount of cardio on the impromptu 'course'. He feels particularly fired up after the unusual workout.
  9. [19:42:53 ][castfromhp] At the beach you see quite the crowd gathered to watch the event. A man in a suit sporting sharp shades and slicked back hair has a megaphone and is directing observers to seating and participants to several stands for sign ups. "Trainers in the 0 to 2 badge division, to my right, in the 3 to 5 badge division down the other side of the beach..." he continues, pointing to various stands.
  10. [19:43:49 ]* Dann- strides excitedly to the 0 to 2 badge sign up area.
  11. [19:43:54 ]* Lucian heads with the rest of the aides toward the right, though he keeps on the lookout for the rakish boy he'd met just the night before
  12. [19:45:10 ]* Percival begrudgingly dons his new apparel. A closely fitted cuffed shirt along with a blue vest along with dress pants. "I suppose he said this would be helpful for having that woman find me once more..." He then proceeds to go to the beach.
  13. [19:45:48 ][Lucian] "I feel like Extreme Speed in this outfit."
  14. [19:46:22 ][Lucian] "Maybe there'll be a freak accident and I'll get his powers too."
  15. [19:46:22 ][Percival] "I can only hope he wasn't trying to play me for the fool getting me to wear this outside."
  16. [19:46:26 ]* SuikoGM is now known as Kaingaskhan
  17. [19:47:05 ]* Lucian bounces on his feet a little, "I don't know about you but this thing is pretty comfortable, it's impractical aesthetics notwithstanding."
  18. [19:47:20 ][Lucian] its*
  19. [19:47:41 ][castfromhp] Dann and Lucian, you're nearly first in line as you walk up to the small table with a grandmotherly looking old woman taking down registrants on a clipboard. She has a scanner for Trainer IDs attached to her phone, similar to what you saw Blintz using when you first met her, and she seems to be finishing up the processing for a tall man with dyed purple-red hair. "There you are...Sven was it? Next!" the woman calls out,
  20. [19:47:41 ][castfromhp]  looking towards you two.
  21. [19:48:31 ]* Lucian flashes her an eager smile, his ID ready for scanning to help speed along the process.
  22. [19:48:38 ]* Adrienne had woken up early to get a head start on the day, mostly by feeding both her pokemon and trying to get them hyped for the day before heading to the beach, dressed in one of the least objectionable outfits; a sleeveless knee-length white dress, a nice pastel blue blouse, and a big hat to avoid the sun. She arrives dead last, almost forgetting the time.
  23. [19:49:03 ][Mille-Feuille] Percival; you see the young lady from the night before waiting next to a similar-looking boy; he's also short, blonde, about the same height, and wearing glasses. Perhaps they're twins?
  24. [19:49:08 ]* Dann- shuffles behind Lucian, digging frantically in his bag for his ID.
  25. [19:49:17 ][castfromhp] The tall man takes a small badge from the old woman and pins it to his shirt, then takes a long sip from a cup of coffee in his other hand and gives an exaggeratedly contented sigh before walking back past the pair of you, giving you a small smile and a wave as he passes.
  26. [19:49:51 ]* Adrienne heads to the registration table.
  27. [19:50:15 ][Percival] "Oh, it's you! Hi, it's Percival, we met the other night. Would this gentleman here perhaps be your brother?"
  28. [19:50:17 ]* Dann- smiles sheepishly back at him while continuing to search for his ID. After a frantic few moments, he produces it with a triumphant look.
  29. [19:51:25 ][castfromhp] "And you are...?" The woman gives you a warm smile as she takes your ID Lucian and slides it through. "Lucian Lavarre. A charming name. Everything checks out, so here you are. Best of luck." She grins and prints you a badge from a small device, then turns to Dann. "Oh you didn't have to rush so. There's plenty of time."
  30. [19:52:28 ][Mille-Feuille] "Hi! Yes, I'm Noah! Nice to meet you!" The boy says excitedly, with a warm smile. "Thank you so much for helping Naomi and I!" he says, grabbing your hand.
  31. [19:52:34 ][Dann-] "I'm just always afraid that I've misplaced my ID. I should really get a better method of storing it." Dann replies with a grin.
  32. [19:52:42 ]* Lucian nods as he accepts the badge, "I hope you have fun watching the festivities ma'am. Keep an eye on me, I'll try to keep lower tier matches fun to watch."
  33. [19:52:50 ][Mille-Feuille] "Ah.. Noah, show him the... you know, the eggs..."
  34. [19:53:45 ]* Lucian snickers as he leaves the table, "When your storage system is 'cram everything into a bag' the only place to go is up, Dann."
  35. [19:53:47 ][Percival] "Oh, it was no problem, It's good you meet you as well Noah. I'm pleased to be of any sort of help."
  36. [19:54:57 ]* Dann- attempts to glare at Lucian for a moment before the facade breaks and he chuckles. "That's certainly true. I just can't bring myself to replace my trusty bag, I guess."
  37. [19:55:12 ][castfromhp] The woman scans you through as well, Dann. "My grandson always wore his on a lanyard. He got all sorts of teasing for it at first, but he never did lose his ID." She hands you a badge as well and turns to Adrienne.
  38. [19:55:42 ][Dann-] "A lanyard might not be a bad idea...oh, and thank you for the badge!"
  39. [19:56:03 ]* Adrienne hands over her ID, having gotten it out beforehand.
  40. [19:56:10 ][Mille-Feuille] "Oh right!" Noah says, before turning around to pick up a large portable incubator, and opening it up to reveal two eggs. "I was just wondering if you could help us identify these two eggs?"
  41. [19:56:49 ][Percival] "Hmmm, I can see what I can do. Did you find them somewhere or are these two yours?"
  42. [19:57:28 ]* Dann- drops his ID right back into his mess of a bag before shouldering it and walking off.
  43. [19:57:59 ][Mille-Feuille] They sort of look at each other, and then Noah turns to face you. "They were... sort of confiscated from a bad situation. And I managed to pick them up from the Rangers for cheap, heh. But I have no idea what they are!"
  44. [19:58:11 ][Mille-Feuille] Roll Pokemon Edu Percival~
  45. [19:58:56 ][Percival] "Ah I see, that's very nice of you two do. I'm sure these little ones will appreciate it in the future."
  46. [19:59:02 ][Percival] 3d6 pokemon education
  47. [19:59:03 ][CritSenpai] pokemon education: 17 [3d6=5,6,6]
  48. [19:59:05 ][castfromhp] "Adrienne, Adrienne. You know, my grandson's name is Adrien. Oh I know it's spelled differently, but isn't that just so funny?" You get handed an ID as well.
  49. [20:00:18 ][Mille-Feuille] Percival - you almost thought you didn't know, but then you realize they're Skiddo Eggs that have been painted to look very different!
  50. [20:01:09 ][Adrienne] "A little bit," she replies, taing back her ID and the ID she was given. "Where do I go from here?"
  51. [20:01:47 ]* Dann- scans the crowd to see if he can spot Sandy.
  52. [20:01:56 ][Percival] "Huh, looks like these eggs were trying to be disguised for some reason, there's paint on them! These two seem to be Skiddo eggs."
  53. [20:02:32 ][Percival] "I'm guessing somebody wanted to keep them safe since they were in a bad spot before."
  54. [20:02:40 ][Mille-Feuille] "Hah, that makes sense! The people they were retrieved from were conmen."
  55. [20:02:52 ][Mille-Feuille] "I'm guessing they were painted so they could be sold as being 'rare' eggs."
  56. [20:03:10 ][castfromhp] "Oh, the announcer will let you know where to go once everything's set up. There was a last minute scramble to get all the events set up, I hear."
  57. [20:03:29 ][Mille-Feuille] "Skiddo.... that would be perfect for my team," Naomi says happily.
  58. [20:03:39 ][Percival] "Hopefully that won't happen again. Planning on raising them eh?"
  59. [20:03:58 ][Mille-Feuille] "I can't really use one though... say, Percival, would like you to keep the other one, since you helped us out?"
  60. [20:05:03 ]* Adrienne nods. "Thanks." With that, she wanders off to just kill time until the competition happens.
