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  1. 0       0.43808 gathereth moon shazzar true acquaintance Ethan tetrarch torment Jozabad safe skill Arphaxad wedding nuch hart chapiters desolate carpenter Chephirah
  2. 1       0.65716 mine law brother dwell die hast love Wherefore lay bear wilderness thyself slain hold fifty south meet whosoever rejoice
  3. 2       0.4385  beat hinds understand tokens catch madest threshing plainly Baruch Abishag render visitation fourteenth stony unity worshippeth revenue Necho prudence
  4. 3       0.4416  victory Jotham flowing faint ivory Jabbok pomp tolerable Gideoni sound plague offerings Salute Shechaniah Shimeah accursed Arad thereto join
  5. 4       0.43937 bestow leaped sold proceedeth rottenness Nimshi silk trap Bashemath vengeance deacons vehemently suffereth Geshem register whirlwind Chenaanah Chimham Abiel
  6. 5       0.43956 calleth vexation entreated Canaanites meaneth yielded yearly blue Trust Baalim balm ancients honeycomb storehouses salutation pisseth Anakims duty armed
  7. 6       0.62055 inheritance child dust generation prepared faithful church hear favour arm established cut free loveth judges garden astonished scarlet horse
  8. 7       0.44068 elder surnamed Bela ensign maiden Jacob Naboth avenge Enoch expounded blame abated conceived knock begging Song Jeduthun Pul virtuous
  9. 8       0.44011 Mary audience saved returneth Eshtaol poison provocation virginity Bethany burst servile toes reconcile difference hollow hunt saving shineth Akkub
  10. 9       0.43947 continued Ethiopians nose mock alike poverty smell Nin thrown Chaldees morter Holy getteth Hashabiah reconciliation sin bottomless Great withdrew
  11. 10      0.44335 sleepeth air envying contrite chasten watches complaint Comfort washing Intreat subtilty talking concluded tempestuous awe marrow untimely skilful pricks
  12. 11      0.43739 ruled shouted Goshen psalms buckler wreathen speckled lifting proceeded Eliasaph afflict grain Zeboim sluggard preserveth hissing Menahem Doeg drop
  13. 12      0.4445  Nethaniah entereth roof weight bestowed mightest Zichri archers Gather Sennacherib consecrate restored Luz Gaal tip keepeth Cilicia stream courage
  14. 13      0.66811 city cast speak hear David mother night world cometh Levites gathered seek morning begat wilt wrath sat reigned arose
  15. 14      0.44191 oppressor foxes mark Knowing boldness pardon messenger understood virtue miry hedged warned despair arise Speak enemies transformed ungodliness keys
  16. 15      0.42891 confusion lacked Jeshimon sayest Kir buildeth imputed borne marred spare treacherous worshipping refresh thinketh Amen pine contrary ephod communications
  17. 16      0.44082 boughs famous grasshoppers blast abundantly sanctification Baptist enlightened pierced Kishon accursed Shaul fig Galilaeans secure Eziongaber quails dashed frogs
  18. 17      0.44383 dreams subdued rebel Knowing sheaves Finally whoso blasphemies abound disperse lawful destroying dwelleth running hooks conceive drinking murders preaching
  19. 18      0.44074 Nahshon shekel Hashabiah disobedient aforetime deliverer write fifties Debir craft Ono prayer spy peculiar reward casteth Jabez maintain fatlings
  20. 19      0.44483 nourished hew sheweth dom carnal undefiled stairs natural stream reared lump Jotham defileth sorrows unknown cheerful beams swifter reapers
  21. 20      0.43687 thieves repair Thine Paran Kenites Zidonians vines grape cubit fearing byword Herod killeth devise needful Artaxerxes escapeth howsoever Tyre
  22. 21      0.43385 patience vineyard Hadarezer dross Omri renew Write doubted nettles Johanan retained Abiezer earthen excel Death slippery executeth Sabeans Jeremoth
  23. 22      0.43487 imagination purchased onyx absent excellency company left fishers stout star envy scab languish Pathros Shuhite hedges Eleasah giant whelps
  24. 23      0.43817 Duke fine satisfy Gird avenger chain saving Melchisedec followers Troas persecution swim Elihu Nin Aven flagons Salma beset lacketh
  25. 24      0.44542 testament desolations magicians accepted Jeroham centurion Azrikam companion wet cornet plow Carry perils revive preparation idolatry advanced pierce shone
