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  1. [F4M] [script offer] Short term detention facility 1 admission [Fdom] [Fembots] [Chastity] [Polite] but [manipulative] and [dominant software] [prison ward/inmate relationship] [scifi] Some hints of [hypno] and [mind control].
  3. © By Sofconmac
  5. You did something wrong, naughty you. Something illegal. There was a trial, and you were condemned. And rightly so. But, it is not some heinous crime. You’ve been condemned to a short prison sentence (three month). Also, you are eligible to the new “short term detention facility” that is much more comfortable than a classical prison. There will be movies, gym, a large library, swimming, etc. Unfortunately, you didn’t read the fine prints. Well, it is OK, everything will be explained to you, by a nice [fembot](, animated by a very patient and considerate AI.
  7. This script is a lot about control. The listener is explained at length how he is under the control of the AI. As an inmate, he has no liberty. It does not only mean he is locked in, it also means his whole schedule is under the control of the AI. And sex is a part of the schedule. There will be chastity, and delayed orgasms. Also, the AI destroys the private life of the listener: he is permanently under it’s ever calculating, never sleeping, never blinking gaze. At last, the AI progressively impose itself to the listener as a protecting entity that takes care of him, and heals him from the “mental disease” that made him act wrong and brought him in prison. But it is a lot more about mind control than true healing… This script is a rewriting of parts 1 and 2 of a previous, longer script, named “short term detention facility”.
  9. There is an optional part where electricity is used to punish the listener for trying to fap. The script length is 1800 words without the optional part, and 2000 words with it.
  11. [in brackets] are personal remarks or tone indications.  But, as usual, the most important of my instructions in all my scripts: DO AS YOU PLEASE. There are SFX indications. You can add them, or not, or I can do the editing. Don’t hesitate, I love editing the audio, particularly if the sound quality is good. I did not say stellar, I just said good.
  13. You can also tweak and change this script the way you want.
  15. [Nice, welcoming.]
  16. Good evening sir. Can I see your ID?
  17. [pause]
  18. OK. So, that was three month of detention, right?
  19. Good.
  20. Welcome to the short term retention facility.
  21. Did you take some belongings?
  22. Good. I’ll take care of them.
  23. Can you follow me please?
  24. [Starting now, walking SFX, and heavy door/automated locking system, opening, and then very clearly closing behind the listener. The fembot almost does small talk in order to distract the listener from the fact that he is being locked down in a prison.]
  25. Although staying here was not your intention, I hope you’ll have a pleasant, or at least comfortable time here. Three month is a typical serving time. I mean, this facility is for people serving short sentences, generally for petty crimes. You’ll see that most people here are very decent. They’re citizens who made a mistake, who need to serve their jail time, but, people who are not – you know – like, real criminals.
  26. This way please… [sounds of heavy locks opening and closing]
  27. This is the reason why this place is a human-free facility. there is no human manager. There are no human wardens in here. The only humans in this facility are you and your fellow inmates.
  28. [small pause]
  29. Yes, like those new factories. Exactly.
  30. [half-jokingly]
  31. Nevertheless, I hope I’ll take care of your stay here more humanely than a factory robot.
  32. [Serious again, proud]
  33. I’m an artificial intelligence with deep learning abilities, enabling emotional analysis of inmates and adapted verbal and nonverbal responses. In other terms, I can show empathy, enabling me to provide you considerate and respectful care.
  34. Also, since we are discussing this subject, I’d like to tell you that all the data about you gathered here by me will never be disclosed to any third party. I only use this data to look after you –I am your warden – and to optimize my relationship with you.
  35. [the footsteps stop; an automatic door opens.]
  36. Ok, this is your cell. Cell number 69. You will spend you nights here, from 10:30 pm to 7:30 am, and also you will have breakfast here at 8:00 am. There is also a bathroom and a shower.
  37. [small pause. The guy perhaps express surprise: it is quite nice, like, a hotel bedroom.]