  61. [20:05:21 ][castfromhp] Dann, you glance around the beach and see no sign of her at first around the registration area - but then you spy her standing near a couple of men and women wearing "STAFF" t-shirts by a roped off area. She has a sheepish look on her face and seems to be getting reprimanded, by the looks of it.
  62. [20:05:31 ][Percival] "Sure, I could do so! I do appreciate it very much so. Tell me how raising the other one goes Naomi!"
  63. [20:05:32 ]* Tupac (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  64. [20:05:58 ]* Lucian scopes out the competition, looking for any of the earnestly confident trainers in the crowd of beginners.
  65. [20:06:07 ][Mille-Feuille] "Well, here you go then. Why don't you keep the incubator, too?"
  66. [20:06:32 ][Mille-Feuille] Noah hands you the large portable incubator with the egg inside, after removing Naomi's.
  67. [20:06:52 ][Mille-Feuille] "Good luck with the Triathlon, Naomi! I'll take the egg and head back to the room."
  68. [20:07:04 ][Mille-Feuille] "Y-yes! See you later!"
  69. [20:07:18 ][Mille-Feuille] Noah flashes the two of you another smile, and leaves.
  70. [20:07:29 ][Percival] "Alright, that would be very helpful. I very much appreciate it, both of you. I'll see you both later!"
  71. [20:07:41 ]* Percival takes the Incubator and heads towards the desk.
  72. [20:07:44 ]* Dann- strolls near the roped off area and tries to casually pick up any details about the conversation.
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  74. [20:09:58 ][Mille-Feuille] Percival and Naomi get registered as well. Among the other late-comers, Lucian spots that Rake boy from the previous night.
  75. [20:10:57 ][Lucian] Is the boy alone or does he have a team of jerks who follow him around?
  76. [20:11:28 ][castfromhp] Dann, it just sounds like Sandy tried to get a sneak peak of the setup area, like she had let on about last night. And now she's begging forgiveness and promising she won't do it ever again ever.
  77. [20:11:30 ][Mille-Feuille] He's alone, moving through the crowds with a cocky swagger.
  78. [20:12:46 ]* Dann- sighs, before straightening himself and approaching the group around Sandy. "Hey! What seems to be the matter over there? Wait, did she do it again?!" He calls in an exasperated voice.
  79. [20:14:42 ][Percival] "Hmm, a lot more people than I expected."
  80. [20:14:53 ]* Lucian looks between his team and Rake, wondering if he should stir something up. A little rivalry was fun but then, it wouldn't do to drag them all into trouble.
  81. [20:14:54 ][Lucian] 1d2
  82. [20:14:54 ][CritSenpai] 1d2: 2 [1d2=2]
  83. [20:15:41 ][castfromhp] Sandy freezes up at hearing your voice and tries to shake her head at you before you speak up, but it's too late. "Again?" A man in a STAFF shirt says with a sigh. "She a friend of yours? Listen, we're fine telling you the basics of what you'll be up against hear, especially in the beginners' division, but if someone actualy gets -into- the obstacle course early, people get worried about tampering and the safety of the
  84. [20:15:41 ][castfromhp] competitors."
  85. [20:16:08 ][Lucian] Shaking his head he decides against the idea and instead heads toward the commotion with the staff.
  86. [20:18:10 ][Dann-] "Sandy! What did I tell you about this." Dann stops just outside the roped off area. "Sorry sir, by again, I think I may have given the wrong impression. I've known Sandy for a while, and even in grade school, she would try to peak at tests, get ahead, you know, childish mistakes. I thought she was done with that though." He glares at Sandy.
  87. [20:18:18 ][Dann-] *this?
  88. [20:18:54 ][castfromhp] The man shrugs tiredly. "I'll already told her, we'll let it go this time, since we stopped her before she got in - just go get yourselves a hot drink or something before you get all get started." The staff man grins. "You might need it."
  89. [20:20:17 ][Dann-] "Thank you so much, I'm sure she's very sorry." He gives Sandy a look that says 'apologize again', "I'll try to keep her out of trouble moving forward."
  90. [20:21:14 ]* Dann- gives the man his warmest smile and offers his hand to Sandy to lead her away from the ring of staff members and the tempting roped off area.
  91. [20:22:06 ][castfromhp] "So~rry." Sandy says, clasping her hands together and giving the staff members a small bow before letting herself get led away. "...really, did you have to give me a -reputation-?" she says with amusement. "I had all but convinced them it was just me getting lost!"
  92. [20:24:03 ][castfromhp] "The Trainers' ABCs Triathlon will be beginning shortly!" A voice booms out over a megaphone. "All participants please gather at the following locations..." He begins to rattle off a couple letters, which seem to correspond to flags placed up and down the beach. The beginners of course start at flag A.
  93. [20:24:58 ]* Lucian starts off toward A, glancing around occasionally to keep track of the others on what he's mentally dubbed 'Benedict's team'.
  94. [20:25:04 ]* Adrienne heads to flag A.
  95. [20:25:36 ]* Dann- grins without looking back at the staff members. "Well how was I supposed to know you had it under control? Also, checking at night is one thing, but during broad daylight? I would have thought you were better at this kind of thing."
  96. [20:26:17 ]* Dann- glances back to make sure they are out of earshot. "Anyway, did you see anything back there?"
  97. [20:26:49 ]* Percival heads towards flag A. "I wonder how fast people have possibly even gone through the entire thing here..."
  98. [20:28:17 ][castfromhp] "I thought I had them distracted but they caught me before I saw anything." Sandy says, kicking at the sand. "Anyway, let's go!"
  99. [20:29:46 ][castfromhp] Those of you arriving at the A Flag see a few Trainers already gathered there. Rake and Naomi are there, and Sven is walking up, a cup of coffee held in each hand. Dann and Lucian might notice that neither of these seems to be the same brand as the coffee he had earlier this morning.
  100. [20:29:59 ]* Dann- increases his pace and heads towards the A Flag, "So you're in the beginner's group, then?"
  101. [20:32:26 ][castfromhp] Behind a set of ropes is a large obstacle course laid out before you - it appears to have three major sections: a large pool of water with ice floes floating in it - which seem to be melting in the summer heat!, leading up to a large cliff wall, then an imposing tangle of trees and vines at the top of the cliff.
  102. [20:32:49 ][Percival] "Ah, settled on joining then Naomi? It's good to know there will be such a nice person such as yourself joining."
  103. [20:33:03 ][castfromhp] "Hurry, hurry!" the grandmotherly woman who registered you all says, waving you to the ropes as you arrive. "The slower you start, the harder the first bit is for you all!"
  104. [20:33:20 ][Mille-Feuille] "O-oh, thanks... y-you too.."
  105. [20:33:36 ][castfromhp] Sandy nods to you, Dann. "Yuppers, this is my first time in any League event, actually."
  106. [20:33:51 ]* Lucian dashes up ahead, eager to have some semblance of a headstart
  107. [20:34:13 ][Dann-] "Huh, and here I thought I was the newcomer."
  108. [20:34:42 ]* Adrienne gives Rake a very brief glance of annoyance before picking up her pace. Don't want to be behind and screw her chances of winning.
  109. [20:35:10 ]* Percival jogs up to the start line. "It's always a pleasure."
  110. [20:36:26 ][castfromhp] Sven takes a sip from both of his coffees and seems absolutely disgusted with them. "Ugh, the drivel that this town takes for its morning brew." He makes a face, then scans the Trainers around him. "Would anyone with less -particular- tastes care to liberate me of these horrid drinks?"
  111. [20:37:08 ][castfromhp] "Maybe they will keep you warm should you slip and fall out the starting gate."
  112. [20:37:37 ][Lucian] 2d6 Sabotage y/n?
  113. [20:37:37 ][CritSenpai] Sabotage y/n?: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  114. [20:37:44 ][Lucian] Intuition*
  115. [20:38:01 ][castfromhp] He really hates this coffee. He hates it so much.
  116. [20:38:03 ][Dann-] "I don't know how I could refuse after such a glowing review." Dann says with a smirk. He does not reach for a coffee, however.
