Aug 21st, 2017
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  1. The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman That Made Being the Strongest Even More Trouble –His Name? Boo Boo
  2. Iberian Scent- +100
  3. Black List- +200
  4. Such A Fairy-+200
  5. Hungry Hungry Orcos-+300 infinite liquid generators outputting century soup directly into my stomach.
  6. Foe
  7. Magic Free
  8. Class: crossroads reaper: critical focused midrange melee/debuff -200
  9. Dungeon Diving 101 free for foe I don't need this but it stacks with my experience
  10. Even At This Great Cost free for foe I really need this.
  11. One Million ‘Sures’ free for foe not sure what to do with this
  12. Timed Battle System-100 great troll ability
  13. Bright Crown-300 I've got lots of trophies
  14. Doppelganger-400 combined with chaos from dual monsters the heros to solve for combat
  15. Iberian Love!- 100 because some people have trouble with my wife
  16. Lovely Garden-600 I need never stop improving
  17. Shining Weapon: import sacred treasure Free might as well use the weapon that can be any weapon since I only get one weapon
  18. Crimson Heaven Bed , free for foe not sure what to do with this I'm certainly not getting high up of fairies blood mixed with it, that would just be monstrous.
  19. importX6:Monique, TJ, Tina, mother box, retainers , Leonardo da Vinci -300
  20. Monique
  21. Nonhuman
  22. One Track Mind Free
  23. Cutify/Sexify/Scarify free
  24. New Vectors-200
  25. Breaking the News: zombie-400
  26. Magic Foods free
  28. TJ,
  29. Foe
  30. Magic Free
  31. Class: totem shifter-200
  32. Doppelganger-400
  33. Shining Weapon: import hope Free
  36. Tina,
  37. support
  38. Magic Free
  39. Class: mage free
  40. Omni Crafting-300
  41. Soul Study-300
  42. Shining Weapon: import the party popper free
  43. mother box
  44. support
  45. Magic Free
  46. Class: charm keeper: stat buffing focused mage free
  47. Holstein Breed free
  48. 100 Year ban free
  49. Magic Marches On-200
  50. Maker of Magic-400 discount for support
  53. retainers
  54. foe
  55. Magic Free
  56. Class: Spearman
  57. strength of the masses -200
  58. log in room -400
  60. Crimson Heaven Bed , free for foe
  61. , Leonardo da Vinci
  62. Support
  63. Magic Free
  64. Class: Rune Carver free
  65. Holstein Breed free
  66. 100 Year ban free
  67. Magic Marches On-200
  68. Maker of Magic-400 discount for support
  69. Fili’s Big Book of Monster-free
  72. Plans include: rebirthing boo-boo's village with new and improved bodys based on boo-boo's, stopping the religious group before they commit these atrocities, teaching boo-boo how human romance works, stopping the dungeon alongside boo-boo's clan , head to the bottom of dungeon and analyze everything I can. , Punch the underworld Lord into a Scythe Roll (1d100)+0:18,+0 Total:18 Yep I've got a bound psychopomp
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