Icarus' Fable - Chapter 2 - Strange New Additions

Apr 17th, 2013
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  1. What the hell was this? Was it some form of fungal infection? Mold on your hand? You rubbed the patch on your stiff hand only to see that there was even more fur on that hand than the other! A sneaking suspicion started to grow in the back of your mind. You walked back into your room where Stephen was sleeping on a blow up mattress and trying not to wake him up. You lean over and turn his hand around and see that it was clear of any patches of fur. You sighed in relief only for your mind to wander back to the fact that you still had fur growing on YOUR hands. You rubbed it again.
  2. “Yep, definitely fur. No doubt about it.”
  3. You could feel your stomach grumble and decided that even though this weird occurrence couldn't go ignored, you still needed to eat. You opened the fridge and pulled out some bacon. You couldn't wait to cook up some wonderf- UERGH! What the hell was that damn smell!? It smelt like death and off milk mixed together. The bacon must be really out of date! Like, two months out of date, which was a little weird because you thought your mum had only bought it a week ago. You start to hear Stephen get up from bed in your room and grab out two bowls out from the drawers for cereal. Just as he's about to walk into the kitchen, you remember what was on your hands and swiftly jam them into your pockets. He stumbles in walking with a very slight limp.
  4. “Morning man. Whats for breakfast?”
  5. “Uh, cereal.”
  6. He looks at the two empty bowls on the table.
  7. “Invisible cereal?” He says jokingly, limping over to sit down.
  8. “Um, dude? Can you make the cereal for us? I really have to go to the toilet.”
  9. “Oh OK, thanks man. Great hospitality as per usual?”
  11. You speedily walk into the bathroom and pull your hands out of your pocket. Had the fur spread even more than when you last looked at it? You stretched out your fingers a little bit. They felt so damn stiff and weird, as if you had been holding on to something tightly for an hour and had only just let go. What the fuck was going on? You grab your mums winter gloves and put them on to cover up the growing fur on you hands. You didn't want to show Stephen what was happening just yet. You walk into the kitchen, your feet seemingly getting sorer and sorer as time goes on, and sit down at the table where Stephen had prepared both of your breakfasts. You sit down and Stephen stares at you as he sees that you are wearing gloves.
  12. “Gloves, dude? It's like, the middle of summer!”
  13. “I dunno, my hands just got chilly”
  14. “Aha, ok then... Whatever you say.”
  16. As you eat, you begin to find it harder and harder to move your fingers. You try to pick up the spoon in your hands but it falls into your bowl the first two times you do it. You try with the other hand as well but get even worse results but in the end, you give up and settle with holding it clenched in between you forefinger, ring finger and middle finger. As you both eat your breakfast, you notice that Stephen has been regularly scratching at his feet over his socks and stretching his legs out from under the table.
  17. “Hey man, you feeling alright?”
  18. "Yeah man I’ve just had sore feet all morning, Hands as well. I dunno maybe i-"
  19. He freezes with his hand down his sock. His eyes widen in confusion as he continues to feel around the inside of his sock.
  20. "I'll be back in a second."
  21. He jumps up from the table and hobbles as fast as possible to the bathroom. Is he getting the same weird fur thing you had on your hands? Somehow, the only explanation that crossed your mind could be that he was also growing this odd fur on his feet as well. You had sore feet, he had sore feet, you had sore hands, he had sore hands. You hear a muffled yell from inside the bathroom.
  22. "What the FUCK?"
  23. He limps in to the kitchen from the bathroom, his feet showing and covered with pastel red fur. He stood on his toes, heels sticking unnaturally into the air.
  24. "What the shit is going on? Did you feed me some weird shit last night or something? Because for as long as I can remember, I’ve never had damn FUR."
  25. You think for a second. "Maybe it's a rash?" you try to convince yourself. Although as unlikely this explanation was, it was still more likely than anything else you could think of. Wait a second, his has spread to cover his entire foot now... you rip off your glove to expose the furry white/blue skin beneath,
  26. "You too? What the shit is going on, dude?"