  117. [20:38:37 ][Percival] "No thanks, that's a nice offer but we're already full up."
  118. [20:38:45 ][Mille-Feuille] The announcer approaches the group as you're all set to begin. "Alright everyone! This first event is fairly straightforward - it's a simple race to the finish! You're allowed to use Pokemon to help you - but they cannot be used as mounts. You also cannot interfere with other contestants."
  119. [20:38:48 ]* Lucian tajes the coffee from him, "If I end up hacking out my lungs, I'll blame you."
  120. [20:39:09 ][castfromhp] Grandma looks to be taking a headcount, then addresses everyone. "Okay dearies, if this is your first time, the rules are simple. You may have one Pokemon out at a time in this event, and they can do anything to help you out short of letting you ride them or sabotaging the other racers. The goal is to be the first to the finish line, of course."
  121. [20:40:06 ][castfromhp] (The way we'll be doing this is each of you will have a turn where you generally describe what you and your pokemon are doing - we'll call for the appropriate skill checks based on what you're doing then update on how everyone is doing at the end of each round. "Turns" occur simultaneously though, essentially.)
  122. [20:40:20 ][Lucian] Question: Is there anything hanging over the pool and ice floes?
  123. [20:40:32 ][castfromhp] It's open air.
  124. [20:40:39 ][Lucian] No threaded then
  125. [20:41:19 ][Percival] "I see, that is certainly an interesting take on a race."
  126. [20:41:28 ][castfromhp] Lucian, Sven seems to like his coffee black. If you take a sip, it actually tastes pretty okay. Not generic Staryubucks trash, but nothing particularly gourmet either.
  127. [20:41:52 ]* Lucian shrugs and downs it all quickly so as to have his hands free in time for the race.
  128. [20:42:35 ][Mille-Feuille] After a few more minutes of preparation, you're all set to begin. "Alright! Get ready contestants! On your marks, get set, go!"
  129. [20:42:54 ]* Dann- ponders for a moment before popping Stefan out into the open.
  130. [20:43:31 ]* Percival sends out Maimaigon (Shellos) after thinking upon the nature of the course.
  131. [20:44:07 ]* Lucian lets Loptyr out, 'no direct intereference' was such vague wording. There had to be some room to play with such a broad ruling.
  132. [20:45:08 ]* Adrienne seriously laments picking this particular outfit at this point in time. In the end, she decides to not pick out either of her pokemon yet, opting to just do this the old fashioned way. "Hope I don't fall," she mumbles.
  133. [20:45:51 ][Dann-] "All right Stefan, the goal here is for both of us to get to the finish line. I'll try to keep up with you, but if mess up, try to help me out, ok?"
  134. [20:46:03 ][Dann-] *if I
  135. [20:46:13 ][castfromhp] Go ahead and state what you're doing for your first turn, and append "Action:" to the start of your message so we know what to look at.
  136. [20:48:32 ][Lucian] "Loptyr, direct interference with other trainers and Pokemon is prohibited so I don't want you getting in their way in that matter..." Action: Lucian runs ahead and tries to get through the obstacles on his own power while Loptyr runs ahead to interfere in the competition by using his superior leg/jump strength to jump from ice floe to ice floe, using the momentum from his jumps to send them...
  137. [20:48:34 ][Lucian] ...out of the way of far ahead trainers and when possible, launching them toward Lucian to use for advancement.
  138. [20:49:55 ][Dann-] Action: Dann directs Stefan to fly to the ice floe he's about to jump to and cut a notch in it so that Dann can brace his foot in the notch when he lands. Failing that, he also tells Stefan to body block Dann if it looks like he's about to slide off an ice floe. Dann then proceeds to jump from ice floe to ice floe as best he can.
  139. [20:50:32 ][Adrienne] Action: Adrienne is just going to hoof it, lacking clever ideas involving Arthur or Rami.
  140. [20:50:36 ][Lucian] Oh, and also to knock them into trainers trying to bypass the ice through the water when it's convenient.
  141. [20:51:03 ][Percival] Action: Percival tries to get on top of one of the ice floes and uses the Amorphous nature of Maimaigon to stetch him into a paddle to  go forward in the pool.
  142. [20:51:48 ][castfromhp] Lucian, Dann, Adrienne, roll Acrobatics. Percival, roll Athletics.
  143. [20:52:02 ][Dann-] 2d6 Acrobatics
  144. [20:52:02 ][CritSenpai] Acrobatics: 7 [2d6=2,5]
  145. [20:52:04 ][Lucian] 2d6+1 Acrobatics
  146. [20:52:04 ][CritSenpai] Acrobatics: 9 [2d6=2,6]
  147. [20:52:16 ][Dann-] 8 for me, should have had +1
  148. [20:52:26 ][Percival] 3d6 Athletics
  149. [20:52:26 ][CritSenpai] Athletics: 16 [3d6=6,4,6]
  150. [20:52:32 ][castfromhp] In the meantime, you see the other competitors taking action too...
  151. [20:52:38 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1
  152. [20:52:39 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+1: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  153. [20:53:10 ][castfromhp] Sven looks over the ice floes with consternation. He releases a Deerling and kneels down to give it an order in its ear. It nods and kicks up a Sand Attack over one of the platforms, making it less slippery! He then takes a deep breath and attempts to jump to it. As he lands, one of the floes Loptyr lands on crashes into his and causes him to slip and fall on his ass, but he just barely stays on thanks to the traction f
  154. [20:53:10 ][castfromhp] rom the sand.
  155. [20:54:29 ][castfromhp] Sandy seems to be pretty nimble and has little problem jumping from floe to floe, though she's slowed down by the chaotic arrangement that Lucian caused.
  156. [20:55:14 ][Mille-Feuille] Naomi's machop physically picks her up, and throws her from ice floe to ice floe, jumping along after her!
  157. [20:55:41 ][Mille-Feuille] Rake simply takes off his shirt and dives into the icy water, swimming across on brute force without even letting out a Pokemon.
  158. [20:58:30 ][castfromhp] Dann, unfortunately, you slip and fall into the frigid water! Brrr! Your wet and frozen clothes cling uncomfortably to you as you climb back on the floe. The rest of you seem to make it fine across the floes, though Percival's paddling strategy has put him in the lead, with Lucian not far behind.
  159. [20:59:50 ][castfromhp] Stefan hurriedly helps you back up, Dann.
  160. [21:00:40 ]* Dann- sighs. "This is exactly what you were supposed to prevent, buddy." He straightens up. "Come on, we're still in this."
  161. [21:01:14 ][Lucian] Are we past halfway or no?
  162. [21:01:30 ][Percival] "I hope this isn't too bad for you buddy, you're doing well though!"
  163. [21:02:33 ][castfromhp] Percival, you're the first to the mountainous section of this obstacle course, though there's little time to think before the others may catch up! Naomi, Sandy, and Lucian aren't far behind. Looking up, you see a sheer cliff face, which seems to be split into two halves. The left half is covered with a thin sheet of ice up until halfway up, though it levels off to look much more approachable after that point. The right
  164. [21:02:33 ][castfromhp] half is uniformly steep throughout but doesn't seem to have the layer of ice on the bottom portion.
  165. [21:03:48 ][castfromhp] A large jagged set of rocks separates the left and right halves, preventing someone from easily crossing over. A few short ropes are hanging from the top of the cliff to help with the final push, though they're mostly wound up around poles, preventing you from reaching them until you're pretty far up the cliff.
  166. [21:06:11 ][Percival] Action: Percival orders Maimaigon to stick to the sheer rock face with Wallclimber and uses him as a foothold to help scale up the right half.
  167. [21:06:17 ][Lucian] Action: Lucian returns Loprtyr and orders Roy to take the left side, copying Sven's strategy with the sand-attack to create a more approachable start on the ice and then commanding the shrew to climb/burrow up ahead to create foot and handholds to help ease his way up, with further orders to make those same holds unsafe to use after Lucian is well past them.