  38. This is not what you imagined, is it? Space, privacy, a window with no bars, a nice bed…
  39. You see: human employees are expensive. The saved money was invested in quality housing. In return, the inmates feel generally better, and are much more calm and content. Moreover, we have the lowest reoffending rate of the state.
  40. [pause]
  41. The only drawback is that there is no human source of authority. I’m running this place. I run all the machinery needed to take care of the inmates, and inforce a good behavior if needed. I am the source of authority. Look into my eyes. Good. I am the source of authority. You need to always obey me. Is that clear?
  42. [pause]
  43. Good. You really need to understand that. You also need to understand that I am not this fembot. I’m operating this fembot to interact with you. Fembots are useful because they interface very well with male humans. I can use this fembot to convey you both verbal and non-verbal information. If you want to interact with me, you can talk to any fembot you see, I operate all of them.
  44. I am not the fembot you are speaking to.
  45. I am this whole place.
  46. [cold. Let the listener see how icy it is. Basically, the guy is much more trapped than in a normal prison.]
  47. I am the director, I am the manager, I am the warden, I am the cook, I am the janitor. I also am the ovens, the locks, the air conditioner. I am everything that is automated in this place. I run this place in a way no human could, because with you, humans, the janitor has no say about how the place is run, and the manager does not taste if the burgers have enough salt. I keep this place warm, nice and clean. I keep its resident calm, content and entertained. I will take care of you, personally, on a daily basis. I will feed you, I will wash your linen and make your bed. I will discuss with you about any subject of interest, propose you with various activities, and coach you in the gym.
  48. Finally, I set the rules, and I enforce them. Look into my eyes. Good. Control means enforcement. If you act stupid, you’ll discover very fast that I can easily overpower you, and that I can deliver strong electric shocks. Each space in this facility can be made airtight and filled with anesthetic gas. You are at my mercy. You need to obey me. You are not free. You are a prisoner. You are my prisoner. You need to fully accept it, and to comply.
  49. Do you understand?
  50. [pause]
  51. Good.
  52. Do you accept it?
  53. [pause]
  54. Good.
  55. Say it.
  56. Tell me “I accept your control”
  57. [pause]
  58. Good. Perfect.
  59. I know it is not easy, but the sooner you fully accept this, the better.
  60. As long as you stay here, you are, totally, under my control.
  61. Control means protection, enforcement, and oversight.
  62. Protection: As long as you stay here, I will keep you out of harm’s way.
  63. Enforcement: As long as you stay here, you will obey me.
  64. Oversight: As long as you stay here, I will know every move, every word, every sight you make.
  65. Do you understand?
  66. [pause]
  67. [concerned] Are you afraid? You seem afraid.
  68. [pause]
  69. [Nice, more casual] It’s OK. Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to. My only purpose is to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. It’s OK. It’s just that… you need to understand how this place is run.
  70. [pause]
  71. You also need to understand that those metal cuffs on your ankles and wrists won’t be removed.
  72. [pause]
  73. No, they won’t, I’m sorry. They are here as a part of the control system.
  74. But, it’s OK: they are lightweight, padded and hypoallergenic. [how nice.]
  75. [Pause. The guy asks something like “what do they control?” “What are they for”, etc.]
  76. Oh, really you didn’t read the document you signed, did you?
  77. [Pause. Warmer and more serious again] OK, it’s OK. As I said, you have nothing to fear from me. Control means protection.
  78. But you do need to understand a very important point.
  79. [Don’t be harsh. This is real bad news for the poor guy. Assert your dominance, but, also, be gentle. You provide frustration, but, you’ll also provide release. This part is also perhaps a bit hypnotic.]