  27. Some thing was a little bit off as well. As you looked closer, you started to notice that your hand looked a little fatter than usual and your fingers were thicker and shorter.
  28. "You expect me to know? I have the same amount of knowledge as to what is happening as you do."
  29. "Shit, i can hardly stand on my feet any longer."
  30. You help him walk into the living room and both sit down on the couch. The changes to your hands seem to be accelerating as time goes by. Even though you only looked at them five minutes ago, your hands have already gotten more cylindrical and your fingers shorter. You can't help to notice that the same has been happening to Stephens feet.
  31. "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. What are we gonna do? I think we need to call an ambulance."
  32. "No way man. You really think that they are gonna be able to help... This?
  33. You motion with your changing appendages to Stephens.
  34. "I think i have a general idea of what's actually going on right now, dude. We're turning into those characters we made last night."
  35. "Are you fucking serious? That's ridiculous!"
  36. "Think about it for a second, man. We both got that message saying that we had won a prize for being one of the first ten people to use the character creator, right? The message said that the prize would be delivered OVER TIME. Doesn't that strike you as odd?"
  37. "But dude... Fuckin' ponies? That shit doesn't happen everyday. It's not like my mum will just think "Oh woops, looks like my son is a pony now. Darn, I guess.", No of course she won't! Cos this doesn't just HAPPEN!"
  38. "Calm down, alright? Panicking isn't going to help at all."
  39. "Speaking of mums, when is yours coming home? We can't let her see us like this."
  40. You shake your head
  41. "Don't worry, my mum's not back from holidays for two weeks. Plus it's a long weekend and Wednesday is a public holiday, so we don't need to worry about school."
  42. You could feel the pressure rising in your hands as you could visibly see them change, right before you. Stephen seemed to be too busy watching his feet morph before his eyes to realize the same was happening to you.
  43. “Oh god... This is so fucking strange, dude...”
  44. Your fingers became shorter and shorter, so much so that they started to blend in with the widening base of your wrist. Your wrist and forearm started to reshape and become closer together in width. As the fingers on your hand began to disappear entirely, the nails from your now non existent fingertips blended together and flattened out on the base of your "Hand" forming a discernible hoof. It was weird, these changes didn't seem to hurt at all, like you would expect if your bones were being morphed, pulled and contorted to form new ones. The only thing you felt while the changes were occurring was the pressure and tension as your skin slid around and stretched to suit your new muscle and bone structure. Stephen was staring, mouth now fully open wide as a look of intrigue and horror was plastered across his face. The changes continued up your arm, forming your arm into a definitive foreleg. Stephens leg started to change shape as well, his foot growing longer and longer, his knee pushing itself backwards and creating the weird curve present on the back legs of all of the cartoon ponies. The changes were starting to slow as the fur grew on all of these new areas that had changed, eventually coming to a complete halt at your shoulders and near the bottom of Stephens now bright red legs. As the changes stop, you and Stephen look at each-other, then back at your transfigured limbs, inspecting the new changes and marveling at how abnormally natural they both looked. The fur was slightly matte but still silky and smooth to the touch. You clopped your "hooves" together, surprised at how dexterous your arms still were after all of these changes (or should you be calling them forelegs now?)
  45. "Ok. I admit that not calling the ambulance was a good idea now."
  47. "We've gotta find out why this is happening. We can focus on the "how" later."
  48. You sit there for a second, rubbing your hoof against your head.
  49. "We gotta check out that 4chan board. That spark that we felt must have somehow triggered this"
  50. Stephen hesitates for a second to point out how stupid that sounds but quickly remembers how utterly unbelievable what was happening now was and nods in agreement as you stand up and start walking towards your bedroom where the computers you were using last night were still on.
  51. "Umm... dude? A little help here, man?"
  52. You swivel around and see Stephen still sitting on the couch, looking at you then looking at his new legs.
  53. "Oh shit, right."