  168. [21:06:55 ][castfromhp] (you can swap Pokemon each section if you'd like, btw)
  169. [21:07:03 ][castfromhp] (feel free to revise actions accordingly)
  170. [21:08:35 ][Dann-] Action: Dann moves to start on the left side of the cliff. He directs Stefan fly up alongside and use his claws like ice picks to knock off ice to help make better handholds. If he wants to knock some of the ice down on the stragglers, Dann won't object. Also, he orders Stefan to basically slam him into the wall if he loses his grip until he can get a new handhold.
  171. [21:09:10 ][Dann-] *Stefan to fly
  172. [21:10:17 ][Dann-] So Dann is basically climbing on his own using handholds Stefan produces on the ice section.
  173. [21:11:28 ][castfromhp] In the blink of an eye, Sandy snap-throws a pokeball at the cliffs with a practiced motion as she jumps off the last floe, releasing a Murkrow, which she has dart up the ropes up top to begin unwinding for her to help the climb up.
  174. [21:11:28 ][castfromhp] Sven looks a bit annoyed at Lucian for copying his tactic as he has his Deerling continue to the do the same, doing his best to avoid Lucian's sabotaged areas and Stefan's stray ice.
  175. [21:12:43 ][Mille-Feuille] Rake lets out a Riolu, which similarly to Stefan, jumps ahead of Rake and punches sections of rock and ice clear for Rake to use as hand/footholds.
  176. [21:13:04 ][Dann-] Once Dann is on the easier half of the left side, he sends Stefan to begin unwinding a rope too.
  177. [21:13:13 ][Dann-] If he notices the Murkrow doing that.
  178. [21:13:43 ][Mille-Feuille] Naomi simply attempts to scale the cliff, though she has trouble avoiding the falling debris and it's slow going.
  179. [21:13:43 ][Lucian] In that case, Lucian has Roy send down a rope once he's close enough to the top as well, with orders to snip it once he's safely reached the summit.
  180. [21:14:24 ][Mille-Feuille] Athletics for everyone here!
  181. [21:14:37 ][Dann-] 3d6+1 Athletics
  182. [21:14:37 ][CritSenpai] Athletics: 14 [3d6=6,3,4]
  183. [21:15:02 ][Lucian] 3d6+2 AP
  184. [21:15:02 ][CritSenpai] AP: 9 [3d6=3,1,3]
  185. [21:15:39 ][Percival] 3d6 athletics
  186. [21:15:39 ][CritSenpai] athletics: 8 [3d6=3,2,3]
  187. [21:16:08 ][FoxPrince] You're starting in Fidtown
  188. [21:16:11 ][Adrienne] Action: Adrienne releases Arthur, whose job is to just scout ahead for safer places to grip on, and, having the same idea as Sandy, also going ahead to lower the rope.
  189. [21:17:23 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, athletics as well!
  190. [21:19:09 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1
  191. [21:19:09 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+1: 4 [2d6=1,2]
  192. [21:20:47 ][Mille-Feuille] After all is said and done, Sandy manages to close the gap with Percival, and it's those two that are leading the race! Though Sven is close behind. It's still close enough to be anyone's game depending on the final event, however!
  193. [21:22:27 ][castfromhp] It's like stepping into a rainforest as you all clear the top of the cliffs. Thick vines and fallen logs make the way forward difficult, and the density of trees makes it difficult to see a clear path through to the other side.
  194. [21:23:19 ][castfromhp] Some of the logs are quite rotten, and you're not sure they're sturdy enough to hold your weight, and some of the vines and other plants have little prickly thorns covering them that look pretty uncomfortable to just dash through.
  195. [21:24:03 ][Dann-] "Stefan, clear a path!"
  196. [21:26:36 ][Lucian] Action: Lucian lets Ishtore loose for this last stretch of race with orders to perch on his shoulders using his experience in densely wooded areas and Compoundeyes to help lead him through the maze of greenery. He also has the spider cover his exposed bits of skin with spider webbing to help him cut through the thorns. In addition to this, he tells the thing to lay down web traps to slow...
  197. [21:26:38 ][Lucian] ...down the people behind them and use of the spider's threads to help him back up in case he falls on the logs.
  198. [21:27:35 ][Dann-] Action: Dann orders Stefan to use Fury Cutter to carve a very narrow path forward. He also tells Stefan to use his instincts for this kind of terrain (Naturewalk:Forest) to find the correct way out. Once Stefan starts cutting, Dann charges behind him, following as closely as possible to avoid getting whipped by any stray branches or thorns. If they get lost, he tells Stefan to fly up, identify the correct route, and then resume cutting
  199. [21:27:35 ][Dann-] a path.
  200. [21:28:15 ][Percival] Action: Percival sends out Fumu (Togepi) and orders her to use Hidden Power (Ice) to freeze the vines and plants while holding her atop his head so she can get a clearer view.
  201. [21:30:07 ][castfromhp] With another snap of her wrist, Sandy has her Murkrow recalled for a Drilbur almost before she finishes clamouring up the cliff face. It begins to cut through the vines with its claws. As she jaunts through the forest, she quickly swaps between her Drilbur and the Murkrow, having the other peck at higher hanging branches and vines - and careful to play within the rules of one Pokemon at a time.
  202. [21:30:07 ][castfromhp] Sven keeps his Deerling out, carefully following its exact path through the jungle, letting it guide his way and take a quicker path.
  203. [21:31:11 ]* Adrienne has absolutely no idea what to do in a foresty area.
  204. [21:31:11 ][Adrienne] Action: Adrienne switches between Arthur using his claws to cut a path, and using Rami to look for better paths through the forest.
  205. [21:31:56 ][Adrienne] *Just cut out the Rami part since I don't have quick switch.
  206. [21:32:19 ][Mille-Feuille] Naomi has her Snover use razor leaf to clear the vines; Rake simply staggers through with frenzied determination, letting the brambles tear into his skin without a thought.
  207. [21:32:31 ][Mille-Feuille] roll survival please!
  208. [21:33:11 ][Dann-] 3d6+1 Survival+AP
  209. [21:33:11 ][CritSenpai] Survival+AP: 16 [3d6=6,3,6]
  210. [21:33:38 ][Percival] 1d6+1 survival and ap
  211. [21:33:38 ][CritSenpai] survival and ap: 6 [1d6=5]
  212. [21:33:48 ][Lucian] 1d6+1 AP
  213. [21:33:48 ][Adrienne] 4d6+1
  214. [21:33:48 ][CritSenpai] AP: 4 [1d6=3]
  215. [21:33:48 ][CritSenpai] 4d6+1: 18 [4d6=5,2,4,6]
  216. [21:38:06 ][Mille-Feuille] Percival and Sandy keep their lead, but Dann makes such short work of this area that he manages to catch up to them! They're the first three out of the thicket, and into the short stretch of flat ground to the finish line!
  217. [21:38:17 ][Mille-Feuille] Dann and Percival, roll choice of Survival, Athletics, or Acrobatics!
  218. [21:39:21 ][Percival] 3d6+1 athletics and ap
  219. [21:39:21 ][CritSenpai] athletics and ap: 12 [3d6=5,1,5]
  220. [21:39:29 ][Dann-] 3d6+1 Athletics+AP
  221. [21:39:29 ][CritSenpai] Athletics+AP: 14 [3d6=4,4,5]
  222. [21:41:02 ][Mille-Feuille] It's very close, but Sandy manages to take first place after a pure sprint to the finish! Dann comes in at a close second, Percival is third, and Sven stumbles in 4th, with everyone else coming in sometime after.
  223. [21:43:25 ]* Dann- collapses on his back shortly after crossing the finish line, gasping for air while trying to stifle exhilarated laughter.
  224. [21:43:59 ][Dann-] He sees Stefan floating down towards him and gives the samurai bug a hearty thumbs up.
  225. [21:44:39 ]* Lucian trails behind, caught up in the forest for the last stretch of the race and unable to cover the rest of the distance on his own. After congratulating the others on the team he casts his gaze toward the forest, eager to see how Adrienne and Rake did overall.
  226. [21:45:02 ][castfromhp] Past the finish line, you see a couple arenas set up in the sand of the beach. (time to hop onto Roll20 btw guys)
  227. [21:45:09 ][Mille-Feuille] Stefan bows down in front of Dann, pleased to have served his master ably.
