Trails Series Top 10 Tracks by Game (FC-CS2)

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  1. These are my top 10 songs from each Trails game through CS2. They are my opinion after going back over each game's soundtrack. I also made a count of how many songs in each game I considered "notable", which is to say above average or just a good song. That being said there isn't one track in the series so far that I consider to be poor, and even the un-notable ones typically fit the mood very well. I didn't consider one or two tracks here and there if they were too similar to another song in the same, or another game. I also marked when something is an opening or ending song because those have lyrics, which is a bit different, as well as the fact that end songs are sometimes a bigger spoiler risk when searching them up. Do be wary of spoilers in comments or thumbnails if that's something that concerns you. All of these are available on Falcom's Spotify or Youtube channel.
  3. Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) - 16/59 "notable"
  4. 1. Silver Will
  5. 2. Hoshi no Arika (Whereabouts of Light) (End)
  6. 3. Hollow Light of the Sealed Land
  7. 4. Sophisticated Fight
  8. 5. Challenger Invited
  9. 6. Feelings Soar With the Wind
  10. 7. Release from the Spell and...
  11. 8. Sora no Kiseki (Opening)
  12. 9. Confession
  13. 10. Setting Off
  15.  Sky FC easily has the weakest soundtrack in the series overall, with the most filler songs. That being said the filler songs are generally great for the setting and mood, and there were only 1 or 2 tracks in the game I thought were mediocre.
  17. Trails in the Sky SC (Sora no Kiseki SC) - 21/44 "notable"
  18. 1. Silver Will (Super Arrange)
  19. 2. Hoshi no Arika (Instrumental)
  20. 3. Merciless Savior
  21. 4. I Swear (End)
  22. 5. Silver Will Golden Wings (Opening)
  23. 6. The Truth Behind the Tragedy
  24. 7. Fateful Confrontation
  25. 8. Strepitoso Fight
  26. 9. The Dream Continues
  27. 10. Looking Up at the Sky
  29.  SC is a pretty significant jump up in quality from FC in my opinion. While I still marked just under half the songs in the game as notable the top end quality of the music is outstanding, and some of these songs are still among my favourites from the entire series.
  31. Trails in the Sky the 3rd (Sora no Kiseki the 3rd) - 27/49 "notable"
  32. 1. Dreamy and Boisterous Holy Land
  33. 2. Looking Up at the Sky (End)
  34. 3. Overdosing Heavenly Bliss
  35. 4. Cry For Me, Cry For You (Opening)
  36. 5. Stairway to Gehenna
  37. 6. Beard the Lion in His Den
  38. 7. Cry For Your Eternity
  39. 8. Illusionary Blue Flowers
  40. 9. Castle of Illusions (Phantasmagoria)
  41. 10. The Final Choice
  43.  The 3rd is easily my favourite soundtrack in the Sky trilogy, which isn't something I would have been confident saying before making this list. It definitely has the highest consistent quality though, and was the hardest of the three for me to narrow down towards the end. My entire top 10 are outstanding tracks.
  45. Zero no Kiseki (Trails From Zero (unofficial)) - 54/75 "notable"
  46. 1. Inevitable Struggle
  47. 2. Way of Life (Opening)
  48. 3. Get Over the Barrier -Roaring-
  49. 4. A Light Illuminating the Depths
  50. 5. Intense Chase
  51. 6. Formidable Enemy
  52. 7. Geofront
  53. 8. Zero No Kiseki
  54. 9. Firm Strength
  55. 10. Gazing At Your Back
  57.  The Crossbell duology marks a substantial increase in the overall consistency of the soundtracks, with Zero getting 54/75 from me, and it only goes up from there. That's not to say that Crossbell and onward has all my favourite tracks, but Falcom seemed to improve even further at this point at making every song for every situation excellent. Also to note, Get Over the Barrier has a standard version that's amazing as well, I just decided to only include one of them.
  59. Ao no Kiseki (Trails to Azure (unofficial)) - 53/58 "notable"
  60. 1. Unfathomed Force
  61. 2. Mystic Core
  62. 3. Destruction Impulse
  63. 4. Aoi Kiseki (Opening)
  64. 5. The Azure Arbitrator
  65. 6. Traces of D
  66. 7. Seize the Truth!
  67. 8. Concentrate All Firepower
  68. 9. A Barrier to Get Over
  69. 10. Miss You
  71.  The best soundtrack in the series up to this point, and it is not close. There just isn't a bad song in this game. I'm pretty sure four of the five I didn't consider were jingles/radio/jukebox. Basically every song in every situation is great. I was pretty confident in which songs were in my top 5, but picking 6-10 was tough.
  73. Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki) - 82/87 "notable"
  74. 1. To Grasp Tomorrow
  75. 2. Crimson Wings -A New Wind-
  76. 3. The Decisive Collision
  77. 4. Tie a Link of ARCUS!
  78. 5. Don't be Defeated by a Friend!
  79. 6. Risking Everything, Here We Stand
  80. 7. Skies of a Strange Land
  81. 8. Ashita no Kodou (Opening)
  82. 9. I Miss You (End)
  83. 10. Great Power
  84. Honorable Mention: Belief
  86.  Possibly my favourite soundtrack, but I'm not certain. It would come down to 3rd, Ao and this. Again, it's all great. Belief gets an honorable mention because it would have made the list, if not for being a bit too similar to Fateful Confrontation from Sky SC. An excellent callback song though.
  88. Trails of Cold Steel 2 (Sen no Kiseki 2) - 51/51 "notable"
  89. 1. Blue Destination
  90. 2. Sekou no Yukue (Opening)
  91. 3. I'll Remember You (End)
  92. 4. Bring Up Trust
  93. 5. Reverie Corridor
  94. 6. To A Glimmering Tomorrow
  95. 7. A Heated Mind
  96. 8. A Quiet Decision
  97. 9. Awakening
  98. 10. For Those We Hold Dear, For Those We Love
  100.  CS2 gets the honor of being the only game on this list with 100% notable songs. That being said though, I do feel that the soundtrack overall is a small step down from Ao and Cold Steel. There are less songs that completely blow me away, but it is a very consistent and well made soundtrack. There isn't any filler tunes or jingles in this one which helps it reach 51/51.
  102.  And that's that. At this point in my life Trails is far and away my favourite game series, and their soundtracks are also among my favourites of all time. There's no other game/s that invoke so much *memory* in their songs for me. The songs go so well with the mood and it creates so many more memorable moments than could be achieved with a soundtrack that fades into the background. If you have not played them and have ever had even a passing curiosity in the series, I urge you to look into them. If you value RPG's with a cohesive world and well developed characters, plus a great soundtrack :) , then these games will do more than just about any other game in that regard. If you don't quit early, I promise you you will have some amazing experiences. There simply isn't any other series of games that treats its story like this, and to me, they're the games I've been wanting all my life.
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