  54. You put your arm under his and help him to stand up. He walks forward with a sort of strange gait, but one that only makes sense, seeing as his recent change in anatomy robbed him of a vital tool for balance. He manages to get the hang of it faster than you thought and now needs you only to lean on for balance as you continue on to the bedroom. You sit him down on the bed and walk over to the table where the laptop is. You manage to pick it up by resting it under your arms and supporting the back with your hooves. You hand the laptop to Stephen, seeing as you are now unable to use the keyboard or mouse with your changed appendages. He scrolls through the board looking for anything out of the ordinary but he finds nothing. Just when you were about to give up, you spy something weird. A picture of a man but with a bright orange mane and brown ears. The thread reads "Anybody else win a "prize"?"
  55. You both look at each-other, then click on the thread to see what was going on. A lot of people had posted on the thread telling him that his "cosplay was good" or that he was a fag, normal stuff for a thread like this. The OP didn't post anything else on the thread but a link to a private chatroom with a password. Stephen clicked on the link and a password box with a hint came up. It read "What was the first new thing you noticed this morning?"
  57. You thought for a second. The first thing you saw when you had reached for a knife was...
  58. "Fur"
  59. Stephen typed in "fur" into the password field and then tapped enter. A chat window came up to show that one other person was online.
  60. "What should we say?"
  61. "I dunno, just type hello"
  62. He typed in the message and hit send. A few seconds passed and a message popped up, written by the only other person in the chat room.
  63. "Are you turning into a pony too?" It read.
  64. "Yes, we think so." Stephen typed "My friend is too. Do you know what do we should do?"
  65. He messaged the two of you back again a few seconds later.
  66. "I don't know. I seem to be turning into the pony i made when i went on to 4chan last night. It said that i had won a prize."
  67. "Same for us."
  68. "I'd recommend trying to get ready for being a pony. We don't know if this is permanent or not so we could be stuck for a while."
  69. Stephen looked away from the computer with a worried stare.
  70. “He has got a really good point, dude.” Stephen frowned a bit and turned away from you. “Hey, listen! This isn't the kind of thing that we can just wait to blow over or completely ignore. I have a bad feeling that this shit is only going to get worse and worse. You could see different ideas zipping back and forth through his mind, electrons almost audibly firing off as his brain worked at full capacity.
  71. "Ok" He said quite affirmatively. "We need to find out where we are going to go. Somehow i don't think anyone is going to believe us if we tell them that we are "turning into a pony from a fictional TV show made for children." They'd probably just get us sent to some government facility for testing or a crazy hospital. That doesn't seem very appealing to me"
  72. You agreed. You could just imagine little you as a pony, strapped up to IV's and tied to a table as you waste away slowly.
  73. "Well we can't stay here for much longer. It's already gonna be hard for us to get out of here and get somewhere else without being spotted. You have huge, weird shaped legs and i have these abnormally long... Also legs, i guess."
  74. "Hmmmm... How about we head up into the camping grounds? It's not too far from here, plus no-one really goes there much anymore after that rock slide crushed a cabin. We could probably stay in one of the cabins that are there, they're completely abandoned now. It's also a hunting free zone in case somebody actually mistakes us for an actual animal."
  75. "You keep forgetting that we still can't actually get there without being spotted. It's already the middle of the day and i really don't want to stay here and wait for tomorrow in case more of our bodies changes."
  76. "How about your mums car?"
  77. "What? Are you fucking crazy? My mum will kill me!'
  78. You realize how irrelevant what you just said was. Your mum was still going to freak, no matter what you did.
  79. "Yeah, OK i get it, that was dumb. But neither of us know how to drive a car."
  80. "Isn't it an automatic? How hard can it be! Just point and shoot."
  81. "I guess..."
  82. "Anything's better than just sitting here and doing nothing. What about that other guy? We should tell him where we are going. Maybe he would want to come with us."
  83. You nod and he starts to type in a couple of messages to the other guy detailing where you were, where you were going and how you were getting there. He messages you both back telling you that he was only a few towns over. He still had control over his hands and legs and was going to meet you two at one of the camp sites once he had talked to the other people who had been affected. He was only going to wait one more day so he could tell any other people affected to do the same as him and you or if they couldn't, to go for a similar plan. Stephen logs off the computer and starts to stand up. You help him a bit, but he seems to be a small bit used to having hooves for feet and manages to walk at a slow pace without your help.