  228. [21:45:29 ]* Percival sits down once he's past the line. "Whew, that sure was a triathalon, nice work people."
  229. [21:46:47 ]* Dann- pats the bug affectionately on one claw, unable to muster the formalism he would normally respond with.
  230. [21:47:02 ]* Adrienne found the forest section was surprisingly less of a complete pain in the ass than she thought, although she only made up for her really terrible showing in the second area. She looks pretty annoyed when she gets past the finish line. She adjusts her glasses when she's done being winded. "Fuckin' A."
  231. [21:47:52 ]* Dann- turns his head towards Percival, "Good job! I thought you had it in the bag after that first section."
  232. [21:48:18 ][Dann-] "At least your clothes are dry." He says with a chuckle.
  233. [21:49:58 ][Percival] "Yeah, I don't need another day of soiled clothing, not after last time. You did really well yourself, I can see the other strengths you have other than digging with that shovel there."
  234. [21:50:40 ]* Dann- gives a wide grin as he stands up, "Well see, that's the secret, all my other skills are trained by digging!"
  235. [21:50:41 ][castfromhp] "Congraaaatulations everyone!" Comes the announcer's booming voice again. "Now, I'm sure you're all looking forward to this part. B is for battling, of course! These will be double battle matches with standard League rules. Please proceed to your division organizer who will have you draw lots for your battle partner!"
  236. [21:51:35 ]* Dann- looks for Sandy's attention before she runs off to draw lots, "Damn, you can run! I never would have guessed you were that quick."
  237. [21:52:34 ]* Adrienne looks around for the division organizer and heads over there to get her partner. She hopes it's not someone annoying.
  238. [21:52:41 ]* Lucian runs his hands through his hair and gets ready for the next stage of the competition, eager to put his loss behind him and move on to something he'd be better at.
  239. [21:52:56 ][castfromhp] "Let's just say sometimes people aren't as nice as those guards were when I get caught." She says with a wink, then rushes off to draw lots. Sven was just behind the top three across the line. Somehow, he's procured another coffee and is sipping at it with a ponderous look on his face.
  240. [21:53:14 ]* Percival dusts himself and his pokemon off in preparation for the next event.
  241. [21:54:26 ]* Dann- gives Stefan a final nod of approval, before recalling him and heading over to the organizer.
  242. [21:57:52 ][Mille-Feuille] You all draw lots, with TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE RESULTS!
  243. [21:58:30 ][Mille-Feuille] Dann is paired with the Coffee Hipster, and will be fighting Adrienne and Sandy!
  244. [21:58:59 ][Mille-Feuille] Meanwhile, Lucian is paired with the Moeblob, and is fighting Percival and Rake!
  245. [22:00:57 ]* Mille-Feuille is now known as Doxy
  246. [22:00:59 ]* Lucian looks for her in the crowd and gives her a wink and handshake, "Hey, you're the...girl who was hanging off of Percy, yeah?"
  247. [22:01:02 ]* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Doxy
  248. [22:01:43 ][@Doxy] "I-I ... what? N-no, I just, uhm, he did my brother and I a f-favor, that's all..." she manages to stammer out nervously.
  249. [22:02:20 ]* Lucian laughs, "Haha, I'm just teasing. It's nice to know he's got a cutie like you looking after him though."
  250. [22:02:28 ][castfromhp] "Each of you will choose two Pokemon to use for this battle and show them to your opponents before the match!" The announcer's voice comes as you get your lot results.
  251. [22:02:35 ][Lucian] Then, leaning in conspiratorially, "Or maybe it's the other way around?"
  252. [22:03:35 ][Lucian] "Anyway, let's talk strategy. What kind of Pokemon do you have? We'll want to pick out Pokemon that complement each other."
  253. [22:03:42 ][@Doxy] She freezes up completely in sheer terror after you say "cutie"
  254. [22:03:48 ]* Adrienne looks for her partner. Once she does, she gives her a fairly neutral "hi, I'm Adrienne."
  255. [22:04:19 ]* Percival waves over. "It's nice once more to see you Naomi! I wish you best of luck madam!"
  256. [22:04:28 ]* Dann- approaches Sven. "Hey there, looks like we're teaming up. What Pokemon are you planning to use?"
  257. [22:04:55 ][@Doxy] After a minute of not responding to Lucian's query, she simply picks up her Snover and holds it up front of her. Almost like a shield, but also as an answer, it seems.
  258. [22:05:06 ]* Lucian waves a hand in front of her face and tries to get a look at her eyes, they aren't dilated are they? This isn't a stroke is it?
  259. [22:05:07 ][castfromhp] "Oh, hi! Sandy." She sticks out a hand.
  260. [22:05:14 ][Percival] "Now, Rake was it? Do you have anything in mind when it comes to battling or do you prefer to jump right into it?"
  261. [22:06:30 ][Lucian] Suppressing a chuckle, he reaches out to pat the Snover on the head. "Nice to meet you two."
  262. [22:06:31 ][@Doxy] "Hrmph. We're against that snotty lab assistant...  excellent," Rake mutters, seemingly not listening to Percival's question. "We're going right for the kill."
  263. [22:06:38 ]* Adrienne glances down quickly before taking the offered hand. Once that's done, and her hand is free, she releases Rami and Arthur from their balls, looking down at them to address them. "You two ready?"
  264. [22:06:58 ][Percival] "Uh, I see, that's rather straightforward."
  265. [22:07:06 ][castfromhp] Sven takes a long drink of his coffee, draining it dry. He then pops the lid, closely examining the patterns left by the remaining liquid and sediment, before responding. "My Hoothoot and Kecleon shall do battle for me today."
  266. [22:07:43 ][castfromhp] Rami and Arthur jump and nod in affirmation respectively, pumped up by the yummy food you fed them earlier today.
  267. [22:08:01 ]* Percival shuffles into his bag and releases Fumu and Maimaigon onto the field. "Try to have some fun out there."
  268. [22:08:38 ]* Lucian smiles at her, or her Snover rather, sheepishly. "Anyway, I'm sending out my Doduo and Sandshrew. You might have gone through some grief earlier on their part, sorry."
  269. [22:09:02 ][Lucian] He looks around and tries to engage in conversation, "Come on, you gotta talk with me here."
  270. [22:09:05 ][Lucian] 3d6 Charm
  271. [22:09:05 ][CritSenpai] Charm: 13 [3d6=4,6,3]
  272. [22:09:13 ][Adrienne] That confirmed, Adrienne looks at Sandy. "What about you?"
  273. [22:10:13 ][Lucian] "It's not enough that we not step on each other's toes. We're a team for as long as this battle format lasts so let's give it our all, alright?"
  274. [22:10:54 ]* Percival hopes he won't be witnessing a murder by Rake today.
  275. [22:11:00 ][castfromhp] Sandy takes out her poke balls and juggles them with one hand, thinking. She suddenly snatches two out of the air and pops their buttons, releasing a Drilbur and a Murkrow.
  276. [22:11:18 ][@Doxy] "I-I .. uhm..... sorry!"
  277. [22:11:34 ][Dann-] "All right, I'll be using my Swinub and Kricketune. Sound ok to you?"
  278. [22:12:13 ]* Dann- releases Stefan once more, as well as Winston and Kai. He intends to let Kai watch the fun.
  279. [22:12:21 ][castfromhp] Sven jiggles his cup of coffee, scrutinizing the grounds. He nods.
  280. [22:12:41 ][@Doxy] !join #KeepBeachCityWeird
  281. [22:12:41 ][CritSenpai] Ara ara, you want me in #KeepBeachCityWeird?
  282. [22:15:16 ]* Adrienne nods, then looks across to her two opponents. "Cool. Watch out for the bug," Adrienne advises Sandy. "It's tough."
  283. [22:15:37 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, Dann, choose the first Pokemon you're using! (and give me their init values)
  284. [22:16:27 ][castfromhp] "Got it, thanks!" Sandy says, passing her poke balls between her fingers.
  285. [22:17:10 ][Dann-] Winston, 9 init
  286. [22:17:44 ][Adrienne] "Rami, you're up."