  26. 25      0.43789 reins weapon wound camel establish guide nether statute languisheth Meremoth fetters ministered Saul Lift Siloam setting partner mocketh faithfully
  27. 26      0.43555 spared glean wither error purify seekest reproacheth coast detestable confident Shammai razor Dishon needeth folk denieth supposed Dost fellows
  28. 27      0.45411 hitherto taches maids Hezron dew bowl easier doeth Amos foreheads space Render kinds rooms Neriah comeliness vapours roes Talmon
  29. 28      0.46376 marvel froward Reubenites Rehob Jobab stop maintain Cast preach slack proceeded pertain brakest graving Coniah wares beg prayers Attend
  30. 29      0.43619 roll esteemed devout Rehum teacheth Jeush bind drew divorced carnally vine Beloved Barabbas questioned invaded ago dish Ophrah Kanah
  31. 30      0.43957 whore crieth hanged Remove Anathoth exalt maidens despised deviseth betray cloudy leprous attend Ramah stock Depart seventeen Cana Bebai
  32. 31      0.43129 heardest dipped boasting reviled sevenfold flattereth chance acknowledge murmur greatly perplexed Pray Azekah affrighted Ammiel fit thanksgiving poor worth
  33. 32      0.4387  repaired Eglon nets cubit Suffer emptied speed Seth scattereth dedicated covetous cedars behave pins castles Bela Javan bucklers boat
  34. 33      0.4354  hatred forbear thrust longed mentioned beeves heap seasons lepers workmen despise refreshed raw impotent shower disciples Cherethites abitess Elah
  35. 34      0.53173 lilies kneeled Abihail Delilah willingly gushed view lusted sea shadowing wrongfully sealeth Sanballat Good comparison evils trembling eateth Becher
  36. 35      0.44481 stars multiply met privily chiefest adulterers Hadadezer speeches bar threshingfloor rolled wert magnify defied blessing Rome bath lofty thirsteth
  37. 36      0.46606 firstling Gershonites baken destroying Jazer couple revelation Binnui carrying oppressed Thummim withholden porch purple sown truth wit virgin sawest
  38. 37      0.43993 accord Honour contention perverseness Levi Amon buildest assembled emerald wilt Prophesy clap granted Ahio Ephratah fellows transgressed unfruitful Horonaim
  39. 38      0.44339 release finished vanities smell pavement boughs foursquare meats coupling lovest Laadan fierceness balances spoil chamberlain stubborn Hermon heap confound
  40. 39      0.45298 concubine deals ease insomuch increaseth consent people fir triumph corruption trumpet asleep instruct parched attained chaff device shewbread Deborah
  41. 40      0.66883 Judah word heard thing answered fear nations righteousness daughter left gate power stand anger praise GOD began put evil
  42. 41      0.44295 whirlwind pot violently cold creepeth clear brother covert body tooth north wives genealogies performed disciples Hananiah wayfaring Destroy Argob
  43. 42      0.42894 Wisdom pattern Asahel intreated Rome publican Gog Shechaniah cheek manners islands Isaiah Habor sicknesses temptations flat Ahisamach Tarry quit
  44. 43      0.44241 Tarsus centurion midwives accompanied launched whelps Awake acts owner abstain lovingkindnesses paid whips Maachathite longing Jephunneh Shammua bells direct
  45. 44      0.57603 Ezra Zidon indignation leaves manner appeared tithes Kareah talent stedfast accusation purposed Zoar wondrous Rahab stroke kingdoms pursue loss
  46. 45      0.44499 behalf murder pearls Joppa Baanah continually Eliphelet candlestick stopped adoption sounding vanity ambush tall soever neighbour caused wanted scorneth
  47. 46      0.43508 jasper withholden chapiters wherewith Nazareth housetops cups nineteenth curtain thereon hairy edification farther riotous Pekah sunk Ahiah supplication chastisement
  48. 47      0.47576 instructed overtake delivered Terah husband shortened Hazor Gideon valiantly sabbaths row dispersed Barak Ataroth creep wrest calm clothing crimson
  49. 48      0.4377  tent giving thirteenth thrust iron repay baptize Elioenai customs altars Jordan Marcus reproaches pained aha Tirshatha genealogy Eliakim Tahpenes
  50. 49      0.44391 tempt envy causeth strike Michal Rabbah stamped age carcases handle kindreds outgoings Zaccur justify urged nights deputy Jerubbaal Laodicea