  84. "We need to pack food, sleeping stuff, spare light bulbs for the cabin, anything you can think that we might need. My mum bought a whole bunch of food for me before she left for the holiday, plus we still have heaps of seeds left over from when my mum had started that veggie patch that never got anywhere."
  85. "Good going man. We probably will need to provide for ourselves now that we can't exactly go to a store to buy stuff."
  86. You start to empty out the cupboards of food and pile it into the back of the car. Stephen didn't have good enough balance anymore to carry any heavy stuff so you left it to him to get the seeds and gardening tools. Though you both wouldn't have any hands by the end of this, you could still use them, right? That is, if magic actually works. You managed to transform this far, it'd suck massive ass if you were neglected magic, or at least if Stephen was neglected magic, seeing as he was presumably going to have a horn. On your last trip to the car, carrying some canned beans and jars of non perishable items, you trip over and drop the jars straight onto the concrete.
  87. "Fuck!" you shout as they shatter all over the floor, spilling their contents everywhere. You push yourself up with your hoofs and take off your socks to see that fur had started to spread on the tops of your feet. You needed to get to the camp sites and fast, you couldn't tell how longer you would be able to blend in as a human. Stephen hobbled in from outside to see you on the floor and checking out the fur on your feet. He looked at the palms of his hand and you could see his eyes widen as he spied the small patch of red growing there.
  88. "That bag was the last of the food. Help me pick up the cans and we can get the fuck out of here."
  90. You are almost finished packing the bags into the car when you remember something. You rush inside as fast as your knobbly little feet can take you and open the door to your mums room. She has a whole bunch of veterinary books, farming books from when you had the veggie patch and books about the flora and fauna of the surrounding area. This could be great in case food runs out and you need to look for edible vegetation in the camping site. You pack the books into the back of the car and head to the front. Stephen is standing, arms holding him up next to the car.
  91. "Who's gonna drive, dude? You don't have arms and i don't have feet."
  92. "I dunno. I suppose you need a little more control over the pedals than the wheel. Plus, i can stick my hooves in the holes of the wheel and steer like that."
  93. "Fair enough" Stephen said and walked over to the other side of the car. You open the car door by sought of wedging the handle between your two hooves and pulling. You get Stephen to put the keys in and turn on the engine. You quickly find out that the car moves even when you don't have your foot on the accelerator as it jerks forward and bashes into the front of the garage door. Stephen looks at you, gritting his teeth.
  94. "You still alright to drive, dude?"
  95. "Yeah, just didn't expect that. In case you also didn't notice, I also have hooves."
  96. You open the garage door and drove out on to the road. For the the first ten or so minutes you were a bit wobbly and got beeped a couple of times by other drivers but quickly got used to driving the car. You were cruising along the road heading straight for the mountains and the camping site. All was going well.
  97. "So dude, isn't your mum going to be worried that you've gone?"
  98. You snicker and shake your head.
  99. "In case you hadn't realized in the last 12 years you've known me for, my mum doesn't exactly care about me. She probably would care more that we stole her car and her food than that i was missing. What about yours?"
  100. "I dunno man. She'll probably file a missing persons report, the school might eventually do it for you as well. I just hope she's OK without me. She was relying a lot on me after she got sick, and i don't think she can afford a carer. Hopefully the government will show her mercy and give her some more cash, but I’m still not sure."
  101. "It'll be OK, dude. It's not liked we asked for this, or anything. It's completely out of our control."
