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  1. <Crystal> I haz new profile now. <link redacted>
  2. <Sheba> Wait, female?
  3. <Crystal> Yes, female. :P
  4. <Rain> Joooooin usssss.
  5. <Crystal> Yes, that's what I am planning :3
  6. <Sheba> Wait seriously?
  7. <Sheba> Are you trans? :o
  8. <Rain> Woah, really?
  9. <Crystal> Yes. Really.
  10. <Rain> No way!
  11. <Sheba> So should we start using female pronouns? Weird that I used male ones and Cindy never corrected me.
  12. <Crystal> Honestly, I don't really care
  13. <Sheba> Huh.
  14. <Sheba> Well I guess I'll go with female ones anyway. :P
  15. <Rain> But you're trans? (Just to be sure we're clear.)
  16. <Crystal> I indeed do prefer female ones, but if you wanna keep calling me a "he", it's fine too.
  17. <Sheba> Nope, if you prefer female then that's what I'm going with. ^_^
  18. <Sheba> How long have you known? :o
  19. <Crystal> I discovered it 2 months or so ago.
  20. <Crystal> I did have some thoughts long before that
  21. <Crystal> but always shrugged them off as silly
  22. <Sheba> Well hey, this channel has a loooooong history of trans support.
  23. <Sheba> So if you ever need to talk about it we're here. :3
  24. <Crystal> So yeah, just accepted it recently
  25. <Rain> Ah. :P
  26. <Rain> Well we love you! <3
  27. <Sheba> ^ <3
  28. <Crystal> Awww <3
  29. <trance> Wooooooooo~
  30. <Sheba> Like I said, if you ever need to talk just say the word or PM one of us, etc.
  31. <Ashley> Whoo! Almost more transgirls then cismales in here now :P
  32. <Sheba> No kidding. If you expand it to all LGBT people, us cis straight males are a small minority.
  33. <Sheba> I'm one of like four.
  34. <Sheba> Crystal: so I take it Cindy knows and just didn't want to out you, right? Because I definitely don't want to accidentally out you. :P
  35. <Crystal> No, I haven't told Cindy yet
  36. <Sheba> Oh. :o
  37. <Rain> :o
  38. <Sheba> Are we the first people you've told?
  39. <Crystal> And yes, indeed. This was the first time I told that to anyone
  40. <Sheba> awww well yay for not bottling it up! <3
  41. * Sheba hugs
  42. <Sheba> EVERYONE HUG NOW
  43. <Sheba> IT IS HAPPY TIME
  44. <Rain> Yay for telling us! ^^
  45. * Rain hugs Crystal
  46. * Crystal grouphugs
  47. <Sheba> We won't tell Cindy or anyone else before you do.
  48. <Crystal> Actually, you can tell her if you want to, cause
  49. <Crystal> I kinda have trouble
  50. <Crystal> admitting very personal things
  51. <Sheba> If you really want us to, sure.
  52. <Rain> I wanna tell her! ^^
  58. <Crystal> Getting that many PMs of people telling me how they're going to support me...
  59. <Crystal> I haven't been so happy for a long long time
  60. <Sheba> <3
  61. <Crystal> Thank you all <3
  62. * Sheba hugs
  63. * Crystal hugs everyone again
  64. <Rain> <3
  65. <Rain> We all love you! ^^
  66. <Crystal> Seriously, I'm almost crying tears of happiness now. DAMN YOU xD
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