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Multiseat /etc/default/pulseaudio (Systemwide Pulseaudio)

AnthonyAMC Oct 1st, 2012 375 Never
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  1. # Start the PulseAudio sound server in system mode.
  2. # (enables the pulseaudio init script - requires that users be in the
  3. # pulse-access group)
  4. # System mode is not the recommended way to run PulseAudio as it has some
  5. # limitations (such as no shared memory access) and could potentially allow
  6. # users to disconnect or redirect each others' audio streams. The
  7. # recommended way to run PulseAudio is as a per-session daemon. For GNOME/KDE/
  8. # Xfce sessions in Ubuntu Lucid/10.04, /etc/xdg/autostart/pulseaudio.desktop
  9. # handles this function of automatically starting PulseAudio on login, and for
  10. # it to work correctly your user must *not* have "autospawn = no" set in
  11. # ~/.pulse/client.conf (or in /etc/pulse/client.conf). By default, autospawn
  12. # is enabled. For other sessions, you can simply start PulseAudio with
  13. # "pulseaudio --daemonize".
  14. # 0 = don't start in system mode, 1 = start in system mode
  17. # Prevent users from dynamically loading modules into the PulseAudio sound
  18. # server. Dynamic module loading enhances the flexibility of the PulseAudio
  19. # system, but may pose a security risk.
  20. # 0 = no, 1 = yes
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