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  1. is logan
  2. mad at me
  3. lol
  5. "no
  6. ill just straight up let her kno
  7. shes no longer a part of my life
  8. like, that much mad
  10. what
  11. really
  13. really
  14. "hey , im done talking to cindy
  15. probably forever
  16. long story short
  17. after we were "going out"
  18. and she was telling me she loved me and all this shit
  19. always IMing me
  20. she gave charles a blowjob
  21. just on a whim
  22. so
  23. whatever
  24. im done
  25. idc about her reasons
  26. just done
  27. 1 strike im done
  28. no females until college"
  30. going out?
  31. really ._.
  32. when
  34. welp
  36. the
  37. fb relationship?
  38. he said
  39. let's do it to piss off charles
  40. and i was like
  41. ok
  43. idk, seems like you're just playing games with him from my pov, with all the shit ive heard
  45. he knows
  46. i don't like
  47. anyone.
  48. i don't like charles
  49. i've never liked anyone
  50. i like him more as a person than i like charles
  51. bleh whatever he's a cool kid
  52. i'm not going to try to change his decisions
  54. if you don't like anyone you probably shouldn't run around giving them that idea then
  55. idk, sounds like games to me
  57. i like people as friends. i like logan as a friend. a lot. oh well tho
  59. you throw the word love around a whole lot for not liking people
  61. i love my friends.
  62. i have like literally no friends
  63. ania
  64. and him
  65. at school
  67. well shit nigga
  68. he thought you were really awesome and everything, and wasn't really even looking for a relationship with you until you seemed to have led him on. then you give charles a bj after having him convinced that you want him.
  69. if it's this complicated it's probably games.
  71. i feel dumb because i actually feel sad. you don't really know me but eh. i really don't have many feelings. he's a smart kid though he can figure out what he wants to do. i'm still here if he wants to talk but it's all up to him.
  73. He doesn't like being fucked with.
  74. He just thinks you've fucked with him.
  76. i would stop talking to charles just for his friendship. ugh i'm lame.
  77. welp i obviously still want to be friends with him
  79. I'll talk to him.
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