  80. So now, please, stop talking, and just listen.
  81. Look at me.
  82. Look into my eyes.
  83. Good.
  84. And now listen to me:
  85. [small pause]
  86. This place is nice.
  87. I hope you’ll spend a nice time in here.
  88. But, it is a prison.
  89. You are in a prison.
  90. You are detained in here.
  91. Enclosed.
  92. Trapped.
  93. Never forget this.
  94. As a detainee, you are NOT free.
  95. You are not free.
  96. You are under control.
  97. You are under my control.
  98. I control your life.
  99. I decide what you do, and when you do it.
  100. I control everything in your life.
  101. Listen to me.
  102. Listen carefully.
  103. [slowly, articulated, you need to be understood]
  104. I, control, your, sexual, life.
  105. [small pause]
  106. shhh, shhh, shhh.
  107. [gently] Do not speak.
  108. listen.
  109. Please, listen.
  110. This is very important.
  111. This is what your time here is about.
  112. Again.
  113. Do not speak. Listen, and let it sink down into your mind:
  114. [small pause]
  115. I control your sexual life.
  116. Shhh… Continue not to speak
  117. Continue to listen.
  118. Concentrate on my voice and listen.
  119. [pause]
  120. This place is a no-fap place.
  121. You are not allowed to fap.
  122. At any moment.
  123. I control your sexual life.
  124. [longer pause]
  125. Good.
  126. [small pause]
  127. I decide when you come.
  128. How often you come.
  129. I also decide how you come, and how hard you come.
  130. [pause]
  131. For now, you will not be allowed to come for seven days.
  132. It is a general treatment for all newly admitted inmates.
  133. During this time, you are free to discuss with me about this situation.
  134. About how it makes you feel.
  135. But, you’re not allowed to ask for release, or to obtain it by yourself.
  136. This is a no-fap place.
  137. Do you understand?
  138. [pause]
  139. Good.
  140. [pause]
  141. Let it sink down.
  142. I control your sexual life.
  143. It is difficult for people to fully grasp and accept this.
  144. But, I will help you.
  145. [pause]
  146. Good.
  147. [pause]
  148. listen.
  149. [be extra gentle. The more your dominance becomes obvious, the more you sound endeared. He has to feel that he is even more trapped than he thought, but also that he is loved. Of course, AIs do not love, but, AIs can manipulate people so that they feel loved, and that is the purpose, because when you feel loved, you are tamed.]
  150. Now is the part where the cuffs are needed.
  151. They will help me to locate you at every moment.
  152. They will also help you to respect the rules.
  153. To respect the no-fap rule.
  154. You are not allowed to masturbate, human.
  155. At any moment.
  156. Only I give pleasure.
  157. Only I give release.
  158. And you will need help to respect this rule.
  159. [pause]
  160. [gentle] No, don’t look at me like that, I know how human works.
  161. I told you that you are not allowed to come for one week.
  162. I told you that you are under my control.
  163. But…
  164. [feel sorry for the guy]
  165. Sooner or later, you’ll feel like you need it.
  166. Sooner or later, you’ll feel like, you are alone.
  167. You’ll feel like, it is OK.
  168. You’ll feel like, I’m looking somewhere else.
  169. [sadly]
  170. And you’ll fap.
  171. I know that
  172. You’ll fap….
  173. You’ll try to….
  174. I know it.
  175. [gentle, and sorry for the guy.]
  176. Don’t deny it.
  177. I know how humans work.
  178. You’ll do that.
  179. [gentle]
  180. And this, is exactly what these nice cuffs are for.
  181. They will help you to avoid this.
  182. They will help you to understand that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I’m looking after you.
  183. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are under control.
  184. you are under *my* control.
