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Pokémon Masters Gear FAQ

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  1. >Is there any benefit to farming gear?
  2. Yes, you can min max some types of sync pairs like this (excluding the use of dupe merges and tickets).
  3. Fully upgraded 2* gear on a matching pokémon type: +50 HP/+40 Attack/+40 Sp.Attack
  4. If the Gear does not match a pokémon's type, they will only get half the bonuses.
  6. >Is it necessary for the existing content as of right now?
  7. No
  9. >Is 2*gear gonna be necessary for future content?
  10. Probably not.
  12. >1*gear or 2*gear?
  13. A set of maxed 2*gear gives the same bonus as maxed 1*gear for off-types so there is no reason to farm 1*gear when 2*gear exists.
  15. >Should I farm 2*gear?
  16. Entirely up to you.
  18. >I want to farm 2*gear but not all of them, which should I farm?
  19. Assuming you're not a new player, farm Psychic gear from EX Marshal. You can beat it on Auto by leading with Giovanni.
  20. Otherwise, farm Grass Gear. EX Barry can be Auto'd with Brendan at level 100.
  21. Another alternative is EX Skyla for Rock gear, which can be beaten on Auto with a Giovanni lead and Olivia on your team.
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