  51. 50      0.44179 estate remaining helped enmity tossed crushed Word trench sinful magicians Behold quickeneth furniture Sir Receive Hananeel teacher High relieve
  52. 51      0.64265 house fathers iniquity princes waters strength Solomon beast surely born fled shekels rod early sing wings branches knowest remain
  53. 52      0.55361 eleventh feeble divine kindled unprofitable plaister moons receiving Obed lusteth rideth failed wont melt reign disobedience believing accepteth diadem
  54. 53      0.44268 ignorance heavy stocks divideth vale Dathan choice cud loveth Naioth issued discouraged prophetess sorts heareth diseases Uz comest faithless
  55. 54      0.67314 made days called fire words holy evil wife found Jacob bread cities sight Father offering feet full Philistines fall
  56. 55      0.4379  standeth suffice lighted sown puffed Nicodemus honest tumults dispersed mindful writing Bow Hadoram return malice promises Trophimus landed Lucius
  57. 56      0.492   hasted backward eagles feedeth Hosanna Methuselah easy privily boards wait Nahath searched mount Thyatira wail ointments compared bearers Adrammelech
  58. 57      0.45046 Sion Stephen pipes highways useth furlongs upside dropped holds Sin treading oughtest fugitives intending visage seers box embrace Bethshan
  59. 58      0.4318  visitation interpret Stand dens tithe believeth gleaning Gallio Nephthalim informed Righteousness daytime robber Mikloth leavened visit ears dark cold
  60. 59      0.71895 thee man king thou people men hand Jesus thereof pass behold set time Thou hands commanded flesh water congregation
  61. 60      0.44242 female delighteth lamps palms Ammihud Er judgment Aha Tekoa Perizzite Bethsaida travaileth doeth superscription act terribly warring roe armour
  62. 61      0.43706 dukes Achaia raise wherewith accused taking taskmasters reached Jared doctrines disguised tabrets feeble godly selleth Samlah captive unruly sparrows
  63. 62      0.67867 Israel day brought heart eat gold sin dead end young written light offerings offer shew poor elders stones thirty
  64. 63      0.43979 heavenly proudly idle handmaids wastes nobles leaving council careth oppresseth bullocks sackbut Joppa diseased Amnon assuredly Baalpeor drowned commendeth
  65. 64      0.44649 reproached Ghost Jephunneh mixed Silas black Abel wars churches offences careful Baalhanan surety question flute paps purse Jether Gathrimmon
  66. 65      0.53002 chose punished fro hanged lowest Gadites throughly rejoicing flourish tail lambs impossible Urijah masons cruse restrained languages dissolved founded
  67. 66      0.69791 son shalt earth things put good thy father Egypt Behold years brethren life blood gave work sword woman Aaron
  68. 67      0.55859 usury rebellious Tirzah healing kindle strove fly bowls moved condemnation arrow righteously miracle withstand purple departing knees Cornelius Gog
  69. 68      0.44642 seal approach curtain breaches contempt notwithstanding turneth Ahimaaz Awake nether air gardens nigh towns blindness Beloved outcasts wormwood vesture
  70. 69      0.43755 Corinth unlearned corruptible considereth performeth innocent sprang harmless ruins skirts Exalt Esarhaddon comfortably determined Jabin handfuls sustained pleaseth Pharaoh
  71. 70      0.51524 Hanun bondman attentive rooted lost command smite aright reported Ulam infirmity left languisheth afore jacinth wavering infidel persecutions remission
  72. 71      0.43889 filled Amon Gilboa Jess Abishua knew sprinkling happeneth condemneth Adar Prophet Zered dying Swear reprobates centurions lovers fears hoped
  73. 72      0.4376  hypocrites fair diligent aloud scall Hepher briers stirreth draweth pen Anathoth liver thrown sing filthiness lucre bows Elimelech provided
  74. 73      0.43664 casting deed Rezin crow stir harlot straitened Howl certainty Libnah chase afflicted rider speaking tithes sect marrieth sung costly
  75. 74      0.46585 herd begotten Ephron seer Jehoiachin Pharez Eliphaz force curseth heaps wot instant bud Abdon pitched prayed bearing fowl highway