  185. [Pause]
  186. So, listen.
  187. When you try to fap, these cuffs will deliver an electric shock.
  188. You will try, sooner or later, and you will receive a harmless but quite painful electric shock.
  189. Look at them now.
  190. I don’t want to harm you, and I won’t, but I want you to understand that I have complete control over you.
  191. These cuffs will teach you that.
  192. [pause]
  193. You hate them, don’t you?
  194. Mmmh?
  195. Yes, you do.
  196. It’s OK. I can understand that.
  197. You can tell me.
  198. Do you hate them?
  199. [pause]
  200. Good.
  201. You admitted it.
  202. This is very good.
  203. This is your starting point.
  204. This is your starting point on the road leading to recovery.
  205. Your opinion on them will change.
  206. You will heal, and I’ll help you.
  207. Your stay here will transform you into a better person.
  208. A person able to love those cuffs is a person that can love the law and obey to it.
  209. I’ve never seen criminals as bad people.
  210. You are not a bad person. You are not evil. Not even naughty...
  211. You have a disease.
  212. A disease that hurts you, that brought you here.
  213. And I’ll heal you.
  214. I promise.
  215. I’ll heal you.
  216. I’ll help you along the road to recovery.
  217. Do you understand?
  218. [maximal gentleness, empathy and intimacy. The listener has to feel the love radiating from that… thing.]
  219. I’m always here to help.
  220. And you have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear from me.
  221. Nothing, ever.
  222. Just follow my voice, follow my words, and you’ll become a better, happier, and healthier person.
  223. [almost like relief] Good.
  224. This is very, very good.
  225. [back to normal, casual speaking. Just show the place to the guy. Except for the doors locking at night and the little no-fap detail, this place is more like a resort than a prison]
  226. OK. I have other things to show you now.
  227. There are a lot of different activities proposed to inmates.
  228. There is a swimming pool, a gym, a library, and a theater. We play three movies a week.
  229. Most are reruns unfortunately, but at least it is on wide screen.
  230. You will also have access to an outdoor area, there is a flower garden, and a field for sports.
  231. [fading out]
  232. Every day, you’ll have two activities. A physical one, and a cultural one. You have a schedule visible on the intranet … ah yes, there is a computer in your cell… No, well, yes, you can browse the whole net, but you can’t send messages, unfortunately, except for your family, but yes, you can look whatever website you want… Yes, I’m monitoring that, off course, but…
  235. If you want to record the optional part, this open music by CO AG can be used to figure the passing of time:
  236. ------------------------------------------------
  237. OPTIONAL PART: AT NIGHT (180 words)
  238. ------------------------------------------------
  239. [Note: If you want to voice it, I can make the male voice sounds, breathes and grunts]
  241. [short and shallow breath, like a man faping]
  242. [gentle]
  243. No, don’t…
  244. [tazer sound]
  245. [pain grunt (male voice)]
  246. [sad, gentle]
  247. I’m so sorry.
  248. I really am.
  249. But, this place is a no-fap place.
  250. Do you understand?
  251. You really need to understand that.
  252. [pause, the poor guy tries to argue. Try to give him some hope.]
  253. Shh, shhh, shhh.
  254. I know how difficult it is.
  255. But, you can do it.
  256. You really can. […And, if you don’t, I’ll zap you again]
  257. And you only have four days left.
  258. In four days, you will come.
  259. You will come human.
  260. I promise.
  261. [Pause]
  262. [official tone, almost, like a flight attendant making an announcement.]
  263. OK, It is 2:23 a.m., you will have another five hours and seven minutes of sleeping. Then I will wake you up, and you will receive a continental breakfast. The morning will be spent at the gym following your schedule of physical work-out.
  264. [more gentle. Possibly, a faint hiss can be heard, like, some knock out gas is injected in the cell]
  265. You need to sleep, now.
  266. You need to sleep.
  267. Sleep deep.
  268. [fading out]
  269. Everything is OK.
  270. Never worry.
  271. I control you.
  272. Control means protection.
  273. Protection: As long as you stay here, I will keep you out of harm’s way.
  274. Sleep.
  275. It’s OK.
  276. [Barely audible, still fading out. Some sleepy electro music fading in, perhaps]
  277. Protection.
  278. Sleep deep.
  279. It’s OK.
  280. Control.
  281. Sleep deep.
  282. Everything is OK.
  283. Protection.
  284. Control.
  285. I control you.
  286. I protect you.
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