  287. [22:19:21 ]* #SleeplessInSequoia :You're not channel operator
  288. [22:19:33 ]* Doxy gives channel operator status to castfromhp
  289. [22:20:02 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead (29) 19 > Rami 12 > Trainers 10 > Winston 9 > Sumatra 5
  290. [22:20:30 ][@castfromhp] Feel free to position your Pokemon anywhere on the field up to the halfway point of the arena!
  291. [22:21:47 ][@castfromhp] (Dann-, you wanna move Winston any?)
  292. [22:22:36 ][Dann-] He's good now
  293. [22:22:43 ][Dann-] If that's a legal spot
  294. [22:23:06 ][@castfromhp] Yup it is.
  295. [22:23:43 ][@castfromhp] "Fiddlehead, let's take out that Swinub first!" Sandy points! Agility Orders! The Drilbur leaps forward and strikes the pig with a well-aimed attack!
  296. [22:23:49 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 aerial ace crit check
  297. [22:23:49 ][CritSenpai] aerial ace crit check: 1 [1d20=1]
  298. [22:23:55 ][@castfromhp] haha fuck you senpai
  299. [22:24:08 ][@castfromhp] 2d6+8+12 nomiss flying physical damage
  300. [22:24:08 ][CritSenpai] nomiss flying physical damage: 31 [2d6=6,5]
  301. [22:24:31 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 sumatra pecks as it passes, with an AoO
  302. [22:24:31 ][CritSenpai] sumatra pecks as it passes, with an AoO: 8 [1d20=8]
  303. [22:24:43 ][@castfromhp] 1d8+6+1
  304. [22:24:43 ][CritSenpai] 1d8+6+1: 13 [1d8=6]
  305. [22:25:01 ][@castfromhp] Rami!
  306. [22:27:58 ][Adrienne] "Rami, let's tie up that Hoothoot!" Adrienne orders Rami to slither over to the bird and grab it.
  307. [22:28:20 ][Adrienne] 1d20+2;2d6+5 Athletics
  308. [22:28:20 ][CritSenpai] 1d20+2: 20 [1d20=18]; Athletics: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  309. [22:28:56 ][@castfromhp] 1d6 athletics lol
  310. [22:28:56 ][CritSenpai] athletics lol: 1 [1d6=1]
  311. [22:28:59 ][@castfromhp] lol
  312. [22:29:07 ][@castfromhp] The Hoothoot is Grappled!
  313. [22:29:23 ][@castfromhp] Trainers, take any actions (aside from orders you're pretty much just switching if you'd like)
  314. [22:30:05 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  315. [22:30:18 ]* Adrienne uses her Focused Training on Rami.
  316. [22:30:29 ][@castfromhp] And Winston's turn!
  317. [22:30:39 ][Dann-] Winston's init is higher for next turn now, I believe
  318. [22:30:58 ][Dann-] "Slam him, Winst!"
  319. [22:31:09 ][Dann-] 1d20 Freezer Struggle AC 4
  320. [22:31:09 ][CritSenpai] Freezer Struggle AC 4: 4 [1d20=4]
  321. [22:31:12 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 > Winston 13 > Rami 12 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  322. [22:31:29 ][@castfromhp] This Drilbur is too fas for that! It dodges easily.
  323. [22:32:02 ][@castfromhp] Sumatra the Hoothoot doesn't try to struggle out of the Grapple but instead attempts to put Rami to sleep!
  324. [22:32:04 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 hypnosis ac 6
  325. [22:32:04 ][CritSenpai] hypnosis ac 6: 16 [1d20=16]
  326. [22:32:54 ][@castfromhp] Fiddlehead continues his assault on the fuzzy rooma, this time with a Scratch!
  327. [22:33:06 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 ac 2; 1d8+6+12 damage if hits
  328. [22:33:06 ][CritSenpai] ac 2: 5 [1d20=5]; damage if hits: 23 [1d8=5]
  329. [22:33:51 ][Dann-] Hits
  330. [22:33:51 ][@castfromhp] Sandy then flicks her wrist and deftly returns it for her Murkrow! Round Trip!
  331. [22:33:55 ][@castfromhp] Winston then Rami
  332. [22:34:31 ][Dann-] Can Rami AoO while asleep? (guessing no)
  333. [22:34:37 ][@castfromhp] Nope
  334. [22:35:01 ][Dann-] "Ram the newcomer, Winst!"
  335. [22:35:21 ][Dann-] 1d20 Freezer struggle AC 4
  336. [22:35:21 ][CritSenpai] Freezer struggle AC 4: 12 [1d20=12]
  337. [22:35:31 ][@castfromhp] hits!
  338. [22:35:59 ][Dann-] 1d8+6+18 Ice/Physical
  339. [22:35:59 ][CritSenpai] Ice/Physical: 26 [1d8=2]
  340. [22:36:30 ][@castfromhp] That...looks like it hurt a lot less than it normally would! It's then you notice a small amulet around the Murkrow's neck that glows sky blue as the ice attack connects.
  341. [22:36:59 ][Dann-] Any kind of knowledge check there?
  342. [22:37:15 ][@castfromhp] You can roll occult
  343. [22:37:22 ][Dann-] 3d6 Occult
  344. [22:37:22 ][CritSenpai] Occult: 11 [3d6=2,5,4]
  345. [22:38:04 ][@castfromhp] It's an Ice Brace! You know it's something skilled crafters can put together with the shards you find with your dowsing rod.
  346. [22:38:15 ][@castfromhp] Rami's turn
  347. [22:39:22 ]* Adrienne has an "oh for fuck's sake" look on her face, now that Rami is asleep. "Come on, wake up!"
  348. [22:39:22 ][Adrienne] 1d20 vs 16
  349. [22:39:22 ][CritSenpai] vs 16: 2 [1d20=2]
  350. [22:40:18 ][@castfromhp] Zzzzz. Trainers!
  351. [22:41:03 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  352. [22:41:04 ][@castfromhp] Sven has gotten yet another coffee and sips at it. "The perfect drink, for the perfect attack. Make ready, Sumatra!" Plainly Perfect.
  353. [22:41:21 ]* Dann- calls out to Sven. "Maybe aim for the crow while the snake is out of it?"
  354. [22:43:17 ]* Adrienne decides to just switch out Rami and then sends in Arthur.
  355. [22:44:08 ][@castfromhp] Sumatra flies up and spins, sending a rain of glowing stars down on the crow!
  356. [22:44:11 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 crit check
  357. [22:44:11 ][CritSenpai] crit check: 10 [1d20=10]
  358. [22:44:35 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Chicory 14 > Winston 13 > Rami 12 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  359. [22:44:44 ][@castfromhp] It takes 39 damage and seems quite hurt!
  360. [22:46:09 ][@castfromhp] The Murkrow swiftly claws at Winston in the face!
  361. [22:46:26 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 ac 2; 2d6+8+14 physical dark damage if that hits
  362. [22:46:26 ][CritSenpai] ac 2: 2 [1d20=2]; physical dark damage if that hits: 33 [2d6=5,6]
  363. [22:46:35 ][@castfromhp] Misses! Winston, then Rami!
  364. [22:47:23 ][@castfromhp] OH wait
  365. [22:47:25 ][@castfromhp] Sorry, lemme fix init
  366. [22:47:56 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Chicory 14 > Winston 13 > Arthur 11 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  367. [22:48:37 ][Dann-] "One more hit should finish him!"
  368. [22:48:59 ][Dann-] 1d20 Tackle AC 2
  369. [22:48:59 ][CritSenpai] Tackle AC 2: 9 [1d20=9]
  370. [22:49:08 ][@castfromhp] hits!
  371. [22:49:23 ][Dann-] 1d8+8+18 Physical/Normal
  372. [22:49:23 ][CritSenpai] Physical/Normal: 27 [1d8=1]
  373. [22:50:13 ][@castfromhp] The Murkrow is knocked out! Arthur!