  103. The rest of the ride is silent, apart from you having weird coughing fits and having to clear your throat, not unlike when you were going through puberty and your voice was changing. You reach the entrance to the camping sites without any problem and drive up to the booth at the entrance. A sign on the booth says "This booth is not manned. Do not enter the camping site without calling the number on this paper." Of course, you don't call it. You definitely do not want anyone knowing that you're staying up here. You drive up the rocky path towards the cabins area. No one has been up here ever since one of the cabins was crushed in a rock slide and hopefully, no-one would come up here to see that you are now living there. You drive into the car port of the cabin furthest from the road and turn off the engine. Luckily, the cabins are far enough from the road heading up to the other campsites that lights can not be seen when they are on in the houses. You start unpacking the food, tools and other miscellaneous items you had brought with you as fast as you can as you can feel the changes in your feet accelerating. You can see that the changes have spread up Stephens legs a little bit more as well his hands having started to morph as yours did. You look down at your own feet, the toes now having completely disappeared and your foot had began to elongate. You tell Stephen to pick up the pace. There was no telling how much longer you would be able to stand up and support your weight. You search under the mat in front of the door and lo and behold, they hid the key there. Glad that you didn't have to break open the window, you get Stephen to unlock the door, seeing as he still has more movement in his hands than you although his dexterous ability is still declining. You unpack all of your gear from the car and bring it inside.
  105. You don't bother organizing what goes where, you just had to get it all in before the changes started to accelerate again. You trip over a couple of times and Stephen loses hold of a few things that he was carrying using his fingers but you manage to get everything in with relatively little incident. You walk into the "family room" of the cabin and sit down, releasing a huge sigh of relief. You inspect you changing foot as Stephen sits down next to you. His hands hand just started to form into hooves, not unlike your feet. You bend over and see that the fur had now completely spread all the way up your leg and stopped at the top of your thighs. You examined your feet as what happened to your hands preceded to affect your feet. You winced in disgust as your knee buckled backwards and assumed a new position further up you leg. You looked over at Stephen to see that he was staring at the side of his thigh. A faint cutie mark resembling the one he had gotten with his OC started to raise up.
  106. "Dude. This is way too fuckin weird. First, horse legs, then a cutie mark? Wait, does this mean I’m gonna get a horn too? I guess that’s... Kinda cool..."
  107. "Yeah man, i wonder if I’m gonna get wings? And would they work? Could i actually fly?"
  108. You really hope so. You weren't just filling in random things when you put in your cutie mark description, you really did love speed. Even when driving the car, you felt a little excitement.
  109. You look at your two pairs of legs. They were actually around the same length now. you wondered if you could...
  110. Yep. You lent forward and could perfectly walk on all fours. It was extremely weird though, seeing as your neck was still that of a humans and you had to arch it to see properly. You stumbled a bit but quickly got the hang of walking like this. Until your neck changed, it was way too much of a hassle to walk on all fours so you'd just settle with walking while holding on to things for the moment. Suddenly, Stephen winced, stood up, and ran into the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later.
  111. "Dude, i have.. I have a... A... Horse dick"
  112. "Woah, too much informa- Wait..."
  113. It had only just clicked. You were becoming your characters that you had made. So far, every single detail had been accurate. And you had made your character a female.
  114. "Oh shit dude, you made your character a..."
  115. You jumped up, ran on all fours into the bath room and slammed the door shut behind you. You pulled down your pants as fast as you could with your hooves and wiggled out of them as fast as possible. You could see the fur slowly approaching your crotch and sweat started to pour from your head. It was torture just watching the fur get closer and closer, dreading what was possible to come. The fur touched the bottom of your testicles and they slowly began to shrink as the fur passed over them.
  116. "No.. Nonononono!" You brought your hands to your crotch only to remember that you didn't have hands anymore. You could do nothing but watch as the tool that you had used for 18 years of your life shrank before your eyes. Eventually, your penis had shrunk and disappeared completely, but it didn't stop there. It continued it's descent inwards into your body and now, you could feel as your testicles began to slide up inside your body and come to rest near your stomach. Your penis also stopped moving up inside you but you could still feel it changing a bit. The front of your... Thing was still changing into the expected genders genitalia, although a particularly equine looking version of it. Nothing like what you had seen in porn before. The changes slowed and the fur stopped growing just above your waistline, almost as if you were being mocked, show that there was still more changes to come. Your sobbed a bit at the loss of your pride and joy only to hear that your sobs had also become womanly and girl like. This only made you cry harder. You slowly stood up and took a look in the mirror. You were still you, but your face had definitely become much more feminine. You looked quite a lot like your sister, to be honest. Your eyes seemed to be anchored towards towards both your chest, which had enlarged a bit during your changes, and down at your crotch were the shapely equine vagina now sat instead of your penis.
