Lost Lost - ReoNa | | ttqjsNmb3wJz

Sep 15th, 2021
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  1. Lời bài hát Lost  Lost - ReoNa  | | ttqjsNmb3wJz Lyrics up by [Verse 1]
  2. *** my hair just because I thought that
  3. Maybe things would change
  4. Laughing at me and the things you see
  5. Tell me who's to blame?
  6. Falls to the ground, floating
  7. Just like gold dust it's sparkling
  8. Taking me back to the start, my spirits are darkening
  9. It makes me feel so weak
  11. [Pre-Chorus]
  12. Looking for a reason why I can't comprehend
  13. I feel the lightness in my head
  14. Now my thoughts are clouded by strange things I see
  16. [Chorus]
  17. For every breath I take every day
  18. Every drop of blood, every stain
  19. Like the moon I will wax and wane
  20. Circle's complete
  21. For all thе promises that I keep
  22. All the nights when I can't sleep
  23. Evеry time that I held your hand
  24. Iician far gesund gemynd
  26. [Verse 2]
  27. Shake of the hand, another demand
  28. But what does it mean?
  29. (Does it mean, does it mean, does it mean)
  30. Cry through the pain, it's always the same
  31. Will it ever heal? (Ever heal, ever heal, ever heal)
  32. Though broken bones and the wounds I bear
  33. They may heal one day (Heal one day, heal one day)
  34. Somewhere inside there's an empty place and a price to pay
  35. (Price to pay, price to pay)
  37. [Pre-Chorus]
  38. Hiding from the flicker of the light before dawn
  39. I turn away and close my eyes
  40. Gonna hold back tears 'til the sadness is gone
  42. [Chorus]
  43. Until the fever will dissipate
  44. 'Til I know how I feel today
  45. Gonna rise up to meet my fate
  46. Circle's complete
  47. For all the times you've been by my side
  48. All the good times that pass us by
  49. If I can't find you in the dark
  50. Iician far gesund gemynd
  52. [Bridge]
  53. Sometimes words they fade away
  54. The meaning gets lost in the dark
  55. Just learn to let go, the past is gone
  56. You never know what the future holds
  57. Sand in my toes, I walk all alone on this lonely shore
  58. Deep in the darkness, a vision so fine, it's beautiful
  60. [Chorus]
  61. A sudden stop, then I realize
  62. Turn around, now I wanna cry
  63. I have found where the secrets lie, I see it now
  64. I wave a hand to the brand new day
  65. And the pain has all gone away
  66. These new feelings that love betrays
  67. I sing a song so sweet, someone in need
  68. A song for someone who has come to the end of the line
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