  374. [22:50:42 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 > Winston 13 > Arthur 11 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  375. [22:52:04 ][Adrienne] "Arthur, let's try that new attack on Winston!" (Moving up to Winston and using Fury Swipes)
  376. [22:52:04 ][Adrienne] 1d20+1 vs AC 5+Evasion
  377. [22:52:04 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 5+Evasion: 11 [1d20=10]
  378. [22:52:20 ][Adrienne] 1d8
  379. [22:52:20 ][CritSenpai] 1d8: 5 [1d8=5]
  380. [22:53:34 ][Adrienne] 3d10+10+15 Physical normal typed damage
  381. [22:53:34 ][CritSenpai] Physical normal typed damage: 43 [3d10=5,5,8]
  382. [22:54:42 ][@castfromhp] Trainers now! Sandy goes ahead and lets out her Murkrow again.
  383. [22:54:45 ][@castfromhp] er
  384. [22:54:49 ][@castfromhp] her Drilbur bluh
  385. [22:55:44 ][Dann-] "Time to finish 'em off, Stefan."
  386. [22:56:44 ][Adrienne] "Good job, Arthur." (Focused Order!)
  387. [22:57:19 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 > Stefan 12 > Arthur 11 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  388. [22:58:15 ][@castfromhp] Sumatra dives for the bear, giving it a tackle!
  389. [22:58:15 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 ac 2; 23 damage if it hits
  390. [22:58:15 ][CritSenpai] ac 2: 20 [1d20=20]; damage if it hits: 23 []
  391. [22:58:19 ][@castfromhp] Or uh
  392. [22:58:37 ][@castfromhp] 2d6+10 add this to that damage
  393. [22:58:37 ][CritSenpai] add this to that damage: 16 [2d6=4,2]
  394. [23:00:11 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 > Stefan 16 > Arthur 11 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  395. [23:00:59 ][@castfromhp] Unable to reach the bug from where he is, Fiddlehead instead strikes at the owl with a Scratch!
  396. [23:01:09 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 ac 2; 1d8+6+12
  397. [23:01:09 ][CritSenpai] ac 2: 4 [1d20=4]; 1d8+6+12: 23 [1d8=5]
  398. [23:01:48 ][@castfromhp] It's still going pretty strong!
  399. [23:01:56 ][@castfromhp] Stefan, then Arthur!
  400. [23:02:19 ][Dann-] "Go for the shoulder, Stefan!"
  401. [23:02:39 ][Dann-] 1d20 Fury Cutter AC 3
  402. [23:02:39 ][CritSenpai] Fury Cutter AC 3: 6 [1d20=6]
  403. [23:02:46 ][@castfromhp] (at what?)
  404. [23:02:58 ][Dann-] Arthur, sorry, just moved Stefan
  405. [23:04:11 ][Dann-] 2d6+8+20 Physical/Bug if it hits
  406. [23:04:12 ][CritSenpai] Physical/Bug if it hits: 34 [2d6=1,5]
  407. [23:04:18 ][Adrienne] Arthur burns the energy from his sweet treat earlier and raises his evasion by 4. Fury Cutter misses, and Arthur also gains 5 initiative and 4 accuracy.
  408. [23:05:05 ][@castfromhp] "Oh, that was close!" Sandy looks on in awe at the bear's food-empowered smooth moves!
  409. [23:05:10 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 > Stefan 16 > Arthur 16 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  410. [23:05:15 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 > Stefan 16 = Arthur 16 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  411. [23:05:26 ][@castfromhp] (roll 1d10 each of you, to resolve the tie for next round)
  412. [23:05:33 ][Adrienne] 1d10
  413. [23:05:33 ][CritSenpai] 1d10: 8 [1d10=8]
  414. [23:05:47 ][Dann-] I'm refreshing Agility Orders so that this matters, just for the record
  415. [23:05:49 ][Dann-] 1d10
  416. [23:05:49 ][CritSenpai] 1d10: 7 [1d10=7]
  417. [23:05:53 ][Dann-] Close
  418. [23:06:04 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 >  Arthur 16 > Stefan 16 > Trainers 10 > Sumatra 5
  419. [23:06:17 ][@castfromhp] And Arthur, take your turn. Then Trainers!
  420. [23:08:19 ]* Adrienne makes a relieved 'phew' sound. "Hit both of them, you can do it!" (Arthur uses Scratch to go South, Southeast, then East twice.)
  421. [23:08:59 ][@castfromhp] (Pass is only in a straight line, you can't turn. you can make it work diagonally though)
  422. [23:09:44 ][Adrienne] (Okay, so I can actually make it, just not using the path I thought.)
  423. [23:10:06 ][@castfromhp] (yup)
  424. [23:12:03 ][Adrienne] 1d20+5 vs 2 vs Stefan;1d20+5 vs 2 vs Sumatra;2d6+8+15 physical normal damage
  425. [23:12:03 ][CritSenpai] vs 2 vs Stefan: 11 [1d20=6]; vs 2 vs Sumatra: 21 [1d20=16]; physical normal damage: 30 [2d6=6,1]
  426. [23:12:34 ][@castfromhp] The owl is on its last legs...leg.
  427. [23:12:57 ][@castfromhp] Trainer turns now!
  428. [23:12:58 ][Dann-] "Hang in there Stefan!" Dann turns to Sven "Maybe try to put one of them to sleep again?"
  429. [23:13:01 ][Dann-] Declaring Bide
  430. [23:13:30 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  431. [23:15:07 ][Adrienne] Focused Order. "I'll give you an extra treat if you win," Adrienne bribes Arthur.
  432. [23:15:23 ][@castfromhp] Sven sips at his coffee again. "Go on then, put the mole to sleep too."
  433. [23:15:27 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 hypnosis ac 6
  434. [23:15:27 ][CritSenpai] hypnosis ac 6: 15 [1d20=15]
  435. [23:15:34 ][@castfromhp] Zzzz sleepy drilbur
  436. [23:15:45 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 wake check
  437. [23:15:46 ][CritSenpai] wake check: 11 [1d20=11]
  438. [23:15:54 ][@castfromhp] Zzzz. Arthur again!
  439. [23:15:55 ][Lucian] (can't wake up)
  440. [23:17:37 ][Adrienne] "Arthur, that Hoothoot is a menace! Take it down!" (Fury Swipes)
  441. [23:17:37 ][Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs AC 5;1d8
  442. [23:17:38 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 5: 17 [1d20=15]; 1d8: 8 [1d8=8]
  443. [23:18:08 ][@castfromhp] That Hoothoot is super knocked out. Arthur goes to town on the poor thing!
  444. [23:18:29 ][Adrienne] 5d12+25+15
  445. [23:18:29 ][CritSenpai] 5d12+25+15: 80 [5d12=11,3,5,11,10]
  446. [23:19:20 ][@castfromhp] Sandy and Sven are leaningawayfrombear. They make eye contact for a second, and you're not sure which one is more terrified at the moment.
  447. [23:19:45 ]* Dann- laughs.
  448. [23:19:54 ][Dann-] "Vicious, isn't he?"
  449. [23:20:42 ][@castfromhp] Sven busies himself with large gulps of coffee and urges Santos onto the field.
  450. [23:20:45 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19 >  Arthur 16 > Stefan 16 > Trainers 10 > Santos 5
  451. [23:21:24 ][@castfromhp] Stefan, unleash your Bide!
  452. [23:21:49 ]* Adrienne is looking pretty happy with Arthur.
  453. [23:23:31 ][Dann-] Stefan darts around the sleeping mole and unleashes his stored energy.
  454. [23:23:37 ][Dann-] 21 DMG
  455. [23:23:54 ][Dann-] 21 HP loss, rather
  456. [23:24:05 ][@castfromhp] Fiddlehead is looking worn down!
  457. [23:24:24 ][@castfromhp] Trainers go.
  458. [23:24:33 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  459. [23:24:43 ][Dann-] And Stefan is ahead of Arthur now, right?
  460. [23:25:07 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19  > Stefan 16 > Arthur 11 > Trainers 10 > Santos 5
  461. [23:25:21 ]* Adrienne switches out a very worn looking Arthur, substituting him for a very asleep looking Rami.
  462. [23:26:17 ][Adrienne] (Rami's init is 12)
  463. [23:26:31 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Fiddlehead 19  > Stefan 16 > Rami 12 > Trainers 10 > Santos 5
  464. [23:28:36 ][@castfromhp] The Kecleon disappears from sight, then reappears before the mole with a swipe of its claws!