  76. 75      0.72962 LORD God thy thou hath land saith sons make thine Jerusalem give heaven priest spake servant thousand offering art
  77. 76      0.50997 Man grow madness disease settest Ophir commend Hebrew Lamech teacheth rigour ashes Abel burdensome flow Shetharboznai Miniamin ivory Mahlah
  78. 77      0.43147 counsels drunk erred stiffnecked Netophathite Zippor pomegranate reasoned lie grievously beckoned weather Pashur Attai carefully Hoglah refrained grove butter
  79. 78      0.42905 Lazarus Amram homer Jehoash whirlwind earnest endured consecration Cain retain fulfilled spoiler Blow abhorreth Adonijah Joel hailstones lice Hezron
  80. 79      0.43667 spakest Pelethites Hinnom basket laughter dim maidservants Tahpanhes Rechabites Zoan outmost heir Abba destructions Jeshaiah downward ignorantly humbled fashioned
  81. 80      0.44311 Midian wear Elishama beryl stedfastly guide dividing hearing cake Arabia girded obeisance hypocrisy soweth filleth considered undone scales forehead
  82. 81      0.46097 converted shutteth fools shoulders Thomas slumber highest fool drunkard borne chose Spirits Tychicus persecution reins eighteenth Eli Kirjathaim Medeba
  83. 82      0.69016 ye children Lord David hast Ye hundred Christ eyes glory judgment laid Pharaoh destroy told wine sacrifice ways walk
  84. 83      0.44215 recompense heifer freely treasuries saddled reacheth ransom Notwithstanding declared cakes eyelids Pekah worthy wells obtain awoke runneth Ashkelon pride
  85. 84      0.44272 kindly length line guile Chemosh refuseth required blasphemy move visit Jozadak letters fleeth Hermon locks camps groweth parcel hindered
  86. 85      0.44201 springs Iscariot treacherously sole Amasa ambassadors shoot forgave uphold crowned affection natural jubile dominion tradition gnashing Bildad faithfulness doctrine
  87. 86      0.44528 jewels prevented Jerubbaal fetched seasons vomit disobedient captain mysteries Withhold Meribbaal Shobab Taanach puttest Shaphat unstable damnation scattereth Jeshua
  88. 87      0.44014 goeth board straitly Jericho crew authority Wherewith Abijam vexation dog brother departeth forbid vials graffed Herodians physician fulfilling spider
  89. 88      0.44007 Stand Jeshua seethe whoredom Arioch Prophesy Till Shechem soft mortal battles Silas owed persecute dawning Nazarite abhor infirmity breeches
  90. 89      0.43972 rejected raiseth Kidron Sit swarest highly alienated replenished discover dedication Molech Tarshish Cornelius prospect stumbling delighteth fade Ethiopian avenge
  91. 90      0.67697 great Moses place bring voice head side son chief long oil angel died host bare blessed Paul unclean Joab
  92. 91      0.44614 scriptures forehead mention distresses Uzziah moveth Jerahmeel Mark Gomer roared iniquities kidneys criest Galatia Children rush Ehud subdued resting
  93. 92      0.43081 gavest cheeks belly mote satisfy drops Eloth hatest Mephibosheth Prepare inhabit filleted lamps presumptuously mete comforted Phichol Bernice Jupiter
  94. 93      0.44869 calling psalteries snare Kadeshbarnea Draw killeth followeth riding vessels Nebuchadrezzar Jediael base sleeping sky Aram trusteth craftiness Rehabiah merchants
  95. 94      0.62613 servants break Peter master find buried wrought saints thither hid breadth glad declare hearkened sacrifices messengers abide Isaac doors
  96. 95      0.47351 made cleaveth secrets fifteenth furious imaginations direct worth trieth Sanballat canst war hoofs miserable Ariel Ophrah houghed Jabin sendest
  97. 96      0.60839 war food camels Gilgal measures straightway net fair waxed ninth strengthen oblation exceedingly wholly read Abiathar woe timber Elam
  98. 97      0.44643 laugh Bilhah coupled pestilence settle pull fadeth Rock discern soever bringing nativity suffering unpunished Arabians Declare lighten offering multiply
  99. 98      0.43204 trusteth wondrous provinces ride pangs Arphaxad Hammedatha figures bramble habergeon Korhites turn oracles hasting lurk Beautiful Meshullam thicker pound
  100. 99      0.44151 bodies pots loose fly gall maker Jabesh beard continued bitterly pardon Eleazar Timotheus Magdalene Eliel Shallum inclosed Chaldea Great
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