  118. You slowly brought your hoof towards it and started to prod it a bit. It was incredibly strange, this empty space that had only been occupied 15 minutes ago. Touching it felt.. Weird. Kind of like touching your arm after it had been in a cast for 3 months although it felt good, and pleasurable. You lay yourself down on the floor and continued to rub just a little bit harder and with a little bit more intent. You were becoming more and more aroused by the second with your continued interaction. You pushed harder in and moved your hoof back and forth, sliding it in between your strange new anatomy. You could feel a pressure rising inside of you and you let out an embarrassingly girly moan. A strange, alien feeling began to grow from in side of your stomach and you could feel something big coming. Suddenly, your crotch seemed to explode, a wave of pleasure taking you over as you tried to suppress a moan from the full on female orgasm. You arched your back as it happened and you lost a little bit of control of your bladder, a minuscule amount of urine leaked from your new orifice onto the floor. You slumped back down and sighed in extreme relief, out of breath from the ordeal. Basking in the afterglow of what had just transpired, you raised your hoof up from your crotch to see it glisten in a sweet smelling sticky substance that you couldn't help but try to taste. It felt kind of naughty to be doing this kind of thing, as well as the taste being almost dirty. Like you shouldn't be enjoying it but you did anyway. Completely ashamed by what you were almost forced to do by your own hormones, you slowly stand up and put your clothes back on. Your underpants felt strange as they had been made to fit another thing in between your crotch instead of what you had now. You stepped out of the bathroom and walked awkwardly back into the family room.
  120. "Hey dude, what took you so long, i was starting to get worri- Oh, holy shit."
  121. You blushed a little bit.
  122. "Dude, what the fuck. I kinda was guessing you would come out of the bathroom a chick, seeing as you had made your character a chick, but shit. I didn't expect you to be so... Cute"
  123. "Shut the fuck up man." You were still surprised at how feminine your voice was.
  124. "I may be a... Girl now, but I’m still me, OK? I still like chicks. Human chicks. I guess that kinda makes me a lesbian now, but whatever." You didn't know if you believed yourself at that last bit. Just thinking about doing what you had done in the bathroom again makes you a little turned on. Not to mention, now that you were a female turning into a pony and Stephen was a male turning into a pony, it would only make sense if... "NO. Get that shit out of my head, man" you thought to yourself. You look at the clock above the kitchen counter. Ten o'clock, woah. How long had you been in the bathroom for?
  125. "It's getting pretty late man, I’m gonna hit the sack."
  126. "Yeah, me too. As intriguing these changes are, i kinda want to be asleep for what ever the fuck comes next. See you tomorrow morning dude."
  128. You lie down in bed and almost immediately fall asleep. You dream of many things, being a pony in Ponyville, meeting all of the characters from the show, but one little part of your dream stood out, and that was when you met Shining Armor. He was sad over his divorce with princess Cadence and had come to talk to you for guidance. As your conversation continued, you couldn't help but slowly get more and more aroused until you couldn't take it. You begged him to take you, tight there and then, to which he happily obliged. Just as he was about to jump up on your from behind, you felt a bright light shine into your eyes and you woke up. God damn your fucking blinds... You opened your eyes and blinked them furiously in an attempt to wake yourself up further. Your mind drifted back to the dream you had just had. You had only been a female for one night and already you had had a wet dream? Speaking of wet, you shuffled your legs a bit and felt as the heat in between your legs moved slightly, kind of like a backwards boner. God damn your female body, it was driving you crazy. You felt something else as well when you moved your legs. Something long, and smooth and... It couldn't be... You threw the covers off and revealed the most recent change to your now 60% pony body. A long Mint green and white tail, swishing in between your legs.
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