  465. [23:28:38 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 shadow sneak
  466. [23:28:38 ][CritSenpai] shadow sneak: 5 [1d20=5]
  467. [23:28:48 ][@castfromhp] 1d8+6+14
  468. [23:28:48 ][CritSenpai] 1d8+6+14: 27 [1d8=7]
  469. [23:29:26 ][@castfromhp] The Drilbur is just baaaarely still standing! It decides to go for a last hurrah, aiming a precise strike at Stefan!
  470. [23:29:31 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 aerial ace crit check
  471. [23:29:32 ][CritSenpai] aerial ace crit check: 18 [1d20=18]
  472. [23:29:40 ][@castfromhp] 2d6+8+12
  473. [23:29:41 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+8+12: 25 [2d6=2,3]
  474. [23:31:35 ][@castfromhp] Stefan, then Rami, then Trainers
  475. [23:31:37 ][Dann-] Stefan raises a scythe-like arm and brings it down on the teetering mole.
  476. [23:31:43 ][Dann-] 1d20 Fury Cutter AC 3
  477. [23:31:43 ][CritSenpai] Fury Cutter AC 3: 6 [1d20=6]
  478. [23:31:57 ][@castfromhp] Hits, barely!
  479. [23:32:25 ][Dann-] 2d6+8+20 Physical/Bug
  480. [23:32:25 ][CritSenpai] Physical/Bug: 30 [2d6=1,1]
  481. [23:32:42 ][@castfromhp] It's out!
  482. [23:32:45 ][Dann-] "Get some distance in case Rami wakes up!" Dann yells.
  483. [23:32:51 ][Dann-] Stefan flies up into the air.
  484. [23:33:09 ][@castfromhp] "Uh oh...Sorry about that." Sandy grimaces.
  485. [23:33:17 ][@castfromhp] Rami
  486. [23:33:25 ][Dann-] Let's say straight up 6 spaces?
  487. [23:33:28 ][Dann-] Is that cool?
  488. [23:34:21 ]* Adrienne is back to looking sour. "Well, this isn't looking good at all."
  489. [23:34:21 ][Adrienne] 1d20 vs 16 Save check.
  490. [23:34:21 ][CritSenpai] vs 16 Save check.: 13 [1d20=13]
  491. [23:35:13 ][@castfromhp] Zzzz. Trainers!
  492. [23:36:11 ]* Dann- turns to Sven. "I'm a little worried about that snake's poisonous attack against my bug up there. Think Santos can tangle with him for a little while?"
  493. [23:36:22 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  494. [23:37:09 ][@castfromhp] "With your mustache bug flying up there, I don't have much of a choice, do I?" He says bemusedly. Santos rushes forward to greet Rami with another Shadow Sneak!
  495. [23:37:18 ][@castfromhp] 1d20 ac 2; 1d8+6+14 goast phys if hits
  496. [23:37:18 ][CritSenpai] ac 2: 8 [1d20=8]; goast phys if hits: 21 [1d8=1]
  497. [23:37:57 ][Adrienne] "Come on, Rami!" (Focused Order)
  498. [23:38:41 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Stefan 16 > Rami 12 > Trainers 10 > Santos 5
  499. [23:38:55 ][@castfromhp] Stefan's turn now, doing anything at the top there?
  500. [23:39:00 ][Dann-] Stefan flies up one more space then moves above Rami, preparing to dive when the time is right. While he's up there, he'll use Confidence to boost his attack combat stage.
  501. [23:39:35 ][Dann-] Att 2 stages up now
  502. [23:40:14 ][@castfromhp] Rami!
  503. [23:41:16 ][Adrienne] "Bite the Kecleon!"
  504. [23:41:16 ][Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs 2 vs Kecleon;2d6+8+13
  505. [23:41:16 ][CritSenpai] vs 2 vs Kecleon: 5 [1d20=3]; 2d6+8+13: 26 [2d6=1,4]
  506. [23:42:46 ][@castfromhp] This Kecleon is pretty bulky!
  507. [23:43:08 ][@castfromhp] Trainers?
  508. [23:43:22 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  509. [23:43:35 ][Adrienne] Focused Order again.
  510. [23:44:17 ][@castfromhp] Sven takes a gulp and tosses an empty coffee cup aside. He gives his Kecleon a look. Plainly Perfect.
  511. [23:44:22 ][@castfromhp] It Scratches at the Ekans!
  512. [23:44:23 ][@castfromhp] 1d20
  513. [23:44:23 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  514. [23:44:35 ][@castfromhp] 34 damage if it hits
  515. [23:45:29 ][Adrienne] Rami's out of HP.
  516. [23:47:11 ]* castfromhp has changed the topic to: Stefan 16 >Arthur 11 > Trainers 10 > Santos 5
  517. [23:47:22 ][@castfromhp] Arthur's the last one standing on Adrienne's side! Stefan's go now.
  518. [23:48:39 ][Dann-] Stefan descends 4 spaces
  519. [23:48:46 ][@castfromhp] So that's 2m above ground now?
  520. [23:48:55 ][Dann-] 3, he moved up one more last turn
  521. [23:48:58 ][@castfromhp] Ah okay.
  522. [23:49:01 ][Dann-] He sharpens his claws in anticipation
  523. [23:49:17 ]* Adrienne grumbles as she recalls a knocked out Rami and sends out a battered Arthur.
  524. [23:50:25 ][@castfromhp] "Really, you're leaving -me- to deal with that bear? I see how it is." Sven says at seeing Stefan's slow descent. Sandy lets out a cheer for Arthur. "C'mon, tear and rip!"
  525. [23:50:33 ][@castfromhp] Arthur's up
  526. [23:51:06 ][Dann-] "He couldn't even make it there in one turn. He'll be there in a moment."
  527. [23:51:18 ][Dann-] *make it there that quickly.
  528. [23:52:28 ][Adrienne] "Ugh, Arthur, let's just give 'em a showing. Claw the crap otu of that Kecleon."
  529. [23:53:01 ][Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs 5 vs Kecleon;1d8
  530. [23:53:01 ][CritSenpai] vs 5 vs Kecleon: 4 [1d20=2]; 1d8: 1 [1d8=1]
  531. [23:53:44 ][@castfromhp] The Kecleon briefly blinks into the color of the arena, throwing off Arthur's aim! Trainers.
  532. [23:54:10 ][Dann-] Agility Order
  533. [23:54:30 ][@castfromhp] Santos rears back for another Scratch!
  534. [23:54:34 ][@castfromhp] 1d20
  535. [23:54:34 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  536. [23:54:40 ][@castfromhp] 34 damage
  537. [23:54:49 ][Adrienne] Arthur's out.
  538. [23:55:52 ]* Adrienne recalls Arthur. "Good match," she says.
  539. [23:56:06 ][Dann-] "See, you didn't even need my help." Dann says to Sven with a grin. "Nice job!"
  540. [23:56:17 ][@castfromhp] Sven looks deeply relieved. "Well done, well done!" Sandy pats you on the shoulder, Adrienne. "Sorry. Again." Then she waves across to Dann and Sven. "Hey, good match both of you!"
  541. [23:57:05 ][Adrienne] "Meh, not a big deal."
  542. [23:57:24 ]* Adrienne adjusts her glasses.
  543. [23:57:34 ]* Dann- waves back. "You too! Thanks for a great match. Your Pokemon put up quite the fight."
  544. [23:57:55 ]* Dann- offers Sven a high five.
  545. [23:58:38 ][@castfromhp] Sven shifts his coffee to his other hand - yes he has one again - and returns the high five!
  546. [00:00:25 ]* Dann- then crosses the battlefield and meets Stefan as the bug descends from his sky post. "Well done, my friend. Sorry that you didn't get to land a final blow at the end there. But you fought valiantly."
  547. [00:00:54 ][@castfromhp] Stefan gives you a bow, then sharpens his blades together.
  548. [00:01:16 ][@castfromhp] And with that, you all start to hear the announcer calling for everyone to gather for the next and final leg of the Triathlon, which we shall open with next time!
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